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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2394 English [Readable]

After Yang Kai collected the Sea King Shuttle into the space ring, he stood up.

Liu Yan and Hua Qingsi had been waiting for a long time, and Yang Kai didn’t ask about Sang De’s fate. The two of them chased Sang De with the addition of Heaven Grade Puppet. If he could still run away, that would be a big joke.

In fact, Liu Yan and Hua Qingsi only took half a cup of tea time to destroy Sang De. In the rest of the time, the two women took the time to explore the small island and brought all the little valuable things on the island.

After returning Liu Yan and Hua Qingsi to the Mysterious Boundary Bead, Yang Kai left the ground, sacrificed his own wooden ship, and flew all the way towards Tongtian Island.

Others didn’t dare to do this in this solitary void secret realm, because it would consume too much Source Qi for flying, and it would be extremely troublesome to replenish at that time. So no matter which martial artist goes out to sea, they will use normal ship, which is not slow and saves Source Qi.

Yang Kai didn’t worry about this. He had countless source crystals and the mysterious boundary bead. Even if the Source Qi was exhausted, he could recover by hiding in the mysterious boundary bead for a while.

Now that the Sea King Shuttle is in hand, he could only find one of the Ice Heart Pavilion Master or Tongtian Island Master to find out where is the exit.

The master of Tongtian Island, Yang Kai, didn’t want to contact him. But the master of the Ice Heart Pavilian, he might have the chance to see the other party. Yang Kai was a little grateful at this time. Fortunately, he visited Ice Heart Pavilion before coming to this island and applied for their alchemist job.

Now he is considered to be near the water platform, but Ice Heart Pavilion master is a 3rd-order Emperor Realm expert, not someone he knows. Even if he meet the other party, he has to be cautious when he leaves with such a strong person.

Safe journey along the way, only three days before and after. Yang Kai had already returned to the pier on Tongtian Island.

Many martial artist on the dock saw him flying back all the way. They couldn’t help but look sideways, secretly surprised, they don’t know what happened to Yang Kai in the sea, even the ship and his companions were gone.

Yang Kai ignored those weird gazes and walked all the way into Tongtian City.

Before arriving at the rented cave mansion, Yang Kai took out the token to open the restriction, and set foot in it. Suddenly, he had a halt, and instinctively felt something was not right. He raised his palm and printed it into the void, causing the Source Qi in his body to surge wildly.

Boom… There was a loud noise, and the cave mansion shook violently, and the light of various restrictions flashed wildly.

Yang Kai was also attacked by a huge force and flew out like a rag sack, spouting blood in the air and landing heavily.

Emperor Realm!

Yang Kai was shocked. He didn’t expect that in his cave mansion, there was an emperor realm ambushing him! Although the opponent was only at the 1st-order Emperor Realm, and this blow did not exert his full strength, Yang Kai hurriedly dealt with it and suffered a lot.

He got up in a hurry. Wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. Angrily looked aside.

He saw a person over there with a look of surprise, as if he did not expect that his sneak attack could not capture Yang Kai on the spot, but instead let him take the opportunity to escape. He don’t know what the reason is, this person’s complexion is a little pale, it seems that he has suffered a serious injury.

“Pang Guang!” After seeing this person’s face, Yang Kai immediately gritted his teeth and hissed.

This ambush in his own cave mansion was not someone else who attacked him, but it was City Lord Pang Guang of marsh city who came in with him!

When Yang Kai hadn’t left Tongtian City a few days ago, he accidentally ran into Pang Guang once on the street, but the two of them just passed by. No one greeted anyone, but didn’t expect to meet again in this situation.

Looking away, Yang Kai’s expression darkened, and a thick murderous intent rolled and fermented in his heart.

Because at this moment, Pang Guang placed one hand on Liu Xianyun’s head, and the power in his palm was faint, and it seemed that Liu Xianyun’s life could be taken at any time!

Yang Kai didn’t know why Pang Guang was here and how he held Liu Xianyun, but now this situation makes him very furious.

Liu Xianyun was squeezed for life, her beautiful body was trembling, and her pretty face was bloodless. Seeing Yang Kai was injured, she couldn’t help exclaiming: “Senior Brother…” Her beautiful eyes were full of care and anxiety, as well as deep guilt and self-blame.

When Yang Kai left Tongtian City a few days ago, he once asked her if she wanted to follow him, but Liu Xianyun chose to stay. Now it seems that this decision is wrong. If she were to join Yang Kai, she would not be taken hostage and threatened Yang Kai.

She just went out the day before yesterday and didn’t go far. She just went to the cave mansion where Ling Yinqin and others were located to find a way, thinking that everyone would be neighbors in the future, so she could walk a lot.

Pang Guang spotted her just on the way back, and was subdued as soon as she entered the cave.

“I’m fine!” Yang Kai spit out blood and looked at Liu Xianyun and said, “He didn’t do anything to you, right?”

Liu Xianyun slowly shook her head: “No, he is just waiting for you to come back!”

Yang Kai couldn’t help but let go of his heart worry, looked at Pang Guang with a gloomy look, and said in a deep voice, “City Lord Pang, isn’t it unethical for you to do this?”

