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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2417 English [Readable]

“Don’t be fooled by them, Zi Yu’s Primordial Yin is not lost, she is still innocent!” Yao Zhuo suddenly whispered in Feng Xi’s ear.

When Feng Xi heard the words, a strange light flashed in his eyes, and he swept across Zi Yu’s body to make sure that Yao Zhuo was right. Zi Yu did not lose her Primordial Yin and was still a virgin. But even so, he couldn’t let it go, because at this moment Zi Yu had been clasping her five fingers with Yang Kai’s, and had not separated for a long time.

This is a great insult to the face of any man, let alone the Asking Passion Sect Young Master.

The woman whom the young sect master fancy is so close to the man next to her, this is no longer Fengxi personal problem, if this spread out, it is a great blow to the sect’s reputation.

“Who are you kid, dare to oppose Asking Passion Sect, are you not afraid of death?” Yao Zhuo looked at Yang Kai coldly, and his heart full with murderous intention. He knew that if things were not handled well today, it would not only be against the sect. His reputation is damaged, and Feng Xi’s heart is very likely to produce [Heart Demon], and the best way to deal with it is to let Feng Xi kill Yang Kai, but this is Ice Heart Valley after all. It’s better to get things clear.

A group of Emperor Realm in Ice Heart Valley also looked at Yang Kai curiously. Speaking of which, they also wanted to know who Yang Kai was. Suddenly such a man appeared in the valley, and he was so close to Ziyu. Ziyu’s master, An Ruoyun, also couldn’t figure out the situation.

She had never heard Ziyu talk about the man in front of her.

“I’m just here to take away Junior Sister Yu, why come to be an enemy of Asking Passion SEct? Senior said this too freely, right? You must speak with your conscience.” Yang Kai snorted, then said: “And this is Ice Heart Valley. What does it have to do with your Asking Passion Sect?”

“Can you call her Junior Sister Yu?” Feng Xi was furious.

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he said coldly: “Mind your own business, why are you barking about?”

Feng Xi furiously went up, glanced at Yao Zhuo, and said arbitrarily: “Master Uncle, I want to kill him!”

Since birth till now. He had never suffered such a grievance. The woman he liked took the initiative to hold the man’s hand and tarnished his reputation. This man was so arrogant. How to shed hatred without killing him!

Yang Kai sneered: “Want to kill me? There are many people who want to kill me, but they are all dead!”

“Junior is rampant!” Yao Zhuo’s expression sank, his eyes bursting with anger, and the imposing manner of Emperor Realm swept toward Yang Kai.

A group of Emperor Realm in the Ice Heart Valley also looked surprised. They were also shocked by Yang Kai, a 3rd-order Dao Source Stage speaking so verbally in front of them. They didn’t know if Yang Kai was stupid in cultivation, or if he really didn’t know the heights of the sky and the ignorance was meaningless.

Yang Kai stood there and snorted, as if he was a little out of breath under Yao Zhuo’s aura, he sniffed and said, “I’m sorry, I am young and ignorant, and I don’t know how to speak.”

The women heard this. All theier eyebrows frowned. They thought that Yang Kai was not afraid before. He was so arrogant before, and thought he was really proud, but Yao Zhuo’s imposing manner came and he immediately withered. In this way, this kid is not reliable enough to be trusted. If Yang Kai can really stay hard to the end, it may be impressive, but he compromised so quickly, obviously he is also a guy who is bullying the weak and afraid of hardship.

A few sighs came from the crowd, which seemed to feel sorry for Zi Yu.

She found such a man. They don’t know if Zi Yu is trapped by love without seeing his true face. Compared with Fengxi, this person is altogether a thousand miles away. At the very least, Fengxi is the young master of Asking Passion Sect, whose status is not comparable to ordinary people. Zi Yu married him, even if she could not make progress in her cultivation in the future, she would not suffer much in her life, and she could live in peace and stability, and she might be happy in the future.

But if she really follow someone like Yang Kai, the future will be bleak.

Yang Kai looked at Yao Zhuo and Feng Xi faintly. He smiled coldly, and then said: “I am a bit unpleasant to speak, if there is something offended just now… You guys come and bite me!”

The audience was in an uproar when he said it.

A group of Emperor Realm in the Ice Heart Valley had their beautiful eyes widened, and looked at Yang Kai blankly, with an expression of disbelief, as if questioning what they had just heard. However, Feng Xi and Yao Zhuo’s expressions sank, and they were so angry.

Yao Zhuo turned his face, looked at Sun Yunxiu, and shouted in a low voice: “Great Elder, if Xi’er kill him, do you have any opinions?”

Instead of consulting An Ruoyun, the Valley Master, he directly asked Sun Yunxiu, apparently he also knew that An Ruoyun has a weak personality, and it was useless to ask her at this time.

The reason why Feng Xi was allowed to take action was for his consideration. The appearance of Yang Kai and Ziyu had invisibly caused a [heart demon] in Feng Xi’s heart. Only by letting Feng Xi kill Yang Kai, will this [heart demon] be eliminated and will not affect his later cultivation. The Asking Passion Supreme Art of Asking Passion Sect cultivate with their emotion. When cultivating, you need to pay your own true feelings, and you need to make the subject emotional.

