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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2420 English [Readable]

“Boy, you really are looking for death!” Yao Zhuo was furious with anger, and his chest was rolling with blood. He was indeed seriously injured, but after all he was a 2nd-order Emperor Realm, Yang Kai, a 3rd-order Dao Source Stage, was blatantly blackmailing him. How can he bear this? He was so angry that he could not wait to step forward and slap Yang Kai.

He didn’t believe that Yang Kai still had an Emperor Absolute Pill. The Emperor Absolute Pill was too rare. It would be good for ordinary people to take out one. How could there be a second one?

“Dare to threaten this Young Master, believe it or not, I will let you die here!” Yang Kai looked stubborn.

“Just rely on you?” Yao Zhuo sneered, with a sneer and mockery on his face.

Yang Kai turned his head to look at Sun Yunxiu, and stretched out his hand: “Return the token to me!”

Sun Yunxiu did not know what he was going to do, but the token was indeed brought by Yang Kai, and Yang Kai also sacrificed Bingyun’s Emperor Absolute Pill before. It can be seen that Yang Kai has a deep relationship with her Honored Master, so Sun Yunxiu has nothing to do. After hesitating a little, she quickly held the Founder Token in both hands and returned it to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai held up the token aloft, looked around, and shouted: “Ice Heart Valley rules, see the Founder Token, see the Founder Token herself!”

An Ruoyun, Sun Yunxiu and others were all taken aback when they heard the words, but they soon realized that th sect did have this rule, so they knelt down and said in unison: “The disciple has seen the Martial Ancestor!”

Yang Kai looked at Yao Zhuo and Feng Xi coldly, and sternly shouted: “In the name of Senior Bingyun, I ordered you to go and kill these two people…!”


Yao Zhuo and Feng Xi’s expressions changed drastically, and they lost their faces in shock, and simultaneously withdrew several steps back, extremely vigilant.

Yang Kai is indeed not in their eyes, but the emperor realms in Ice Heart Valley are different. There are as many as a dozen people in the emperor realm here, and there are two 2nd-order Emperor Realm. Yao Zhuo is now seriously injured. It is impossible to be their opponent.

Once these women obeyed the order, today will be their own death anniversary next year.

The girls in Ice Heart Valley also had a dull expression when they heard this, but soon, Sun Yunxiu flew out and rushed directly behind Yao Zhuo and Feng Xi, blocking their path.

Other women saw this. Although they felt that this was a bit wrong, they still dispersed, surrounding the two people of Asking Passion Sect, each offering their artifact, a posture ready to take action at any time.

Yao Zhuo’s face turned pale all at once. Feng Xi was trembling all over, and swallowed his saliva nervously. As the Young Sect Master of Asking Passion Sect, he was pampered and honoured since he was a child. When did he encounter this kind of thing and the moment of life and death, only now he knew what fear is.

Yang Kai laughed strangely on the side, playing with the Founder Token, with a villain expression.

“This young master…” An Ruoyun looked at Yang Kai. Softly said: “Do you really want to kill?”

In her heart, she didn’t want to kill Yao Zhuo and Feng Xi here, after all, the status of these two people was extraordinary, if they really died at the hands of Ice Heart Valley. Asking Passion Sect will definitely not give up. When the two major sects begin to fight, the entire North Territory will surely be overwhelmed. Even if the Honored Master returns, the sect will suffer heavy casualties.

As the valley master, it is impossible for her to not think about these, lest Yang Kai really ordered her and others to kill.

If this is the case, she would rather disobey the Founder Token. Will not do it. She believe that even if the Honored Master knows, she will not blame her.

Yang Kai laughed lowly. Said: “Then it depends on these two people, whether they know their situation or not.”

An Ruoyun felt relieved when she heard the words, thinking that this young man was not a guy with a stubborn head. He ordered her and the others like this, and undoubtedly had to get some benefits from Yao Zhuo. Otherwise, after giving such order, how could he say such a thing?

As long as no one is dead, everything is easy to say. As soon as An Ruoyun thought about this, she stopped asking more questions, but wondered just how far Yang Kai would make trouble.

“Valley Master An, Elder Sun, you are willing to be driven by an unidentified hairy kid as the strong Emperor Realm? You are a person with status and identity, you are not afraid news of this spread and be seen as jokes?” Yao Zhuo did not talk nonsense with Yang Kai, so he can only put his idea on An Ruoyun and Sun Yunxiu, hoping that they can cherish their identities and don’t be so ridiculous.

Sun Yunxiu said indifferently: “The Founder Token is here, and I can’t help it. If the Vice Sect Master has any opinions, you can discuss with my Honored Master!”

Yao Zhuo was instantly dumbfounded, Bingyun’s Emperor Absolute Pill almost kill him. If he really saw her, how could he dare to reason with her?

With a creak of teeth, Yao Zhuo’s mood is extremely complicated. From his cultivation to the present, he has never suffered such a great shame, and he has never been threatened by a young man whose cultivation level is far lower than his own.

But now that people are under the eaves, they really have to bow their heads.

There was a long silence, he could only swallow a sigh, and said solemnly: “What do you want?”

