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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2411 English [Readable]

Although he don’t know why Bingyun suddenly mentioned this old past, Yang Kai felt that she must have her own deep meaning, so he didn’t interrupt and listened quietly.

“Later, I succeeded in my cultivation. I established Ice Heart Valley in the North Territory and acquired some disciples. Ice Heart Valley has gradually grown and achieved today’s scale, but I have never forgotten the life-saving grace. I left Ice Heart Valley three thousand years ago. I vowed to find him even if I traveled throughout the star boundary, and repay him for his kindness in the past. At the very least, I would like to say thank you to him in person!” Bingyun smiled slightly, “In cultivation, even the grace of dripping water is repaid by spring, let alone a life-saving grace.”

“It’s a pity that I didn’t have time to inquire much, and I accidentally fell into the solitary void secret realm. I stayed there for three thousand years. I didn’t get out of trouble until I met you.”

When Yang Kai heard her say this, he realized that Bing Yun had been trapped in the solitary void secret boundary for three thousand years. After understanding this, Yang Kai was taken aback. Bing Yun could not improve her cultivation level in the solitary void secret realm. In other words, three thousand years ago, she was already a 3rd-order Emperor Realm powerhouse. If it wasn’t for being trapped in the solitary void secret realm, she might be able to get a glimpse into the level of Great Emperor in these 3 thousand years of time.

“It’s my lifelong wish to find that expert, so no matter where he is, I will keep looking for him until I find him!” Bingyun said with a firm expression.

Yang Kai heard the words: “Then the Ice Heart Valley…”

Bing Yun smiled slightly: “Although I created Ice Heart Valley myself, I can’t always guard it. If the disciples have the ability to keep it growing, it would be best. If the disciples are incompetent, they can only do whatever they want. It has weakened, there is no sect that cannot fail, and no family that is ever prosperous. Just like the cycle of human life and death, the cycle of heavenly law.”

Yang Kai agreed: “Senior has a point.”

Bing Yun said again: “When I left Ice Heart Valley, I still felt a little uneasy, so I left something in the sect before I left. It was a secret treasure that I refined with my secret technique, I told Several disciples. If the sect is in a disaster and is unable to deal with it, they can send me a message through the secret treasure, and I will come back as soon as possible.”

As she spoke, Bingyun quietly took out a jade token from the space ring and presented it on the palm of her hand, saying: “Just now, I felt the fluctuation of that secret treasure!”

Yang Kai looked around and found that the jade token was shining with a faint brilliance, disappearing from time to time. Like a firefly.

His expression changed, and said, “Is there a disaster in Ice Heart Valley?”

Bing Yun shook her head and said, “I don’t know, but the sudden appearance of so many Emperor Realm in Moon City is extremely abnormal, and it is most likely related to the disaster of the sect!”

“Then what does Senior want me to do?” Yang Kai looked at her and asked, Bing Yun said so much, and then took out this jade token, obviously wanting him to help.

Bing Yun said: “I still need to continue recuperating for two or three days, and I can’t leave this place. I would like to ask you to visit Ice Heart Valley. See what happened in the ice heart valley in secret.”

Yang Kai didn’t even think about it, nodded and said, “This is okay. Since the senior have spoken, I will go there. It’s just that your noble sect is one of the top sects in the North Territory. Is it that easy to enter? If i accidentally touched the restriction formation or something, with the current strength of the junior…”

If he really touched the restriction formation, Yang Kai was bound to be regarded as a mouse crossing the street. Everyone shouted and beat. Even if there is no Bingyun in Ice Heart Valley, the number of Emperor Realm will not be too small, and he will not be able to escape with two fists against four hands at that time.

“Don’t worry about this, take my token and go over. No restriction formation can stop you.” While speaking, Bing Yun took out another token, which was white and flawless, and it seemed to be the most beautiful thing in the world. It was carved from a piece of jade with no flaws. On the token, a big character was engraved on the token, which should be Bingyun’s name.

Yang Kai reached out and took it.

Bing Yun also gave Yang Kai another piece of radiant jade token, and said, “Take this, you can use it to sense the location of the secret treasure I left. When I left, I placed the secret treasure in Ice Heart Valley. In the forbidden area, it should still be there now.”

“I wrote it down.” Yang Kai nodded sternly and stuffed both jade tokens into the space ring.

“Take this too!” Bing Yun suddenly solemnly handed over a circular bead.

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up and he whispered: “Emperor Absolute Pill!”

He was so familiar with this circular bead thing, it was clearly Emperor Absolute Pill. Previously, he had obtained an Emperor Absolute Pill of the Passing of Time Great Emperor in Four Seasons Land, but he used it in the secret realm of the Thousand leaves Sect. With one move, the power of Time pervaded and the 3rd-order Emperor Realm corpse puppet was beaten by it, and he himself was promoted to the level of 3rd-order Dao Source Stage with the help of that power of Time.

The Emperor Absolute Pill sealed the full blow of the powerful emperor realm, and the general emperor realm could not condensed it. Only the strong of the 2nd-order Emperor Realm and above, after spending huge energy and time, can condense it.

