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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2403 English [Readable]

This five-color spear is actually Yao Changjun’s Emperor Artifact!

There are not too many Emperor Artifacts, even those who are strong in the emperor realm. Each piece will be regarded as a treasure and will not be easily discarded. Now, Yao Changjun’s Emperor Artifact appears in Yang Kai’s hands. What does this show? This shows that Yao Changjun fate is really decided!

No wonder he hasn’t seen Yao Changjun since he came to this solitary void secret realm, he even saw Yang Kai, but he hasn’t found Yao Changjun. It now appears that Yao Changjun is not hiding well enough, but that he is not in this world at all.

But… how could Yang Kai be able to kill Yao Changjun with his cultivation level? If he didn’t kill him, how did this five-color spear get into his hands?

Pang Guang was confused, staring at the five-colored spear in a daze. He couldn’t figure it out, and he didn’t know whether what Yang Kai said was true or false.

Just as his mind was shaking, a chill suddenly came from behind. The chill came without warning, and it was too late when Pang Guang realized and wanted to avoid it.

The light appeared at once, and accompanied by a tiger-like roar. Pang Guang only felt a pain in his back, and then his body was hit by a huge force, causing him to fall forward involuntarily. He flew out, spurting blood in the air.

Before he could stabilize his figure again, Yang Kai had already flown over his face, with a grinning smile on his face, and he slammed his fist down with a thick Space Force fluctuation. After that, a dark trace appeared, as if the space was broken.

Pang Guang took a deep breath, forcibly lifted his own Source Qi, and urged the gong to protect him.


There was a loud noise, and the light flashed wildly above the gong. It seemed that under this blow, the spirituality of this Emperor Artifact was damaged. Pang Guang feels distressed.

But it was obviously not the time to feel sorry for his Emperor Artifact, Pang Guang’s face turned pale, and with the help of this counter-shock, he quickly opened the distance between Yang Kai.


There was a soft sound, an extremely dangerous aura lingered in his heart, and the sky and the earth suddenly brightened for a moment. Immediately afterwards, a faint lightning flashed from a certain direction, striking Pang Guang accurately.

Pang Guang is a powerful emperor realm. After being hit by this thunder and lightning, the whole person also swayed frantically, all of his hair was upside down, and a strong smell of burnt came out of his body. It looks miserable.

His eyes socket was about to crack open, and forced his head to look aside. In the next moment, his eyes became round.

He saw over there, a little girl about seven or eight years old, with a long pink jade carving, but with a cold face, sitting on a white tiger with a light blue ball in her hand, looking coldly at him.

Whether it’s this little girl or the white tiger under her. All appeared without warning, and Pang Guang didn’t even notice how they appeared. And all the previous sneak attacks undoubtedly came from this person and the beast.

What made Pang Guang the most unbelievable was that the light blue round bead that this little girl was holding was actually a thunder-attribute Emperor Artifact! He don’t know if the little girl’s cultivation is not enough or what happened, after stimulating the power of the Emperor Artifact, she looked pale at the moment. Obviously because of too much power consumption.

what’s going on! Pang Guang couldn’t turn his head a little, he just felt that what he saw and heard was too unbelievable.

At this moment, a roar came: “Pang Guang, this place today is your burial place. Quickly die!”

Pang Guang was so frightened that he never dared to look down at Yang Kai anymore. He pursued aggressively, thinking that he could kill Yang Kai to avenge his grievances, but he didn’t expect to plunge into the trap. The enemy was not doing anything, but he was beaten half dead first.

The monster beast like the white tiger exudes the aura that can only be found in the emperor realm. It is not easy to provoke at first sight. This one alone, he may not be able to deal with it, not to mention that there is Yang Kai watching by the side. It’s impossible to fight at all.

Knowing that this side is so dangerous, he said nothing good would come in this place, wouldn’t it be good to cheer for Chiri over there.

Suddenly, Pang Guang had infinite regrets in his heart, and he turned to run away.

“Condense!” Knowing his intentions, Yang Kai let out a burst of shouts. Under the convergence of the Space Law, the space instantly became extremely sticky, causing Pang Guang to fall deeply into it and struggle.

This moment of delay has determined Pang Guang’s life and death.

Under the command of Liu Yan, the white tiger turned into a stream of light, and it disappeared in a flash, and suddenly appeared next to Pang Guang, opened its mouth, and bit on Pang Guang’s neck.

Pang Guang was so frightened that he urged his entire body to guard his neck so as not to be directly bitten by the white tiger. At the same time, he struggled to get out of the predicament.

“Come in!” Yang Kai sneered, throwing the Mysterious Boundary Bead to Pang Guang’s side, swallowing him, the white tiger, and Liu Yan directly.

Immediately afterwards, he also shook his body and flashed into the Mysterious Boundary Bead.

