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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2388 English [Readable]

A few screams came, and the two martial artist of the City Lord’s Mansion were killed instantly, and Yu Leping’s situation seemed to be no better. He was enveloped by Shen Fei’s sword light, and he could not break through with all his strength, and his wounds continued to increase.

A figure suddenly flashed, and Yang Kai appeared strangely behind him, and blasted him with a punch.

Yu Leping had already dealt with extreme hardships, how could he defend against Yang Kai’s sneak attack? This punch directly hit his back, and powerful force gushed out. Yu Leping spurted out a mouthful of blood, and his body was driven by huge force, and he took a few steps forward.

When Shen Fei arrived with a sword, he cut his head, and fresh blood suddenly rushed out of the headless corpse like a fountain.

The next moment, Shen Fei suddenly reached out and grabbed Yu Leping’s space ring.

Previously, Yu Leping said that he would give Yang Kai a million source crystal, which shows that this person is extremely wealthy. Once he die, Yu Leping’s space ring will naturally become a sweet cake.

But before Shen Fei succeeded, Yang Kai suddenly shouted, “Brother Shen, what do you want to do.”

When the words fell, he slammed a fist towards Shen Fei, extremely powerful, Shen Fei frowned, and did not want to entangle with Yang Kai any more, but he leaned slightly to avoid the blow. The goal is still that space ring.

But at this moment, a burst of air-breaking sound suddenly hit, and immediately a green shadow wrapped around Yu Leping’s wrist.

When Shen Fei grabbed it with a big hand, the green shadow bit at him like an arrow from a string, accompanied by a hissing sound. Until this moment, Shen Fei could see that the green shadow was actually like a bamboo stick snake.

He immediately stopped in shock, lest he would be bitten.

The green snake was extremely flexible, and did not chase after Shen Fei. Just curling on Yu Leping’s fingers, it curled up the space ring, then stretched its body straight and shot towards the snake lady.

Yang Kai and Shen Fei landed slowly, looking at Lady Snake with gloomy expressions. The two snipes and clams fought before. Let the Snake Lady sit to reap the benefits of the fisherman, which naturally made the two people feel bad.

However, Man Kuai seemed to react slowly for a while, until now he recovered, and looked at the ring on the snake lady’s hand.

“The three elder brothers… why are they staring at me like this, as if they are about to eat people, I’m so scared.” The snake lady said. Send the space ring into her arms without a trace.

Shen Fei flicked his sword and pointed at Lady Snake remotely and said: “If you dare to make any changes, you can no longer blame me for being rude to you.”

“What is this!” The Snake Lady looked stiff, but she did not dare to continue, her hand holding the space ring. Laughing endlessly.

“You know what i mean clearly.” Shen Fei snorted coldly and turned to look at Man Kuai: “Brother Man, there may be millions of source crystals in the space ring, what do you think!”

Man Kuai chuckled and said, “The ill-gotten gains are naturally your share and mine.”

Yang Kai looked at Shen Fei in amazement, and said dissatisfied: “Why don’t you ask me?”

Shen Fei said: “A mere million source crystal. How could Brother Yang see it?” This was obviously what Yang Kai had said to Yu Leping before the mockery.”

“I see it, I’m very poor!” Yang Kai said with a serious expression, even though he really didn’t look down on these million source crystals. But here and now, he couldn’t show it at all, otherwise, it would surely make the people on this ship doubt him.

If he was being indifferent in front of million source crystal, anyone would guess one or two.

Yang Kai exclaimed, “I have to count this. Don’t be unkind.”

Shen Fei frowned. Knowing that Yang Kai can’t be left behind, he fought against Yang Kai earlier. Realizing that Yang Kai’s strength is not weak with him, he can only say: “Lady Snake. Do you want to be an enemy of the three of us alone? If you understand, you should know what to do!”

The Snake Lady gritted her teeth and looked like she hated it, but she saw the three big guys such as the barbarians staring at her, and she knew that it was impossible to monopolize Yu Leping’s space ring. If she did this, she would definitely cause anger. Although the Snake Lady is strong, she is not sure to deal with Shen Fei and Man Kuai at the same time.

What’s more, she hasn’t learned how strong the brat named Yang Kai is.

“Here you go!” The Snake Lady became angry, and threw the space ring in her hand toward Shen Fei, and said with a grievance: “I know you are bullying!”

She looked like she wanted to weep, letting people who didn’t know her see it, it would definitely arouse pity, and hate Yang Kai and others for bullying.

This time Yang Kai did not intercept the ring, leaving Shen Fei to hold it in his hand.

The next moment, Shen Fei’s Divine Sense surged, apparently breaking the space ring’s restriction. For a while, Yang Kai and the others all craned their necks and looked eagerly, all with greedy expressions.

After a while, Shen Fei’s face suddenly showed joy, and everyone immediately knew that he had broken the restriction.

“How many are there?” Man Kuai asked impatiently.

