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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2415 English [Readable]

“Bead of Winter? What is the Bead of Winter!” Zi Yu looked at Yang Kai with a look of astonishment. Judging from Yang Kai’s tone and demeanor, he apparently recognized this bead, and even knew exactly what the bead role. And the fiery red bead in his hand should have a deep connection with this Bead of Winter, otherwise it would not have such resonance.

“I’ll explain to you later!” Yang Kai swallowed his saliva, and he was almost unable to help himself because of the huge surprise. How can he explain too much to Zi Yu with leisure.

He never expected that he would encounter the Bead of Winter in the forbidden area of ​​Ice Heart Valley!

In the land of the four seasons, Yang Kai got three beads, namely the Bead of Spring, Bead of Summer, and Bead of Autumn. The energy attributes contained in each of the beads are completely different. Yang Kai secretly guessed that there should be another ice attribute, which is the Bead of Winter, so that he can gather the strength of the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and show the cycle of time. It is a pity that he had no chance to see the Bead of Winter at that time, and he didn’t know where to find it, so he could only shelve this matter.

He has been storing the three beads of spring, summer and autumn in the space ring, which has been useless for so long.

But here today, he unexpectedly encountered the missing Bead of Winter! This is really unintentional. He came here only to be instructed by Bingyun. He wanted to see which disciple was contacting her through the secret treasure, but he didn’t expect this unexpected joy.

He was full of surprise in his heart.

This is the Bead of Winter. In other words, he has gathered together the spring, summer, autumn and winter, and he can show the power of year cycles, and he does not know what benefits it will bring him.

However, how could there be a Bead of Winter in the forbidden area of ​​Ice Heart Valley? Yang Kai thought about it. It can only be guessed that Bing Yun had also been to the Land of Four Seasons when she was in the Dao Source Stage. Maybe she got the Bead of Winter from the Land of Four Seasons, and then brought it to the North Territory. After creating the Ice Heart Valley, she left the Bead of Winter here and turned the power in the Bead of Winter into the power of ice and cold to form this Forbidden area of ​​ice lake.

If this is the case, if he take away the winter pearl, isn’t this forbidden land abolished?

Thinking of this. Yang Kai couldn’t help but hesitate. He felt that if he told Bing Yun the truth, Bing Yun would not be stingy in giving this Bead of Winter to him. Putting the Bead of Winter here will only bring a forbidden place to the Ice Heart Valley, so that the disciples can cultivate here. But if it is in his own hands, it is extremely possible to spy on the inheritance of the Passing of Time Great Emperor!

That was a great emperor’s life’s hard work and the foundation of martial dao, undoubtedly more precious than this forbidden land.

Just as Yang Kai was hesitating, not knowing whether he should take the Bead of Winter away at this time, the Bead of Winter suddenly burst and shot a white beam of light into the sky.

“Not good!” Zi Yu’s pretty face changed, and shouted: “Senior Brother Yang, hurry up and put away your bead.”

Yang Kai also realized that it was not good. This Bead of Winter seemed to have been developed by Bingyun Refining, so it was able to explode some power, which was no more effective than the other three beads in his hand. Now it suddenly burst into a beam of light. It was obviously affected by the Bead of Summer.

This beam of light appeared. I’m afraid that the entire Ice Heart Valley will be alarmed. This is the forbidden area of ​​Ice Heart Valley. It will not be long before there will be experts from Ice Heart Valley to investigate the situation.

So before Zi Yu’s words fell, he quickly stuffed the Bead ow Summer into the Space Ring, and at the same time stretched out his hand to grab the Bead of Winter.

Now that it had been exposed, he didn’t need to hesitate any more, he simply grabbed the bead and thing to himeslf, in the worst case scenario, when he returned to Moon City he can explained to Bingyun clearly, asking her to give the Bead of Winter to him.

The big hand leaned forward, and the ubiquitous ice cold directly turned his hand into dark purple. The back of his hand was covered with frost. At this moment, Yang Kai felt that his hand was numb, and he was so panicked that he urged Source Qi in a hurry to resist.

After finally grasping the Bead of Winter, Yang Kai quickly threw it into the Space Ring, which made him feel better.

The next moment, he pulled up the dumbfounded Zi Yu and shouted in a low voice: “Go!”

Zi Yu said in a daze: “Senior Brother Yang, why are you stealing our Ice Heart Valley treasure?”

She still hadn’t realized what was going on. If Yang Kai hadn’t taken out the Martial Ancestor token earlier, she had even expressed her intention, i’m afraid that Zi Yu would attack him now.

When such an elite disciple of Ice Heart Valley steals the treasures of the forbidden area in Ice Heart Valley, this is simply a robber’s behavior!

“Senior Bingyun asked me to take this bead away, she has another great use!” Yang Kai couldn’t explain it clearly, so he could only make a nonsense.

“Oh.” Zi Yu didn’t doubt him, so she didn’t ask more now.

Yang Kai held Ziyu in one hand and the token bestowed by Bingyun in one hand. He quickly broke the restriction on the forbidden area and rushed out all the way.

