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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2389 English [Readable]

Yang Kai was the first to come to the deck, Sang De was already standing there, and after a while, Man Kuai and others also came up.

Looking around, the sea is sparkling, the horizon is endless, and under the blue sky and white clouds, there is a beautiful scenery of calm waves.

“Great Master, why do you stop?” Lady Snake turned her head and looked around, and asked suspiciously.

“We’ve arrived” Sang De replied. Although his tone was calm, anyone could feel his slight excitement.

When everyone heard the words, they all looked stunned, and looked around again, their expressions were uncertain. It’s just a vast ocean all around, no different from other places. How come its the destination?

“The old thing has a very high level of formation. It’s not an exaggeration to say that he is an Emperor Formation Expert. There is a large Formation in front. It is normal for you to see nothing!” Sang De looked ahead and explained. He sneered and said, “If you can see it, then there is a problem.”

“Emperor Formation Expert!” Shen Fei’s expression changed and frowned, “Great Master, you never said that this is the Emperor Formation Expert nest!”

What a joke, their group is going to break into the nest of an Emperor Formation Expert Nest? Isn’t this the same as looking for death? An Emperor Formation Expert, even if he is dead, how many killing formations should be placed in his lair? If you rush in, there is no good fruit to eat? I’m afraid that there will be no scum left.

Although the snake lady and Man Kuai did not speak, their faces were full of worries and fears, and they were obviously extremely afraid.

“If you are afraid, you can go now!” Sang De snorted coldly.

Shen Fei’s expression became cold, and his heart was extremely unhappy. He felt like he was on a thief ship. Sang De told him to go at this time, isn’t this a joke? Not to mention whether he can pat his butt and leave, even if he can leave, he is not reconciled.

“Since the great master brought us here, it must have its own reason, what are you worried about.” Yang Kai cast a glance at Shen Fei and said coldly.

The snake lady smiled upon hearing this. Nodded and said: “Yes, the great master must have been prepared long ago, we only need to follow the command of the great master.”

Sang De turned his head and looked at the people, and said, “If you really think so, it is naturally best. From now on, the old man does not want to hear any questions. The old man asks you to do something, just do it. If you don’t want to cooperate, get out.”

No one answers, who will refute him at this time?

Sang De nodded with satisfaction: “Very good. Although this large Formation is good. But the formation is a dead thing and people are alive. If the old thing is still alive, the old man may not be able to break it, but he is already dead…”

He sneered, While talking. He flew out from the ship upstairs as soon as his figure shook, and at the same time he waved: “Follow me!”

Yang Kai and others followed without a word.

Next, Sang De seemed to start to make a big circle around a place, constantly taking out a flag from his space ring and throwing it into the void.

When he reached a certain position, he would also make one of Yang Kai and the others stop, hand them a control flag, and let them stand by.

Seeing that he is so familiar with the road and knows everything, everyone has confidence in him. There are no more hesitations and objections, and they cooperates very well with his commands and actions.

After about half an hour, everything was ready.

Five people stood in five different positions, each holding a control flag in their hands, waiting for the formation.

Suddenly, there was a burst of shout from Sang De’s side, and then, the Source Qi fluctuated over there. The other four people saw this and immediately urged the Source Qi to pour the flag in their hands according to Sang De’s previous instructions. Into the void ahead.

In an instant, within a large area of ​​the sea, five rays of light were like rainbows from the sky, running through all directions, closely connected.

At the same time, the formation flags that were previously secretly arranged by Sang De also played a role. Under the mobilization of the five-color control formation flag, they suddenly had a peculiar resonance and exuded peculiar power fluctuation.

Visible to the naked eye, a transparent semi-circular light barrier appeared out of thin air on the sea. The huge light barrier was like an inverted bowl, shrouded on the sea surface. Through the light barrier, some differences were vaguely visible in the scenery.

When everyone saw this scene, they immediately knew that Sang De was right. This was indeed a strong man’s lair, but it was concealed by a powerful formation.

What Sang De had to do now was to break the formation and let this place be revealed again.

As the five people kept pushing their energy, the scenery inside the transparent light barrier gradually became clear.

Yang Kai paid close attention to it and found that it was just a small island, not too big in size, but the scenery was very good. The island was full of rugged rocks and lush vegetation, creating a pleasant sight.

He don’t know how Sang De’s Master found this place, but it is indeed a good place to live here. If you can’t leave this solitary void secret boundary, you can choose to live alone here.

It’s a pity that the Expert was blinded and accepted Sang De as disciple, an insurgent, which resulted in restlessness after death, and others was led by Sang De to disturb his peace.

