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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2399 English [Readable]

Only a few months after Yang Kai came here, he had already obtained the Sea King Shuttle and gave her so many source crystals, so that she could recover her strength without any worries. Thinking about this, Bingyun realized that Yang Kai came here specifically to rescue her.

In the dark, it is God’s will.

Holding the space ring, she was a little excited for a while, and suddenly said: “You gave me so many source crystals, what about you? Let’s do this, I will take half of the source crystals…”

Before she could finish her words, Yang Kai waved his hand and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, senior, I have a lot of things like Source Crystal.”

If it is the general 3rd-order Dao Source Stage, they may not necessarily be able to take out 10 million high-grade source crystals at once. If it was converted, it is 100 billion low-grade source crystals, which Dao Source Stage martial artist can be so rich? But Yang Kai was different. He had no shortage of Source Crystals. The last time he killed Yao Changjun, he gained a lot of wealth. Later, he killed Sang De and collected a lot of loot.

For him, the ten million top-grade source crystals really didn’t hurt the bones.

Hearing what he said, Bing Yun didn’t make any excuses. She nodded and said, “Give me five days, we will leave after five days, and…how to leave this place has to be discussed.”

She wanted to leave Tongtian Island, so she really couldn’t walk around in a big way, let alone go with Yang Kai, otherwise Chiri would definitely intercept it if he knew about it.

“Okay, then I’ll take this time to prepare.” Yang Kai nodded, and then said: “Senior, how many copies of the Hundred Revolutions Emperor Yuan Pill do you need? I can refine it for you first, in case you need it. ”

Bing Yun stayed still for a while and said, “Can you refine the Hundred Revolutions Emperor Yuan Pill? This is an emperor grade spirit pill.”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “Don’t blame me, in fact, the junior is not really a Dao Source Grade middle-rank. I can barely be regarded as an Emperor Grade alchemist.”

Previously, he didn’t know what kind of person the Ice Heart Pavilion Master was, and why she hired an alchemist, so he didn’t show his true skills at all. Now that he was honest with Bingyun, he felt that there was no need to hide it.

“Emperor Grade alchemist!” Bingyun’s beautiful eyes lit up, astonished: “Are you really an emperor grade alchemist?”

Yang Kai was able to achieve such a cultivation level at a young age, and it can be said to be amazing and gorgeous. Bing Yun never expected that he was still an emperor grade alchemist!

Even if you look at the entire star boundary, how many emperor grade alchemists are there? This is more noble and rarer than the status of a strong emperor realm. With such an identity alone, Yang Kai was enough to let those top sects break their heads.

Looking at Yang Kai, there was a trace of pity in Bingyun’s beautiful eyes.

“What’s the matter?” Yang Kai looked at her expression, wondering what she was so sorry for.

Bing Yun pursed her mouth and smiled and said: “If you are a female, this palace master will definitely accept you under the sect and pass my mantle to you… It’s a pity, I never accept male disciples in Ice Heart Valley.”

Yang Kai scratched his head and said, “Senior loves and praise, the kid accept it in his heart.”

Bing Yun was able to say these things to him with such a heart-to-heart, obviously she did not regard him as an outsider. After all, the two of them have the origin from the same Star Field, and this origin is extremely mellow and cannot be cut off.

“The materials of the Hundred Revolutions Emperor Yuan Pill are not easy to find. This palace master has only collected ten copies for so many years. I will give them to you.” Bing Yun said, handing some rare medicinal materials to Yang Kai’s hands.

These were her greatest hopes for leaving this place, but after receiving so many source crystals support from Yang Kai. She don’t need to be too concerned about it, no matter whether the refining is successful or not, it will not have much impact on the next plan.

Yang Kai insisted on refining, only to take precautions.

After exiting from Bingyun’s room, Yang Kai immediately began to refine the Hundred Revolutions Emperor Yuan Pill.

He hadn’t refined the emperor grade spirit pill very much, but practice made perfect in everything. After wasting two furnaces of materials, Yang Kai was already very comfortable.

After three days of effort, ten copies of Emperor Yuan Pills materials, the result was 8 furnace Pill Refining success, and the quality of the first few Emperor Yuan Pills were not very good. It can only be regarded as a barely successful refining, but they are all the lowest grade of Emperor Yuan Pill, but the next few furnaces have produced some good Emperor Yuan Pill, and even the high-grade ones have a few.

Not many. But definitely enough.

There were still two days to go before the agreed time, and Yang Kai was not idle either. He told Liu Xianyun not to run around, and he left Ice heart Pavilion alone and headed to the Cave Mansion area.

In front of a middle-level cave, Yang Kai waited for a while. The restriction was opened, Ling Yinqin showed her face and waved to Yang Kai: “Come in and talk.”

Yang Kai nodded and followed her in.

This cave mansion is almost exactly the same as the one he rented before, and there is almost no difference in the number or size of the internal rooms.

Entering inside, Ling Yinqin offered fragrant tea, and then said: “What happened the other day? There seemed to be a fight in your cave mansion. When I checked, there was a mess. You and Liu Xianyun traces is nowhere to be found.”

