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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2391 English [Readable]

The screams of Man Kuai made Yang Kai and the others change their colors, and they released their Divine Sense and looked back.

After seeing his situation clearly at the moment, everyone couldn’t help but sucked in a cold breath.

At this moment, Man Kuai hands clinging to the stone slab of the exotic gold, as if being sucked firmly, no matter how hard he struggles, he can’t get rid of it. Swallowing the essence of his blood, the speed is beyond imagination, visible to the naked eye, the power of the red blood is swallowed up by the stone slab, and the otherwise unremarkable stone slab becomes as red as blood in a very short time. Emitting disgusting aura.

“Great Master, save me!” Man Yan tried his best to yell, in a panic. If he had known this stone slab was so weird, he would definitely not touch it rashly, but it was already here and it was too late to say anything.

After only a few breaths of effort, he felt half weak. Wouldn’t he be sucked into dried meat after a while?

Yang Kai and others looked at Sang De together, wondering what he was going to do.

Sang De hurriedly said: “Be calm, don’t worry, I will come!”

As he spoke, he went straight to Man Kuai. After a short while, there were waves of violent power fluctuations. It seemed that Sang De was trying to rescue Man Kuai, but no one could see the specific situation. Because it was so disturbed by Sang De, Yang Kai and others Divine Sense has been disturbed to a great extent.

After a while, Man Kuai voice gradually disappeared.

Sang De slowly returned from there with a sullen face, and when he came to the crowd, he said with a sad expression: “Brother Man…unfortunately he has gone.”

Snake Lady and Shen Fei’s complexion changed slightly, looking at Sang De with gloomy eyes, Yang Kai’s expression was also pale.

They probably all know how strong Man Kuai is, but such a guy died in such a short time. It can be seen that there are absolutely some terrible restrictions and traps. If the snake lady and Shen Fei are caught in it, they will not be much better.

“It’s really hateful, there is a great spirit devouring formation hidden on the stone slab. The old man didn’t notice it for a while, leaving Man Kuai with this disaster. It is sad and hateful!” Sang De sighed for a while, his tone was low, and he seemed to be sad with what happened to Man Kuai.

He paused, raised his eyes and said: “I hope that the encounter with Brother Man has not cast a psychological shadow on the few people!”

Several people were indifferent.

Man Kuai encountered this, and they didn’t know if it was Sang De’s oversight, failed to discover the Spirit Devouring Formation or he knew that and he didn’t say it deliberately and let Man Kuai go to die. In any case, everyone has come to this point. And it was just an outsider who died, so naturally it is impossible to retreat here.

It’s just that after this incident, no matter who it is, they dare not take it lightly anymore, any place of this emperor formation expert’s lair can be fatal.

“If you don’t have any objections, just continue with the old man.” Sang De swept the crowd around.

Yang Kai said lightly: “Great Master, you have prepared the number of five. Now that one is missing, there is no problem next?”

Sang De said: “There is no big problem. The old man seeks Man Kuai, the main thing is to ask him to push away the stone slab. Hasn’t he already completed the task? The rest does not require any effort from him.”

“So that’s it!” Yang Kai grinned, “That’s great, Great Master, let’s continue to lead the way.”

Sang De nodded, and really led the way.

The remaining three looked at each other. Also stroll to keep up. However, after Yang Kai’s question just now, the three of them were almost certain that there was a spirit devouring formation hidden on the stone slab. Sang De absolutely knew, and he also knew what would happen to the man after pushing the stone slab away. Just deliberately not say. In other words, after pushing away the Stone Slab, the use value of Man Kuai is gone, and it doesn’t matter whether he is alive or not.

This old guy usually seems harmless to humans and animals, but in fact it is also a stomach of bad water, so that both Snake Lady and Shen Fei have to guard against him.

All the way, there was no obstacle.

This is indeed a cave mansion left by the strong. The interior space is spacious, and the walls of the cave are inlaid with luminous strange stones, exuding a faint light, making the entire cave mansion look less dim.

After half an hour, everyone went underground for about a thousand meters before they suddenly came to a huge stone cave.

There are stalactites hanging upside down on the surrounding stone walls of this cave, and water drops dripping down and sputtering with a crisp sound.

After coming here, everyone’s eyes were suddenly attracted by a thing placed in the center.

It was a mysterious treasure that was more than seven or eight feet long, with a smooth curve and a fusiform shape. The charm of Taoist artifacts flowed on it, making this artifact look very extraordinary.

After arriving here, Sang De’s eyes suddenly brightened, standing still staring at the shuttle-shaped artifact, and he was reluctant to leave for a moment.