After half an hour, Yang Kai and the others had a huge consumption of energy, and almost all felt a little overwhelmed. The scenery of the small island in the transparent light barrier was finally completely presented to everyone’s eyes.

At this moment, there seemed to be some movement on Sang De’s side.

Yang Kai and the others only noticed that the formation flags arranged around the island buzzed together, and a huge force burst out, and immediately blasted the transparent light barrier to pieces.

The immense power erupted, causing Yang Kai and others who were not prepared to be shocked back, almost suffering a dull loss.

However, looking at this posture, the vast formation covering the island to hide its traces has also been cracked.

Sang De has taken the lead and landed on the island.

When everyone saw this, naturally they all showed their physical skills one after another, not falling behind.

Not long after, the five people gathered on the island, standing on the edge of the island.

Sang De did not move, and no one dared to move. After all, this place was the nest of the Emperor Formation Expert, and any wrong step could lead to killing formation being activated.

After pondering for a while, Sang De said: “There are still many formations on this island. The old man is going to solve them one by one. Will you wait for me here or stay with the old man?” After speaking, he added: “Old man suggest you to wait for me here.”

Before the others had spoken, Lady Snake hurriedly said, “This island is so dangerous, and this mistress feels safe to follow the great master.”

“Are you sure?” Sang De glanced at Lady Snake lightly.

Lady Snake pursed her lips and smiled and said: “The great master has brought people here, you have to be responsible for protecting them.”

She was able to scratch her head at an old man Sang De, and didn’t know whether it was her nature or acting habit.

“What about you?” Sang De turned to look at the others again.

Man Kuai scratched his head, smiled, and said, “I’ll follow the great master too.”

Shen Fei frowned and glanced at Yang Kai.

“I’m tired, I want to rest here, you guys call me out when you finished.” After Yang Kai finished speaking, he actually sat down cross-legged like this.

Shen Fei said: “Then I will stay too and accompany Brother Yang.”

Yang Kai glanced at him with a smile, Shen Fei’s expression unchanged.

“Then you two come with the old man.” Sang De sneered, greeted the snake lady and the brute, and led the way immediately.

The two of them look at each other. They don’t know if this choice is right or wrong, but the matter is already here, and they can only bite the bullet and keep up.

After the three of them disappeared from sight, Shen Fei suddenly looked at Yang Kai and said, “Brother Yang, if you don’t follow, are you not afraid that they will leave you behind?”

Yang Kai said indifferently: “Brother Shen, if he’s afraid, just keep up with them, and it’s up to me what I do.”

Shen Fei smiled and said, “Brother Yang seems to be very hostile to me. I don’t know where Shen offended you?”

Yang Kai said, “I’ve always been like this. If Brother Shen isn’t used to it, don’t chat with me, lest you can’t stand it.”

Shen Fei’s face twitched and forced a smile: “Shen admires such a proud man like Brother Yang. Brother Yang also seems to be capable. I wonder if you would like to cooperate with Shen?”

“Cooperation? What about cooperation? How to cooperate?” Yang Kai looked at him with a smile.

Shen Fei looked straight, and said, “No secret words in front of the bright people. Since Brother Yang was invited by the great master to come here, he must also want to leave this solitary void secret realm. If what the great master said is true, then there is something here. A tool that can help you leave, Brother Yang doesn’t want to control that tool in his hands?”

Yang Kai’s mouth flared, revealing a deep smile and said, “Brother Shen thinks a lot.”

Shen Fei said: “The location of the exit is in Sang De’s hands. If he has even the tools in his hands, then it will be a matter of his word to take us out or not. Can Sang De be trusted? It’s another things, I can’t believe it anyway. But if we can get the tool, the dominant power will be in our hands, and Sang De will have to look at our faces to act.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Brother Shen is right, I didn’t think about it.”

Shen Fei smiled, and said: “Brother Yang may not have thought about it, but the gentleman’s heart is open.”

He slapped a little flattery to make Yang Kai very useful, and said: “Then what should we do according to Brother Chen’s intention?”

Shen Fei said: “Naturally, after Sang De found that thing, then…”

“Then Brother Shen, you rushed and hacked for a while to attract their attention. I took the opportunity to take that thing away?” Yang Kai didn’t wait for him to finish, so he continued.

Shen Fei’s face went dark, his mouth opened wide, and he couldn’t utter a word for a long time.

Yang Kai solemnly asked, “Brother Shen thinks this proposal is inappropriate?”

Shen Fei twitched, and said, “Well, let Shen think about it carefully. Those few people are not easy to deal with. A negligence may be a lost forever.”

“Since you have to think about it, Brother Shen thinks it over and tells me, I also know when to do it!” Yang Kai said sternly.

“Okay!” Shen Fei nodded stiffly.


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