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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2397 English [Readable]

Bing Long’s guess at the time was true. Bingyun Martial Ancestor did not fall, but left the world and headed to a wider sky. Now, she is standing in front of Yang Kai alive!

Ice Heart Valley was also considered as Su Yan’s sect, and Bing Yun was the founding ancestor of Ice Heart Valley, so after understanding the origin of the other party, Yang Kai suddenly felt more intimacy with Bing Yun and lost the restraint and care.

Although Bingyun’s expression was still cold, there was a softness in those beautiful eyes. Even for her, meeting someone from the Star Field of her hometown in such a place is an extremely rare experience.

“Sit down, this palace master has a lot to ask you.” Bing Yun pointed to the chair beside him.

“Yes.” Yang Kai clasped his fists, walked over and sat down obediently.

The next hour, Bingyun asked a lot about ICe Heart Valley in the Scarlet Billow Star, and Yang Kai naturally told what he knew, including his relationship with Su Yan and what he had encountered in Ice Heart Valley.

After listening to this, Bingyun remained silent for a long time.

After all, Ice Heart Valley was created by her. Although she had already come to the star boundary and had not returned for tens of thousands of years, the feeling in her heart had never been cut off as the distance increased.

After hearing that there is only one 1st-order Origin King Realm in Ice Heart Valley today, Bingyun was still a little embarrassed.

When she was in Ice Heart Valley, it was the overlord of the Scarlet Billow Stage. It was also a well-known existence in the entire Hengluo Star Field. The strongest people in the valley appeared endlessly. Tens of thousands of years have passed, but the sect has fallen like this.

But after all, she was a powerhouse in the 3rd-order Emperor Realm, and her mood was extraordinary, knowing that there was no evergreen sect in this world. There is no force that can’t fall. After she has been away for tens of thousands of years, Ice Heart Valley can still be passed down, and it is the result of the efforts of the disciples of the younger generations.

“Senior, how did you leave the home Star Field and come here?” Yang Kai saw her expression a little lonely, and quickly turned the subject off.

Bing Yun pursed her mouth and smiled and said, “It’s just a coincidence. This palace master entered a secret realm, and when i came out, i came to the star boundary. How about you?”

Yang Kai scratched his head and said, “Some friends and I borrowed the Star Emperor Token left by Starry Sky Great Emperor and forcibly opened the passage.”

“Starry Sky Great Emperor?” Bing Yun frowned slightly, very pretty.

Seeing her expression, Yang Kai knew that when she left that year, there was no such character as Starry Sky Great Emperor, so he explained it now. After listening, Bing Yun nodded and said: “I didn’t expect that such a small place could allow a powerful person to pass by. It’s just that the Yang Yan you said, I have never heard of it.”

“I don’t know where she is now, or what exactly is her cultivation level.” Yang Kai smiled bitterly.

After he came to the star boundary, although he had not deliberately searched for the clues of Yang Yan, he had never heard of Great Emperor Yang Yan, at least not among the top ten Great Emperor.

Thinking of Yang Yan, Yang Kai thought of Lin Yun’er, a little girl. When Yang Yan left Shadowed Star, he took Lin Yun’er away with her. He don’t know how the little girl has been after so many years.

She was just a little girl back then. After so many years, she should have become a big girl, right?

“If there is fate, you will see her again.” Bing Yun said softly.

Yang Kai nodded seriously. Fate is a very strange thing. The road is unclear. If fate is not there, even if you try hard to seek, it will be fruitless. If fate has arrived. The end of the world can also be very close.

It is also a kind of fate that Yang Kai can see Bingyun in this solitary void secret realm today.

“By the way, senior, what are you calling the junior over for today?” Yang Kai was a little nervous before coming here, not knowing what the Ice Heart Pavilion Master, who he had never met before, asked him to come over for. But now he is not worried anymore, he is relaxed.

“It’s hard to find a Dao Source Grade alchemist on the island. You are probably the last person that this palace master can find. This palace master just wants to ask, if i give you enough materials, when will you be able to advance your pill refining level?” Bing Yun said.

“Promoted to Dao Source Grade high-rank alchemist?” Yang Kai raised his brows, vaguely understood something, and said, “Senior wants me to refine some spirit pill?”

Bing Yun said: “Yes. The level of the spirit pill that this palace master wants to refine is not low. If your alchemist level is too low, the success rate cannot be guaranteed.”

“What kind of pill does Senior want me to make?” Yang Kai asked.

“Hundred Revolutions Emperor Yuan Pill!”

Yang Kai frowned upon hearing this.

He is an emperor grade alchemist, and he naturally knows what the Hundred Revolutions Emperor Yuan Pill does. This thing is purely a spirit pill used by the emperor realm powerhouses to restore their own emperor yuan. A low-grade emperor pill can recover about 10% of the strength of an emperor realm within short time, 20% for the middle-grade ones and 30% of the top-grade ones, and it takes a very short time.

However, because the emperor realm powerhouses are generally powerful, this kind of spirit pill is not usually used at all, and the refining is not easy, this kind of spirit pill has not much market.

Yang Kai didn’t expect that what Bingyun wanted to refine turned out to be the Hundred Revolutions Emperor Yuan Pill, and didn’t know what she wanted to do with this kind of spirit pill.

