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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2395 English [Readable]

“Space Force!” Pang Guang narrowed his eyes and looked at Yang Kai in amazement.

The peculiar power just now is definitely a fluctuation of space force, and it is an extremely high and deep space force.

This kid actually understands the Space Force? Can he even teleport others directly? How can a Dao Source Stage martial artist achieve such an attainment?

Before Pang Guang could think about it thoroughly, Yang Kai had already blasted at him when he was throwing the million sword lights. This sword was poured with Yang Kai’s lifelong cultivation level, which was seen by an emperor realm like Pang Guang. His expression changed greatly. As soon as he raised his hand, a defensive artifact like a jade butterfly was sacrificed.


There was a loud noise, and the shaky cave mansion was finally completely destroyed by this blow. Without the protection of the restriction formation, the violent power escaped everywhere, and Yang Kai’s cave mansion was directly razed to the ground.


Two figures flew out from the cave mansion one after another, looking across the air.

Pang Guang eyes was about to stare out, and roared, “Boy, you dare to play with me!”

Yang Kai would rather eat the Mending Heavenly Lotus, rather than give it to him. This made him extremely sad.

Yang Kai sneered, and said disapprovingly: “What if i’m playing tricks? If there is something you don’t like, come hit me!”

“This king will tore you apart!” Pang Guang roared angrily.

Yang Kai shook his hair and stood still in the air. He didn’t even care about the threat, and said coolly, “City Lord Pang should consider his situation first!”

As soon as he said this, Pang Guang’s face changed drastically, and he turned his head and looked around. Suddenly, his mood was bad.

He hid in Yang Kai’s cave before. No one can find him yet, but now after a conflict with Yang Kai, such a big disturbance has already disturbed the martial artist in Tongtian City.

The martial artist in the surrounding caves came out to investigate the situation, and countless martial artist gathered from far away from all directions.

Among them, the aura of two people made Pang Guang particularly afraid, and it was the two of them who had wounded him before. He had to hide in Yang Kai’s cave, waiting for an opportunity to recover. At this moment, when he noticed that these two people were coming, Pang Guang didn’t have any thoughts to stay where he was. He glared at Yang Kai fiercely, then turned and fled outside the city.

Not long after Pang Guang left, Yang Kai’s cave mansion was surrounded by martial artist. They were all pointing at them. They don’t know what happened here that caused such a big mess.

Whoosh… Two people suddenly fell from the sky. Each of these two people looked majestic, making people afraid to look directly at them. The powerful fluctuations in their strength showed that these two people were all the 1st-order Emperor Realm.

Yang Kai was also secretly wary, his eyes swept over the two people.

From the whispers of nearby people, Yang Kai learned that one of the two people was the master of Mysterious Cloud Pavilion’s Master. One is the Unrestrained Union’s master. The biggest reason for these two organizations’ big power on the island is that they have the Emperor Realm as their backing.

The two obviously detected Pang Guang’s aura, so they hurried over. Yang Kai looked at their expressions and found that the two of them had faint signs of injury. When they tried to deal with Pang Guang, they didn’t eat any good fruits.

“Where is the person?” Mysterious Cloud Pavilion’s Master eyes swept away, and he immediately fixed on Yang Kai, and asked in a deep voice.

Yang Kai quickly pointed to the direction where Pang Guang was escaping, and shouted: “He ran over there. The two Lords please take charge for me. The culprit is hiding in my cave mansion. While I am not prepared…”

Before Yang Kai finished speaking, the two emperor realm ran away quickly. They are not interested in making decisions for Yang Kai. What they are interested in is the various cultivation resources that Pang Guang carries with him. If it were not for this reason, they both will be unwilling to join hands with another Emperor Realm.

After the two disappeared, Yang Kai turned around and landed on the ground, grabbing Liu Xianyun, and shouting in a low voice: “Go!”

There was such a big disturbance here, and even his own cave mansion was destroyed. The city lord’s mansion would definitely come to investigate. If he was asked, he would not be able to explain many things.

Why does an emperor realm hide in his cave mansion? How was he safe after being attacked by the Emperor Realm? Yang Kai didn’t want to explain these things, nor could he explain them.

So he can only quickly leave this place right now.

Sure enough, less than thirty breaths of effort after Yang Kai left, a strong man from the City Lord’s Mansion hurriedly rushed to this place. After asking around, he didn’t know who the owner of the ruined Cave Mansion was, so he could only retreat.

Ice Heart Pavilion, Yang Kai took Liu Xianyun all the way to here and walked directly in.

“Hey, Pill Master Yang!” As soon as Fanxin saw Yang Kai, she greeted him with joy and smiled: “Are you finished with your business?”

“Well, I did.” Yang Kai smiled and nodded.

When Fanxin was about to say something, she suddenly changed her expression and said, “Pill Master Yang, why are you injured?”

Prior to being attacked by Pang Guang, although Yang Kai escaped by chance, he was also injured very seriously. He looked quite bad at the moment.

