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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2418 English [Readable]

“Go away, there is nothing for you here!” Sun Yunxiu waved her hand and swept Zi Yu aside. Fortunately, although her mood fluctuated greatly, she also knew how to take action. This sweep did not hurt Zi Yu.

The next moment, Sun Yunxiu came to Yang Kai again. She stretched out her hand and grabbed Yang Kai’s clothes, lifted him up easily, raised her head slightly, and said sternly: “How dare you use the Honored Master to tease me, I will kill you now!”

The clamor in her mouth was fierce, but there was no murderous intention in her eyes. On the contrary, it was not as good as the momentum just now, even if she looked fierce.

How can she be trying to kill Yang Kai now? Obviously she wanted to force Yang Kai to tell the truth with her extraordinary cultivation level.

Yang Kai saw through her troubles and losses at a glance, and did not resist in the slightest, allowing her to carry him and sneered: “Do it, why not do it?”

Sun Yunxiu’s white teeth rattled, but there was no sign of killing at all, just stared at Yang Kai stubbornly.

Yang Kai raised his hand, slapped her face, and shouted sharply: “Expand your dog’s eyes to see clearly, what is this!”

Sun Yunxiu didn’t notice for a while, but Yang Kai really slapped her firmly, staggering back.

The girls were shocked, all of them sweating.

Among the many fellow sisters, Sun Yunxiu has the hottest temper, and her cultivation is at the 2nd-order Emperor Realm, so she can be qualified for the position of the great elder in Ice Heart Valley, but now she is actually slapped by a 3rd-order Dao Source Stage in front of so many people, and it was a man who hit her.

How will this end? Everyone seemed to have foreseen the miserable end of Yang Kai’s dismemberment by Sun Yunxiu.

An Ruoyun’s expression changed even more, and she quickly thought about how to let the 2nd Junior Sister calm down so that Yang Kai could survive. No matter why Yang Kai is so bold, and he dared to hit a 2nd-order Emperor Realm, and only if he came to bring Ziyu out of the sea of ​​suffering, An Ruoyun could not let him be killed.

But to everyone’s expectation, Sun Yunxiu didn’t go crazy immediately after being slapped. Instead, she reached out and touched her cheek in amazement. Immediately afterwards, there was an extra thing in her hand.

That is a token, a token familiar to many people, a token that has not appeared in three thousand years!

“The Founder Token!” Sun Yunxiu stared at the token on her hand, staring at the big characters, her eyes blurred with tears for a moment.

“What?” An Ruoyun’s face changed drastically. Hastily rushed over.

“Eldest Senior Sister, the Founder Token…this is the Founder Token!” Sun Yunxiu cried like a rain, but a smile appeared on her face, holding the token in her hand and passing it to An Ruoyun, shouting like offering a treasure.

As for being slapped by Yang Kai. She seemed to forget everything in a blink of an eye.

At this moment, where did she have the majesty of a 2nd-order Emperor Realm powerhouse, it was clearly a little girl’s reaction when she saw something she had been waiting for.

An Ruoyun trembling violently, took the token from Sun Yunxiu’s hand, and felt the familiar aura and taste on it. For a while, it was hard for her to feel her eyes, and it suddenly turned red.

The other emperor realms in Ice Heart Valley also gathered around and looked at the token blankly. Each one was short of breath, as if seeing the most incredible things.

On the other side, Yao Zhuo heard the words Founder Token. He immediately realized something was wrong. The reason why Asking Passion Sect was able to suppress Ice Heart Valley was because Ice Heart Valley Founder/Martial Ancestor had disappeared for three thousand years. A top powerhouse such as Bingyun should be revealed wherever she went, but in fact. Bingyun has been without a trace for three thousand years.

Many people felt that she had encountered some danger and had already fallen.

Ice Heart Valley without Bingyun is a tiger without teeth. Asking Passion Sect can bully it at will.

But now, there is suddenly a piece of Ice Heart Valley’s Founder Order here. Does this mean that Bingyun has not fallen, but has been living in seclusion somewhere? If this is the case, the strength of Ice Heart Valley is comparable to Asking Passion Sect, and whether Fengxi’s and Ziyu’s marriage can be held as scheduled is open to question.

Two days later, should be the joyful day for the young sect master. The news has spread throughout the North Territory and the invitations have been sent out. Many powerful people gathered in Moon City and only waited two days to enter the Ice Heart Valley to congratulate. If it can’t be held on time, then Asking Passion Sect will definitely lose face this time.

And the culprit of all this is undoubtedly this young man who suddenly emerged.

If he hadn’t taken out these Founder Token, there wouldn’t be so many troubles.

At this point, Yao Zhuo didn’t care about letting Feng Xi kill Yang Kai personally to get rid of any [heart demon]. For this plan, the sooner Yang Kai would be killed the better, then let Feng Xi and Ziyu cook the rice tonight. When the rice is cooked, there will be nothing to do even if Bingyun really comes back. Thinking of this, he shouted and said: “The kid is slanderous, and dare to impersonate the Founder Token. If your noble sect Founder is really still in the world, she will definitely come in person. How can she send only one hairy boy of Dao Source Stage?”

