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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2409 English [Readable]

Above the wilderness, Yang Kai and the others were flying fast in a ship.

Only him, Liu Xianyun, and a few disciples from Ice Heart Valley were on board. Ling Yinqin had already separated from everyone when they returned to the inland. According to her, she would take her husband’s ashes back to the East Territory’s Heavenly Wold Valley and bury the ashes in the place where her husband was born.

Jiao Yi and others naturally followed Ling Yinqin.

But Yang Kai and others are going to Ice Heart Valley. Fanxin and a few junior sisters have long yearned for the Master Sect for a long time. Now that they have come to the North Territory, they naturally want to go to the Master Sect and take a look.

Ice Heart Valley is not close to the sea of ice, even if the ship artifact is flying fast, it will take at least ten days and a half to arrive. Fortunately, Bingyun was also the master of this place, and she knew the terrain of the North Territory well. Under her guidance, Yang Kai didn’t worry about getting lost.

After flying in this way for about three or five days, Yang Kai, who was meditating in the cabin, suddenly heard a commotion on the deck. He was taken aback and didn’t know what had happened, so he hurried to the deck.

At this moment, Fan Xin and others were all standing on the deck, all looking in one direction.

“What’s the matter?” Yang Kai frowned and asked.

“Senior Brother Yang!” Seeing Yang Kai’s arrival, Fanxin quickly pointed in that direction and said, “There are people fighting over there, and many people besieging a woman. It’s really shameless.”

When Yang Kai heard the words, he quickly let go of his Divine Sense, and he realized that a group of people was besieging a woman more than a dozen miles away. The woman had a good cultivation level, with the level of the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage, and she was extremely powerful. The level of the artifact on her hand is also very high, so even if she is alone. It is not so easy to be taken.

Among the group of people who besieged her, there were also two 3rd-order Dao Source Stage, but don’t know what they were afraid of, and they didn’t hurt the woman, just besieged. Looking at the posture is to consume the woman’s strength and catch her alive when she is exhausted.

Yang Kai only glanced at it and knew that this woman must be an elite disciple from some major sect. Her strength was not much worse than the Xia Sheng, Wu Chang and others he knew, and the battle between life and death was absolutely even.

The top sects of the South Territory have nurtured rising stars like Xia Sheng and Wu Chang. The North Territory will naturally not be inferior, this woman is the best example.

Yang Kai estimated that the group of people who besieged the woman should recognize this woman, so they were a little fearful. They didn’t dare to kill her, and just wanted to capture the other party alive.

Thoughts flashed. Yang Kai said lightly: “Walking in the Star Boundary, things like this happen every day.”

Although a group of people bullying a woman is indeed a bit unnatural, there are so many things like this in the star boundary, and Yang Kai is not in the mood to pay more attention to it. What’s more, he felt that with the strength of that woman, if she really wanted to escape desperately, this group of people might not be able to stop her. She is now under siege but she is not in trouble.

“But Senior Brother Yang…” Fanxin looked at Yang Kai anxiously, “That woman uses the secret techniques and cultivation technique of Ice Heart Valley. Maybe she is a senior sister from the Ice Heart Valley!”

“From Ice Heart Valley?” Yang Kai raised his eyebrows. Somewhat unexpectedly: “Are you sure?”

Fanxin said anxiously: “Of course, we have been cultivating the cultivation technique and secret techniques taught by the Honored Master, and we can’t feel wrong. This senior sister is in trouble now, we can’t just sit idly by.”

Yang Kai took a closer look at the woman and found that she was using an ice attribute cultivation technique and secret technique. The power urged by the artifact in her hand is also extremely cold, and it seems that Fanxin has not made a mistake. This woman is indeed from Ice Heart Valley.

It’s just that… Ice Heart Valley is also one of the top sects in the North Territory. Few people dare to provoke them when walking on the North Territory. How could this woman encounter such trouble? Who is besieging her?

“Senior Brother…” Liu Xianyun also looked at Yang Kai eagerly, with a begging expression on her face. She is now a disciple of Ice Heart Valley. Seeing that people from the same sect is besieged by so many people, she naturally can’t stand it, but her cultivation level is too low, so she can only pin her hopes on Yang Kai and want him to help the woman.

“Well, since she is from Ice Heart Valley, naturally I can’t just sit back and watch.” Yang Kai nodded, pinched magic arts in his hand, and the ship immediately turned around and galloped towards the place where the battlefield was.

A distance of more than a dozen miles, at the speed of the ship, only a few breaths, and they have arrived.

The two sides who were fighting below noticed someone coming, and both had different expressions.

The woman wrinkled her eyebrows and seemed a little worried. The martial artist who had besieged the woman also had an unhappy expression, but both sides stopped fighting by agreement and looked up at the ship.

Looking closer, Yang Kai discovered that this female disciple of Ice Heart Valley was extremely beautiful, with long hair like a cloud flying slightly, with willow eyebrows like light smoke, and a pair of beautiful eyes looking forward to brilliance, perhaps because of the fight, at this moment her breathing was a little short, her cheeks were blushing and she was radiant and charming, and her skin was also very good, white and flawless, like frost and snow.

