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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2402 English [Readable]

The aftermath of the burst of power can be clearly felt even by Yang Kai and others who have already run away. Each of them looked shocked. Fan Xin and other Ice Heart Pavilion disciples were even more worried for the safety of their Honored Master.

They didn’t know that Bing Yun had recovered her peak strength, they only knew that the Honored Master had always been very fearful of Chiri, and now the two were facing each other head-on, and they didn’t know who won and who lost in the end.

“Someone is coming.” Liu Xianyun suddenly pointed her hand to the back and shouted softly.

Yang Kai squinted and frowned, “she couldn’t stop it?”

He thought that with Bingyun’s current situation, Pang Guang could definitely be killed under Chiri’s eyelids. After all, Pang Guang was only 1st-order Emperor Realm, and his injuries were not light. How could he resist a blow from Bingyun?

But in fact, Pang Guang turned out to be fine, instead he chased him and the others.

Yang Kai didn’t know what accident happened to Bingyun, which caused Pang Guang to slip through the net, but at the moment it seemed that he and the others couldn’t leave easily. If he wanted to leave, he had to kill Pang Guang first.

“It’s the Emperor Realm!” Ling Yinqin saw Pang Guang’s face clearly, and she couldn’t help but fade away. She didn’t know Pang Guang’s name, but this person came with Chiri just now, obviously not a friend.

There is a world of difference between the Emperor Realm and Dao Source Stage, and any Emperor Realm has the ability to easily destroy them.

Seeing Pang Guang chasing after them, everyone looked at Yang Kai nervously, wondering what he was going to do.

At first glance, Ling Yinqin and the others couldn’t help being stunned, because Yang Kai didn’t even have the slightest nervousness. He stood there with a calm expression on his face. Not only that, but he also showed a mocking expression, as if the person who is coming is not the emperor realm, but a garbage to die.

“You go first, I’ll catch up in a while.” Yang Kai urged Ling Yinqin and the others, then turned and jumped out.

“Senior Brother!” Liu Xianyun looked worried, as if she wanted to stay with Yang Kai to confront the enemy, but her strength was too low. She was afraid that she would become a burden to Yang Kai, and her expression was tangled.

“Senior Brother Yang, I’ll help you!” Ling Yinqin said, and was about to fly up. She has the strength of the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage. If she is desperate, she can still fight against the 1st-order Emperor Realm, but it is not known how she will end up, but now it is the situation. Except for her who can help Yang Kai, no one else can count on it.

“You don’t have to come over, I will meet him by myself. It’s only a mere 1st-order Emperor Realm, I don’t have to take it to the heart.” Yang Kai turned his head and smiled brightly at everyone.

Ling Yinqin and the others had dull expressions.

An emperor realm powerhouse turned into a “mere emperor realm” in Yang Kai’s mouth, and no one knew where he got his confidence from.

“Don’t worry, I’ll catch up in a while.” Yang Kai grinned when Ling Yinqin and the others didn’t mean to leave.

After the words were over, he took the initiative to stay away from the boat. Flew towards Pang Guang.

Ling Yinqin stood on the deck, hesitated for a while, then gritted her teeth and said, “Let’s go!”

“But Senior Brother…” Liu Xianyun sweated anxiously.

Ling Yinqin said with a sullen face: “We stay here, and it will only distract him. Your senior brother is far stronger than the average Dao Source Stage. Since he is so confident, he will be fine.”

Hearing what she said, Liu Xianyun suddenly remembered. At that time, they were chased by a 3rd-order Emperor Realm powerhouse outside marsh city, Yang Kai flew all the way with her, and escaped safely.

Even the 3rd-order Emperor Realm could not stop him. How could Pang Guang, a 1st-order Emperor Realm do anything to him?

Thinking of this, Liu Xianyun suddenly relaxed, looked back at the location of Yang Kai, and secretly prayed that there would be no accident. Only then did she work with Ling Yinqin and others to urge the ship to sail far away.

Above the sea, Pang Guang suddenly stopped, stopped at a position about ten feet away from Yang Kai, and looked at him angrily, but saw Yang Kai’s expression. His eyes were shining like stars, like a person in a fairy tale, making Pang Guang look extremely unhappy, the anger in his heart rushed up, and he couldn’t help but yell: “Boy, how dare you stop here and wait for me!”

Yang Kai grinned: “Since the City Lord Pang is desperate to die, this young master will naturally fulfill it for you.”

Hearing this, Pang Guang couldn’t help but laughed, and said, “You kid, you have lost your mind after eating lard? This king is in the Emperor Realm, killing you is just a matter of breathing.”

“What about the Emperor Realm?” Yang Kai curled his lips and said: “It’s not like i never kill the Emperor Realm, and the head is dropped and the corpse fell on the spot!”

Pang Guang stared at Yang Kai for a while, as if he was about to re-examine him, before he nodded: “I have to say, you are very bold, just like your tone.”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Yang Kai looked impatient, “This Young Master is in a hurry!” As he spoke, his wrist flicked, and a million swords were born. When he raised his hand, the broad sword pointed at Pang Guang, and said in a deep voice, “Is it you who came here to die, or the young master hacked you to death? You choose!”

