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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2414 English [Readable]

“Between heaven and earth, the word “love” is the most embarrassing to break.” Yang Kai said in a leisurely manner, with an expression of deep understanding.

Zi Yu pursed her lips and said, “Senior Brother Yang, who did you think of?”

Yang Kai replied: “Junior Sister Yu continue.”

Zi Yu was very happy when she heard him call her Junior Sister Yu, and then said: “Generally speaking, the women who are targeted by the disciples of Asking Passion Supreme Art will never grow, because those who are in love and affected by the Asking Passion Supreme Art, no one will have the mind to cultivate anything. They have already treating the Asking Passion Sect disciple as their own world. This is also the root cause of the worsening cultivation level on both sides.”

Yang Kai nodded, agreeing: “Compared with the free and easy way of men, women are more likely to fall in love and unable to extricate themselves.” He paused, looked at Zi Yu thoughtfully and said: “Junior Sister Yu said this to me. Is it possible that the Asking Passion Sect is attracted to you?”

Zi Yu’s expression darkened when she heard the words, and she sighed: “Senior Brother Yang is right. The one who is targeting me is Feng Xi, the young master of Asking Passion Sect!”

“Feng Xi?” Yang Kai raised his brows and remembered the name. When he came here just now, Zi Yu mentioned Feng Xi and asked Yang Kai if he was sent by Feng Xi. Yang Kai denied it at the time, and now he knows that Feng Xi is actually the young master of Asking Passion Sect.

“My Ice Heart Valley and Asking Passion Sect are both one of the major sects in the North Territory, and the disciples occasionally have the opportunity to meet each other. Fengxi and I have also heard of each other, but we have never met each other. I ran into him during the training. Since then, this person has been stalking me, which is extremely annoying. I refused him several times, but it didn’t help.”

Yang Kai sneered: “This person is really cheeky.”

Zi Yu said: “Theoretically, Fengxi and I are considered to be well match. Even I have the meaning of climbing high places. Although Ice Heart Valley is still one of the top sects in the North Territory, everyone knows that this top sect name is not worth the name, and the true strength is not comparable to Asking Passion Sect. Feng Xi had no way to get me, so he shamelessly asked Asking Passion Sect to come forward and put pressure on the Master Sect, and at the same time to make great profits. Some senior members of the Sect… agreed to such a marriage and let Fengxi and I get married in two days.”

“The Ice Heart Valley senior members compromised?” Yang Kai’s expression sank.

Zi Yu said sadly: “Don’t blame them, after all, their strength is not as good as others. In the past six months, some of the Master Sect’s industries have been suppressed one after another. Many of the fellow disciples have been injured or even perished when they go out to practice. They want to protect the safety of the Master Sect. They can only agree to it.”

Seeing her helpless look, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a little sympathetic, and he was indifferent for a moment and said: “Where is your master? What position is your master in the Ice Heart Valley. Did she agree to it?”

Zi Yu smiled bitterly: “Master, she has been in charge of Ice Heart Valley since the disappearance of the Martial Ancestor. She is the acting Valley Master. The master treats me as her own, and naturally will not agree to this matter. Last time I was able to escape, it was also arranged by the master. It’s just that the master is now alone and unable to support me.”

“Since you have escaped. Why have you been caught back?” Yang Kai heard her say that the acting Valley Master did not agree to the marriage, and even helped her escape Ice Heart Valley. Only then did he feel that Ice Heart Valley’s senior members management was not hopeless.

Zi Yu said sadly: “Vice Sect Master of Asking Passion Sect, Yao Zhuo, took the shot himself, he is a strong man in the 2nd-order Emperor Realm, and I have no power to resist!”

“Yao Zhuo!” Yang Kai secretly remembered the name, guessing that after Zi Yu separated from them a few days ago, she should have encountered this Yao Zhuo and was captured back to Ice Heart Valley. Detained in this forbidden area.

“By the way, he and Feng Xi are now in Ice Heart Valley as a guest. Senior Brother Yang was not discovered by them when you came over, right?” Zi Yu suddenly asked worriedly.

When Yang Kai heard this, he said, “It turns out that those two are Yao Zhuo and Feng Xi.”

He did ran into two men on the way, one of them was a strong 2nd-order Emperor Realm. Before, he was still wondering how there would be a man in Ice Heart Valley. It turned out to be the vice sect master and the young master of the Asking Passion Sect.

It seems that Zi Yu escaped made them vigilant. After all, it was only two days before the happy day for them. If the bride couldn’t be seen at that time, then they will be ashamed. In order to prevent Zi Yu from escaping again, Yao Zhuo and Feng Xi is staying in the Ice Heart Valley personally.

After understanding this, Yang Kai said: “When I came here, I noticed their position, but they didn’t find out, so you can rest assured.”

Hearing this, Zi Yu was shocked again.

Yang Kai’s cultivation is comparable to her, but he was not discovered by the other party when he noticed Yao Zhuo. How did this happen? Recalling that Yang Kai injured Cao Yang with a single move a few days ago, Zi Yu suddenly understood that Yang Kai was definitely not a simple Dao Source Stage.

