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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2412 English [Readable]

But if you think about it carefully, it’s impossible. Ice Heart Valley is a big sect, with tens of thousands of disciples. It is impossible for someone to raise men secretly here without being discovered. Moreover, Ice Heart Valley does not prohibit marriage. If the disciple is in love with a man, she can also marry, but she will no longer be a disciple of the Ice Heart Valley after getting married.

Bingyun did not set a rule that is too deadly when it comes to love between men and women. She knows that individuals have seven emotions and six desires. It is normal for the disciples to meet the man they like when they are going outside, and this rule is also extremely enlightened.

However, meeting a man here made Yang Kai a little surprised, because it would be impossible to live in Ice Heart Valley unless he had an unusual identity.

He became curious and wanted to secretly investigate what the two men were doing here, but when one of them inadvertently revealed hint of his aura, Yang Kai immediately did not dare to act rashly.

Because that person is actually a powerhouse in the 2nd-order Emperor Realm!

He has fought against the 1st-order Emperor Realm martial artist, and even killed a few, but he has never fought against the 2nd-order Emperor Realm, and he doesn’t know how powerful the 2nd-order Emperor Realm is. [MSN: even though he already fight against the 3rd-order Emperor Realm before.]

He came here this time and had other tasks in his hands, so naturally he couldn’t make extra branches at this time.

Therefore, Yang Kai just groaned for a moment, and hurriedly walked away.

“Who!” A loud shout came from the attic, and then a figure shot out suddenly.

Yang Kai was shocked, knowing that he had underestimated the alertness of the 2nd-order Emperor Realm powerhouse, he just passed by and was discovered.

At the critical moment, he didn’t dare to hesitate, and he teleported quickly and disappeared in place.

The next moment. A majestic figure appeared in the place where he had hidden before, with a gloomy expression and releasing his Divine Sense, but he found nothing.

Another young man chased after him, standing beside the middle-aged man, frowning and saying, “Master Uncle Yao. What’s the matter?”

The middle-aged man said: “Someone was here just now!”

The young man said in surprise: “Who?”

The man shook his head and said: “I don’t know, but this person left very quickly, and here… there is still a trace of residual Space Force fluctuations.”

“Space Force?” The young man was shocked and lost his voice: “Master Uncle meant that someone in Ice Heart Valley was proficient in the Space Force?”

The middle-aged man pondered for a moment, then slowly shook his head and said, “As far as I know. No one in Ice Heart Valley is proficient in this strange power. The remaining space force fluctuates here. Maybe someone has arranged some teleportation formation here in advance.”

Listening to his explanation, the young man couldn’t help but relax a lot, and smiled: “I thought there was a genius in Ice Heart Valley who cultivated Space Force. It turned out to be a teleportation formation, and I don’t know who is so idle.”

The middle-aged man said: “Xi’er, you should know that many people in Ice Heart Valley opposed this marriage? Especially the first generation of the Sect Master disciples, she might have arranged this matter.”

The young man smiled slightly and said, “Even if it’s her, what about it? Two days later will be the day of great rejoicing. I will bring Zi Yu back to the sect at that time. From then on, she has nothing to do with Ice Heart Valley.”

The middle-aged man nodded and said: “That Zi Yu is the first person in the younger generation of Ice Heart Valley, and she is also famous in the entire North Territory. Both cultivation level and aptitude are not inferior to you, but they also match you.”

Hearing the word Zi Yu, a touch of affection appeared on the youth’s face. Softly said: “This is natural. If it weren’t for this, how could Xi’er look at her?”

The middle-aged man frowned and looked at the young man, and remind him: “Although Asking Passion Supreme Art of Asking Passion Sect is the best way to enter enlightenment, the deeper the love, the faster the cultivation. But you should know that if the other party did not have any emotion towards you, you will receive a huge backlash. Are you sure you can conquer her? Let her treat you with all her heart? Your father was almost wiped out because of this. Fortunately your mother was feeling touched by him at the last moment, Master Uncle doesn’t want any accidents to happen to you, Asking Passion Sect’s future is on your shoulders.”

The youth replied: “Master Uncle, don’t worry, as long as Zi Yu goes back to the sect with me, I will surely conquer her body and mind. The way to conquer the girls, Xi’er, has won the truth from his father!”

“It’s also a good thing for you to have this confidence. Go back and rest first. Two days later will be a good day. Sect Master will come by then. You have to cultivate your energy!”

When the young man heard this, he was surprised and said, “Father will come here himself? Isn’t this too much for Ice Heart Valley’s face?”

The middle-aged man smiled and said: “Although Ice Heart Valley is not worthy of the name now, it was one of the top sects in the North Territory. During the time when Ice Heart Valley Founder was still there, it has always been on par with the Asking Passion Sect. It’s ok to give them face, not to mention, this is your happy event, how could the sect master miss it?”

“That’s great.” The young man said in surprise.