Somewhere in the Mysterious Small Boundary, Pang Guang tried his best to explode his blood essense, and finally got rid of the white tiger’s entanglement, but turned around and completely dumbfounded.

Looking around, what kind of place is this, surrounded by lush vegetation, birds and flowers, and full of spiritual energy, it turned out to be a place like a fairyland.

Is he dead? Come to the underworld? Cold sweat dripped down Pang Guang’s forehead.

Fortunately, he saw Yang Kai the next moment, and his heart was relieved.

However, having been so tossed before, coupled with the heavy damage he had already suffered, Pang Guang didn’t seem to have the demeanor of an emperor realm powerhouse, and he looked like a loss dog, miserable to the extreme.

Yang Kai sneered at him, like looking at the dead man.

Pang Guang’s eyes were erratic, and his heart was greatly shaken, and he said in shock, “What the hell is this place?”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “Naturally it is your tomb. See how good this young master is to you, I have chosen such a beautiful place as a place to bury you. This is something no one can ask for, City Lord Pang. This is too good for you.”

‘This is too good for you!’ Pang Guang cursed in his heart, his stomach hurts in anger, but he didn’t dare to scold him, he could only say: “If you want to kill me, I have to see if you have this skill!”

While he was talking, he glanced at White Tiger over there, his face full of dread.

He wasn’t really afraid of Yang Kai. The only thing he was afraid of was this white tiger exuding the aura of the emperor realm. He didn’t know what this thing was. Although it looked like a monster beast, there was no fluctuation in energy and blood. It looks like a dead thing, but it turns out to be lifelike.

Yang Kai laughed and said, “When you enter here, life and death are just between this young master thoughts, if this young master wants you to live, you live, if this young master wants you to die, you die!”

“You really think yourself as the master of the world, be careful not to blow yourself up from your arrogance!” Pang Guang contemptuously said.

Yang Kai hummed: “You are really right, in this place, this young master is the master!”

While speaking, Yang Kai stretched out his hand to shoot at Pang Guang.

Pang Guang didn’t see any traces of his power, nor did he see any secret techniques he was performing, but after taking this palm, he suddenly felt a great deal of pressure falling from the air, pressing his bones all over his body. The upright body couldn’t help lowering suddenly.

Pang Guang’s face changed drastically, and he exclaimed, “Heaven and Earth power! You can mobilize Heaven and Earth power, it’s impossible!”

Even the top ten Great Emperor cannot mobilize the mighty power of heaven and earth! No one can do this. But in fact, Yang Kai really mobilized the mighty power of heaven and earth, and put it on him, making him hard to even want to move a finger.

Pang Guang’s eyes trembled violently, and his face was inexplicably horrified. Under the suppression of that huge force, he couldn’t lift the least amount of strength. He only felt that he was about to be crushed to pieces, and he couldn’t help but panic.

He wanted to resist, but he couldn’t hold up any strength.

“Don’t beat him to death, give this one to me!” A thunderous sound suddenly came from the side, the voice sounded, and Pang guang’s eardrum was numb.

In frustration, he raised his head and looked up, instantly stunned on the spot.

Not far from him, a huge stone giant with a human appearance was sitting cross-legged, staring at him with two eyes bigger than a house.

The sound just now came from this stone giant.

The bottom of Pang Guang’s feet was cramped. It was not that he hadn’t found this stone giant before, but he thought it was just a hill, and didn’t care much. He didn’t think that this guy was alive and would still speak.

And looking at its eyes, as if a hungry wolf saw the fat meat, making Pang Guang felt fear in his heart.

Yang Kai raised his brows and looked at the Embodiment and said, “You want to do that? Too cruel and inhuman, don’t you think?”

The Embodiment chuckled and said, “Occasionally! You have killed so many emperor realms and i haven’t seen you throw one in. It’s hard to come across one, i can’t let it go.”

Yang Kai thought for a while and nodded: “Then it’s up to you.”

After speaking, he turned his head and glanced at Pang Guang with a sympathetic expression on his face. The next moment, his figure swayed and he left the Mysterious Small Boundary.

“Hey, boy, where are you going? What kind of cruelty and inhuman thing, tell me clearly!” Pang Guang yelled, not knowing why, an extremely uneasy feeling lingered in his heart, and that feeling made him feel worse than death. The illusion of being uncomfortable grew, and his face turned pale with fright.

He didn’t know what the stone giant wanted to do to him, but judging from Yang Kai’s words and the look in his eyes when he left, his experience must not be too good.

When Pang Guang was frightened, he suddenly noticed that the light above his head was covered. He looked up and saw a huge palm covering him. Pang Guang suddenly shouted, “Stop!”

The Embodiment was unmoved, and lifted him up, and then dropped him on the palm of his hand. The voice sounded and said: “Close your eyes, children don’t look, it will leave a psychological shadow.”

Pang Guang: “…”

The Embodiment looked solemn, and shouted in a low voice: “Heavens Devourer… Battle Law!”


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