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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2408 English [Readable]

It happened in a flash, and the woman in the red shirt and others didn’t realize what was going on. Jiang Zhouzi was already hit hard.

A group of people on Taiqing Island were all shocked and inexplicably horrified.

“Senior?” The red-shirted woman murmured suspiciously. She heard Jiang Zhouzi call that young girl as senior just now! Vice Island Master Jiang Zhouzi is a powerful person at the 1st-order Emperor Realm, a person who can be called a senior… Is it a powerful person at the peak of the Emperor Realm? After trying to understand this, the red-shirted woman shuddered, no longer the arrogance and disdain before.

“Rather decisive!” Bingyun stared at Jiang Zhouzi, who had slashed his arm, and didn’t mean to rush to kill him. Don’t know if it was her kind nature or she was injured and inconvenient to continue doing it.

But Jiang Zhouzi is indeed a decisive person. If he hadn’t cut his arm at a critical moment, he would definitely die here. Now, although he looks a little miserable, he has saved his life.

“Senior… Jiang had offended senior before, and asked senior to go around me and let me live!” Jiang Zhouzi forced his heart to endure the pain and begged for mercy.

Now the lives of this group of people on Taiqing Island are completely in the hands of this young girl, if the other party is not willing to let him and others go, this group of people will undoubtedly die. Compared with his life, the mere spine is nothing, and it is not a shame to beg for mercy from the 3rd-order Emperor Realm.

Bing Yun looked at Jiang Zhouzi faintly, with an indifferent expression, no happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy. This made Jiang Zhouzi feel a little suffocated. He didn’t know what fate would be waiting for him and others.

After a long while, Bing Yun lightly opened her lips and waved, “Go away!”

Jiang Zhouzi was overjoyed when he heard the words, and hurriedly said: “Many thanks, for senior grace!” After finishing speaking, he shouted at a group of people on Taiqing Island: “Go!”

Everyone on Taiqing Island dare not to hesitate. One after another followed him quickly away from this sea area, all of them worked hard, lest Bingyun would change her mind.

Yang Kai didn’t mean to stop them either. He also saw that Bing Yun was really not suitable for continuing to do it now, after all, the opponent is still an Emperor Realm. It’s not necessarily a good thing to force people to desperately die. Anyway, they didn’t suffer any loss this time. It is better to do nothing about it.

After the people on Taiqing Island left, Bingyun turned her head and looked around, and sighed slightly, “Unexpectedly, actually returned directly to the North Territory!”

“Senior, this is really the North Territory?” Yang Kai frowned.

Bing Yun nodded and said: “Yes, this is the North Territory Sea of ​​Ice. Taiqing Island is a force on the Sea of ​​Ice, which is not bad, and the Asking Passion Sect is also in the North Territory, which is one of the top sects in the North Territory.”

Bingyun was originally the founder of Ice Heart Valley in the North Territory. She has lived in this place for many years, so he knows the forces and terrain of this place well.

While she was talking, she turned her head and glanced at Fanxin and others, and said, “Want to go to the Master Sect?”

Fan Xin and others heard this. They all turned their heads into chickens pecking rice. Although they were accepted by Bingyun, they had never been to the Ice Heart Valley. They have been longing for the Master Sect created by their Honored Master for a long time, and now they suddenly came to the North Territory, they naturally wanted to take a look.

“Let’s go, then, I haven’t been back in a long time.” Bing Yun smiled slightly, and then said: “I don’t know how those little girls are doing now.”

The little girls in her mouth was probably the first batch of disciples she received after she founded Ice Heart Valley. Yang Kai estimated that they must all be a strong Emperor Realm, and only Bing Yun could call them little girls.

“Senior, your injury…” Yang Kai looked at her worriedly.

“I still need to recuperate. If there is no more disturbance with others, it won’t be a problem.” Bingyun replied, although she just hit Jiang Zhouzi badly. But in fact, she didn’t use too much power, she could do that level with a single finger, firstly because Jiang Zhouzi underestimated the enemy, and secondly, it was also the suppression of realm cultivation. Bingyun, a 3rd-order Emperor Realm, really didn’t need to spend much to deal with a level such as Jiang Zhouzi, even if he was injured, it was just a trick.

Fanxin and the others wanted to go to Ice Heart Valley to take a look, Yang Kai naturally want to follow them, he thought that if Su Yan came to the Star Boundary in the future, she might be able to join Ice Heart Valley again. After all, she cultivate their cultivation technique and the physique are the same as those of Ice Heart Valley.

Moreover, Yang Kai also wanted to place Liu Xianyun into the Ice Heart Valley.

Liu Xianyun and him have a kind of Senior Brother and Junior Sister friendship. During this period of time, they have been together in adversity and supported each other, but he has his own things to do, and it is impossible to keep Liu Xianyun with him.

Ice Heart Valley is definitely the best place for Liu Xianyun. Ice Heart Valley only accepts female disciples. Liu Xianyun has the cultivation level of 1st-order Dao Source Stage, and she has come from the lower plane’s Star Field. If its the aptitude and toughness, she is the best choice, although the cultivation level is not high now, it is because Liu Xianyun has not been able to obtain good training resources. If there is a sect training her, Liu Xianyun’s future achievements will definitely not be bad.

