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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2398 English [Readable]

Chiri didn’t seem to care about Bingyun’s indifferent character. On the contrary, he admired it very much. He felt that the more she was like this, the more interesting it is. He smiled and said: “This king will not bother my sister cleansing. One month later, this king will come again. Yes, I will definitely not disappoint my sister by that time!”

After speaking, he laughed and disappeared in a flash.

Bingyun sat there with a cold face, her pretty face almost dripping with gloomy face.

After a long while, she reached out and tapped on the hidden compartment below, and said: “You can come out.”

When Yang Kai heard the words, he hurriedly jumped out of it, and looked around, there was nothing messy in the furnishings in this attic. It seemed that the fight between the two 3rd-order Emperor Realm powerhouse just now had no effect on this place. This made Yang Kai speechless. Because he had clearly noticed that the powerful fluctuations of power were constantly conflicting in this area, but now there was no trace. It can be seen that whether it is Bing Yun or Chiri, the control of their own power has reached the peak.

On the next table, there was another cup full of tea, but the tea seemed to overflow a lot and spilled on the table.

“Senior, that Chiri…” Yang Kai opened his mouth and stopped talking.

Bing Yun sighed and said: “You probably can see it too, he has some… thoughts about this palace master.”

“That old bastard simply a toad wanting to eat swan meat.” Yang Kai said angrily.

Bing Yun glanced at him, knowing that he was fighting an injustice for her, and smiled slightly: “It’s not a toad. Chiri still has the ability. This palace master is not his opponent now.”

Yang Kai was taken aback, and said, “If the battle of life and death is true, what chance does Senior have the chance to win?”

Bing Yun frowned for a while and said, “It’s less than 30%.” She sighed. Then she said: “He is the master of Tongtian Island, and he has the cultivation resources of the entire Tongtian Island. Although his cultivation level has declined over the years, compared with him, the decline in this palace master is even worse. If everyone is at the peak, I will naturally not fear him, but now…”

Yang Kai showed a stunned look.

Although the world’s spiritual energy are extremely rich in this solitary void secret realm, it is not suitable for cultivation. He have stayed here for a long time, no matter how strong it is. The strength will all decline, but Chiri’s cultivation resources are not comparable to Bingyun, so the decline is relatively slow, causing Bing Yun to not be his opponent now.

“But it’s impossible for him to win this palace master, so since a hundred years ago, this palace master has made an agreement with him.”

“What agreement?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

Bing Yun pointed to the cup of tea on the table next to him, and said: “If he can snatch this cup of tea in front of this palace master and drink it all, if he doesn’t sprinkle a drop, this palace master will do whatever he wants. If he can’t, he will withdraw!”

Yang Kai looked at the tea cup and the water stains splashing on the table, only then did he understand why Bingyun had said “water spilled” before.

It turned out that the two powerhouses were fighting for this cup of spirit tea before, but it was a pity that Chiri fell short in the end and failed.

Bing Yun frowned: “At first. He didn’t necessarily come to bother me once for several years, but he seems to have gradually lost patience over the years. The last time he came here was three months ago. And this time is more difficult than last time. It’s dealt with, but he will come again in a month, and this palace master may not be able to accept it.”

At this point, she can’t help but feel a little worried.

Having such an agreement with Chiri back then was also a helpless move. Both of them were in the 3rd-order Emperor Realm, so they couldn’t really fight. If there is a fight, the entire Tongtian Island will be razed to the ground.

There are also several of her disciples in Ice Heart Pavilion. She is not afraid of offending Chiri, but what about those disciples?

An agreement was delayed for a hundred years. But after all, it is not a long-term solution.

“Chiri is also stingy and tight. If he sees you and me are alone in the room, it will not do you much good.”

Hearing what she said, Yang Kai knew why Bingyun wanted to hide him in a secret grid. It turned out that the master of Tongtian Island was full of jelousy. He was a young man who was alone with Bingyun, he will definitely think of something if he saw it.

However, he hadn’t succeeded yet, he actually regarded Bingyun as a forbidden ground. This Tongtian Island Master seemed to be a shameless person, he only cared about his own happiness, what others thought is not important.

“What do senior plan to do?” Yang Kai suddenly became a little nervous when he heard that she might not be able to handle it in a month.

“That’s why I’m looking for someone to help me refine the Hundred Revolutions Emperor Yuan Pill!” Bingyun said solemnly, “As long as there are enough Hundred Revolutions Emperor Yuan Pill, this palace master can leave Tongtian Island, or even leave the solitary void secret boundary. No need to worry about Chiri anymore.”

“Leaving the solitary void secret realm!” Yang Kai heard the words, and then realized something, and said in shock: “Senior wants to fly all the way to that exit position?”

Sang De said that the location of the exit is far from Tongtian Island and even if it is known by the 3rd-order Emperor Realm, they may not be able to reach it. The biggest reason is the lack of energy.

Flying over the sea consumes too much power, and if you can’t get supplements along the way, you will definitely be exhausted.

