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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2405 English [Readable]

It took three full days before Bingyun woke up, and as soon as she woke up, Fanxin called Yang Kai to speak with her.

In the room, Yang Kai knocked on the door and pushed in. Bingyun sat cross-legged on the bed, still looking pale with a weak aura. After three days of healing and adjusting her aura, although she has improved a lot, it will obviously take some time to fully recover.

Seeing Yang Kai, she managed to squeeze a smile, stretched out her hand and beckoned: “Come here!”

Yang Kai walked to the bed and asked with concern: “Senior, how are you?”

Bing Yun said weakly: “It’s not a big problem, it just needs to be adjusted slowly, this time I really want to thank you.”

If Yang Kai hadn’t arrived at the critical moment in time, she would really have died. This is definitely not the way she hopes to die. A powerhouse like her would rather die in the hands of another powerhouse than be swallowed by a sea beast.

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “I didn’t do anything. The safe return of Senior depends on her own strength.” He paused and asked nervously, “Is Chiri alive or dead?”

Bing Yun said lightly: “Dead!”

Sure enough, even though Yang Kai had expected Chiri to end up not much better, now he heard Bing Yun personally confirm the news of his death. As soon as Chiri dies, it is no longer possible for anyone to stop him and others from leaving this solitary void secret realm. The remaining dangers are just the crises hidden in this sea. As long as they can pass through safely, they can reach the location of the exit.

“This battle can be won thanks to the Hundrer Revolutions Emperor Yuan Pill you refined.” Bingyun looked at Yang Kai gratefully, “The true strength of Chiri and I are equal, if it weren’t for the Hundrer Revolutions Emperor Yuan Pill you refine to restore my strength, I couldn’t cut him under the sword at the last moment, so I really want to thank you.”

She thanked him again, obviously from the bottom of her heart.

Yang Kai didn’t expect it either. The key to the final decision turned out to be the Hundred Revolutions Emperor Yuan Pill he prepared for Bing Yun. He refine it at the time was just for precautions, but now it seems that this is indeed a wise move. If Bing Yun did not have that Hundred Revolutions Emperor Yuan Pill, whether she can come back or not are all two things. Even if she could kill Chiri, she would probably have to fall with him.

“For now, i can’t urge my power at will, otherwise it is very likely that some hidden dangers will be left, so you will have to have do all the work on the next journey. I will not help you when it is less than a last resort.” Bingyun sternly said.

Yang Kai heard the words and nodded and said: “Senior can feel relieved to heal, I will definitely take you all out of this place.”

Bing Yun’s pale and pretty face showed a gratified smile: “You are very reliable, then I will wait for the good news.”

Bing Yun still needs to heal her injuries, and Yang Kai didn’t stay here for long. After chatting for a while, he took the initiative to retire.

It was another two days later, when the wonders of whirlpools appeared on the sea, Yang Kai sacrificed the Sea King shuttle and transferred the entire ship to the Sea King Shuttle.

If you want to leave this solitary void secret realm, Sea King Shuttle is definitely the most critical link, because only relying on it can you reach that exit location.

Sea King Shuttle has been completely refined by Yang Kai, and Yang Kai knows all kinds of operation restrictions and formations. So sailing is not troublesome.

Unlike the ship building, Sea King Shuttle sails under the sea. It is precisely because of sailing under the sea that it is possible to avoid the ubiquitous but amazingly powerful whirlpool pillar.

The speed of Sea King Shuttle is definitely not slow, even faster than Yang Kai’s previous ship.

When Sang De’s unknown master made this Sea King Shuttle with great care, he inscribed countless practical and simple formations, so even under the sea, through some reflections of the formations. Everyone in the shuttle can still clearly see the surrounding scenery and wonders, just because the light under the sea is not very good, and the view is not too far away.

The colorful schools of fish and the large and small sea beasts shuttled back and forth, making a group of people on the shit study enthusiastically for several days. Although Ling Yinqin and others go to sea all year round, they have never experienced the scenery under the sea. Seeing at this moment, they naturally look at it with relish.

Sailing all the way, there was no turbulence, occasionally some sea beasts came to ask for trouble, and they were all dizzy under the bombardment of the spirit cannon mounted on the sea king shuttle. The spirit cannon is very powerful, but the consumption is not small. It is 10,000 middle-rank source crystal. However, Yang Kai does not lack the source crystal, so Jiao Yi, who is in charge of the Spirit Cannon, is very happy. Any sea beast that dared to invade will be beaten up and turned into a blood mist. There is no bones left, and the more powerful ones can only hug their heads, and can’t get close to the Sea King Shuttle at all.

The smooth sailing made everyone feel good.

They have been sailing under the sea for a month, and everyone does not know how far they have advanced, but until now they have not been able to reach the location of the exit, which makes people a little anxious and uneasy.

On this day, Yang Kai, who was correcting the course, suddenly heard a clicking sound in his ears. He was shocked and immediately released his Divine Sense to investigate.