“My Master, she is powerless now. Only Master Ancestor can save me!” Zi Yu looked at Yang Kai anxiously, begging: “Senior Brother Yang, please tell Master Ancestor the situation here and ask her to rescue me from the sea of ​​suffering.”

Once Yao Zhuo really take her to Asking Passion Sect, then Ziyu will really become Fengxi’s prisoner in the future. Once Asking Passion Supreme Art is used, few women in this world can resist it, Fengxi cultivated all the way like this, and there were a lot of womans whose heart is captured, and there were countless harems. Zi Yu didn’t want to be one of them.

She still has a bright future, the vast sky, how can she be reduced to a tool for another man’s cultivation, and never make progress?

“Don’t worry, Senior Bingyun won’t just sit back and watch. I was asked by her to come and check this time. She is in Moon City now.” Yang Kai smiled slightly.

Hearing this, Zi Yu cried with joy, and kept chanting: “It’s great, it’s great!”

The Martial Ancestor is in Moon City, and she will surely be able to save her from the sea of suffering.

Suddenly, Zi Yu remembered something again. When she met Yang Kai a few days ago, she also ran into a few women who claimed to be disciples of Ice Heart Valley, but at the time she thought it was the high level senior member who sent someone to capture her, so she hurried away.

Now think about it carefully. She has never seen those Ice Heart Valley disciples, their faces are extremely strange, and their cultivation level are uneven. Those women were obviously not companions who grew up with her.

‘Are they disciples accepted by the Martial Ancestor? That’s why they claim to be from Ice Heart Valley, they were on the ship. Doesn’t it mean that the Martial Ancestor was also on the ship?’

Thinking of this, Zi Yu was very upset. When she remembered that she was close to the Martial Ancestor but missed the opportunity to see her, she was later captured by Yao Zhuo. Instead of being clever, she regretted it.

If she was with the Martial Ancestor at that time, how could there be so much trouble.

“Senior Brother Yang, go back to Moon City as soon as possible, you may be discovered by someone after you stay here for a long time.” Zi Yu collected her thoughts and quickly persuaded.

“Aren’t you going with me?” Yang Kai asked.

Ziyu smiled bitterly: “This is the forbidden area of ​​the ice lake, and there are countless forbidden formations outside. How can i get out?”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “How do you think I got in?”

Zi Yu was taken aback, looked at the token in her hand suddenly, and said, “Could it be…”

Yang Kai nodded and said, “This is a token given by Senior Bingyun. All the restrictions in this valley can be cracked. Since I’m here, I can’t go back empty-handed. You will go to Moon City with me, and personally tell things to Senior Bingyung.”

“Senior Brother Yang can take me with you?” Zi Yu was pleasantly surprised.

“Naturally.” Yang Kai smiled and nodded, “But you can wait a moment.”

“What’s wrong?” Zi Yu asked puzzledly. Then she watched Yang Kai bypass her and walked straight towards the center of the island.

At the center of the small island, there was an altar-like existence, and above the altar, there was a water-blue circular bead, exuding bursts of chill.

This bead is about the size of a dragon eye and seems to be the source of the ice and cold here. The closer Yang Kai gets to it, the more horrible energy it contains.

Upon seeing this, Zi Yu explained: “This is the secret treasure left by the Martial Ancestor back then. We don’t know what it is called or where the Martial Ancestor got it from, but Martial Ancestor inspired some of its internal energy to form this place. With this icy lake forbidden area, when disciples were cultivating here, they could more clearly perceive the cold domain and laws of the ice and cold. Master said that the origin of this bead may be unusual, but even the Martial Ancestor don’t know the specifics of this bead, and what does it do.”

As she explained, she watched Yang Kai’s movements, wondering why he was so interested in this bead.

She even saw Yang Kai trembling with excitement, as if he had discovered something extraordinary.

“Senior Brother Yang, you can’t get close anymore. If you get closer, you won’t be able to bear it.” Zi Yu reminded worriedly, but as soon as she said the words, she knew that she was silly. If Yang Kai really couldn’t bear it, he would naturally not move forward, but he is still moving forward, which shows that he can resist the chill of the ice bead.

She was secretly shocked, because even if she had practiced the ice attribute cultivation technique, she couldn’t get too close to the ice bead, but Yang Kai looked even better than her.

Is this senior brother Yang a disciple taught by the Martial Ancestor herself? Otherwise, how could it be so? But why did the Martial Ancestor accept a man as a disciple?

When she was thinking about it, Yang Kai had already arrived at the place where the altar was ten feet away. When he arrived here, he could no longer move forward. He only felt so cold all over his body, no matter how he urge his Source Qi, he couldn’t resist the bone chilling cold.

There was even frost on his hair and clothes.

But instead of being frightened, his eyes were bright, and he looked very surprised.

Immediately afterwards, he flipped his hand, and a fiery red bead appeared on the palm of his hand.

Zi Yu watched this scene, she can’t help but felt lost. Because the bead that Yang Kai took out was basically the same as the ice bead on the altar, except for the color.

And the moment Yang Kai took out the fire-red bead, the ice bead on the altar shook and hummed. At the same time, the fire-red bead in Yang Kai’s hand also made a humming sound. There seems to be a resonance between.

“Bead of Winter!” Yang Kai suddenly exclaimed, exhilarating, “Bead of Winter!”


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