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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2413 English [Readable]

On the small island of the ice lake, Zi Yu was shocked.

She was imprisoned here. According to the method taught by her master, she send a message through the secret treasure left by the Founder/Martial Ancestor, and wanted to call the Founder/Martial Ancestor who had been missing for thousands of years to preside over justice for her.

Because the master told her that if anyone could save her from the fire and water, it was only the Founder/Martial Ancestor.

But the master also said that since the Founder/Martial Ancestor left Ice Heart Valley three thousand years ago, there has been no news and no trace. Over the past three thousand years, Ice Heart Valley has also suffered several catastrophes. During that catastrophe, the master once passed through the secret treasure and sent her a message according to the method left by the Founder/Martial Ancestor, but never received a response.

Many people at the top of the sect thought that the Founder/Martial Ancestor might have fallen somewhere in the star boundary, otherwise why hasn’t she came back?

Even the master herself is not sure whether the Founder/Martial Ancestor is alive or dead.

Zi Yu’s act of communicating the secret treasure to the Founder/Martial Ancestor was because she is really helpless, it was just the last effort.

She did not expect that someone would actually receive her message and rush to this place. What made her even more unexpected was that the person who came was a man!

Isn’t the secret treasure left by the Founder/Martial Ancestor? Isn’t the Founder/Martial Ancestor a woman? What’s the situation with this man? Zi Yu was at a loss and couldn’t understand.

Just when she was suspicious and guessing Yang Kai’s identity, Yang Kai’s voice came from there again: “Miss Zi Yu, can I go over and talk? Such communication might disturb others.”

Zi Yu suppressed the shock in her heart, and said lightly: “If you can withstand the cold here, come here.”

Yang Kai smiled slightly, and rushed towards the center of the ice lake.

The next moment, he stood on the island, fixed his eyes, and a familiar face immediately caught his eye.

It’s really her!

Yang Kai also felt very strange. He had only met this woman named Zi Yu a few days ago. At that time, she was being besieged by people from Asking Passion Sect. After saving her, not only did she not thank him, but after listening to Fanxin and others introduced their origin, she escaped vigilantly.

He just don’t know why. She was detained again in this forbidden area.

“It’s you!” Zi Yu couldn’t help but exclaimed after seeing Yang Kai’s face, but she seemed to notice that her voice was a little loud, and she quickly reached out her hand to cover her red lips, and her beautiful eyes trembled: “How could it be? you?”

She naturally remembered Yang Kai. After all, the two had only met each other a few days ago, and Yang Kai also rescued her, but she couldn’t figure out that this man who she had only met once came to the Ice Heart Valley Forbidden Land. And it hasn’t been noticed yet.

“Miss Ziyu, don’t be afraid, I am not malicious to you!” Seeing her alert expression, Yang Kai took the initiative to take a step back, “I am here because i was entrusted by others!”

“Entrusted by others? Who?” Zi Yu asked warily.

Yang Kai smiled slightly: “Look at this.”

While speaking, he stretched out his hand and threw a token at Zi Yu, which was the one that Bingyun gave him.

Zi Yu took it suspiciously, glanced at Yang Kai puzzledly, and then carefully looked at the token.

The next moment. Zi Yu suddenly shook her body, her beautiful eyes rounded. With a strange light and an incredible expression, she said excitedly: “This…this is the aura of the Founder/Martial Ancestor!”

Although she didn’t recognize what the token was, the aura remaining on the token was not to be faked. This aura was clearly exactly the same as the aura of the secret treasure that the Founder/Martial Ancestor left here.

She raised her head suddenly. Looking at Yang Kai in shock, she seemed a little delighted, but also a little nervous, and said, “Could it be that the person who send you here…”

“Hush!” Yang Kai put a finger on his mouth, a mysterious look that could be understood.

Ziyu was overjoyed. Holding the token tightly, she was a little choked and said: “I knew it, I knew it, Master Ancestor, she is safe and sound, Master, you can finally rest assured.”

As soon as she changed the conversation, he did not know why she talk about her Master, and who her Master was.

While she was talking, she actually took out a communication bead directly, and she was about to pour a message into it with her Divine Sense.

Yang Kai frowned and said, “What are you doing?”

Zi Yu said: “Master, she has always been worried about the safety of the Founder/Martial Ancestor. If she learns that the Founder/Master Ancestor is safe and sound, she will be happy.”

Yang Kai said with a cold sweat on his face, “Don’t tell your Master about this now.”


Yang Kai said, “Senior Bingyun is not easy to show up now. She will come here in a few days, and your Master will know about it by then.”

Hearing what Yang Kai said, Zi Yu couldn’t help but pause. After thinking about it for a while, she nodded and said, “I am so excited. By the way, I haven’t asked the Senior Brother name yet?”

Yang Kai said, “Call me Yang Kai.”

“It turned out to be Senior Brother Yang!” Zi Yu smiled, and the whole person seemed to relax completely. This smile almost eclipsed Heaven and Earth. Yang Kai looked slightly startled, but soon recovered.

Zi Yu recorded the changes in his expression in the bottom of her eyes, secretly complimenting him, because few men could not be moved by her beauty after seeing her, and countless men looked at her with lust.

Yang Kai was only amazed for a moment, and he was obviously a very self-disciplined man who could not be moved by beauty.

