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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2396 English [Readable]

Following Fanxin, Yang Kai asked, “Senior Sister Fanxin, why does the Pavilion Master want to see me?”

Fanxin smiled and said: “Honored Master acts, disciples dare not ask more.”

She was only here by order, where did she know why the Pavilion Master wanted to see Yang Kai? After a pause, she said again: “But Honored Master, she rarely sees outsiders. Even the disciples have not seen her for a long time.”

Speaking of this, a look of sadness appeared on her face, and at the same time there was some envy, as if she was envious of Yang Kai, an outsider who had the chance to be summoned by the Honored Master.

“When you meet the Honored Master, don’t watch what you shouldn’t, don’t say what you shouldn’t say, or you will annoy the Honored Master, no one on this island can save you.” Fanxin warned worriedly, lest Yang Kai be rude in front of the Honored Master.

“I note it down.” Yang Kai replied sternly, but when Fanxin said that, he became a little nervous inexplicably, always feeling that the Pavilion Master is not a good person to get along with, most likely a bad-tempered old woman.

“By the way, my junior sister these few days…” Yang Kai remembered Liu Xianyun again, he hadn’t seen her since hiding in the Ice Heart Pavilion, and he didn’t know how Liu Xianyun had been in these few days.

Fanxin said: “About Junior Sister Liu, please rest assured. She has a gentle personality and is very happy with our sisters. She also asked to help us, so I let her help a little.”

“That’s fine.” Yang Kai breathed a sigh of relief. Liu Xianyun is not a person who likes to cause trouble, so he doesn’t need to worry too much about this.

As the two spoke, they had already reached the sixth floor of the Ice Heart Pavilion. Just as Yang Kai had previously expected, the Ice Heart Pavilion’s master with vast magical powers lived on the sixth floor.

Standing in front of the door, Fanxin said, “Pill Master Yang, go in by yourself. Honored Master will be waiting for you inside.”

“Thank you!” Yang Kai nodded slightly. Push the door and enter.

After entering the sixth floor, Yang Kai had not had time to look at the surrounding environment. The door behind him closed with a clatter. He was also calm and looked around naturally.

The sixth floor does not occupy a large area, but the decorations are full of spirituality. As if these dead things have their own lives, it makes people feel comfortable and happy inexplicably.

Yang Kai was secretly surprised. When he walked inside, he saw that the decorations were simple but elegant, and there was an extremely natural fragrance in the air, giving Yang Kai the illusion of entering a girl’s private room.

“Are you the new alchemist?” Suddenly there was a pleasant voice from the side, the voice was extremely crisp, yet there was a hint of tranquility in the gentleness. But without the slightest smell of firework, it seems to be transmitted from the nine heavens, making people feel ethereal and traceless.

Yang Kai’s expression changed, and he quickly turned his head and looked towards the source of the sound.

He hadn’t found anyone nearby at all before, but suddenly heard a voice, which showed that the master of this voice was far superior than him, making him unable to detect it at all.

If the speaker wants to be disadvantage towards him, he has already been hit. At this moment, Yang Kai sweated coldly behind his back.

Under the eyes. Yang Kai found a girl in palace dress standing there quietly. The girl looked at him indifferently, just like that voice. The girl was showing a smart aura, just like a blooming white lotus. Not stained with dust.

Yang Kai first impression when seeing her was Pure! Pure like lake water without any impurities. He couldn’t believe it. There is such a pure and flawless woman in this world.

Immediately afterwards, Yang Kai felt a little familiar.

Not only was the pure aura of this girl feels familiar to him, but also the appearance of the girl. He always felt like he had seen this girl somewhere, and a long-term picture in his mind flashed away. He want to delve into it but I can’t remember when and where he saw this picture.

Seeing Yang Kai staring at her blankly, with a weird look, the girl’s pretty eyebrows frowned slightly, and when she raised her hand, she wanted to teach Yang Kai a lesson.

She knows what kind of impact her appearance will bring to men. Since she cultivated, she has seen this scene countless times before her eyes, and she also knows what nasty thoughts those men will have in their hearts when they look at her.

She thought Yang Kai was the same.

But soon she found out that it was wrong, because although Yang Kai looked at her unmovingly, there was no blasphemous expression in his eyes, and some were just surprise, nostalgic and suspicious.

The surprise, she can understand, but what about nostalgia and suspiciousness? The girl clearly saw the incomprehensible color in Yang Kai’s eyes, as if he was wondering about something, and at the same time he was missing someone, his expression was extremely gentle.

The jade hand that she raised gently put down, and snorted heavily.

Yang Kai suddenly woke up, his face blushed, and he realized that it was a bit rude to stare at someone so fiercely, and that this person was most likely to be the Ice Heart Pavilion’s Master, with cold sweat on Yang Kai’s forehead, bowed his head and clasped his fists and said: “Exactly, dare to ask senior… Are you Ice Heart Pavilion’s Master?”

He still couldn’t believe that such a pure and flawless young girl was actually the master of Ice Heart Pavilion. He previously thought that she was a moody old woman! This contrast is too different.