Hearing Yao Zhuo’s question, Sun Yunxiu’s pretty face sank, and coldly snorted: “This is my Ice Heart Valley. It is also my Ice Heart Valley’s business to kill or release. The Vice Sect Master and Young Sect Master don’t have to intervene!”

Her cold words made Yang Kai extremely surprised.

Because he previously guessed that Sun Yunxiu should be a member of the people who succumb to the pressure of Asking Passion Sect, and should be the backbone of agreeing to let Zi Yu marry the Asking Passion Sect young master, such a person, logically speaking, would only kneel and lick the feet of Asking Passion Sect, absolutely won’t refute it, but in fact Sun Yunxiu didn’t show Yao Zhuo any face, what’s the situation?

Although Sun Yunxiu didn’t give Yao Zhuo face, she didn’t have a good impression of Yang Kai. She felt that this series of troubles were caused by Yang Kai. When she turned her head to look at him, her face was full of murderous intention.

When she was about to say something, An Ruoyun suddenly said, “Young man, you just said that you were ordered to take Yu’er away. Whose order was it?”

She didn’t have much meaning in asking this, but she knew Sun Yunxiu’s personality, and knew that if she didn’t interrupt, she would definitely start something with Yang Kai.

Yang Kai was absolutely unable to resist because of her 2nd-order Emperor Realm.

Regardless of whose order Yang Kai came here, or if he really fell in love with Zi Yu, coming to take her to elope, it was all An Ruoyun wanted to see. Zi Yu is her disciple. She teaches her cultivation since she was young. If she wasn’t forced, how could she agree to this marriage and secretly let Zi Yu escape? It’s a pity that good luck made people, Zi Yu was eventually captured and returned.

Yang Kai still respects An Ruoyun. This woman is the master of Ziyu and the valley master of Ice Heart Valley. But from her appearance, she seems to be extremely gentle and weak in character. Such a person is actually not suitable to be in charge of managing the sect.

The true head needs to be iron-faced, unfeeling, and tough, and An Ruoyun undoubtedly does not meet this requirement. This may be the biggest reason why Ice Heart Valley was bullied by the Asking Passion Sect but was unable to resist.

Yang Kai clasped his fists and said, “Senior, the kid has been ordered by Senior Bingyun to take Junior Sister Yu away from here!”


“Boy, what did you just say?”

A group of Emperor Realm in Ice Heart Valley were all excited and exclaimed. A dozen pairs of beautiful eyes instantly fixed on Yang Kai’s body, trembling slightly, and that Sun Yunxiu shook her body and suddenly appeared in front of Yang Kai, stretching out. With one hand, she grabbed Yang Kai’s shoulder, and gritted her white teeth and said in a trembled voice: “Boy, repeat what you just said…again!”

“You’re hurting me!” Yang Kai glanced at the position of his shoulder and said in a cold voice. He looked indifferent, but he didn’t mean any pain.

Sun Yunxiu looked angry, as if she was about to explode, but didn’t know what she thought of, and she suppressed her anger abruptly, took a deep breath and let go of Yang Kai, and took the initiative to withdraw a few steps back. Looking at Yang Kai nervously again.

Other Emperor Realm of the Ice Heart Valley are like this.

Yang Kai looked around and said loudly: “I came here by the order of Senior Bingyun, and to take Junior Sister Yu away!”

“Honored Master…” An Ruoyun was finally sure that she had heard it right. Yang Kai really uttered the word Bingyun just now. These two sacred words have haunted her for three thousand years. For these three thousand years, She always recalled the scenes when her honored master taught her to practice cultivation hand in hand. At that time, she was carefree, leaning back on the big tree of the honored master, and only needed to practice with peace of mind.

But time flies, things are different, Ice Heart Valley is still the Ice Heart Valley, but the Honored Master is never seen and heard of.

Not only did the outside world speculate that the honored master had fallen, but even many fellow sisters in the sect silently accepted this fact.

But at this moment, she actually heard the news of the honored master from Yang Kai’s mouth, An Ruoyun only felt the blood in her chest roll, and said: “Honored Master… how is she now?”

A pair of beautiful eyes looked at Yang Kai, full of expectation, obviously they all wanted to know the answer.

Yang Kai sneered and said, “Senior Bingyun knows that you are going to push the best disciple of the sect into the fire pit, so she feel very bad!”

When the women heard the words, their expressions were sad, and their faces were full of guilt.

“Impossible, impossible!” Suddenly Sun Yunxiu yelled like crazy, her eyes were red, her eyes widened, she looked at Yang Kai as if she was going to eat people, step by step approaching him, gritted her teeth Said: “If the honored master is really still there, why didn’t she come over and talk to us in person, but sent you a man to Ice Heart Valley! Boy, how dare you lie? You really think this palace master can’t kill you!”

“2nd Master Aunt, this is true. Senior Brother Yang was really sent by Master Ancestor.” Zi Yu saw her look fierce and wicked, and quickly stepped forward to block in front Yang Kai.

Seeing this scene, Feng Xi’s heart over there was broken.


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