Her aura was similar to Bingyun, and both were extremely pure, and the little sweat oozing from the delicate nose adds a touch of beauty.

This woman really belongs to Ice Heart Valley.

Feeling aura similar to that of Bingyun in her body, Yang Kai immediately affirmed, standing on the deck, nodding slightly at her.

The woman frowned. Although she could also detect Yang Kai’s kindness, she did not know why this person would be willing to come here to help her. After all, the group of people who besieged her were not easy to provoke, and most people didn’t dare to be their enemy.

“Asking Passion Sect does things, the idlers get away at the fast speed!” A middle-aged man in the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage below waved his hand impatiently and shouted at Yang Kai.

Asking Passion Sect? Yang Kai was stunned.

When they first returned to the North Territory a few days ago, they ran into the group of people from Taiqing Island, saying that they were catching the blue baby beasts and preparing gifts for the happy day of the young master of Asking Passion Sect. He didn’t expect that the group of people he met now were actually from the Asking Passion Sect.

Bingyun said that Asking Passion Sect was also one of the top sects in the North Territory. When she left, it was in the same strength as Ice Heart Valley. Therefore, the disciples under the sect were arrogant when walking in the North Territory. At a glance, he knew what Bing Yun said was true.

These people from Asking Passion Sect did not ask about the origin of him and others, they were so aggressive, obviously they did not put him and others in their eyes.

Perhaps in their opinion, as long as the name of Asking Passion Sect is reported, other people should be obedient.

Yang Kai didn’t have much sense of good and evil towards this sect, but now when he heard the tone of this person’s words, coupled with the fact that they beseige the lone female from Ice Heart Valley, Yang Kai impression towards Asking Passion Sect suddenly turn bad.

“Is Asking Passion Sect so great?” Fanxin was indignant at what happened to her fellow senior sister, and she immediately answered angrily, “Five or six big men bully a single woman, you are really shameless.”

“Lowly maid, You’re looking for death!” The middle-aged man was furious when he heard the words and looked at Fanxin murderously. When he spoke, a ray of pure divine soul power burst out and rushed towards Fanxin, apparently furious, wanting to teach Fanxin a lesson.

Their Asking Passion Sect in the North Territory, not many people dared to provoke them. The people on the ship, didn’t know where they came from. They dare to come here to take care of their own business.

On the ship, Yang Kai had a 3rd-order Dao Source Stage that could slightly enter his eyes, and the rest of the people had uneven cultivation level. He took it for granted that this group of people didn’t have much background, and should be a disciple of some medium forces.

As soon as that divine soul power came out, a depressed feeling rushed towards her face. Fanxin’s pretty face turned white, and her breathing was a little bit quicker. In the midst of darkness, she felt like a sharp sword stabbed at her, but she couldn’t avoid it, and she was so frightened that her heart sank to the bottom, her body was cold, her hands and feet were cold.

At this moment, Yang Kai suddenly gave her a hand and pulled her behind him, and at the same time the divine soul power burst out and greeted forward.

In the silent collision, Yang Kai didn’t move, but the body of the middle-aged man with an extremely arrogant attitude shook for a while, withdrew a few steps backwards, his face paled slightly, and blood spurted out of his mouth.

This time, his divine soul was traumatized, showing the huge gap between him and Yang Kai’s divine soul.

“Deacon Dong!” The few people of Asking Passion Sect were shocked and quickly gathered around the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man seemed to be seriously injured. He didn’t even have the energy to speak. He just waved his hand slightly, and then quickly took out the pill from the space ring and plugged it into his mouth.

“Boy, do you dare to attack Deacon Dong, i will take your life!” Another 3rd-order Dao Source Stage was furious, and while shouting, a machete suddenly appeared in his hand. The figure was vertical, and it flew like an eagle spread its wings towards Yang Kai’s head, and fiercely cutting down.

He thought that Deacon Dong was injured because he was sneak attacked, and relying on his strength slightly better than him, he was ready to directly kill Yang Kai.

The power of this sword shattered the sky.

Even standing behind Yang Kai, Fanxin, Liu Xianyun and others were pale, and a breath of death pounced on their faces.

Yang Kai stood on the deck without moving and evading, only when the machete was about to smash down, he violently smashed out his fists, and in an instant, the endless shadow of the fist completely filled the vast space in front of him.

The sword light covering all directions collapsed suddenly, like a shattered mirror, vulnerable to a blow.

“What?” The martial artist of Asking Passion Sect complexion changed drastically, and he noticed the terrifying power coming from the front, and quickly turned the blade to protect him, and at the same time urged the Source Qi a little bit, and he was going to retreat.

But it was too late.

Boom boom boom…

After a few thunderous sound, the man flew back on his back and landed heavily on the ground. Spitting out fresh blood.

“Deacon Cao Yang!” The remaining martial artist of Asking Passion Sect were shocked, and hurried to Cao Yang’s side to investigate his injuries.


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