At this moment, the entire Ice Heart Valley was boiling, and countless Ice Heart Valley disciples who were resting and meditating were all disturbed by the movement of the forbidden area, and rushed to investigate the situation.

Strong or weak auras one after another in Ice Heart Valley made Yang Kai secretly startled.

Ice Heart Valley is indeed one of the top sects in the North Territory. Even if there is no Bingyun sitting here, there are definitely many strong people in the valley. There are as many as a dozen strong people in the first and second order of the emperor realm. The strength is not inferior to the Azure Sun Temple in the South Territory, only a strong person who can match Wen Zishan is missing, which shows how powerful the foundation of Ice Heart Valley is.

But even in such a sect, it still couldn’t bear the pressure of Asking Passion Sect, and had to prepare to betroth the best disciple in the Sect to Fengxi. Comparing the two sides, the overall strength of Asking Passion Sect is definitely better than Ice Heart Valley.

The valley was extremely chaotic, which also made it convenient for Yang Kai to take Ziyu away. He carefully avoided the location where the emperor realm was located, and he passed by without being noticed by anyone.

Zi Yu also felt nervousness that she had never felt before. The last time she had the help of her master to escape from Ice Heart Valley, it was not so exciting. At that time, she was only thinking about leaving the North Territory and would never be found by anyone from Asking Passion Sect. But now, there was a man who took her to escape. It felt like she was going to elope with this Senior Brother Yang Kai.

If this is known by people, I am afraid that the water from all over the world will not washed it. When she get nervous, Zi Yu’s heart was jumping.

“Who is being sneaky!” Suddenly, a soft shout came from the side, and then a bright light flashed over there, and the unparalleled sword intent fell from the sky, directly enshrouding her and Yang Kai.

Zi Yu’s complexion changed drastically, and she realized that her emotions should have fluctuated just now, which caused her traces to be found, and she felt very guilty for a while.

And at this moment, she suddenly felt a gentle force pushing away from the side, and directly pushed her out of the range covered by the sword intent. Then, Yang Kai also shot out like a sword, and collided fiercely with the incoming person.

There was a series of clinking sound, and the person who came, as if surprised at something, floated and then retreated.

But Yang Kai took the opportunity to take a few breaths, his face turned pale, his body shook, and he forced away the icy cold sword intent that enveloped him.

He secretly rejoiced in his heart. Fortunately, the person who came was a 1st-order emperor realm, otherwise he would really not be able to resist it. During this period of time, he also fought with a lot of powerful 1st-order emperor realm experts and accumulated a lot of valuable experience. Even if the fight was a bit of a loss, it didn’t hurt.

“Yu’er!” The visitor frowned, looking at Zi Yu and exclaimed: “Why are you here.”

When Yang Kai heard this, his heart suddenly relaxed. Since this person called Ziyu this way, it means that she is an elder of Ziyu, and she should like Ziyu very much, otherwise she would not use such an intimate name. Since she likes Ziyu, she shouldn’t embarrassed her much.

Until this time, Yang Kai had time to take a good look at the people coming. This is a woman dressed up as a young woman. She is petite and exquisite. She holds two swords with cherry blossoms. She has a pretty face. Her clothes are tightly bound with a bumpy figure. She looks very pleasing. It seems that it is because of her petiteness. There is not much difference between a young girl.

But any martial artist who has cultivated to the emperor realm can’t infer their age from appearances. This young woman is at least several thousand years old.

“7th Master Aunt!” Zi Yu looked at the young woman and called out in a low voice, with a pleading expression on her face.

“You can escape the forbidden area, he saved you?” The young woman who was called by Ziyu as 7th Master Aunt gave Yang Kai a thoughtful look, and she looked up and down with her beautiful eyes, as if she wanted to see deep down in Yang Kai’s heart.

Her beautiful eyes were clear and spotless. When facing those eyes, Yang Kai felt that the dark and evil hidden in his heart seemed to be melted away. This shocked his heart and realized that this young woman should have cultivated some mysterious technique.

“Yes, this is Senior Brother Yang Kai!” Zi Yu nodded quickly and introduced: “Senior Brother Yang, this is my 7th Master Aunt, Zhangsun Ying, who treats me well.”

She deliberately added the last sentence, obviously because she was afraid that Yang Kai would fall out with the 7th Master Aunt.

“It turns out to be senior zhangsun, Yang Kai has seen Senior!” Yang Kai hurriedly clasped his fists.

Long Sun Ying snorted and said, “No wonder you have been disagreeing with this marriage, because it turns out that you have been in love with someone.”

Zhangsun Ying thoughts were simple. If Yang Kai is not in love with Zi Yu, how could this man take such a big risk to go deep into Ice Heart Valley to save Zi Yu? A man is willing to do this for a woman. The only explanation is that he is in love with the other person. Only the word love is enough to make a man pay so much for a woman.

Zi Yu blushed and waved her hand: “7th Master Aunt, you have misunderstood. Senior Brother Yang was sent by the Martial Ancestor.”

Zhangsun Ying’s body suddenly shook, but soon calmed down, and sighed: “Don’t lie to me, Honored Master, I hasn’t heard from her for three thousand years… You go, I haven’t seen you.”


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