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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2421 English [Readable]

Feng Xi threw the ring to Yang Kai, looked at him eagerly, and said anxiously: “The ring is for you, can you let us go now?”

Yang Kai stretched out his hand to take it, sneered, his eyes full of playful look at Fengxi.

Feng Xi felt a little stunned in his heart, thinking that this person shouldn’t be lying, right? Following his gaze, Feng Xi looked at the space ring in his hand again, gritted his teeth and took down his space ring, and threw it to Yang Kai, “This is also for you, bypass me!”

“Young Sect Master is so kind.” Yang Kai quickly took his Space Ring, and put it into his pocket without seeing it. Turning the conversation, he coldly snorted: “This young master said earlier, As long as the vice sect master space ring is given you can go, but young sect master now forcibly stuffed the second space ring for me for no reason. Isn’t this to frame this young master for injustice?”

“Ah…” Feng Xi’s mouth opened wide, and he never expected Yang Kai to say such shameless words.

The expressions of all the girls in Ice Heart Valley were extremely weird. One stare at Yang Kai was extremely complicated. The performance of this young man today really refreshed their understanding of the moral bottom line. Before they met Yang Kai, they never thought that someone in this world could be so shameless.

Don’t know if Feng Xi’s head suddenly opened up. Seeing Yang Kai’s uncomfortable expression, he hurriedly continued: “My brother misunderstood. My space ring was just for giving you a gift, not under the previous conditions. Within this period, i can see my brother is doing extraordinary things, and will become a great figure in the future, Feng is just…just wanting to make friends with you!”

Yang Kai laughed and said, “Young Sect Master is so generous, making such generous gift, you can make friends!”

The corners of Feng Xi’s mouth twitched, and he smiled: “Then…Can we go now?”

Yang Kai squinted his eyes and said, “Young Sect Master wants to stay for breakfast?”

“No way.” Feng Xi quickly stood up after hearing the words. He dragged Yao Zhuo up and staggered to leave Ice Heart Valley.

And since Feng Xi had taken away his space ring abruptly, Yao Zhuo seemed to have lost his soul. His eyes were absent, and he seemed to be depressed because of Feng Xi’s performance. At this moment, he is being dragged away with little resistance

After a short while. Yao Zhuo and Feng Xi disappeared.

Until this moment, the girls in Ice Heart Valley involuntarily let out a sigh if relief. Yang Kai was holding the Founder’s Token and ordered them to kill the two people from Asking Passion Sect. They really secretly squeezed their sweat, lest they would really make things set. Fortunately, even though Yang Kai robbed two Space Rings in the end, the matter was still not inevitable. At least Feng Xi and Yao Zhuo had no life concerns.

“This little young master. Where is my Honored Master now?” An Ruoyun didn’t have the time to ask what she cares about until then.

Yang Kai turned his head and glanced at her, and said, “Senior An, don’t worry, Senior Bingyun is safe now, but it’s not convenient to see you these few days.”

“Inconvenient?” Sun Yunxiu frowned when she heard the words, and said anxiously: “Why inconvenient!”

Yang Kai glanced at her coldly and said: “Inconvenience is inconvenience, there is no reason.”

Sun Yunxiu was choked by him. If not because Yang Kai was sent by her Honored Master, her anger would have erupted long ago according to her temper. But he is holding the Founder’s Token, she could only swallow her breath.

Zhangsun Ying said: “Then when can we see the Honored Master?”

Yang Kai thought for a while, and said: “Two or three days, you just wait.” After a pause, he turned his head to look at Sun Yunxiu, and sneered: “I hope that after the great elder sees Senior Bingyun. Zi Yu’s marriage matter will be explained clearly.”

Sun Yunxiu’s expression was dark, but she still said in a deep voice, “The Honored Master want to punish, I will bear it with all my strength. It has nothing to do with the other sisters.”

Yang Kai snorted, although Sun Yunxiu’s performance just now was pretty good. Even if she was slapped by him, she didn’t mean to hold her grudges, but because she agreed to Zi Yu’s marriage to Fengxi, she would inevitably be punished.