Pang Guang snorted coldly, his expression was a bit uncomfortable, thinking that he, a strong emperor realm, sneaked into the cave with people behind him, and kidnapped a woman whose cultivation level was far weaker than his own. This is really not a good idea

“Boy, I’m not going to whistle around with you.” Pang Guang said in a deep voice, and there seemed to be some signs of lack of qi, “I have only one purpose here, hand over your Mending Heavenly Lotus to me, and I will let her go immediately.”

Yang Kai has Mending Heavenly Lotus, and Pang Guang knew about it when he was in marsh city. He also knew the preciousness of the mending heavenly lotus, otherwise he would not sneak behind Yang Kai and Yao Changjun. He originally wanted to find a chance to fish in troubled waters, but he didn’t expect to encounter the solitary void great vortex and came to this solitary void secret realm.

“You want the mending heavenly lotus?” Yang Kai raised his brows and looked at Pang Guang up and down. He immediately realized some problems and grinned: “Is the City Lord Pang dantian damaged, or his divine soul damaged?”

The effect of the mending heavenly lotus is to repair the damaged Dantian and divine soul. Yao Changjun want to snatch it because of the damage to the divine soul. Today Pang Guang also want the mending heavenly lotus, obviously for the same reason.

No wonder this guy seems to be a little short of breath, as if he is injured, which of the strong should have played a game, and the result was accidentally injured. In this Tongtian City, even though he is a 1st-order Emperor Realm, it is not easy to recover from such a severe injury. There are no powerful alchemists and no good spirit pills here.

Fortunately, he knew that Yang Kai had the mending heavenly lotus, so he got his idea to act against Yang Kai.

He thought that even if he was injured, it would be easy to take down Yang Kai in a sneak attack, but he didn’t expect it to backfire. Yang Kai’s adaptability and counterattack prevented him from succeeding in the first time and he could only rely on the hostages in his hands.

“This matter has nothing to do with you! Hand over the Mending Heavenly Lotus, Pang will definitely not embarrass you!” Pang Guang shouted impatiently.

Yang Kai smiled and said: “City Lord Pang, it seems that you are not having a good life. Also, an emperor realm suddenly appeared on Tongtian Island. I am afraid that everyone knows that you are new and there are many good things on you. You were robbed, right?”

Pang Guang is different from him. He and Liu Xianyun entered Tongtian Island quietly. As long as they have a suitable nameplate, others will not know that they are newcomers, but Pang Guang can’t hide it. There are only a few emperor realm on the island. Suddenly one more came out, isn’t it mean he is a newcomer?

“Stop talking nonsense, I want the mending heavenly lotus!” Pang Guang gritted his teeth and shout, his hands faintly unstable, his expression seemed extremely urgent.

Liu Xianyun whispered suddenly, the pain on her face was unbearable.

“Do you dare to hurt my junior sister’s hair? I will make you suffer today!” Yang Kai shouted angrily.

“Then it depends on your cooperation!” Pang Guang’s forehead gradually oozes a lot of sweat, and he knows that his injury is serious.

“Mending Heavenly Lotus!” Yang Kai said with a calm face, turning his hands: “Look at what this is!”

Pang Guang immediately looked at the palm of his hand, his eyes heated up immediately, it was the Mending Heavenly Lotus, white as snow, spotless, and was taken out by Yang Kai. A faint scent wafted from the cave, and the aroma entered his nose. Making Pang Guang’s spirit feel refreshed, and even his injuries seemed to ease a lot.

“Give it to me!” Pang Guang exclaimed eagerly. As long as there is this mending heavenly lotus, his injury can be quickly recovered, and there is no need to worry about any hidden dangers that will affect the foundation of martial dao in the future.

Yang Kai sneered, and then under Pang Guang’s stunned gaze, he directly stuffed the mending heavenly lotus into his mouth, and chewed it like a cow chewing a grass, with a look of ecstasy on his face, as if he was eating something peerlessly delicious.

Ha ha ha ha…

Pang Guang was dumbfounded, and his whole body was stiff in place as if he had been subjected to a fixation technique.

Yang Kai laughed frantically as he ate, “If you want it, come grab it and see if I will spit it out for you!”

“You…” Pang Guang blood was boiling and his heart was beating heart, his face was pale with anger before he barely recovered.

He clearly has a hostage in hand, and Yang Kai dares to act so recklessly. Is this kid crazy? Does he really care about the life and death of his junior sister?

Just as he was thinking about it, and his mind was shaking, Yang Kai’s left eye was closed then opened again, then it turn into a golden vertical eye. As soon as the golden pupil shrank, a bizarre force spread out leisurely.

Pang Guang was stunned, his divine soul was suddenly unstable and seemed to be affected.

At this moment, Yang Kai had already sacrificed the Million Sword, wrapped in sword light, and slashed towards Pang Guang in a mighty manner.

The sword’s intent was strong, and before the sword arrived, a breath of death had already rushed toward him.

Pang Guang took a step back almost subconsciously.

But the next moment he suddenly felt a sudden burst in his heart. He understood Yang Kai’s intentions. Gritting his teeth, his big hands surged with power. He grabbed it hard and wanted to kill Liu Xianyunm to let Yang Kai know the result of offending him.

But what he didn’t expect was that he caught nothing with his hand.

Liu Xianyun, who was under his control, suddenly disappeared strangely. There was no trace of movement at all. Only a strange wave of power came out. Liu Xianyun moved horizontally for several feet, and avoided this fatal blow.


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