As soon as he said this, all the girls in Ice Heart Valley calmed down. Just now, when they saw the long-missing Founder Token, everyone was so excited, but now it makes sense to hear Yao Zhuo say this.

If Bing Yun is still alive, why not come in person, Ice Heart Valley was created by her, and among the dozen or so emperor realms here, six or seven are her direct disciples. Why is it inconvenient for her to come here? As long as she appeared here in person, she didn’t need any Founder Token.

But it happened that Yang Kai, a Dao Source Stage, came here with the Founder Token, and kept saying that he had followed Bingyun’s order to take Zi Yu away.

With a Founder Token, how can people be convinced? This token might have been picked up by Yang Kai from somewhere.

An Ruoyun turned pale and looked at Yang Kai: “This little brother, tell me the truth, who gave you this token? Or where did you pick it up…”

When she asked this, her expression was extremely disturbed, lest Yang Kai give answers that she didn’t want to hear.

Although the Honored Master whereabout is never heard of for three thousand years, there was no definite clue of the death. If Yang Kai found this token, the Honored Master must have fallen. She couldn’t accept this result. As the acting valley master, she has been in charge of Ice Heart Valley for three thousand years. Although she did not have much merit, she did not have too much fault. The only mistake was that she could not keep her disciples, and the only conviction that made her stick to the present is that she believes one day, the honored master will come back.

She hopes to deliver the complete Ice Heart Valley to the Honored Master at that time. She does not ask for praise, but only asks for peace of mind, because she has done her best to keep the foundation created by the Honored Master.

If she gets news from Yang Kai that her Honored Master has fallen, she will definitely collapse.

“If you dare to tell a lie, I will make you beg for death!” Sun Yunxiu temper is not as good as An Ruoyun, and she becomes aggressive when she speaks, her beautiful eyes staring at Yang Kai, and she refuses to let go the slightest change in expression.

Yang Kai said with a cold face, “I said Senior Bingyun personally gave this to me, do you not believe it?”

An Ruoyun relaxed all of a sudden, and nodded repeatedly: “Believe, I believe! I believe!”

Sun Yunxiu seems to have lost all her strength, with a relieved expression, her expression looking at Yang Kai is not as fierce as before, and everyone else has wetted their clothes with sweat, as if they had only experienced some fierce battle.

Although it is impossible to determine whether what Yang Kai said is true or false, at least everyone has a hope.

“You girls are simply too naive. This kid is obviously fooling you, wait for this king to make him spill the truth!” Yao Zhuo screamed, suddenly urging the power of Emperor Prestige, and when he raised his hand, he pressed against Yang Kai.

Seeing his murderous posture, where is he trying to force Yang Kai to spit the truth, this shows that he wants to kill him.

“The old thing dare to bully the small with the big, bullying the weak, and shameless!” Yang Kai’s bones all creaked, his eyes condensed slightly, and he shouted.

When speaking, he would break through the void and avoid the blow.

But the power of the 2nd-order Emperor Realm is unexpectedly fierce. The strong pressure directly blocked the space he was in, making him stiff, like being in a vortex of mud, he was actually trying his best to resist, only to moved a little distance, and there was no way to avoid it.

His eyes shrank, and he felt the breath of death pounce on his face.

At this moment, a group of emperor realm in Ice Heart Valley were still in the ups and downs of their moods and did not ease their minds. No one thought that a strong man like Yao Zhuo would suddenly kill Yang Kai.

When An Ruoyun and Sun Yunxiu realized that it was too late to rescue them, they could only watch the attack go towards Yang Kai.

“Stop!” An Ruoyun yelled, her long sleeves flicked, and a long white silk-like band of artifact rolled towards Yao Zhuo.

“You dare to hurt him, I want you to die without a place to be buried!” Sun Yunxiu was even more direct, lifting the long sword in her hand, wrapped in the sword light, and slashed directly at Yao Zhuo.

In the next instant, the remaining emperor realm all started together, displaying secret techniques one after another, offering artifacts to fight Yao Zhuo.

All of a sudden, the scene was extremely chaotic, and the laws and domain of icy cold permeated, making the whole world seem to be frozen.

Facing the interception of so many emperor realm, Yao Zhuo did not intend to stop, but his moves became more fierce, and he was about to take Yang Kai’s life.

Yang Kai could see clearly that these emperor realm in Ice Heart Valley couldn’t save him at all. Before they could save him, Yao Zhuo would hit him, and he would be seriously injured if he didn’t die.

At the juncture of life and death, Yang Kai gritted his teeth, and suddenly a bead appeared in his hand, urging Source Qi to pour in it. In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai’s strength was almost completely sucked by the bead. He paled, threw the bead at Yao Zhuo, and shouted: “I’m fighting with you, the old thing can see my move!”


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