Just when Yang Kai wanted to tell his own Pill Refining skills and knowledge, Bingyun suddenly changed her face, raised her head and looked in a certain direction, the next moment she shout: “You come!”

When the words fell, she stretched out her hand to shoot at Yang Kai, a strong suction came from the jade hand, Yang Kai did not have any resistance at all and was sucked in front of her by her, and immediately, she stretched out her hand and patted under the seat, a small hidden grid suddenly appeared there.

Bing Yun couldn’t help but said, squeezing Yang Kai into the secret compartment, and urged anxiously: “Converge your aura, hold your breath, don’t come out before this palace master tells you, and definitely don’t reveal your whereabouts!”

Yang Kai had no idea what was going on, but seeing that Bingyun was so nervous, as if she was facing an enemy, he also knew that the situation was not good, she is a 3rd-order Emperor Realm powerhouse, beeing so cautious. How can it be simple to treat?

He didn’t say anything at the moment, and the whole person curled up in that secret compartment, and directly displayed the Nihilty Secret Technique, condensing all the aura.

With a sound of touching the ground, the hidden grid was re-covered, and Bing Yun sat cross-legged on the hidden grid again, motionless, running her strength slightly, isolating the place where Yang Kai was.

She was originally afraid that Yang Kai’s cultivation would not work, and the hidden technique was not good, and his aura was leaked. However, after some investigation, she found that Yang Kai’s whole person had become illusory, as if he had been banished to another dimension, even for her. It was extremely difficult to detect the traces of Yang Kai with her Divine Sense just a few minutes away, so she relaxed and knew that she had underestimated Yang Kai’s ability.

She had just finished all of this when a figure flashed in the attic, and a person appeared there strangely, smiling on his face, clasping his fist to Bingyun, and politely said: “Sister Bingyun, long time no see, the demeanor remains the same. Very comforting to the heart.”

Below the secret grid, Yang Kai’s heart burst into shock, shocked.

He didn’t know who this person was, but this person was so arrogant and called Bing Yun his sister directly. How could this not be describe as a brave person.

There is only one person in the entire Tongtian Island who is qualified to call Bingyun that way.

Master of the Tongtian Island, Chiri!

As soon as he realized that the person who was speaking was the Tongtian Island Master, Yang Kai’s heart suddenly burst, and he also understood why Bing Yun was acting like this.

But why did Chiri come to the Ice Heart Pavilion? What kind of grievances are there between these two 3rd-order Emperor Realm? Why did Bing Yun hide him in the crypt under the seat when she noticed his arrival?

Yang Kai was confused, only knowing that Bingyun was extremely afraid of this Chiri.

Just as Yang Kai’s mind was turning, Bingyun’s faint voice came from outside: “Chiri, do you still want to try?”

Chiri laughed and said: “There is no fun living on this island. Only sister Bingyun can stay in this king heart. Since my sister has given the test, Chiri naturally wants to complete it. The beauty who won early returns. It’s good to stay and fly with my sister!”

Hearing this, Yang Kai couldn’t help twitching, vaguely knowing what Chiri wanted to do here. Hearing what he meant, it seemed that he was interested in Bingyun. But it’s no wonder, looking at the entire Tongtian Island, only Bingyun can sit on the same level as Chiri, and Bingyun is not ugly, but pure and flawless, and very beautiful. Even a strong man like Chiri will inevitably be tempted.

It’s just that Bingyun seems to have another test. Chiri hasn’t completed it yet and cannot capture Bingyun’s heart.

However, according to Yang Kai’s view, even if Chi Ri really completed the test, Bing Yun would not necessarily commit to marrying him. Bingyun has been cultivating for tens of thousands of years. In these tens of thousands of years, she must have encountered countless amazing and brilliant men. If she really wanted to marry with any man, she would have done it a long time ago. Which green onion is this Tontian Island Master?

Yang Kai knew that many cultivation techniques in CIe Heart Valley needed to be a virgin and could not be too close to men. Since Bing Yun was the founding ancestor of Ice Heart Valley, there must be many techniques like this.

This Tongtian Island Master can only be said to be thick face. Even Yang Kai could feel Bingyun’s indifference and rejection. He didn’t believe Chi Ri could not feel it.

Bingyun snorted coldly: “If that’s the case, then come on!”

After speaking, there was a silence outside.

Yang Kai didn’t dare to use his Divine Sense, he didn’t even dare to leak a little aura, so he didn’t know what happened outside.

After a short while, the silence was suddenly broken. Yang Kai heard the roar of howling, and he could also notice that the majestic power was constantly colliding in a very small area. Even if he was hiding under a secret grid, he was still frightened and fearful. The strength of the two leaked so much that the attic was destroyed.

If the attic is really destroyed, he would have nowhere to hide.

This battle didn’t last long, and after a cup of tea time, the intensive battle suddenly stopped.

Bingyun’s cold voice came: “The water has spilled!”

Chiri replied with annoyance: “Just a little bit, this king can drink the tea made by the sister. What a pity, what a pity!”

“Please go back!” Bing Yun unceremoniously made an order to chase away guests.


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