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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2390 English [Readable]

Seeing Shen Fei’s silence, Yang Kai sneered and stopped talking.

This person is looking for cooperation with himself, not to mention whether there is any fraud, but the sincerity alone is to be considered, otherwise, how can he be shunned by Yang Kai in a few words? Such a person obviously only wants to use others, it is not reliable at all.

Besides, even if the two really cooperate and get the tool, who should control it in the end?

However, Shen Fei was right about one thing. The location information of the exit was held by Sang De. If he even took the tools, then it would be a matter for him to take him out and wait for someone.

What Shen Fei could think of, Yang Kai could naturally also think of it. The snake lady and Man Kuai weren’t fools, and they must have considered it. That’s why they followed Sang De every step of the way, lest this guy do things such as destroying the bridge after crossing the river.

However, Yang Kai felt that following Sang De was useless now. Sang De spent five years gathering five people here, and it was impossible for Sang De to crack a large Formation alone. There must be some place to draw on their strength behind, so even if Sang De wants to leave them alone, there is still no time.

Yang Kai is not afraid of anything. With his current strength and the help he has at his disposal, Sang De does not even want to dig out any waves. After finding the tool, if Sang De is sensible, he can naturally cooperate with the other party and leave this solitary void secret relam. If he is really ignorant, then he could only use force, he believe that with his current methods, Sang De can’t resist.

In the depths of the island, there were some peculiar movements from time to time, which seemed to be caused by Sang De when he cracked the formation.

From this, it can be seen that this guy is not only a powerful item refining expert, but the formation way level is definitely not low, and he has a bit of his dead master’s skill.

An hour later, the snake lady and Man Kuai walked back with a humiliated face, all in a panic. Their expression looked extremely unhappy.

Hearing the movement, Shen Fei opened his eyes and looked at them, and said in surprise, “Where is the great master?”

He thought Sang De had left him and the others behind.

Lady Snake did not answer, but Man Kuai said in embarrassment, “Still cracking the formation.”

“Then what do you guys…” Shen Fei didn’t finish asking, he knew the reason, it must be the snake lady and Man Kuai following Sang De, not only had no effect. On the contrary, they suffered from some formations, so they returned.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but gloat for others misfortune, secretly glad that he had the foresight and stayed here, otherwise he would definitely be as embarrassed as these two people.

After Snake Lady and Man Kuai came back, they also found a place to sit cross-legged and recuperate.

The days passed, and several days passed.

In these few days, no one moved. Only in the depths of the island, there were some weird movements from time to time, demonstrating the progress of Sang De’s breakthrough. After a few days of rest, several people have almost recovered, all of them are full of energy, secretly eager to fight, ready to do a big job.

At a certain moment, Man Kuai suddenly frowned, and said in surprise, “Everyone. Has there been no movement for a long time?”

In the past few days, when Sang De cracked the formation, there would be some noise every three times. But now, most of the time has passed, and there is peace, which makes people unaware.

“The great master shouldn’t be…” Shen Fei’s expression changed slightly, thinking of a very bad possibility.

Hearing what he said, everyone’s expressions became serious. If Sang De was accidentally destroyed by the remaining formations here, then the matter would have been lost.

At this moment, Lady Snake suddenly took out a communication bead and said in surprise: “The great master told us to pass, and the formation along the road has been broken.”

Everyone was shocked when they heard this. Simultaneously stood up and headed towards the depths of the island.

Along the road, they can occasionally see some traces of power bursts, which are obviously masterpieces of Sang De when he broke the formation. Judging from those traces and residual power fluctuations, Sang De is indeed a top Dao Source Stage powerhouse. The strength should not be underestimated.

After walking for a full hour, everyone saw Sang De’s figure. At this moment, he was sitting cross-legged under a rock wall, and it could be seen that it would be costly for him to break the formation in the past few days. The bigger one made him look a little haggard and tired, but before everyone came here, he was obviously taking some spirit pill, and he was recovering quickly at this moment.

Seeing that he was meditating, Yang Kai and the others didn’t bother him. They just looked around the place, and soon everyone’s eyes were attracted by a stone slab on the stone wall.

The stone slab was flat and level, and at first glance it was a door, blocking everyone’s path to the land behind the stone wall.

Sang De meditated here, obviously because of being blocked.

Everyone is very curious why this is the case, because this stone slab does not seem to have traces of formation at all, although the texture is a little weird, it should not be difficult for Sang De, right?

Everyone was an experienced martial artist. Although they were puzzled, no one rushed to touch the stone slab. They just waited quietly for Sang De to wake up.

They don’t know what spirit pill Sang De was taking. After just an hour, the old guy turned ruddy and looked as if he had completely recovered.

