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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2406 English [Readable]

Somewhere in the Star Boundary, above the sea, a huge vortex suddenly appeared strangely.

This vortex appeared without warning, but when it appeared, it stirred the sea water in a radius of hundreds of miles, and its power was astonishing, making the surrounding sea beasts scattered.

And then, from the vortex, a group of figures suddenly shot out, scattered in all directions, these people were male and female, and their cultivation levels were uneven. All of them seemed to have suffered a huge disaster, and their faces were pale with a look of lingering fears.

Suddenly appeared above the ocean, everyone seemed to be unable to recover, and looked at a loss.

These people are naturally Yang Kai and others who escaped from the solitary void secret realm. At the same time that Sea King Shuttle collapsed, Bingyun shielded everyone with a powerful Emperor Yuan, and only then brought everyone out at the very moment.

Otherwise, no more than three people in this group can escape.

“Puff…” Bingyun opened her mouth as a blood mist sprayed out, it seems that the previous injury was reopen by the strong action of using Emperor Yuan.

Fanxin and the others were all pale, and they stepped forward to check the situation. Yang Kai also hurried over and asked nervously, “Senior, how are you?”

Bing Yun waved her hand and didn’t say a word. She sat cross-legged in the air, pinching magic arts with her hands to start the profound arts.

Seeing her posture for emergency treatment, Yang Kai hurriedly said, “Everyone scattered, watch the surroundings, don’t let Senior be disturbed.”

Hearing the words, everyone quickly scattered around Bingyun.

“Senior Brother, have we left that place?” Liu Xianyun leaned to Yang Kai’s side and asked uncertainly, because this place was still a vast ocean, and she didn’t know whether it was the star boundary or the solitary void secret realm. If they can’t leave, they may have to stay in the solitary void secret realm for the rest of their life.

Yang Kai frowned. He didn’t know if this place was the solitary void secret realm, but soon, he tried to absorb the spiritual energy of the surrounding world, and there was no hindrance under this action. Yang Kai look happy, and said: “This is not the solitary void secret realm!”

As soon as Liu Xianyun heard it, her beautiful eyes immediately glowed.

Yang Kai smiled and said, “The world’s spiritual energy here is thinner than the solitary void secret realm, and the most important thing is that there is no such strange chemical power!”

Solitary void secret realm. Everywhere is flooded with chemical power, so that all martial artist can’t absorb the world’s spiritual energy, and can only rely on a special clean spirit formation. But here, Yang Kai could easily absorb the spiritual energy around him. This was the best proof of leaving the solitary void secret realm.

“Really left.” Liu Xianyun was overjoyed.

Ling Yinqin and others heard the conversation between the two. They also showed an unbelievable look.

They have lived in the solitary void secret realm for so many years, and never thought that one day they could really leave and return to the star boundary. But now, this impossible wish has come true!

This gave Ling Yinqin and the others the illusion that they were reborn, and they were all excited and unable to control themselves.

“If this is not the solitary void secret realm, where is this place?” Liu Xianyun asked.

Yang Kai pondered: “The four major domains of the star boundary, except for the West Territory, each of them has the ocean, but…I guess this is the North Territory!”

“Why?” Liu Xianyun looked at Yang Kai curiously, wondering why he said that.

Yang Kai smiled slightly, then said: “Have you not noticed the cold temperature here? There is rarely such an environment in the South Territory and East Territory. Only the North Territory, covered with snow and ice, can be so cold.”

Even though it was just a guess, Yang Kai felt that it was inseparable from the truth.

He started from the Thousand Leaves Sect, thinking of going to the Underworld Sect of the East Territory to find the Yin Lesheng to find out the whereabout of Xiao Xiao, but he didn’t expect before reaching to the East Territory. He actually came to the North Territory. The fate of the heaven is really changing and not permanent.

“Senior Brother Yang. You said…this is the North Territory?” Fanxin asked Yang Kai excitedly.

“I guess, I don’t know if it is correct.” Yang Kai smiled slightly.

“The Master Sect is in North Territory!” Fanxin and the other fellow disciples glance at each other, and they all cheered.

They were received by Bingyun in the solitary void secret realm. Although they claimed to be a disciple of Ice Heart Pavilion, Bingyun had already told Fanxin and others about her origins, and they all knew that their Honored Master was the founder of Ice Heart Valley in the North Territory!

Fanxin and others have an almost pious yearning for the Master Sect that they have never seen before, hoping to return to the Master Sect with their Honored Master in this lifetime. But has been trapped in the solitary void secret realm, and this wish has never been fulfilled.

Now that they are out of trouble, they have come to the North Territory, and Fanxin and others are naturally extremely excited.

“Someone is here, if you ask if this is really the North Territory, you will know.” Yang Kai suddenly turned his head and looked in one direction.

Everyone then realized afterwards that a group of people were flying in that direction.

When it got closer, the group was headed by an old man, and there were about a dozen people in total.

The old man had gray hair and a gloomy expression. For no reason, looking at Yang Kai and others with hatred. The men and women who followed him also looked angry, as if Yang Kai and others had offended them.

