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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2416 English [Readable]

Although Zi Yu wanted to explain clearly to Zhangsun Ying, she also knew that it was not time to be wordy, so she could only make up her mind and explain it to her later. She said gratefully, “Thank you 7th Master Aunt.”

When the words fell, she rushed to Yang Kai’s side, grabbed his hand, and said anxiously: “Let’s go quickly.”

“Can’t leave!” Yang Kai suddenly laughed bitterly, looking at Zhangsun Ying somewhat helplessly.

Zhangsun Ying had clearly noticed something too, her eyebrows frowned slightly, her pretty face was gloomy.

She had previously stopped Yang Kai and Zi Yu here as an instinctive reaction. After all, she was the elder of Ice heart Valley, and she realized that someone was sneaking in the valley, so she couldn’t ignore it.

But this interception and the previous confrontation had obviously shocked many people, causing Yang Kai and Ziyu to lose the best opportunity to escape.

She couldn’t help feeling a little guilty in her heart, if she had known this, she would not show up to intercept anything.


A series of soft sounds came, and then, a large number of Emperor Realm suddenly appeared around Yang Kai and others, at least as many as seven or eight, and some other emperor realm will be able to come in a few breaths of time.

These emperor realms did not have 3rd-order Emperor Realm, and there were only two people in the 2nd-order Emperor Realm, and the rest were all 1st-order Emperor Realm.

For a moment, Yang Kai was surrounded by thin swallows and thin rings, which made people look dazzling.

This can be truly called beautiful like a cloud, with thousand beauties, and a variety of different scents come from all directions, making people feel like falling into the land of warmth and tenderness.

Yang Kai was not even happy with this, but his expression was solemn.

Surrounded by so many emperor realms, he also encountered it for the first time. Even if he is proficient in the Space Force, he is not sure that he can escape from this place safely.

“Ziyu, you are so brave, you dare to get out of the forbidden land and steal the treasure of the forbidden land!” Yang Kai was thinking about how to escape from here. One of the 2nd-order Emperor Realm experts suddenly shouted.

This woman was dressed as a beautiful woman, wearing a light blue long dress, but her expression was extremely cold, and there was an inexplicable trace of hostility lingering on her body, which made people feel extremely uncomfortable, and don’t know what secret technique she had practiced. She stood there, the whole person was full of sword intent, as sharp as a sharp sword out of the sheath, exuding an extremely dangerous aura.

With a panic expression, Zi Yu hurriedly waved to the beautiful woman: “No, Great Elder. You have misunderstood.”

“Misunderstood?” The beautiful woman snorted coldly, “Is this palace master blind, you are the only one in the forbidden ground, but at this moment the treasure is gone, you dare to say that you didn’t took it?”

Zi Yu turned her head and glanced at Yang Kai. It was hard to say that Yang Kai took the treasure, so she could only be silent.

“Very well, did you admit it?” The beautiful woman sneered. Turning her head to look at the other 2nd-order Emperor Realm, she said: “Zi Yu, she broke the sect rules, she did not regret it during the confinement. She also stole the treasure of the forbidden land, please convict her for me senior sister!

The woman in the 2nd-order Emperor Realm heard the words and sighed slightly, looking at Zi Yu with some complicated eyes, her beautiful eyes were full of guilt and self-blame, as well as a deep sense of distress. It took a long time to speak: “Yu’er, that ice bead is something left by your martial ancestor. What did you take it for?”

She obviously also thinks that the ice bead was stolen by Ziyu, after all, it was still in the forbidden area before. But now it is gone.

Zi Yu opened her mouth and said, “Master, I didn’t take it.”

She only argued that she hadn’t stolen the treasure, but she didn’t mean to snitch Yang Kai, obviously she didn’t want to put Yang Kai in trouble.

“Then how did it disappear?” Ziyu’s master asked softly. Compared with the imposing manner of the 2nd-order Emperor Realm, she is undoubtedly more gentle and considerate, and she speaks softly.

Yang Kai suddenly asked in a low voice, “Junior Sister Yu, how should these two be called?”

Zi Yu heard the words, and subconsciously replied: “One is my master An Ruoyun, the other is my Ice Heart Valley Great Elder Sun Yunxiu, and also my 2nd Master Aunt, my Master ranked first among the fellow sisters.”

Yang Kai understood that the woman with gentle temperament was the master of Ziyu, who was also the valley master of Ice Heart Valley, An Ruoyun, and the other woman with strong imposing manner is Sun Yunxiu. Both of them and Zhangsun Ying, whom Yang Kai had met before, were all related disciple sisters of the same Master.

Bingyun has accepted a group of good disciples, all of whom have grown to the level of the emperor realm, and he don’t know if it is this place that nurtures people or she teaches well.

However, it is obviously not the time to think about this, Yang Kai clasped his fists and said, “Junior Yang Kai, I have seen you seniors.”

“Which green onion are you, you dare to rush into Ice Heart Valley at night and take my disciples in Ice Heart Valley!” Sun Yunxiu’s expression became cold and she shouted sharply.