He slowly opened his eyes and stood up.

“Great Master!” Seeing this, Shen Fei hurriedly shouted, “What do we do now?”

Sang De glanced at the stone slab with a calm face, and said, “This is a dragon stone made of exotic gold, weighing 100,000 catties, and we must rely on brute force to push it to enter. The old man’s cave mansion is behind. That thing is also hidden inside.”

“Exotic Gold!”

The other four people seemed to only hear these words, their eyes all brightened, and they stared fiercely at the seemingly ordinary stone slab.

Yang Kai was also extremely surprised. Although he thought this stone slab was quite extraordinary before, he did not expect this thing to be such a valuable thing. Exotic Sky Gold is the emperor-level refining material. It is the most suitable for promoting the Emperor Artifact. It is a treasure that many emperor realm experts want to find but cannot find, but do not expect such a large piece on this place.

And it was also used as a stone slab to block the cave mansion!

This master of Sang De is really generous, if this piece of exotic gold is sold, it will definitely be sold at a sky-high price, causing countless emperor realm bleed their money.

Seeing everyone reacting in this way, Sang De frowned and shouted, “Man Kuai, it’s up to you here.”

Hearing the words, Man Kuai understood in his heart, and nodded: “Great Master, don’t worry, I dare not say anything else, I still have a little strength.”

Sang De said very clearly that this stone slab made of exotic gold could not be attacked and could only be pushed by brute force, and among the five people present, Man Kuai was definitely the most suitable candidate.

Perhaps Sang De chose Man Kuai because of his strength.

At the moment, Man Kuai stepped forward with a solemn expression, his strength was urged, and didn’t know what secret technique was running, his already burly figure suddenly became huge again, and the muscles rising were full of explosive power beauty. The beautiful eyes of the Snake Lady looked like a strange light, and the heart of spring was rippling.

Man Kuai gave a deep sigh, and slowly pushed his hands forward. When the two big hands touched the stone slab, a thunderous sound suddenly sounded, and it felt like two big mountains collided together, and it seemed to shake the whole island.

Everyone was shocked and horrified at the amazing power of Man Kuai.

Even Yang Kai was stunned. He is confident that his strength is not bad, but compared with Man Kuai, it seems that there is still a little gap. If they simply compete for strength, he may not be his opponent.

Sure enough, there are many strangers in this world, leading in all fields.

“Well, good, you really didn’t let the old man down!” Sang De was greatly surprised, and his expression finally showed a smile, “After this level, the rest is much simpler.”

Hearing what he meant, this level seemed to be the most difficult.

But it’s no wonder, that things weighing 100,000 catties are placed here, and only relying on brute force to push, there are really few people in this world that can do it. Yang Kai estimated that on the entire Tongtian Island, it is absolutely impossible to find a second person who agrees to the request. It took Sang De five years, and it is most likely that the main thing is looking for someone like Man Kuai.

“Great Master, have you been here before?” Yang Kai asked with another move.

If he haven’t been here before, how can he know what is going on behind this stone slab, and how can he understand this clearly? There is no pressure to crack the formation all the way.

“It happened a long time ago!” Sang De replied casually, without further explanation.

Squeak… a harsh rubbing sound.

The stone slab made of exotic gold gradually moved away under the tremendous force of Man Kuai, and a small gap was gradually exposed on the stone wall.

Seeing this situation, Man Kuai shouted loudly and exerted more force.

The gap grew wider and wider, and Sang De stared with widened eyes, looking extremely nervous.

Suddenly, Man Kuai frowned and said in surprise, “Great Master, something seems to be wrong!”

“What’s wrong, what’s wrong?” Sang De frowned and asked hurriedly.

Man Kuai said: “This stone slab…there seems to be a suction force. Great Master, are you sure there is no problem pushing it away like this?”

Sang De snorted coldly: “What can be the problem? Push it away quickly!”

Although Man Kuai faintly felt that something was wrong, he also relied on the boldness of the art master, and added a lot of strength, directly widened the gap, and finally allowed one person to pass.

Seeing this, Sang De shouted, “Come in!”

The next moment, he shook his body, rushed through the gap, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Yang Kai and others, who had been prepared for a long time, naturally rushed in one by one.

As soon as the crowd rushed inside, they heard Man Kuai suddenly yelled in horror, as if he had encountered something extremely terrible, and then he shouted: “Great Master, save me!”

“What’s the matter!” The Snake Lady quickly turned her head and asked with a pale face.

When she rushed in just now, Man Kuai was still okay and still pushing the stone slab. Why did this suddenly happen in the blink of an eye?


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