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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2386 English [Readable]

Hearing what she said, Yang Kai realized that the people selected by Sang De were very strong and had no background. No wonder he needed five years to prepare for this matter. It seems that not many people meet his requirements.

“Is he qualified? The old man has personally tested it. If you have any comments, you can disembark now!” Sang De hummed.

Lady Snake almost broke the white teeth. She knew that there must be nothing to eat when she fell out with Sang De. After thinking for a while, she suddenly smiled coldly and said, “What about after that?”

Sang De said indifferently: “You can do whatever you want after it’s done, but be honest with me until it’s done!”

The snake lady nodded heavily and said, “Okay, then I’ll wait.”

While speaking, she gave Yang Kai a ferocious look and said: “Boy, apologize to me as soon as possible, otherwise I want you to look good.”

Yang Kai turned his head and ignored the Snake Lady.

The Snake Lady was so furious that she almost crushed her white teeth.

If it weren’t for this woman to be so shameless, Yang Kai wouldn’t mind giving her face, after all, everyone would have to cooperate next. But this woman didn’t know her self-love at all, if Yang Kai gave her a good face, she would really stick to it.

Yang Kai showed no interest in her at all.

“Well, what’s the matter with that ship?” Shen Fei suddenly frowned, looked in the direction of Tongtian City, and said in a deep voice, “Isn’t it for us?”

“The ship of the city lord’s mansion!” Man Kuai complexion also condensed, seeing the signs on the ship clearly.

“Looking at its direction, it seems that it is really coming for us.” Snake Lady was not in the mood to care about those trivial things with Yang Kai, her pretty face sank, she turned her head and looked around and shouted, “Is it because someone among us has leaked the information?”

As soon as she said this, Sang De’s face changed drastically, and his eyes sprayed with anger. His eyes swept across the faces of Yang Kai and others.

“It’s none of my business.” Shen Fei was the first to clear the relationship, “Shen is used to being alone, but he has no habit of leaking secrets.”

“Me too.” Man Kuai said.

The Snake Lady sneered and said: “It’s not you two, it’s not this mistress, the great master is even more unlikely to reveal it. The only possibility…”

While she was talking, she looked at Yang Kai and sneered.

Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders and said, “It’s really me!”

Seeing him so readily confessing, the Snake Lady and the others were all stunned. Then the three of them shook their bodies and directly surrounded Yang Kai in the middle, and Source Qi was secretly urged, ready to make a move at any time.

The Snake Lady said: “If you don’t give a reasonable explanation today, you will be buried above the sea.”

Sang De also looked down at Yang Kai coldly, looking very dissatisfied. He asked Yang Kai for cooperation, only three days ago, but he didn’t expect to be betrayed so quickly, so he was naturally angry.

Yang Kai tilted his head, looked at Sang De, and said lightly: “The man on the ship is called Yu Leping! Great Master. I don’t need to explain anything more?”

Sang De heard the words, his frowning gradually unfolding, then said: “So, you didn’t leak the secret, he just came to get revenge?”

Last time, Yang Kai had some conflicts with Yu Leping in front of Sang De’s residence. Sang De knew about this. At this moment, he learned that he was the one who was chasing after him. How could Sang De still not know what happened?

It is not information leaked by someone. Then Yu Leping chased Yang Kai, just wanting to avenge the last time grievances.

“Did you have enmity with Yu Leping?” Shen Fei also put away his hostility and asked suspiciously.

Naturally, they all knew Yu Leping, a strong man in the city lord’s mansion. 3rd-order Dao Source Stage, in the city lord’s mansion, is also considered a little real power.

“It’s a little thing…” Yang Kai smiled, “I just broke his hand in front of the Great Master place a few days ago. Who knows he holds such a grudge!”

“Broke his arm!” Snake Lady and the others changed their expressions upon hearing this.

Yu Leping was in the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage, and his cultivation strength was similar to them. Yang Kai was able to break one of the opponent’s arms, showing that his strength was much stronger than Yu Leping.

In other words, the true strength of this unknown Yang Kai should never be underestimated.

For a while, the eyes of the Snake Lady and others looking at Yang Kai became serious, especially Snake Lady. She didn’t take Yang Kai seriously before, but now she has to re-examine the fight with Yang Kai. Is there any benefit to herself?

“Great Master, what do we do now?” Man Kuai frowned and looked at Sang De, “We can’t hand over Brother Yang.”

Sang De just pondered for a moment, and then decisively said: “Don’t even see it, keep going!”

As he spoke, he pinched magic art with his hand, agitating his own Source Qi, and the speed of the ship on the building suddenly increased a lot.

Seeing him behaving like this, everyone understood what he planned. Sang De obviously wanted to lead Yu Leping into the depths of the sea, and then kill him!

The few people he invited were all from the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage. Although the number of people was small, each of them was a top powerhouse in the Dao Source Stage. If Yu Leping really dared to chase them over, there might not be any good fruit to eat.