“Huh!” Pang Guang yelled. He had never seen such an arrogant Dao Source Stage. In the past, a Dao Source Stage had never seen him without respect, and didn’t even dare to take a breath. But now, a Dao Source Stage actually dare to look down on him. Pang Guang was furious, and he roared: “If this king did not peel your skin today, I will not be a human being!”

When the words fell, he roared, and the whole person slammed into Yang Kai like a cannonball, with a magnificent imposing force, and the huge impact spread out, squeezing the surrounding space.

In the midair, he slammed his fist towards Yang Kai, and in an instant, the shadow of his fists flew across the sky, covering the place where Yang Kai was almost airtight.


The sound of sword rang, the sword light suddenly appeared and swept across. The mighty power was like a sleeping dragon awakening, and the burst of that moment made Pang Guang’s whole body tremble.

Boom boom boom…

There was a loud noise, and the shadow of the fist suddenly collapsed, and only a sword light like a sword beam straightened towards Pang Guang were left.

“What!” Pang Guang took a cold breath, his face changed in an instant, without thinking, he quickly moved to the side and avoided, the sword light flew away from him, but the curled sword intent made his skin hurts all over.

How can this kid… have such a powerful force?

Pang Guang couldn’t believe what he saw. He was the first to take the lead with his Emperor Realm. Not only did he fail to take advantage, but he was almost hurt by the other party. Is this still the Dao Source Stage?

Pang Guang couldn’t wait to buckle down his eyeballs and stick them on Yang Kai to see if he had hidden his cultivation level to play with his feelings.

Before this thought was finished, Yang Kai suddenly appeared in front of him like a ghost, with a grinning smile on his face, and slammed at him with a fist. The power of the strange law lingered on that fist made Pang Guang felt a great deal of pressure, he didn’t dare to take it lightly at all, he also punched it out, mobilizing all his strength.


When his fists touched, Pang Guang’s whole body was shocked, he only felt a strong force hit from the front, and his blood was tumbling, and his footing was unstable, and he flew directly into a distance of several hundred feet.

On the other side, Yang Kai was also like a rag sack, turned somersault and flew out.

After all, his realm is a bit lower than Pang Guang, and it is commendable that he can evenly split his face.

Chi Chi…

The two exerted their strength at the same time to stop the flying momentum. After standing still, their expressions were different. Different from Yang Kai’s high spirits, Pang Guang’s momentum plummeted. He found that this battle was completely different from the crushing he had imagined, and Yang Kai was actually qualified to fight him.

It wasn’t like this the last time he played against him in the cave mansion. At that time, although he felt that he was different from the ordinary Dao Source Stage, he was not so good, but only a few days later, Pang Guang discovered that Yang Kai’s strength is more than a little stronger.

Could it be the effect of that Mending Heavenly Lotus? Pang Guang’s heart was shaken, and he realized something.

Then, anger surged. That Mending Heavenly Lotus should be his. If he had taken the mending heavenly lotus at that time, not only would the injury heal, but he could even go further on the road of martial Dao. It’s a pity… the kid took it and swallowed it wholeheartedly.

“Let me tell you a secret!” Yang Kai’s voice suddenly rang in Pang Guang’s ears, and Pang Guang was taken aback, because Yang Kai was still hundreds of meters away a moment ago, and he didn’t even notice Yang Kai movement.

How fast is this kid?

As soon as he heard Yang Kai’s voice, Pang Guang sacrificed his own Emperor Artifact. It turned out to be a gong. When the Source Qi poured in, the gong buzzed and made a strange sound, seemingly disturbing people’s mind.

A black mysterious light suddenly shot from above the gong, hitting Yang Kai’s waist and ribs, and it was so fast that it was impossible to guard against.

But even with such a blow, he could not do anything to Yang Kai.

Pang Guang only felt a wave of Space Force fluctuations, and Yang Kai suddenly disappeared. The next moment, his voice came from the other side: “Yao Changjun, he is dead!”

When he heard the words ‘Yao Changjun’, Pang Guang’s expression changed drastically. He subconsciously thought that Yao Changjun was nearby, his mind was tense, and when he heard the second half, ‘he is dead’, he was shocked.

He blurted out: “How did he die?”

“Of course… I kill him!” After Yang Kai finished speaking, he let out a frantic laugh.

“Fart!” Pang Guang scolded, feeling that Yang Kai was joking with him. He would rather believe that the heavens and the earth are turned upside down, day and night, than Yang Kai really killed Yao Changjun.

That’s the 3rd-order Emperor Realm! Even if he had to retreat, how could Yang Kai kill a 3rd-order Emperor Realm?

“Don’t believe it? Look at what this is?” Yang Kai had already withdrawn ten feet away as he spoke, and a five-color spear suddenly appeared on the palm of his hand.

Pang Guang’s eyes widened for an instant, staring at the five-colored spear in surprise, and then, his whole body trembled.

He had never seen this five-color spear, but he could feel the aura from it!

This is an extremely high-grade Emperor Artifact, that is to said, even his gong is inferior. The guy who can have such an Emperor Artifact is definitely a powerhouse of the 2nd or 3rd order Emperor Realm, the most important thing is, Pang Guang actually felt Yao Changjun’s aura on the five-color spear!


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