Yang Kai grinned, and said, “Don’t be so nervous, Vice Sect Master. Everything in this world can be negotiated. Just make up for something, and this young master can assume that the previous thing hasn’t happened.”

“What do you want?” Yao Zhuo asked.

Yang Kai put a finger up and said lightly: “This young master only need one thing!”

“Let’s talk about it!” Yao Zhuo couldn’t help but feel relieved when he said that there is only one thing. If that is the case, the matter is indeed could be discussed.

“Hand over your space ring, then get out!” Yang Kai squinted at the space ring in his hand.

“What?” Yao Zhuo burst into flames in his eyes and said flatly: “Impossible!”

Previously, Yang Kai said that as long as there was only one thing, he thought that Yang Kai just wanted to find a face, and just ask for something. But now, when he think that Yang Kai was looking for a face, he was obviously wrong and he was obviously taking advantage of the fire.

He is a 2nd-order Emperor Realm, and his space ring, there are many good things. This trip was originally intended to let Fengxi and Ziyu get married in two days. This gift is in the space ring. Since the Asking Passion Sect is a big sect, the young sect master will naturally not be too stingy. The weight of the gift is enough to be worth the income of a middle sect for ten years, not to mention there are countless treasures.

Yang Kai’s expression sank, and he said coldly: “Kill, kill the young one first, don’t kill him with a single sword. Slowly cut off his limbs and abolish his dantian. I want him to taste the world torture before he die!”

When his voice fell, Sun Yunxiu’s long sword flicked, and then she slashed towards Feng Xi.

Feng Xi was so scared that his face turned pale, and he shook his whole body, yelling, “No!”

Sun Yunxiu was unmoved at all, this woman was extremely hot-tempered, and she used to show the same expressions to Yang Kai before, and it is the same now. She really started her hands when she heard Yang Kai’s orders.

“Stop!” Yang Kai raised his hand again.

Sun Yunxiu’s long sword stopped immediately, just staying on Feng Xi’s arm, and a cold feeling came. Feng Xi’s whole body seemed to collapsed, and he fell to the ground all of a sudden, turning his head and looking away, only to see a blood line appeared on his arm. If Yang Kai just yelled a little slower, his arm would be cut off.

Yang Kai looked at Fengxi with a squinting smile, with a cheerful face and harmless to the humans and animals, and said: “Young Sect Master seems to have something to say.”

“Yes, there is something to say!” Feng Xi nodded repeatedly after hearing this.

“Well then, no one is gagging your mouth.”

Feng Xi opened his mouth and didn’t know what to say. After thinking for a while, he turned his head to look at Yao Zhuo and said, “Master Uncle, give him the space ring. Why do you have to be stubborn with him?”

“Nonsense!” Yao Zhuo furiously said: “My Asking Passion Sect people would rather stand to live than kneel to die, want the space ring of this king, how is this different from hitting the face of this king? Xi’er you don’t have to be afraid, this kid is just frightening you. He dare not really kill you. If he dares to do this, when the Sect Master arrives two days later, he will surely level down Ice Heart Valley!”

“I want my life…” Feng Xi murmured, his face turned pale, and the deep fear in his heart surged. He had always killed others. When did he want to be killed by others? For a moment, he couldn’t care about any image anymore and shouted: “No, I don’t want to die. If I die, what is the point of my father’s leveling down the Ice Heart Valley? If I am dead, what about the 69 wives in the inner sect? Master Uncle, you quickly give him the space ring. I am the young master of Asking Passion Sect. In the future, I will be in charge of Asking Passion Sect and become the overlord of the North Territory. How can I die in such a place!”

“You…” Yao Zhuo didn’t expect Feng Xi to be so spineless. He was scared when he was frightened by others. He didn’t know that he was such a timid person before. He was already traumatized. At this moment could not help but spout a mouthful of blood, obviously hating it.

The girls in Ice Heart Valley seemed to have met Feng Xi for the first time, and they all showed contempt. Although he is at the critical moment of life and death, the appearance of Feng Xi was disgusting.

Which martial artist’s path to cultivation is not to pin his head on his waistband, all has already seen the life and death situation, but Fengxi is undoubtedly too protected, so he loses his square inch when he encounters danger, losing all the fase of Asking Passion Sect.

Those contemptuous gazes made Feng Xi even more embarrassed, but compared with his own life, what about his face? He kept begging and asked Yao Zhuo to take the Space Ring down.

“69 ladies, the Young Sect Master life is so beautiful and enviable.” Yang Kai said in a cold voice, but there was no sign of envy in his eyes, and just thick mockery, “Young Sect Master, don’t worry. Well, if you die here, I will take good care of your 69 wives. This young man is physically very strong, and I will not let their private room be empty and lonely.”

An Ruoyun blushed, and tweeted: “This young master can’t stop talking!”

Zi Yu also glared at Yang Kai with a strange expression, and the whites of her eyes were rolled out.

Hearing that Yang Kai hit his idea on his 69 wives, Feng Xi’s eyes were red, and he stretched out his hand to Yao Zhuo in spite of it, and pulled his space ring off.

Didn’t know if it was because of Feng Xi’s performance which makes him frustrated, Yao Zhuo didn’t resist at all, and Feng Xi took off the space ring easily.


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