But on the sea, you can’t stay still often, let alone use the source crystal to replenish the power, the only way is to use the spirit pill.

Hundred Revolutions Emperor Yuan Pill is the best choice!

Yang Kai only pondered for a while, and he knew what Bing Yun wanted the Hundred Revolutions Emperor Yuan Pill for, obviously it was to replenish her strength at a critical moment.

“Do you know the location of the exit?” Bing Yun was surprised now.

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “I don’t know, I just heard about it.”

“Where did you hear it? As far as this palace master knows, there are no more than three people who know this position. This palace master is one of them. There is also a Chiri. The other person has already disappeared.”

Yang Kai grinned and said, “The other person the senior said should be Sang De Great Master. A few days ago…”

At the moment, Yang Kai will talk about the things he encountered when going to sea with Sang De and others.

Bing Yun’s beautiful eyes suddenly brightened after listening, staring at Yang Kai in a daze, “You mean, that Sea King Shuttle is now in your hands?”

“Exactly, it is not convenient to take it out here, but Sea King Shuttle is indeed in my hands.”

“Is this God’s will?” Bing Yun murmured. If it were not God’s will, how could she and Yang Kai, two people from the same Heng Luo Star Field, meet here? If it hadn’t been God’s will, how could Yang Kai get Sea King Shuttle at this critical moment.

She was just happy to meet a native of her hometown in this place, and Yang Kai give a good impression on her. If it weren’t for a man, Bing Yun would even want to take him into Ice Heart Valley.

But now, Yang Kai has brought her even greater surprises! Even though her temper was as indifferent as ice clouds, she couldn’t help getting a little excited.

With Sea King Shuttle, what about Hundred Revolutions Emperor Yuan Pill? she can take the Sea King Shuttle to the exit location, it is much safer than if she flies directly.

She was still worried about how to take away some of her disciples, but now all of this is not a problem.

“Sang De’s master suddenly disappeared more than a thousand years ago. This palace master and Chiri have also explored many times, but there has been no clue. We thought he had fallen, but didn’t expect him to hide outside and secretly refining the sea king shuttle, it is a pity that he finally made a wedding dress for others.” Bingyun sighed.

She also knew why Sang De’s master had to hide outside, obviously because he was afraid that Chiri would catch him and force him to refine the Sea King Shuttle. Although he does need to refine, willingness and being persecuted to do so are two different things.

And the reason why Ice Heart Pavilion collected so many materials was because Bingyun wanted to train a high-level alchemist to refine the Hundred Revolutions Emperor Yuan Pill for her.

Over the years, she has spent countless financial resources collecting medicinal materials. It is a pity that none of the alchemists recruited met her requirements. Finally, Yang Kai came. Bingyun wanted to make a desperate move on Yang Kai, and let him refine it regardless of success or failure, it seems that it is not needed at all.

Yang Kai scratched his head and said, “I came to Ice Heart Pavilion to find out where the exits are. It’s just that the senior power are too strong, and the junior didn’t dare to say anything before.”

Bingyun smiled slightly and said, “It’s natural for you to be careful, don’t mind anything.”

Yang Kai is a 3rd-order Dao Source Stage, so he should be more cautious if he wants to cooperate with her.

“I have Sea King Shuttle, and senior have an exit position. Now that everything is ready, we can set off at any time.” Yang Kai excitedly said, he did not expect this happiness to come so suddenly. Originally, he planned to figure it out slowly, but after learning the true origin of Bing Yun, he had no more worries.

“That being said, it is not easy to want to leave!” Bing Yun frowned.

“Why do you say this?” Yang Kai was stunned.

“If I leave Tongtian Island, Chi Ri will definitely be aware of it. If I really tear my face with him…” Bing Yun has a sad expression on her face. Once she really fights Chi Ri, she is not sure that she will be able to retreat safely.

Yang Kai thought for a while and said, “Senior said before that the reason why you are not Chiri’s opponent now is because your cultivation level has declined more severely than him?”

“Yes. If everyone is the peak, I’m equal to him.”

The corner of Yang Kai’s mouth raised and said, “What if there is a way I can restore Senior to her heyday in a short time?”

Bingyun heard the words and said, “What can you do? If the palace master wants to recover, it will consume too much resources. With your ability…”

“Senior, look at this.” As Yang Kai spoke, he took out a space ring and threw it at Bingyun.

Bing Yun took it suspiciously, swept her Divine Sense inward, her pretty face suddenly changed, and said softly, “Where do get so many source crystals?”

There are no other things in this space ring, just some source crystals, and full with countless high-rank source crystals!

Although this is not something Bing Yun never seen before, it was enough to shock people on this Tongtian Island.

Even Chiri could not produce so many source crystals at once.

Yang Kai grinned, and said: “Don’t hide it from the senior, I have come to this solitary void secret realm recently. In fact, it has only been a few months. All these things were brought from outside.”

“You have only been here for a few months!” Bingyun looked surprised. After coming for a few months, he actually got the Sea King Shuttle. This is something she and Chiri haven’t gotten after thinking about it for thousands of years. This is maddening in comparison.


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