And Yang Kai and others also looked at them with surprise. Sang De brought them here to get a tool that can leave the solitary void secret realm. They all know this. Seeing this thing at this moment, naturally they have some associations.

“Great Master, is this…” Lady Snake couldn’t help being the first to ask.

Although Shen Fei didn’t speak, his ardent eyes betrayed him deeply.

“Yes!” Sang De nodded heavily, “This is the Sea King Shuttle made by the old ghost! Although it is not an Emperor Artifact, the difference is only the emperor charm. With it, the old man can leave this solitary void secret realm!”

He looked extremely excited.

Shen Fei and Lady Snake were also ecstatic, they didn’t expect this trip to be so easy.

After all, following Sang De this time, apart from the five people who need to work together to break through the huge formation before entering the island, the others did not seem to have encountered any difficulties, except for Man Kuai who encountered misfortune, and they only just following Sang De here, they saw this special tool, it was almost at their fingertips.

“Great Master, don’t forget our credit when you leave!” Shen Fei quickly reminded.

Sang De chuckled and said, “Naturally, I won’t forget it.” He paused, and then said, “Is the flag that the old man handed to you before still with you?”

Although several people didn’t know why he asked, they all took out the formation flags they had previously obtained. These formation flags were originally used to break the formation, and Sang De did not take it back.

“Very good.” Sand De smiled slightly, “There is another formation near Sea King Shuttle that needs to be broken, and the old man needs to use the power of you guys!”

The Snake Lady hurriedly said, “Great Master, as long as you order!”

When things reached this level, she was naturally very cooperative, and she had forgotten Man Kuai who died tragically.

“Come with me!” With a wave of his hand, Sang De flew towards the Sea King Shuttle first. Several people hurriedly followed, all secretly excited.

Before flying to the front of Sea King Shuttle, Sang De was in the air, suddenly reached out to make a seal, spit out a word in his mouth, and then rushed forward at an extremely fast speed.

The moment when he heard him spit out the word, Yang Kai and the others changed their expressions slightly and felt something was wrong. When they saw him flying away quickly, how could they not know that this old thing was fraudulent?

The three of them were shocked, and when they were about to chase them, a loud noise suddenly appeared from Shen Fei.

The formation flag he was holding suddenly exploded, and the violent power fluctuations set off, splashing all directions, and Shen Fei was directly blown up. The Source Qi body protection instantly collapsed.

Before he could recover, another explosion sounded, but this time it was the flag in Snake Lady’s hand that exploded.

Then came Yang Kai’s hand, the three-stroke flags burst in a series, the power was extremely terrifying.

But Shen Fei and others are not weak, although they were not ready, they still sacrificed the defensive treasure to urge the Source Qi to protect themselves, and barely avoid the doom of death on the spot.

Suddenly encountered such a sneak attack, and it was Sang De who started it. Shen Fei and Lady Snake were naturally very angry. After resisting the impact of the explosion, they wanted to go to Sang De to settle accounts.

But what made their complexion greatly changed was that at this moment they were sore and weak, and they couldn’t lift a bit of strength, and fell heavily from mid-air, falling to the ground, falling dizzy.

Yang Kai didn’t look much better either, and fell beside the two, motionless.

“Poisonous!” Shen Fei’s complexion was ugly to the extreme. How could he not know the formation flag was not only added with restriction by Sang De, but the refining materials were also very problematic. I’m afraid he had already planned this matter as early as when he handed over the formation flag to them to crack the big formation.

Sang De’s figure slowly walked from a corner, his pace was not swift and slow, his eyes staring coldly at the three lying on the ground, without the slightest pity.

“Great Master, why do you want to do this?” The snake lady couldn’t figure it out, and she also showed what intentions she wanted to him. Moreover, when seeing Sea King Shuttle internal space was huge, at least it could hold a dozen or more people, Sang De hadn’t got everything yet, why did he suddenly turn his face?

There is no conflict of interest. Why does Sang De do this?

Shen Fei also looked at Sang De sadly. He knew Sang De was not credible, but he didn’t expect this old guy to turn his face so quickly. He thought that even if Sand was going to turn his face, he would have to wait until the Sea King Shuttle was taken.

“Don’t blame me, the old man can’t help but do it!” Sang De said lightly, without the meaning of explanation, but quickly pinched seal arts with both hands.

Along with the change of his seal art, a strange sound came out, and the three of them turned their heads to look, and suddenly felt a little scalp tingling.

They saw something like holes on the ground from somewhere. At this moment, red blood was gurgling out. The blood spread around some formation patterns on the ground, gradually converging into a mysterious pattern.

The smell of this blood is very fresh, and the aura it contains is also familiar.

“Man Kuai brother’s blood!” Shen Fei seemed to have thought of something, his face pale for a while.


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