“Zi Yu was abrupt last time, and I haven’t thanked Senior Brother Yang for his life-saving grace. Please don’t be offended Senior Brother Yang.” Zi Yu said with some embarrassment. After learning that Yang Kai was actually sent by the Martial Ancestor, she felt that the man in front of her was extremely kind, so there was no psychological burden in calling her senior brother, as if the two were really senior brother and junior brother. Although Ice Heart Valley had no male disciples, and she had never had any senior brother, but Yang Kai felt extremely reliable to her.

“It’s okay, Miss Ziyu should be troubled.” Yang Kai smiled faintly.

Zi Yu nodded sadly and smiled bitterly: “Senior Brother Yang can see that, I have indeed been in trouble recently.”

“Is there something wrong with Ice Heart Valley? If Ziyu doesn’t mind, you can tell me.” Yang Kai asked. This time he came, one was to find the Ice Heart Valley disciple who was sending Bingyun a message, and two, was to ask what happened in Ice Heart Valley.

“Senior Brother Yang can call me Junior Sister.” Zi Yu whispered. Last time, she had seen Yang Kai make a move. He knocked Cao Yang, who overwhelmed her casually, to the ground. She asked herself if she could not do this, even if the cultivation level is the same, Zi Yu feels that she is not as good as Yang Kai.

“I said it was a trouble. Actually, this happened because of me.” As Zi Yu spoke, a deep guilt appeared on her face. After a while, she looked up and said: “Senior Brother Yang knows Asking Passion Sect, right? ”

Yang Kai nodded. Although he doesn’t know much about Asking Passion Sect, at least he knows that this sect is not small in the North Territory, and there are many experts in the sect. In terms of status, it is equivalent to the Azure Sun Temple, Heavenly Martial Holy Land and Plain Palace in the South Territory.

“Asking Passion Sect has a cultivation technique, which is called Asking Passion Supreme Art.” Zi Yu continue, “This technique is extremely peculiar. The Asking Passion Sect has been able to dominate the North Territory for so many years. A large part of the reason is this cultivation technique, I heard that this cultivation technique was originally created by a great emperor-level powerhouse, and the great emperor named it Asking Passion. To cultivate this set of cultivation technique, you need to be in love. The deeper you are in love, the faster you cultivate.”

Yang Kai was surprised when he heard it, and said, “Doesn’t this mean that everyone from Asking Passion Sect is the seed of infatuation?”

Zi Yu sneered and said, “Infatuation Seeds, Senior Brother Yang’s words are too high for them.”

Yang Kai frowned and said, “Isn’t it said that you have to be in love for this cultivation technique? If you are not in love, how can you cultivate this Asking Passion Supreme Art?”

Zi Yu nodded and said: “It is true that you need to be in love. When cultivating, you also need to be passionate and experience that unforgettable love. But the elite disciples of the Asking Passion Sect have come into contact with the Asking Passion Supreme Art since childhood, looking for their beloved woman. To fall in love with this woman, because of this cultivation technique, few women can withstand the tenderness and affection of the disciples of Asking Passion Sect. They often fall into it with the slightest contact and cannot extricate themselves.”

“This cultivation technique is so weird?” Yang Kai was shocked. If all it needs is that you need to be in love, it would be too weird that the power of this Asking Passion Supreme Art could affect even the object of affection. It’s simply the supreme weapon for picking up girls. Asking Passion Supreme Art, Which woman can resist the charm in this world?

“Because the practice of Asking Passion Supreme Art requires not only oneself to be in love, but also the target of the love. If a woman is not tempted, the disciple of Asking Passion Sect Disciple will be backlashed. The deeper the love, the stronger the backlash.” As Zi Yu spoke, a thick contempt appeared in her beautiful eyes, “If the disciple of the Asking Passion Sect can settle with one, that’s all, at least the two can stay together and fly high, and they may be able to live a happy life in the future. But the key point is that after the disciples of Asking Passion Sect practice this technique, they have made extremely rapid progress. Few women can keep up with the speed of their cultivation. It often takes less than a few years, and the gap between each other’s strength will become greater and greater. Once the cultivation gap is too big, the girl who is in love will have no effect on the disciples of the Asking Passion Sect. They need to find a woman whose cultivation level is equivalent to them to be in love, so that the cycle will continue to rise, and the cultivation level will continue to rise.”

Yang Kai swallowed his saliva and said with envious expression: “Doesn’t this mean that every disciple of Asking Passion Sect has a lot of wives and concubines, and all those wives and concubines are still affectionately attached to them, and will never leave?”

Zi Yu glanced at Yang Kai and said, “Senior Brother Yang, why are you looking envious?” [MSN: This dude is still jealous of this, his wives is all out of the world beauties.]

Yang Kai wiped the saliva from the corner of his mouth, and hurriedly waved his hand and said: “No, no, it’s nothing. This cultivation technique is simply outrageous making one bristle with anger. I’m going to look at this kind of cultivation technique as something that killed morality!”

Don’t know if Ziyu believes it or not, anyway, she didn’t continue to be entangled with this matter, and then said: “Asking Passion Sect’s elite disciples, those with more than one wives, there are few. People from cultivating along the way have captured the hearts of dozens or hundreds of women, but those women still have a crush on them. I really don’t know if they are stupid!”

Speaking of this, Ziyu’s white teeth clenched, a look of hatred for iron and steel.


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