Yang Kai frowned slightly, wondering what the situation was. But he didn’t dare to be careless, because the old man didn’t hide his aura, and the leaked power fluctuations showed that this person was a powerful person at the 1st-order Emperor Realm.

And the dozen or so people who followed him were all of the Dao Source Stage, and many of them were powerhouses in 3rd-order realm.

Such a force is definitely not small, it is very likely to be some kind of big sect, Yang Kai secretly awe. He is not afraid of these people. If there is any conflict, can’t he escape even if he can’t beat them? But Liu Xianyun and the others couldn’t easily escape, not to mention that Bingyun was still healing now and could not be disturbed.

At this point, he hurriedly greeted the old man, clasped his fist and said, “Junior Yang Kai has seen the Old Sir. I don’t know what the Old Sir is called?”

His tone was very polite, because he thought that this place might be other people’s territory, and it would be no good to offend others.

He didn’t expect that the old man was actually showing no face, with his nostrils upturned, and shouted: “This king is Vice Island Master of Taiqing Island, Jiang Zhouzi. Who are you, why are you here?”

Yang Kai came to this place for the first time. He didn’t even know if it was North Territory. Why would he know about Taiqing Island? But since this Taiqing Island has an emperor like Jiang Zhouzi as the Vice Island Master, then the strength will not be too bad, at least they should have an Island Master who is more powerful than Jiang Zhouzi!

“It turned out to be the Vice Island Master Jian, the kid was rude! I pass by this place accidentally. I didn’t mean to bother, I ask the Vice Sect Master Jiang to forgive me!” Yang Kai replied politely, neither humble nor overbearing.

“Doesn’t mean to bother?” Jiang Zhouzi hadn’t spoken yet, a woman in a red shirt standing behind him suddenly sneered. This woman is still pretty long, with a bumpy figure, but her face is not perfect, and her cheekbones are a little high and a little bit mean. Not knowing what she was excited about, she shouted at Yang Kai angrily: “You suddenly appeared here and scared away the Blue Baby Beast. You dare to say that there is no intention to disturb? You are really blind!”

Because there is an Emperor Realm behind her, she didn’t seem to pay attention to Yang Kai and the others at all, and immediately taught them a lesson, causing Ling Yinqin and the others to sink.

“Blue baby beast?” Yang Kai frowned slightly.

He had also heard of this blue baby beast. It was a monster beast that lived in the depths of the sea. The cry was a bit like a baby crying because it was icy blue. So it was called the blue baby beast. The Blue Baby Beast is a 12th-order monster beast, in other words equivalent to a powerful emperor realm. Moreover, the Blue Baby Beast is extremely rare, but its inner core is of great value. It can enchanced the martial artist Divine Sense. If it can be refined into a pill, letting the martial artist take it when cultivating the secret technique divini ability, the result achieved will be doubled with half the effort.

He didn’t expect that there would be a blue baby beast here. And listening to the words of the woman in the red shirt, it seemed that it was startled by the movement when he and others appeared.

Earlier, Yang Kai did notice that many sea beasts were wandering around, but his Divine Sense at that time was not on these sea beasts at all, nor did he see if there were really any blue baby beasts.

“Indeed!” Jiang Zhouzi sneered coldly. “I waited here for a month of hard work, and it took another half a month to finally wait for the blue baby beast to show up, but before we catch it, It ran away because of you guys!”

The red-shirted woman also continued, “The blue baby beast inner core is going to be a congratulatory gift for Asking Passion Sect Young Master. It’s gone now. Tell me what to do.”

Yang Kai was still a little guilty. Because if what these people said is true, it is really their fault. After all, people have worked so hard here for so long, and it took another half a month to wait for the blue baby beast, but they happened to came here and the monster beast ran away, anyone would not be happy about this matter.

But this old and young people chattered so aggressively, it made him feel a little angry.

If you have something to discuss, let’s talk about a solution. Why be so aggressive? Didn’t this make it clear that they wanted to bully the weak?

Thinking of this, Yang Kai also scowled and said, “In your opinion, what should I do?”

Ling Yinqin frowned beside him and said: “Let’s do it, how much the blue baby beast is worth, we will pay!” She also just wanted to calm things down. A few days ago, she and her crew got a lot of good things. It was sold on Tongtian Island, and there were some source crystals in her hand, not to mention that she knew that Yang Kai had a lot of money and felt that compensation was the best solution.

“Compensation?” The woman in red shirt looked at Ling Yinqin with a sarcasm: “All of you combined could not afford to pay it. Do you think the blue baby beast is so easy to find? This entire cold sea, it doesn’t even exceed three, now it’s gone, you guys actually want to pay!”

As she spoke, she looked like she was going crazy.

Yang Kai frowned and said, “Things are already like this, then what do you want to do.”

Hearing the words, Jiang Zhouzi looked at Yang Kai coldly, and hummed: “What? Listening to your tone, did you not put Taiqing Island in your eyes?”


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