Shen Fei seemed to be a little excited, and said: “Look for yourself.”

With that said, he stretched out his hand and waved a middle-level clean spirit formation on the deck, and then he let out all the things in the space ring.

Suddenly, the deck was full of things. As you can see, the mountain-like source crystals almost dazzled the eyes of Snake Lady and the others. People don’t know how many of these source crystals are, but at least they are in the millions.

Yu Leping said he has millions of source crystals, which is really not a joke.

His cultivation is almost the same as that of the Snake Lady and others, but his life is free and easy, and there are too many source crystals to use up. On the contrary, the Snake Lady and others have to go to sea to work hard, and the materials they earn are also only barely enough for their own use.

Comparing the two compartments, Snake Lady and others are a little unbalanced.

“It’s really hateful, the little steward of a city lord’s mansion has searched so many people’s ointments, it is crazy, heaven and earth can be condemned!” Yang Kai gritted his teeth.

Speaking of this, the heart of Snake Lady and others is gone. Yu Leping is really just a small steward in the city lord’s mansion, and he has such a huge wealth. What about the others? What about other people with higher status than Yu Leping?

They must have more wealth than Yu Leping, right?

“Let’s divide it first.” Man Kuai licked his lips and said with excitement.

“How many people?” The Snake Lady asked.

“Isn’t it the only four of us? How many people do you want to divide?” Man Kuai replied naturally.

Shen Fei and Yang Kai looked at each other, but did not answer.

“Then quickly divide it!” Lady Snake also made up her mind and waved her hand.

At the moment, the four of them separated the things in Yu Leping’s ring, and all smiled and beamed, as if they had picked up the great deal.

Nearly 20 martial artist in the City Lord’s Mansion died during this trip. In addition to Yu Leping’s space ring, there were naturally other trophies. However, everyone collected it and found that there were not many good things in these people’s space rings, except of the last two 3rd-order Dao Source Stage that were lingering with Yu Leping, the others had only a few hundred source crystals in their space ring, and they were as few as tens of source crystals.

There is something in the space ring of the two 3rd-order Dao Source Stage, but the overall value is not as good as one-tenth of Yu Leping’s. Yang Kai and the four others have also divided up the matter hastily.

After about half a cup of tea, a figure suddenly appeared on the sea. The figure flew straight here and quickly landed on the deck. It was Sang De who was chasing out.

Judging from his appearance, it was obvious that the few escaping guys had been killed.

“Great Master, what should we do with this ship?” The Snake Lady looked at the ship moored aside and asked.

“If you want, you can refine it yourself.” Sang De replied lightly.

Lady Snake was overjoyed, and when she was about to fly over, Sang De said again: “Let’s continue!”

Lady Snake’s face turned dark, but she didn’t dare to care too much about Sang De.

Not long after, the ship continued to sail forward.

To the surprise of the Snake Lady and others, Sang De did not ask them about the spoils after he came back, as if he had forgotten it, but this was what they expected. If Sang De want to divide a little bit, neither of them could refuse.

Yang Kai knew that Sang De didn’t forget, but didn’t care!

This guy has been doing item refining on Tongtian Island for nine hundred years, and he has benefited a lot. In terms of his wealth, ten Yu Leping may not be comparable to Sang De. How can some trophies come into his eyes, instead of fighting with the snake lady and others. It’s better not to know the unpleasantness.

After a fierce battle, Snake Lady and others seemed to be a little tired, and went into the cabin to meditate and rest.

Although Yang Kai is not tired, it’s not good to act so, and he walked into his room and closed his eyes to meditate.

As the days passed, Sang De’s destination seemed to be far away from Tongtian Island. The ship had sailed for more than half a month, but still did not reach the place. During this period of time, everyone took turns to rest and control the sailing direction of the ship.

Occasionally encountering sea beasts attack is also a surprise.

Sang De’s ship seems to be of extremely high grade. Although it is not at the level of the Emperor Artifact, it is definitely the peak of Dao Source Grade. Those huge sea beasts can’t damage the ship.

It’s no wonder, Sang De himself is a peak Dao Source Grade item refiner, how can his own artifact be refined without the heart?

This ship is not only extremely strong, but it is also equipped with many formations and restraining forces. Just like the air-restriction power that restricts Yu Leping’s actions and the restraining light barrier, it is a function of this ship.

Yang Kai even suspected that Sang De had refined this ship from his heart. On this ship, Sang De could dominate everything, and any disturbances could not be hidden from his perception.

If he wanted to deal with Snake Lady and others on the boat, I’m afraid it would be easy.

But as long as Sang De hadn’t reached the point of being frantic, he would definitely not do that. He also needs a few people on the ship to help him get the tool.

On this day, Yang Kai, who was meditating in the cabin, suddenly noticed that the ship shook suddenly, and immediately stopped. He raised his brows and realized that he should be there, and quickly walked out of the cabin.


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