Such things are generally a life-saving tool bestowed by the strongest emperor realm to the junior. Every emperor realm will not condense too much. Condensing three pieces in a lifetime is the limit. If you condense more, it will also affect your own foundation.

Yang Kai didn’t expect that Bingyun was so generous, and she directly gave him an emperor absolute pill to defend himself.

Bingyun said: “This was condensed when I was just promoted to the 3rd-order Emperor Realm, and one of my secret techniques was sealed in it, use it with caution!”

Yang Kai took it happily, took care of it solemnly, and stood up and said, “It shouldn’t be too late, junior will set off now.”

“Be careful about everything. If someone finds a trace, just take out my token. Those little girls dare not do anything to you.” Bingyun warned.

Yang Kai smiled and said, “With senior words, i’m relieved.”

After speaking, he turned and left.

There are no male disciples in Ice Heart Valley, and the rules set by Bingyun, only female disciples are recruited in the ice heart valley, which is exactly the same as Ice Heart Valley in Scarlet Billow Star. When Yang Kai went to the Ice Heart Valley in Scarlet Billow Star, he didn’t find a single man. There were all women in the sect, any man who came to he Ice Heart Valley would be dazzled by the view.

Originally, Yang Kai shouldn’t be the first to investigate about this matter. It’s just that among the few disciples under Bingyun, Fanxin is the strongest with 2nd-order Dao Source Stage. Compared with Yang Kai’s real strength, hundreds of thousands miles away, so Bing Yun asked Yang Kai for help in desperation.

Yang Kai knew this too well. Moreover, Bing Yun not only gave the token to him, but also gave him an emperor absolute pill. It can be seen that she values ​​this matter. With this double protection, Yang Kai feels that even if he sneaks into th Ice Heart Valley to investigate the situation, It would not be too dangerous.

Moon City is not too far from Ice Heart Valley. If you fly directly, you can arrive in one hour. After all, Moon City is a transfer station for Ice Heart Valley to communicate and exchange materials with the outside world. If it is too far away from the sect, it will lose its meaning.

Yang Kai didn’t say anything to others, and left Moon City alone, slowly flying towards the direction of Ice Heart Valley.

It was not until the sky turned dark that Yang Kai came to the edge of Ice Heart Valley.

The entire Ice heart Valley is located in a huge valley, surrounded by mountains, the terrain is easy to defend and difficult to attack, and the environment is beautiful, and the spiritual energy is rich. It can be seen that Bingyun did spend a lot of consideration when she chose to create the headquarters of ICe Heart Valley. There must be excellent earth veins here, otherwise the spiritual energy will not be so strong.

The only way to enter the Ice Heart Valley is to pass through the thousand-foot-long tunnel. On both sides and at the end of the tunnel, there are female disciples from Ice Heart Valley guarding it, and it is impossible for idlers to enter it.

Naturally, Yang Kai could not enter through the tunnel in an open manner. He came here mainly to find the disciple who had contacted Bingyun and asked her what happened in Ice Heart Valley.

He wandered around the outskirts of Ice heart Valley, and then went straight in one direction.

After a while, Yang Kai stopped, and Divine Sense investigate ahead.

In front of that, a layer of invisible restriction blocked the way, obviously the protection and alert formation of the Ice Heart Valley. Once touched by an outsider, the entire Ice Heart Valley will surely become vigilant, and it will be difficult for Yang Kai to fly by then.

Yang Kai did not act rashly, but hid in the dark. After waiting for an hour or so, he was sure that there were few people in the vicinity and no disciples of Ice heart Valley walked around. Then he took out the token Bing Yun handed him, and shook it slightly towards the restriction

A beam of profound light shot out from the token, and at the next moment, the restriction was silently cracked.

Yang Kai didn’t hesitate, and walked into it. With the power of space force, the whole person hid in a shadow like a ghost, and at the same time displayed the secret technique [Nihility], converging his own aura.

Having broken into Ice Heart Valley so easily, it seemed that the token Bing Yun gave him could indeed ignore all the restrictions and formations in the valley. This time, Yang Kai couldn’t help but rest assured.

He took out another jade token, sensed the location of the secret treasure, and walked in that direction lightly.

The more he go in, the more the martial artist’s aura around, these martial artists are obviously all disciples of Ice Heart Valley. ICe Heart Valley can become one of the top sects in the North Territory, and there must be a lot of disciples. However, none of the disciples Yang Kai encountered was too strong, and the most powerful was no more than Dao Source Stage. With his strength and concealment skills, there was no risk of being discovered.

Half an hour later, Yang Kai walked around a building, and when he was about to go deeper, he suddenly stopped and had a strange expression.

Because he heard the voice of a man here.

The voice came from a building next to it. And it seems that there is more than one person, obviously two men are exchanging something.

How can there be men in Ice Heart Valley? Yang Kai looked stunned. This is a female sect, and men are generally not allowed to step into it.

Could it be that some Ice heart Valley disciple couldn’t bear to be lonely, and secretly raised a wild man here? With this thought, Yang Kai was startled. If this matter is true, then Ice Heart Valley’s reputation will be completely ruined.


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