“This palace master is it!” The girl nodded lightly.

“Junior Yang Kai, I’ve seen senior, and please forgive me for being rude.” Yang Kai said quickly.

The girl was silent, but Yang Kai’s attitude of confessing his mistake immediately was still very good, so the girl didn’t intend to pursue it. If she really wanted to blame, she could teach Yang Kai just now.

“Who did you think of before?” the girl asked after a moment.

Yang Kai did not raise his head, and replied: “The junior thinks of his wife!”

The girl said indifferently: “What? This palace master is very similar to your wife?” If it weren’t for this, why would Yang Kai think of his wife when she saw her?

Her tone was flat, he couldn’t hear any emotions, anger, sorrow or joy, but it made Yang Kai stressed. He wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and cautiously said: “The appearance is not similar, but the aura is similar! They are all extremely pure, not stained with dust, and… “Yang Kai grinned: “She is as cold as the senior, just like an ice doll.”

Speaking of Su Yan, Yang Kai’s expression became much more natural, and a smile of nostalgia appeared on his face, and his heart was full of sweetness.

“Ice doll…” The girl seemed to find this description very interesting, but she couldn’t help but pick up her mouth.

“Ah!” Yang Kai suddenly yelled again, suddenly raised his head and looked at the girl, his eyes trembled violently, with an appearance that could not be believed.

“What’s the matter?” The girl frowned, extremely dissatisfied that Yang Kai was so startled, and this kid raised his head again and stared at herself so fiercely, he was a bit too rude. What made the girl even more dissatisfied was that Yang Kai stared at her with an expression as shocked as seeing a ghost.

“Senior…” Yang Kai swallowed his saliva, his expression seemed extremely nervous, “The junior has a question I want to ask you, I don’t know if you can answer it.”

The girl was impatient: “Ask and i’ll listen!”

Yang Kai pondered for a moment. It seemed that he was considering the words. After a long time, he gritted his teeth and said, “Dare to ask the name of the senior, could it be Bing Yun?”

The girl frowned and said coldly: “How do you know?”

It’s impossible for the disciples under her seat to tell Yang Kai her name. Other people on Tongtian Island don’t know. Where did Yang Kai find out his name?

Yang Kai did not answer, but his expression became even more excited. He took a step forward and shouted in a low voice: “Senior created the Ice Heart Valley? She also left behind the Profound Frost Sword?”

Bing Yun said in surprise: “You even know this? Are you from the North Territory?”

“North Territory?” Yang Kai frowned and shook his head slowly: “The junior is from the South Territory, and has never been to the North Territory.”

Bing Yun said strangely: “You have never been to the North Territory, how do you know the name of this palace master, and how do you know Ice Heart Valley? No…” At this point, the girl’s body suddenly shook, and there was a strange light in her beautiful eyes. Staring at Yang Kai and said: “Even if you come from the North Territory, have been to Ice Heart Valley and have seen the statues of this palace master, and know the relationship between the name of this palace master and Ice Heart Valley, it is impossible to know the Profound Frost Divine Sword. This palace master has left that profound frost sword in that place!”

After a pause, Bing Yun exclaimed, “Could it be that you…”

Yang Kai grinned and smirked, and he relaxed.

Bing Yun also rarely showed a smile, and said softly: “Are you from the Hengluo Star Field?”

Yang Kai scratched his head and said, “Hengluo Star Field? I don’t know what the home Star Field is specifically called, but there is indeed a Hengluo Chamber of Commerce there that is quite powerful.”

“Are there still sword union, violet star, galaxy ridge?” Bing Yun asked.

“Yes.” Yang Kai nodded repeatedly.

Bingyun laughed dumbly and said, “You really come from the Hengluo Star Field. I didn’t expect that after so many years, I would meet someone from my hometown here.”

“The junior didn’t expect to meet Senior Bingyun here.” Yang Kai also had an incredible expression on his face, sighing endlessly.

The first time he saw Bingyun, he felt something. He vaguely saw her somewhere, but he couldn’t think deeply about where he saw her. He didn’t think about it until he remembered the little things he had with Su Yan. Suddenly it was turned out.

He did see Bingyun, but it was not a living person, but a statue!

When Su Yan was taken away by the people of Scarlet Billow Star’s Ice Heart Valley, and she had cultivated in Ice Heart Valley for a long time. When Yang Kai went to Ice Heart Valley to search for Su Yan, he saw the statue of Bingyun in the valley.

Bingyun was the founding ancestor of Ice Heart Valley, but later her life and death were unknown, and her whereabouts were unknown. At that time, Binglong, the valley master of Ice heart Valley, once told Yang Kai that the ancestor Bingyun was very likely to have left that part of the world and went to a broader sky. Leaving only the Profound Frost Divine Sword as the sect highest treasure.

Later, the Profound Frost Divine Sword was inherited by Su Yan.

Calculating time, tens of thousands of years have passed since Bingyun created Ice Heart Valley.

Who could have imagined that she was actually still alive in the world, and that she had come to the Star Boundary, and had even cultivated to the level of the 3rd-order Emperor Realm?


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