When Yang Kai heard this, he knew that Ling Yinqin had actually try to find him, and his heart immediately warmed, and he felt that he was right in coming here.

“Someone wanted to trouble me, I ran away.” Yang Kai grinned and didn’t explain much.

Ling Yinqin frowned and said, “I heard people say that there is a powerful emperor realm who is doing it. Is it the emperor realm who is causing you trouble?” Her face changed slightly, and she whispered: “Could it be Mysterious Cloud Pavilion’s Master?”

She thought that the killing of the Mysterious Cloud Pavilion people was exposed, her face turned pale.

“It’s not him, it’s another person.” Yang Kai shook his head, “But things are over, Sister Ling doesn’t need to take it to heart. I have something to ask you this time.”

Ling Yinqin said: “What can I do for you?”

She didn’t ask anything, only asked what could she help him with, which shows that she is really enthusiastic.

Yang Kai looked straight, and said, “Sister Ling, have you ever thought about leaving the solitary void secret realm?”

“Leave!” Ling Yinqin was shocked when she heard the words, a hint of yearning flashed in her beautiful eyes, but quickly shook her head with a wry smile: “There are millions of people in Tongtian City, who doesn’t want to leave? Even powerhouse like the Island Master are all trapped here, how easy is it to leave?”

“Is this what you think?” Yang Kai said with a smile.

Ling Yinqin said: “It’s just thinking about it.” After she finished speaking, she suddenly realized something and looked at Yang Kai in amazement: “You ask me this… what do you want to do?”

Yang Kai said sternly: “If I say, I can leave here, will Sister Ling believe it or not?”

“You?” Ling Yinqin was startled and looked at Yang Kai incredulously. She was different from others. The first person Yang Kai and Liu Xianyun saw when they came to this solitary void secret realm was Ling Yinqin, so For Yang Kai, she knows the bottom line, knowing that he hasn’t been here for long.

A person who hadn’t been here for a long time suddenly told her that he could leave here, even if Ling Yinqin wanted to believe it, she couldn’t believe it.

If the method of leaving is so easy to find, those people will not be trapped on the island forever.

After a while, Ling Yinqin frowned and said, “Is there anyone who lied to you? There are many liars on this island. There are often some guys who trick others out of the sea, and then do that for evil. Be careful.”

Yang Kai laughed blankly and said, “No one lied to me. I am 80% sure that I can leave here!”

“80%!” Ling Yinqin’s body trembled, her beautiful eyes instantly rounded.

She didn’t know much about Yang Kai. After all, the two sides didn’t have much contact, so even though Yang Kai’s words were scorching, she couldn’t believe it.

Yang Kai said, “Although it hasn’t been long since I came here with my junior sister, you and Brother Jiao have given us a lot of help, so I think if I can leave here, I will take you away.”

Regardless of whether the high-level clean spirit formation Ling Yinqin gave him at the time worked, she was able to lend the clean spirit formation to him at that time, which showed her kindness. Even if it was damaged in the end, she didn’t blame Yang Kai of anything. This woman is very good, so Yang Kai was thinking that if she really wanted to leave, he could bring them along.

“Sister Ling, it is normal for you to have your own concerns and doubts. I didn’t want you to believe it at once, but if you can really trust me, I will never let you down! No matter whether you agree to it or not. Junior sister and I will leave here in two days.” Yang Kai said and stood up.

He came here just to invite Ling Yinqin. As for whether she agreed or not, and whether she wanted to go with him, it was her own decision. Yang Kai couldn’t force her away, right? Even if he want to repay his gratitude, that is not the way.

Ling Yinqin didn’t even notice when Yang Kai left. After listening to Yang Kai’s words, she was caught in a dilemma. She intuitively told herself that Yang Kai hadn’t lied. He definitely mastered the way to leave this place and knew how to get out of it. But she was not familiar with Yang Kai after all, and she didn’t know where Yang Kai learned about this method. Whether it was safe or not.

Just relying on Yang Kai’s few words, let her bet everyone’s life, Ling Yinqin was under pressure.

Thinking of the end, she felt it was necessary to listen to everyone’s opinions, so she immediately took out the communication compass and summoned her crew.

Two days passed in a flash.

Early this morning, Yang Kai brought a few women to the dock.

Among these women, Liu Xianyun, Fanxin, and several other disciples of Ice HeartPavilion. Bingyun did not accept too many people on this Tongtian Island. Fanxin and others were also poor people who had been bullied on the island and had nowhere to go. Bingyun found them, and had kept them in the Ice Heart Pavilion. The cultivation of each woman was uneven, and among the group, Yang Kai had the highest strength.

“Pill Master Yang, the Honored Master has ordered you to do everything in this trip. What are we going to do now?” Fanxin asked nervously.

She suddenly got Bingyun Voice Transmission last night, asking her to take a few juniors to tidy up all the things in Ice heart Pavilion, and then go to the sea today, and Yang Kai will be responsible for going out to sea.


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