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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2401 English [Readable]

With this words, the expressions of Ling Yinqin and others changed drastically.

Now that the two top powerhouses in solitary void secret realm gather here, it seems even more signs that they are inconsistent and want to fight, so how can they not panic? The gods fight, and the mortals suffer. If they really fight here, everyone will be involved. At that time, will the ICe heart Pavilion master take care of the lives of her and others? If they are not careful, they will be crushed by others.

Over there, when Chiri threatened her like this, Bingyun said coldly: “Chiri, this palace master does not want to be an enemy of you, not because i’m afraid of you. If you are so aggressive, then don’t blame this palace master for not being polite.”

Chiri narrowed his eyes, his eyes bursting with anger.

He has known Bingyun for so many years, and has never heard Bingyun speak to him in this tone. Before, even if she was impatient, she would not be too obvious. Bingyun has always been extremely cold, and her emotions are not very exposed. But today, he don’t know why the words are so sharp, and listening to her tone, it seems that he can really treat him like this.

This made Chi Ri inevitably burned with anger. He kept pressing Bingyun on his side. Although the two cultivation level were basically the same, because of the difference in cultivation resources, as time passed, Bing Yun became less and less stronget than him. He feel that sooner or later, he can successfully make Bingyun surrender and make her his own. But now, this woman who she regarded as his dared to resist him, how could Chiri endure this!

“It looks like you want this king to catch you back!” Chiri said with a calm face, and he secretly paid attention in his heart. Even if he was injured today, he must take Bingyun’s vigor and let her know the strength gap between each other.

“Yang Kai, you take them away first.” Bingyun didn’t say much, but quietly conveyed to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai lightly nodded, and give Bing Yun several top-grade Hundred Revolutions Emperor Yuan Pill he had refined a few days ago, and whispered: “The junior is waiting for the senior ahead!”

He didn’t worry about Bing Yun’s safety at all. With the help of his 10 million high-grade source crystals, Bing Yun must have recovered to her peak. There are a few more top-grade Hundred Revolutions Emperor Yuan Pill, what would Chiri use to fight her?

Bingyun can’t lose!

After speaking, Yang Kai quickly winked at Ling Yinqin and others, and at the same time pinched magic arts with both hands. Prompt the ship to sail forward.

Chi Ri didn’t pay attention to Yang Kai and the others’ intentions, and didn’t want to stop him, just standing there and staring at Bingyun quietly, for him, as long as he could stop Bingyun. It doesn’t matter whether other people are dead or alive.

Above the sea, the emperor prestige is permeated, and the thick and substantive coercion collides with each other, setting off waves of stormy waves, and the power of the law rises at the same time, changing the color of the world.

Pang Guang, who was standing behind Chiri, was under pressure for a moment, his face pale.

Even if he is also an emperor realm, but there is still a big gap between Chiri and Bingyun. The two top powerhouses have not really started yet, and the clash of power alone made Pang Guang a little unbearable.

He was shocked. Only then did he know how different his emperor realm was from others.

Realizing that there is no point in staying, Pang Guang raised his head and looked in the direction where Yang Kai and others were leaving. He wanted to chase after him.

He definitely couldn’t intervene in the battle here, he could only hit his attention to Yang Kai, looking for a chance to avenge the grievance.

But just as he moved, Bing Yun suddenly pointed a finger at him.

When that finger came down, there was no trace at all, but an extremely icy domain suddenly spread, covering Pang Guang’s whole body. Pang Guang inexplicably felt a breath of death rushing toward him. The aura was extremely cold, as if even his soul could be frozen to pieces, making him unable to advance or retreat for an instant.

If he is in his heyday. He might be able to deal with it one or two times, but he was already hit hard, and he hasn’t recovered so far. Suppressed by Bing Yun strong cultivation level, how can he resist?

He hurriedly shouted in despair and horror: “Island Master, help me!”

Chiri didn’t ignore his intentions, seeing Bingyun act. With a quick wave of his big sleeves, a rush of heat swept across the air, dispelling the icy domain.

Pang Guang relaxed a lot at once, and hurriedly urged his power to flee back, and directly escaped more than a dozen miles away. Only then was he panting, his face was full of lingering fears.

“In front of this king, you still have the mind to deal with others, Bingyun, don’t look down on people!” Chi Ri shouted angrily.

Bingyun’s pretty face sank, and said in surprise: “You have been hiding your strength!”

Although the fight was only an instant, Bingyun still noticed that Chiri had hidden his strength before. He hadn’t tried his best every time he competed with her for the cup of spirit tea, and it was only at this moment that he revealed his grandeur.

She was shocked and couldn’t help feeling very grateful. Fortunately, she met a lucky star like Yang Kai who gave her ten million high-grade source crystals to restore her strength at once. If it weren’t for this, there would be no chance of winning this battle.