Yang Kai shuttled through the various restrictions and formations in Ice Heart Valley, holding the token given to him by Bingyun, without worrying about what would be touched.

He went all the way in, avoiding all kinds of potential dangers, and after about an hour, he suddenly came to a very cold place.

The entire Ice Heart Valley is an icy environment, because the disciples of Ice Heart Valley cultivate ice attribute cultivation technique and secret techniques, and cultivating in such an environment is more effective for them.

However, it was even colder here, and Yang Kai has to run his Source Qi to make him feels better in this place.

Unlike the situation outside, Yang Kai could no longer feel the aura of a living person after entering it.

This should be the forbidden area of ​​Ice Heart Valley!

Each sect has its own forbidden area. Many of these forbidden areas are places where the tablets of the ancestors are placed, and some are places for cultivation. Only a few people in the sect can set foot in them.

And this forbidden area in Ice Heart Valley, one is a place for excellent disciples under the sect to practice, and the other is a confinement place.

If any disciple committed any mistake, she might be imprisoned here. Even the disciples of Ice heart Valley couldn’t bear the severe cold here for too long.

In front of him was an ice-covered tunnel. Yang Kai held the token in his hand, breaking the restriction all the way to go deeper, the more he walked in, the clearer the ice-cold law lingering around him.

Yang Kai was secretly frightened, knowing that this place should be extremely important to Ice Heart Valley. If Ice Heart Valley disciples cultivate here, their cultivation level will definitely be able to increase quickly. Of course, the premise is that they can withstand the intrusion of the cold domain. Otherwise, they will be frozen into ice sculptures.

On both sides of the ice road, there were white mirror-like walls. On the walls, there were many pictures of vivid characters carved in seals. Yang Kai looked at it for a while and found that these patterns had come alive under his eyelids, each of them graceful and beautiful, seems to be demonstrating some extremely powerful secret technique.

He couldn’t help but look dazzled.

However, it is a pity that he is not cultivating ice-attribute cultivation technique, so even if there is such an opportunity in front of him, it does not have much effect for him.

He couldn’t see any mystery from these patterns at all, he only felt that the patterns of these activities were strange.

He sighed slightly, knowing that this was not his chance, and no longer hesitated at the moment, he walked straight to the end of the ice road.

After a short while, he came to the end, his vision suddenly opened up, and when he looked around, there was an ice lake in front of him, exuding a freezing chill. The earth here is also a frozen soil, and the ubiquitous law of ice and cold seems to be able to make people’s divine soul freeze.

Yang Kai shuddered for no apparent reason, and then urged a trace of Source Qi to resist the ubiquitous ice and cold.

Because of the ice and coldness of this forbidden area, the entire world was filled with white mist, making it difficult to see the internal situation.

However, Yang Kai looked around and vaguely saw a small island in the middle of the ice lake, and on the small island, a figure was sitting there cross-legged.

This person is the Ice Heart Valley disciple who called Bingyun through the secret technique? This thought flashed in Yang Kai’s mind, and his divine sense was quietly released for investigation, and found that the other party’s cultivation level is the same as him, at the level of 3rd-order Dao Source Stage.

But what puzzled him was that he didn’t know why, he actually felt that the woman’s aura was a bit familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere.

Just when Yang Kai was suspicious, a buzzing sound suddenly came from the island.

Yang Kai heart’s shook, and in the midst of it, he felt that something was calling him, and that thing was on the small island in the center of the ice lake.

This discovery made him puzzled, wondering what was calling him.

“Honored Master?” On the island, there was a melodious voice, and tremblingly shouted in the direction of Yang Kai: “Honored Master, is that you? Have you come to see Yu’er?”

Listening to her tone, it seems that she has mistaken him for someone else!

However, after hearing this voice, Yang Kai suddenly understood why he felt that the aura of this woman was a little familiar. He also understood who this person was. He had only met her a few days ago. Although he didn’t have much contact, Yang Kai still Remembered her aura and voice.

He coughed slightly, trying to make his voice sound polite, so as not to startle the other person, and said, “Miss Zi Yu?”

On the small island, the owner of the voice was really frightened, and she said softly, “Who are you? How come you came here.”

This is the forbidden area of ​​Ice Heart Valley. Without the consent of the senior sect member, he would not be able to enter here, but a man suddenly appeared here. How could she not be shocked?

There was a flash of light in her mind, and Zi Yu coldly snorted: “Are you from Asking Passion Sect? Feng Xi send you over?”

Her tone was full of hostility and rejection, and he didn’t know how the guy named Feng Xi had offended her.

Yang Kai stood still and said, “Miss Zi Yu has misunderstood. I don’t know Fengxi, nor am i from Asking Passion sect. I am here because of the calling message sent by Miss Zi Yu.”

“Message?” Zi Yu was startled when she heard the words, and then whispered softly: “How did you know? That’s the message for me to summon the Founder of my sect!”


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