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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2392 English [Readable]

The blood contained extremely rich and fresh blood essence, which was obviously the blood of a martial artist who had just been withdrawn and paid attention to physical body cultivation.

There is no other explanation except for the blood of Man Kuai.

Half an hour ago, Man Kuai died, and half an hour later, his blood actually ran to this place, and a large formation was gathered to wrap up everyone. This is obviously a plan, but don’t know what peculiar effect this big formation has.

After a tea cup time, the blood stopped pouring out, and it seemed to be clean, and the large formation on the ground was completely activated by the blood, a strange aura lingering around, making people feel a little cold.

Vaguely, there was a voice of ghost crying and wolf howling.

Shen Fei and others lay on the ground, quietly urging the Source Qi to dissolve the poison in them, but the poison did not know what it was, the more it was dispelled, the weaker they became.

Suddenly, Lady Snake paled, and exclaimed: “Man Kuai!”

Hearing her shout, Shen Fei quickly looked up, his eyes widened in an instant, because a phantom appeared in the center of that formation. This phantom looked exactly like Man Kuai, except that it had no spirituality and looked hazy, as if there was no saneness.

Divine Soul Spirit Body of Man Kuai!

The stone slab not only absorbed the blood essense of Man Kuai, but also didn’t let go of his divine soul spirit body. Moreover, looking at the state of Man Kuai divine soul at this moment, it seems that it has been greatly damaged, otherwise it will not be so sluggish, even without the physical body, the divine soul of the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage powerhouse is enough to maintain its own sanity.

“What on earth are you going to do, Sang De!” Shen Fei gritted his teeth and screamed, as if he could not bear the unknown horrible suppression, and there were some signs of collapse of the psychological defense line.

Sang De snorted coldly, ignored his questioning, and stomped the ground severely, then said: “Old ghost, it’s time to wake up!”

There is someone else here?

Shen Fei’s face turned pale, and he quickly turned his head and looked around. Lady Snake also looked around uncertainly, wanting to know who the old ghost was from Sang De’s mouth.

At the next moment, the eyes of both of them all looked in one direction.

There. An ethereal figure slowly appeared. Seeing the appearance of this figure, it seemed that it was also a divine soul spirit body, but it was different from Man Kuai. This divine soul spirit body seemed extremely weak and might dissipate at any time.

After the figure was revealed, a ghost-like aura suddenly permeated.

Sang De grinned: “Old ghost, bring you some delicious food, don’t you want to thank me! I’m pretty good to you, right?”

“What?” Shen Fei listened. He opened his mouth suddenly and looked at the phantom with dumbfounded expression.

Lady Snake also paled: “This person is your Master?”

Sang De hummed, “You don’t need to care about this, just lie there obediently.”

While speaking, he frowned and glanced at Yang Kai. He don’t know why, he always feels that Yang Kai is a little too calm, even if Shen Fei and Snake Lady are lying motionless, but he doesn’t even say a word, is he admitting his fate?

But the matter has ended. He couldn’t manage that much, he just wanted to finish things earlier.

“What do you mean by the food just now?” Shen Fei asked uncertainly again.

The voice just fell. He knew what it meant. Sang De’s master ghostly figure made a scream, making a harsh and unpleasant sound, and then rushed towards Man Kuai divine soul spirit body like a hungry wolf, and opened his mouth wide. He bit off half of Man Kuai divine soul in one bite.

This is like a ghost. Can actually eat the divine soul spirit body! This kind of thing is almost unheard of, never seen, Shen Fei and the snake lady stared at this horrible scene, only feeling a chill from head to toe.

And under their attention, the phantom took less than ten breaths of effort to clean up Man Kuai divine soul spirit body.

It is far from being satisfied. On the contrary, it seemed to arouse the fierceness even more, but the originally ethereal body became much more solid. When he turned his head, he stared at Shen Fei fiercely, and with a whistle in his mouth, it turned into a gust of wind and rushed towards Shen Fei.

“No, get out!” Shen Fei was shocked and yelled in resistance.

But now he can’t lift up a bit of strength, how can he resist. The phantom disappeared in a flash and rushed into his body. Then, Shen Fei shook his whole body, his eyes trembling, his complexion looked terrifying, as if he was undergoing a terrible torment.

Lady Snake was already scared to death. Seeing that the next person to encounter this incident was her, she hurriedly begged Sang De: “Great Master, please let me live, and i will serve you as a slave in the future, You will be disappointed.”

As she spoke, she squeezed a very reluctant smile, as if she wanted to make the last effort to use her beauty to win the chance of survival.

Sang De turned a deaf ear and snorted coldly: “A pool of rotten meat that even wild dogs disdain, dare to show off in front of the old man.”

The Snake Lady’s eyes darkened, knowing that this time she was really in disaster.