Ling Yinqin, who was beside him, also changed her expression, and hurriedly asked: “Brother Yang, our Sea King Shuttle…is it cracked? Why did I hear some movement!”

Yang Kai calmly said, “It’s cracked.”

Ling Yinqin was shocked and said, “What should we do then? If Sea King Shuttle is destroyed, there is absolutely no place for us people to escape!”

This is the depths of the sea. If Sea King Shuttle is destroyed, they might not be able to fly to the sea. Even if they were lucky enough to be able to fly to the sea, the ubiquitous and powerful whirlpool pillar would become their grave. The barrier that even the 3rd-order Emperor Realm could not pass, how can their Dao Source Stage be safe and sound.

“Don’t worry, It can hold on for a while.” Although Yang said that to comfort Ling Yinqin, he didn’t know much in his heart. After all, this Sea King Shuttle didn’t come from him, and he didn’t know how long this thing could last.

“How far are we from the exit now?” Ling Yinqin asked.

“I don’t know, but it should not be far away.” Yang Kai pointed to the surrounding formations and said: “Have you noticed that since yesterday, there have been fewer and fewer sea beasts in these surroundings. Within an hour, I didn’t even see any sea beast. And… the pressure around here is also increasing. There is an abnormal flow of water, which seems to be converging in some direction. As long as we sail in the direction of the current, we should reach the exit smoothly.”

Ling Yinqin looked at him and asked, “Are you sure?”

“70% sure!” Yang Kai said sternly.

Ling Yinqin nodded lightly, and didn’t say much now. She knew that since she had come to this point, it was useless to say anything. For the present, she could only pray that the Sea King Shuttle would not really be destroyed before reaching the exit.

When the others heard the conversation between the two, they also realized the seriousness of the problem. The atmosphere suddenly became serious, and all of them looked nervous and prayed in secret.

Yang Kai controlled Sea King Shuttle to turn around and drove forward along the current.

After half a day, another crackling sound came from somewhere in the shuttle, which made everyone’s already tense nerves more uneasy.

And as the Sea King Shuttle moved forward, the surrounding sea water flowed more and more fiercely, and the pressure became stronger and stronger, and the sound of clicking became continuous.

Yang Kai has been in contact with Sea King Shuttle, and has noticed that the damage of this thing is increasing. Seeing that it can only hold on for half a day at most, then it will collapse. In his heart, he also cursed the dead ghost of Sang De’s master. Thinking this old guy didn’t care too much when refining, he actually refined a defective product, which is really harmful.

However, they have already reached this point, and there is no turning back. Yang Kai can only focus on urging the Sea King Shuttle to advance at full speed.

After a little half a day, Yang Kai, who was closely watching the surrounding movements, suddenly got a bright look. He looked at one of the formation projections and exclaimed: “We’re here!”

When he shouted, everyone followed his gaze and looked towards the projection of the formation, and saw that there, in the depths of the sea, a huge vortex was spinning frantically. The vortex was so fierce that it could swallow the world. Just looking at it makes people feel suffocated. If they really rush into it, they don’t know if there will be any bones left.

“Senior Brother Yang, this… is the exit?” Ling Yinqin asked with a pale face and swallowed her saliva.

Yang Kai didn’t answer, but turned his gaze to Bingyun who had come after hearing the news.

Bing Yun nodded and said, “This is the exit. If you rush into it, you can leave the solitary void secret realm.”

She vowed so much that everyone dispelled their doubts. Although they don’t know where she got the information from, Bingyun is a 3rd-order Emperor Realm powerhouse, and it is impossible to deceive them on this matter.

“I can also feel the Space Force fluctuations in this vortex.” Yang Kai added.

He is proficient in the Space Force, and he can naturally perceive something more than others. The interior of this huge vortex seems to be connected to another space, making it impossible for his Divine Sense to detect the opposite side.

“The location of this exit is connected to the outside world. But we may arrive at any location in the star boundary when we are going out. You may encounter any dangers, so please be careful.” Bingyun warned.

“I see.” Liu Xianyun and others nodded heavily.


At this moment, a crisp sound suddenly came from all directions, densely and continuously.

When everyone heard the sound, their faces changed drastically.

Yang Kai even exclaimed: “Not good, Sea King Shuttle is about to collapse!”

While speaking, he tried his best to control the Sea King Shuttle and rush into the vortex.

As soon as they broke into the vortex, Sea Kign Shuttle was driven by a huge force to spin, and the artifact that cost the whole life of Sang De’s master to refine is also broken at this moment, causing the connection between it and Yang Kai to break.

When the scream came out, Fanxin and others were so frightened, thinking that they were going to lose their live and be buried here.

At the critical moment, a mighty force suddenly radiated and turned into an invisible force, covering everyone in it, resisting the strangling force from all directions.

Yang Kai turned his head and looked, only to see Bingyun with a solemn expression, urging the Emperor Yuan in her delicate body to protect and hold everyone, and after her figure shook, she led everyone into the center of the vortex.


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