Any martial artist who came from the lower plane Star Field could have a good future, and Yang Kai believed that Bing Yun would not refuse her either.

It’s just that he couldn’t find the chance, and Yang Kai couldn’t talk to Bing Yun.

But for Ling Yinqin and others, Yang Kai didn’t know what they planned.

Thinking of this, Yang Kai turned his head to look at Ling Yinqin, and asked, “Where are you going, Big Sister Ling?”

Ling Yinqin pondered for a moment, and said, “I want to go to the East Territory!”

“East Territory?” Yang Kai frowned, wondering what she was going to do in East Territory.

Bing Yun said on the side: “You are Yang Kai’s friend, and your cultivation is not bad. If you want to join my Ice Heart Valley, this palace master can accept you.”

3rd-order Dao Source Stage is also considered strong, if there is a chance, it may not be imposible to be promoted to the emperor realm. Any sect will welcome such martial artist. Bing Yun said this, obviously because of Yang Kai’s face, knowing that Ling Yinqin had only escaped from the solitary void secret realm and had nowhere to go for the time being.

Ling Yinqin smiled and said, “Senior’s kindness, this junior has taken to the heart. It’s just that… the junior husband was born in the East Territory’s Heavenly Wolf Valley, and the junior wants to send his ashes back. This is also his dying wish.”

Speaking of her deceased husband, Ling Yinqin’s expression was quite sad, she seemed to be caught in a certain memory, and her eyes were slightly red.

Bingyun applauded: “You are also an infatuated woman. The journey to the East Territory is difficult, so you must be careful on the road. After the ashes of your husband are placed. If you still have the heart to come to my Ice Heart Valley, just came over.”

Ling Yinqin said gratefully: “Thank you for your kind love, senior!”

With Bingyun’s words, if Ling Yinqin has nowhere to go in the future, she can come to the North Territory and join Ice Heart Valley, which is considered a way out.

“Let’s go back inland first.” Bingyun looked at Yang Kai and said.

Yang Kai nodded and walked out of the ship. Then he got on the ship with a group of people and drove in the direction of the inland under the guidance of Bingyun.

The sea of ​​ice is not as bad as solitary void sea. The voyage on this journey was actually safe and sound without any danger. Bingyun had been healing in the cabin, but Yang Kai had told Liu Xianyun about his plan and told her that he wanted her to stay in Ice Heart Valley.

Liu Xianyun did not hesitate too much, and agreed.

She also knew that she couldn’t follow Yang Kai, after all, there was too much difference between the strength of the two. Following Yang Kaim she would only be a burden. Instead of this, it is better to join Ice Heart Valley and stay in the sect to cultivate.

After getting Liu Xianyun’s consent, Yang Kai then looked for an opportunity to talk to Bingyun about it.

Naturally, Bing Yun didn’t refuse him, and agreed. She is the founder of Ice Heart Valley, so it is a one-sentence thing to accept personal introduction, and there is no need to seek the consent of others.

It took only five days. Everyone saw the existence of a land.

After Yang Kai summoned everyone to the deck, he glanced at Bingyun, smiled and said, “Senior, isn’t it better for you to change your appearance?”

A few days ago, people like Jiang Zhouzi were inevitably tempted by Bingyun, and Yang Kai feared that Bingyun would cause any trouble because of her beauty after returning to the inland.

Fanxin and the others pursed their lips and smirked when they heard the words. Although the appearance of the female disciples was not bad. Compared with Bingyun, they immediately paled in comparison, Bingyun’s purity and flawlessness was unmatched by any woman, and it was extremely easy for a man to develop a caring and possessive heart.

“It’s because there are more shameless people who are politely coveting beautiful women in this world, that makes us women so troublesome to cultivate!” Bing Yun coldly snorted with an unhappy expression.

Yang Kai wiped the cold sweat on his forehead: “Senior, why did you look at me when you said this. I’m innocent.”

“Humph!” Bing Yun snorted softly, but didn’t refute it anymore. She obviously knew that her beauty would always cause some unnecessary trouble.

Yang Kai took out one thing from the space ring and handed it to Bingyun, “I have a mask here, which is suitable for senior. If seniors don’t dislike it, just take it.”

“This mask is well made, where did you get it?” Bing Yun glanced at the mask as thin as a cicada’s wings, and gave a compliment.

“This should be refined by Sang De.” Yang Kai smiled.

When Sang De took him out to sea that day, he was wearing this mask. If Yang Kai did not know about it earlier, he would definitely not be able to recognize him. Later, Sang De was killed by Liu Yan and Hua Qingsi, and this mask naturally became his trophy.

The jade hand that Bing Yun had stretched out suddenly retracted, with a look of disgust and said: “It was made from that old thing? Did he use it?”

“He did.” Yang Kai nodded.

Bing Yun glared at Yang Kai and said, “Then never mind.”

She don’t know what this kid is thinking, handing over something from the old man, and it was already attached to his face, which woman didn’t dislike it.

As she spoke, Bing Yun pinched her face and suddenly moved slightly.

After a while, her face suddenly swelled a lot. Although she looked beautiful, she had lost the previous stunning sense.

“Senior could even do this.” Seeing that Bingyun had changed her appearance so skillfully, Yang Kai immediately knew that she was absolutely profound.

Bing Yun said: “Otherwise, how do you think I used to break into the star boundary by myself?”


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