Yang Kai frowned slightly, and said, “I’m afraid Elder sun has misunderstood. I did not prey on Junior Sister Yu, but was entrusted to take her out of here.” The bad tone of Sun Yunxiu came up and made him feel too bad. She didn’t have any good feelings, and from her attitude, she didn’t seem to like Zi Yu too much, and she was one of the people who succumbed under the pressure of Asking Passion Sect.

“The kid dared to talk back!” Sun Yunxiu’s expression turned sullen.

At this moment, two figures suddenly fell from the sky and landed on the side. Then, one of them looked at Ziyu and exclaimed, “Younger Sister Yu, what are you doing!”

He had a distressed look, his expression was extreme, looking at Zi Yu with disappointment, and when he turned to Yang Kai, he was full of hatred and murderous intent.

The two who came were both men. One of them is a 2nd-order Emperor Realm, he is not angry or prestigious, and the person who spoke was the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage, handsome and heroic.

The identities of these two people are ready to come out, and the only men who are guests in Ice Heart Valley are Yao Zhuo, vice sect master of Asking Passion Sect, and Fengxi, their young master.

The two of them were obviously disturbed by the movement here, but after arriving to the place, Feng Xi found that Zi Yu was actually holding Yang Kai’s hand, and she was actively holding it!

This discovery made him feel as if sinking into the water for a moment, and he felt green on his head, and he felt deeply insulted. The whole body was tumbling, as if it would explode at any time. The woman whom Feng Xi liked had never treated him like this. Any woman whose body and mind were captured was like a slave. His words were absolute orders, and no one dared to resist.

But when it came to Ziyu, she seemed to show no words to him, and that was all there was to it. At this moment, this lowly maid was so intimate with a strange man. Isn’t this looking down on him? If such a thing is spread, how can one gain a foothold in the North Territory in the future? I’m afraid that when he see anyone, he will have to avoid the gazes.

Seeing Feng Xi’s eyes fall on her own hand, Zi Yu also instantly realized something was wrong.

She was planning to pull Yang Kai to escape from here, so she didn’t care too much, but before she could do anything, the Master Aunts had already come here to surround her and Yang Kai, causing them to be unable to advance or retreat. Under tension, Zi Yu also forgot to let go of Yang Kai’s hand.

After reacting now, she clearly felt the broadness and warmth of Yang Kai’s palm, her face flushed, and she instinctively wanted to let go.

But she didn’t know what she was thinking, the jade hand was about to be released, and she held it tightly again, and this time even harder than before, it actually interlocked with Yang Kai’s fingers.

Yang Kai glanced at her in amazement, a strange feeling lingering in his heart.

Zi Yu blushed slightly, her soft body nestled on Yang Kai’s arm, looking at Feng Xi provocatively, and said: “Young Sect Master, please take care of yourself. You can not call me younger sister Yu, besides, what i want to do is my freedom, you have no right to interfere!”

Feng Xi heard this, his already ugly face turned pale, his eyes glared at Yang Kai with fire, gritted his teeth and said: “Boy, you dare to touch my woman!”

Yang Kai sneered. He naturally knew why Zi Yu wanted to be so intimate with him, obviously he did it to despise Feng Xi on purpose. Yang Kai didn’t really dislike her for this way. Ziyu couldn’t control her future and destiny, so she could only resist one or two in this way. She hoped that Feng Xi could dispel his original thoughts, but she didn’t expect to stimulate the anger and murderous intent of Fengxi.

“Who is your woman, shameless!” Zi Yu didn’t mean to show Feng Xi any face. Seeing that he threatened Yang Kai like this, she immediately cursed.

Feng Xiqi’s face turned pale. He was not good at screaming at Zi Yu, so he could only vent his anger on Yang Kai, and looked at him viciously, “Boy, how can you do this? You can only let a woman stand up for you?”

Yang Kai grinned, and said: “Young Sect Master, the forcibly picked melon is not sweet, why is that? I have been in love with Junior Sister Yu for a long time, and already ‘cook the rice and set for life’. Now, who is robbing whose woman, this young master does not share your general knowledge, but are you the thief who shouted thief to others? What is the reason?”

When he said it, everyone was shocked.

A group of emperor realm from Ice Heart Valley opened their mouths slightly, staring at Yang Kai and Zi Yu dumbfounded, as if they couldn’t believe it was true.

Zi Yu was also slightly absent-minded. She didn’t expect Yang Kai to say such things in front of so many people. What kind of ‘already cook the rice and set for life’? Isn’t this corrupting her innocence? In an instant, her face blushed, her face burned, as if she had done something indignant with Yang Kai, and she was ashamed of seeing people.

Seeing her face changed, the expressions of the many emperor realm in Ice Heart Valley became strange.

Zhangsun Ying, the 7th Master Aunt, looked at Yang Kai with a look of approval, with a beautiful expression. It was the first time she and Yang Kai met, and there was nothing like or disliked, but Yang Kai’s bold words still made her feel that Zi Yu had found the right person.

If he wasn’t sincere, how could he be so presumptuous in front of so many emperor realm?

Over there, Feng Xi’s face was so gloomy that he could almost shave off a layer of frost, and the whole person felt bad. He did not expect that the woman he admired and would even use the power of the sect to get, has already become someone else’s plaything!

It felt like eating a dead fly, making him sick and uncomfortable, and his eyes were full of disgust when looking at Zi Yu.


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