As soon as the ship accelerated, the ship of the city lord’s mansion behind seemed to have noticed something, and it also speeded up immediately, chasing after him.

A day later, the two ships were already tens of thousands of miles away from Tongtian Island.

And half a day ago, the ship chasing from behind kept waving flags, seeming to be ordering Sang De and the others to stop, but Sang De ignored it and rushed forward without seeing it.

It wasn’t until the Tongtian Island was far enough that Sang De slowly slowed down the speed of the ship and gradually anchored on the sea.

After half an hour, the building of the city lord’s mansion finally approached, and Yu Leping was standing on the deck, his face almost dripping with gloomy face.

After the two ships leaned together, Yu Leping suddenly shook his figure and went directly to Sang De’s ship. There were also many martial artist in the City Lord’s Mansion ship who came with him. A rough list, at least therre are as many as fifteen, and a few people remain on the deck.

“You are blind. Didn’t you see the order for you to stop the ship?” Yu Leping shouted angrily when he came up.

“It turns out to be Lord Yu.” Snake Lady twisted the water snake’s waist and greeted him, and said with a smile: “How come Lord Yu has come to this sea with such an interest? If she had known that Lord Yu was following behind, This mistress won’t leave without saying anything.”

“Snake Lady!” Yu Leping seemed to know the Snake Lady. Seeing that she was on this boat, he frowned and stretched away without a trace. Obviously he also knew that Snake Lady was not easy to provoke, she was simply a femme fatale! There is no good end to getting involved with her.

“Is this lord chasing someone?” The snake lady was still showing off there, giggling: “If the lord wants this mistress, just give it a command, why bother to chase so hard?”

Yu Leping had a black line on his face, and said with disgust: “Mind your own business!”

As he spoke, he glanced over Yang Kai with a grin, but soon he was taken aback again, looked at the two people next to Yang Kai, and said suspiciously: “Shen Fei, Man Kuai?”

Sang De used the artifact to change his appearance, so he did not recognize him.

“How did you guys get mixed up?” Yu Leping looked blank.

Whether it is the Snake Lady or Shen Fei, and Man Kuai, they have a lot of fame on Tongtian Island, because these three people are quite strong, and they have been alone and have not joined any forces. People like this on the island are no longer many.

These lone ranger-like powerhouses actually appeared on a ship, obviously there was a big problem.

But soon, Yu Leping seemed to realize something, and his eyes were clear: “What are you going to do when you go to sea together?”

Snake Lady and these people are all people who are not profitable and cannot be bring together. It is obvious that they have a plan to gather them together. Maybe they found some precious treasures, and they got together.

Thinking of this possibility, Yu Leping felt enthusiastic. He was chasing Yang Kai this time, but he didn’t expect to accidentally discover such a secret. Doesn’t it mean that he can also get a share? The treasures that these people love are definitely useful to him.

“It’s boring to stay on the island. Come out to look at the sea and enjoy the boundless beauty. The Lord also want to take care of this?” Snake lady giggled.

Yu Leping said with a sullen face: “Do you treat yourself as a fool, or do you treat me as a fool?”

The martial artist of the City Lord’s Mansion who followed Yu Leping all had their faces darkened, and all of them showed fierce gleams, and looked towards Lady Snake and the others unkindly. They all relied on the City Lord’s Mansion for shelter and were on Tongtian Island. They used to being arrogant, so they really didn’t put Snake Lady and others in the eyes.

“I suspect that you are waiting to go to sea and want to do something unfavorable to Tongtian Island. Now you are all going back with me for investigation. Those who violate the order will be killed without pardon!” Yu Leping waved his hand and shouted coldly.

“It looks like… Lord Yu is a fool.” Lady Snake pursed her lips and smiled.

Yu Leping’s face sank, and he shouted: “Do you dare to scold me!”

The snake lady said: “This mistress is just telling the truth. If you are not a fool, how can you jump on someone else’s ship?”

Man Kuai also snorted coldly next to him: “You still think this is Tongtian Island?”

Yu Leping’s face changed drastically, and finally realized that he was arrogant. He was domineering and arrogant on Tongtian Island. Everyone was afraid of him. He unconsciously brought that arrogant order to the sea, feeling that no one would dare to disobey him and refuse to give him face.

But when he look at it now, it’s completely different. Without the shelter of the City Lord’s Mansion, he was just a martial artist in the 3rd-order Dao Source Stagw.

There is no one in the depths of the sea, even if something happens, no one else will know.

Perceiving the bad intentions in the eyes of the men and others, Yu Leping was shocked and quickly said: “Wait, this time I go to sea, just for this kid!” He pointed his hand at Yang Kai as he spoke, and said in a deep voice: “There is a grievance between this king and him, you hand him over to me, I will return to Tongtian Island immediately!”

Lady Snake sighed slightly, shook her head and said, “Lord Yu, you are so stupid and naive. People can’t bear to hurt you anymore.”


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