“I have some trouble.” Yang Kai said embarrassedly, “I came here to take a place to take refuge. I don’t know…”

Fanxin glanced at Yang Kai thoughtfully, and said, “The noise in the cave mansion area just now, shouldn’t be related to you, right?”

Yang Kai smiled bitterly, “Yeah!”

Fanxin was stunned, she just guessed casually, but she didn’t expect that she was really right, so she couldn’t laugh or cry. In this inner city, not many people dare to make trouble, let alone the Cave Mansion area. She didin;t know what had happened to Yang Kai, making him look so terrible.

“If Junior Sister Fanxin finds it inconvenient, I will go now.” Yang Kai saw that she didn’t let him in, thinking she was afraid of catching fire, and couldn’t help feeling sad.

Fanxin pursed her mouth and smiled: “In my Ice Heart Pavilion, any trouble is no trouble. You are the alchemist of Ice Heart Pavilion, where do you want to go? Come with me.”

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, and he quickly clasped his fists and said, “Thank you, Junior Sister Fanxin.”

After entering the Ice Heart Pavilion, Yang Kai suddenly felt relieved. Although this place is small and the number of people coming and going is not very high-end, but there are strong people sitting in place. It can be said that this place is safer than the Cave Mansion area. Living here does not have to worry about anything else.

Fanxin led Yang Kai into it, arranged for him to stay with Liu Xianyun, and then turned and left.

Yang Kai’s injury looked serious, but his physique was good, so he recovered very quickly. However, he did not intend to deliberately recover, but directly took another pitch-black mending heavenly lotus from the mysterious boundary bead.

Mending Heavenly Pill has two stalks, one black and one white. A single plant only has the effect of repairing the martial artist’s damaged dantian and divine soul. It is not too bad, but if the two stalks are combined to make a pill, it will greatly expand the martial artist’s Dantian and Consciousness Sea.

This effect is of extraordinary significance to any martial artist. Even those emperor realm who have reached the peak of their strength can not refuse such temptation. The expansion of the consciousness sea and dantian means the growth of strength.

Before, Yang Kai was forced and helpless, he directly swallowed a mending heavenly lotus, now only another plant is left, and he can’t refine and stalk the patch of sky pill.

He simply did the same thing, stuffing this black patch mending heavenly lotus into his mouth, and swallowing it raw.

Not only that, but he also found various auxiliary medicinal materials from the space ring, and ate it so consciously. All these auxiliary materials were needed for refining and supplementing the Mending Heavenly Pill.

It is impossible to refine and supplement the Mending Heavenly Pill. He can only rely on this method to maximize the effect of the Mending Heavenly Lotus, using himself as the furnace and the Source Qi as the fire to melt the materials, In order to obtain some of the effects of Mending Heavenly Pill.

Although this is a huge waste of medicinal materials, he is also helpless.

The pure medicinal power exploded in the abdomen, turning into energy to wander away from the limbs, and the sound of clicking continuously came from the secret room. Yang Kai guarded his mind and was not moved by foreign objects.

He could feel that his Dantian and Consciousness Sea were slowly expanding, and the magical effect of the Mending Heavenly Lotus was working.

Three days passed, Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes, full of energy, and looked very rewarding.

He sensed his own situation and found that his injury had healed. Not only that, but his dantian seemed to have expanded by one-tenth compared to three days ago, and his consciousness sea had also clearly increased greatly.

With his strength, any progress will not come easily. It requires great efforts and great opportunities. But now he has achieved this after only taking two mending heavenly lotus plants, which shows the powerful effect of mending heavenly lotus.

Rejoicing for a while, Yang Kai gritted his teeth and cursed: “Pang Guang, you bastard!”

If it weren’t for Pang Guang’s urgency, how could he act to swallow the Mending Heavenly Lotus? Thinking about it now, he still twitches distressedly. It is not easy to see the Mending Heavenly Lotus. What’s more, he originally had double stalks in his hands. In his original plan, he was looking for opportunities to refine the Mending Heavenly Pill, now this plan has also failed.

Compared to making a pill, Yang Kai swallowed it raw like this, and even one-tenth of the effect of the Mending Heavenly Lotus did not come into play. As an alchemist, Yang Kai simply could not tolerate such violent practices.

He recorded this hatred on Pang Guang’s head.

Just as he was being angry for a moment, there was a knock on the door.

Yang Kai was stunned, but he opened the door quickly.

Fanxin was standing at the door, looking at him with a strange expression.

“Sister Fanxin, what’s the matter?” Yang Kai asked.

Fanxin said: “Honored Master wants to see you.”

“Honored Master?” Yang Kai frowned, his eyes widened in the next moment, and he whispered, “Pavilion Master?”

“Yeah. I’m here to take you by the order of the Honored Master!” Fanxin nodded.

Yang Kai suddenly became uncomfortable, and he did not expect that the Master of Ice Heart Pavilion, wanted to see him at this time. This is a 3rd-order Emperor Realm powerhouse, even though Yang Kai had planned to meet her a long time ago, and even wanted to find out the location of the exit from her mouth, but the sudden occurrence of the incident still made him feel uneasy. He don’t know what the Master of Ice Heart Pavilion wanted to do calling him now.


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