“You seem to have recovered your strength?” Chiri was equally surprised. Today, he chased her over, thinking of crushing Bingyun with absolute superiority and making her completely surrender to him, but now it seems that this is really going to be a hard fight, and it is not clear who will die. Realizing this, Chiri’s complexion a little hard to look.

Although both of them were a little surprised, after all, they were both powerhouses in the 3rd-order Emperor Realm, and their heart cultivation level good, so they quickly stabilized their minds.

Bing Yun’s gaze crossed Chiri, looking at Pang Guang with a pale face, her jade hand was slightly held in the void, and a snow-white long sword suddenly appeared. The long sword was as pure as her own, pure and crystal clear, as if it were the most beautiful artwork in the whole world, without the slightest murderous aura.

With the long sword in her hand, Bing Yun’s whole body’s momentum burst out, and she slashed at Pang Guang with a sword in the air, yelling: “Snow As Clear Sky!”

The sword was cut down, the world changed color, the world collapsed, and the universe turned upside down.

The icy laws and domain instantly permeated, and the tumbling sea above was frozen into solid ice in the next moment.

In the sky, it’s snowing!

Snow flakes the size of goose feathers fall down, instantly spreading the whole world into a white, beautiful and magnificent scenery.

Pang Guang, who was the first to bear the brunt, didn’t react at all, but stared blankly at the wonderful scenery, as if the whole person was immersed in it, with an intoxicated look on his face, and even reached out his hand to pick up the snowflakes floating in the sky.

His bare skin and hair quickly formed frost, showing signs of freezing.

“Big Sun Such As Sky!” At this moment, Chiri yelled. In the world of ice and snow, a dazzling round sun suddenly rose. The round sun brought incomparable heat, and suddenly the sky was full of ice and snow. As it rushed away, the sea that had just frozen melted in a blink of an eye.

Two forces with completely different attributes collided on this sea area of ​​hundreds of miles, and they quickly disappeared from each other.

This contest was a result of no difference.

Pang Guang finally woke up, recalling the beautiful scene just now, and beads of sweat suddenly appeared on his forehead, and he kept falling down.

He didn’t know how he escaped the ghost gate just now. If Chi Ri hadn’t rescued him at a critical moment, he would have died.

A top-notch expert like Bing Yun attacked him without saying a word. Pang Guang felt angry and knew Bing Yun was obviously afraid that he would chase Yang Kai and others, so she had to attack first. Unfortunately, it still fell short.

At this point, he hurriedly chased in the direction where Yang Kai and others had left. He couldn’t get in on the battlefield at all. He was worried about his life just by looking at it. Wouldn’t he be dead fast if he got in?

The only thing he can do now is to chase after Yang Kai and the others and interfere with Bing Yun’s attention.

He really couldn’t beat Bingyun, couldn’t he still beat the group of Yang Kai? As long as he can catch those people, Bingyun can be threaten, and even make her surrender.

When the time comes, Chiri is happy, and his life will be better in the future.

“Want to go?” Seeing Pang Guang’s movements, Bing Yun knew what he was doing. Clenches the white teeth, and the long sword was cut in the void.

A white ice flower suddenly shot from the tip of the sword and rushed towards Pang Guang. The ice flower bloomed quickly in the middle of the way, and it was in a posture to swallow Pang Guang’s whole body.

The figure flashed, Chiri suddenly appeared in front of the ice flower, smashed with a punch, and the violent fist blasted on the ice flower, causing the entire ice flower to split suddenly.

“With this king here, do you still have the mind to deal with others?” Chiri sneered again and again, “It seems that this king is really underestimated by you!”

Bing Yun frowned and watched Pang Guang disappear without any other choice. One Chiri required her to concentrate on dealing with it, and she didn’t have enough energy to deal with Pang Guang.

Leisurely, she took a deep breath, and her plump chest was slightly up and down. In the next moment, her somewhat anxious and worried expression suddenly disappeared, replaced by a coldness and determination.

She knew that if she wanted to chase Pang Guang, she had to solve Chiri first. To solve Chiri, she had to go all out, without any slack or negligence.

Seeing Bingyun’s changes, Chi Ri secretly praised her, but said: “Bingyun, the people on the ship died because of you. If you are interested, you can let yourself be caught now, this king will be good to you in the future. ”

He sentenced Yang Kai and the others to death in one sentence, and his biggest purpose was to interfere with Bing Yun’s state of mind.

Unexpectedly, Bingyun was not moved at all, and while the long sword was shaking, the law of cold once again permeated, directly covering him.

Chiri yelled, he didn’t dare to be negligent, and he showed off his magical powers to fight Bingyun.

Suddenly, two figures on the sea went back and forth, the laws collided, the sky and the earth fell apart, and the waves rolled on the sea, and the world’s spiritual energy in a radius of thousands of miles was shaking and restless.

This is a desperate battle between two 3rd-order Emperor Realm powerhouses. Such scenes are rare in the entire star realm. What is especially rare is that the two are not only equal in strength, but also mutually restrained by their laws and divine ability, making this battle more thrilling.


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