At this moment, Shen Fei suddenly died. The phantom rushed out of his body and ate the divine soul spirit bodies of the two of them one after another. The phantom had become extremely solid, and the look in his eyes seemed to regained some wise appearance.

He didn’t stop, but directly rushed into the body of the snake lady again, following the same method.

The Snake Lady screamed fiercely, knowing that she would definitely die, she kept cursing Sang De for not being able to die, and she kept cursing.

Sang De snorted coldly, ignored her, turned to Yang Kai, and said, “You don’t seem to be worried at all.”

Yang Kai grinned, “I am on the chopping board, and I am a fish. What’s the use of worrying?”

Sang De said with a faint smile: “Your mood is open-minded, the old man appreciates it.”

“Since the old man appreciate it, what about letting me go? Let’s be good friends after we go out.” Yang Kai asked with a smile.

Sang De’s face sank and said: “It’s impossible! You are the key to the old man’s deal with this old ghost, and no one can let you go!”

“Deal?” Yang Kai keenly grasped the information and asked in surprise, “What deal?”

“This matter has nothing to do with you!”

Yang Kai curled his lips and said: “The old man is joking. Since I am the key to the deal, how can it have nothing to do with me? Anyway, I am going to die. Let’s just listen, and you won’t lose a piece of meat!”

Sang De sneered: “You should obediently don’t resist later, you can suffer less pain!”

After speaking, he ignored him.

Yang Kai snorted, and instead of entanglement on this topic, he looked at the sea king shuttle and said, “Great Master, you said it is a tool for leaving this secret realm. Isn’t it just a cover?”

Sang De didn’t change the subject this time, and said solemnly: “This Sea King Shuttle cost the whole life of the old ghost to refine it, just to leave here, how can it be a cover! With it, it is enough to leave this secret realm.”

“Really good!” Yang Kai sighed, and didn’t know what he was feeling.

At this time, Lady Snake had also been dead. After the ghost swallowed the divine soul spirit body of Lady Snake, it had completely recovered, and its eyes turned and looked extremely flexible, no longer the rigid and sluggishness before.

“Good recovery.” Sang De looked at the ghost and sneered.

The ghost said: “It’s not because the old man has accepted a good disciple!”

“It is right to do this for the master.” Sang De hummed.

The two masters and disciples exchanged a few words with a smile. They couldn’t see the friendship between the master and the disciples at all. The expressions in their eyes were all waiting to kill each other, and he didn’t know how they got here today.

The ghost turned his head to look at Yang Kai, and said, “Is this the flesh body you found for the old man?”

Sang De said: “It took a lot of effort to find him.”

The ghost frowned and said, “He has no problem with his divine soul power, right? Don’t be overwhelmed by the old man’s looting!”

“I personally tested it. Even if it is worse than me, it’s not much worse. It will definitely be fine to carry you.”

The ghost nodded: “That is the best!”

Yang Kai looked at the ghost with interest, his face suddenly understood: “Are you trying to seize my body?”

The ghost said: “Ask knowingly! Hehe, you are a bit interesting, you are not afraid?”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “The person to be afraid of is not me. I advise you, don’t take me away, or you will die and look ugly!”

The ghost was visibly taken aback, then turned his head and looked at Sang De: “What do you mean by finding a lunatic?”

Sang De said angrily: “This kid is just a big talk, you can’t see it? I think you are really confused, you have a lot of dreams, so hurry up!”

The ghost groaned for a while, feeling that he was justified, and when he rolled his body, it turned into a gust of wind and rushed towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai still smiled and said lazily, “It will really be an ugly death.”

The ghost ignored him and rushed into Yang Kai’s Consciousness Sea.

In the Consciousness Sea, the ghost was revealed, and he was about to find Yang Kai’s divine soul spirit body as before and swallow it, but a figure was in front of him, Yang Kai’s divine soul spirit body took the initiative to show up, and look at him with sarcastic look.

“This…” The ghost was startled. He was not surprised by Yang Kai’s boldness, but was shocked by what he saw.

He has never seen a person’s Consciousness Sea so majestic and magnificent. The sea that gathers below is extremely deep, rich and pure, like a real ocean, giving people an extremely strong visual conflict.

This Consciousness Sea is not something that a Dao Source Stage martial artist can possess. The Consciousness Sea of the two people he swallowed before is simply the difference between the stream and the sea.

Trash! The ghost instantly cursed Sang De in his heart, saying that he had tested it personally. Even if the divine soul power of this person is not as good as his, he is not far behind. How can this be explained by the difference? His divine soul spirit power is clearly countless times better than him, that’s why Sang De made a mistake in his judgment.

This is simply the Consciousness Sea of the Emperor Realm!

No matter how strong the ghost is, it is impossible to defeat Yang Kai here.

At this point, he hurriedly wanted to quit. He knew that if he retreated late, he might not be able to leave.


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