Pushing her best disciple into the big fire pit of Asking Passion Sect, she has done her best as the great elder too. It’s just that this is someone’s internal affairs after all, even if Yang Kai is indignant, he can’t say much.

An Ruoyun, didn’t know what she thought of, and looked at Yang Kai with a worried look on her face and asked, “Little Young Master keeps saying that the Honored Master is inconvenient to see us now, and also said that after two or three days, it is possible… Honored Master is injured? Is she healing right now?”

Hearing what she said, all the women changed their expression.

When Bing Yun left Ice Heart Valley, she was already at the cultivation level of 3rd-order Emperor Realm. After three thousand years, Bingyun’s strength must have become more and more powerful. Even if you look at the entire star boundary, it is definitely a top existence, but such a strong one. How can she get hurt? How many people in the world can hurt her?

Yang Kai glanced at An Ruoyun in surprise. He was a little surprised by her ‘intelligent beauty’. He didn’t say anything. But An Ruoyun could guess this, obviously she has sharp thinking.

Here are all the high-levels of Ice Heart Valley, and many of them are direct disciples of Bingyun, so Yang Kai didn’t hide it anymore, instead he nodded and said, “Senior An is right, Senior Bingyun is indeed injured.”

After brushing the floor, the faces of all the girls in Ice Heart Valley became pale.

Yang Kai hurriedly said: “But don’t worry, you guys, Senior Bingyun’s injury is not serious, she is healing in the Moon City at this moment, and she will be able to recover in two or three days!”

“Honored Master is in Moon City?” An Ruoyun exclaimed.

Zhangsun Ying also said excitedly: “Can you take us to see the Honored Master?”

Yang Kai frowned and said, “Senior Bingyun is healing right now, isn’t it better not to bother her now?”

An Ruoyun said: “We won’t disturb the Honored Master, we just ask to be closer to the Honored Master, little young master, please.”

She is a 2nd-order Emperor Realm, and she behaves like a child who has been keeping the house for countless years and heard the news of the return of her parents, excited and looking forward to it. The others also looked at Yang Kai eagerly, with pleading expressions all over their faces.

Yang Kai couldn’t bear being stared at by these beautiful eyes. He could only say, “Okay, okay, I’ll take you to see Senior Bingyun.”

“Thank you very much!” All the girls were relieved and ecstatic.

At the moment, An Ruoyun ordered the disciples in the valley to open all the restriction formations in Ice Heart Valley, so that the disciples could protect the sect, and then flew towards Moon City with Yang Kai.

There were more than a dozen people, Yang Kai is the only man, and the scene was majestic, and apart from Yang Kai and Zi Yu, everyone else was in the Emperor Realm.

When such a force walks, it is naturally noticeable.

Arriving in front of the gate of Moon City, the martial artist guarding the city was about to step forward and question one or two, but when he saw the emperor realm behind Yang Kai, he suddenly retreated to the side in shock, not even daring to take a breath.

Moon City was originally the foundation of Ice Heart Valley. Many shops in this city were run by Ice Heart Valley disciples. Therefore, as soon as An Ruoyun and others entered the city, Ice Heart Valley disciples constantly flew out from the shops on both sides, respectfully saluting.

In this tossing, within a moment, the entire Moon City people knew that the top leaders of Ice Heart Valley were dispatched, and they didn’t know what they want to do in the city.

The city lord supported by Ice Heart Valley ran to say hello with sweat, trembling, thinking that he had done something wrong, which caused the senior officials of Ice Heart Valley to come and punish him.

But An Ruoyun and the others just greeted him and ignored him, making this city lord sad and grateful.

“Hu have seen Valley Master An, Great Elder Sun, and all the elders, congratulations to Ice Heart Valley and Asking Passion Sect for the marriage, it is really gratifying, and everyone is celebrating.” A person suddenly flew from the side and fell in front of everyone in Ice Heart Valley. He smiled and cupped his fists.

This man is dressed as a middle-aged man, with a cultivation level of 1st-order Emperor Realm. It seems that he is also a powerful figure from a sect in the North Territory. Looking at him like this, obviously he is here to wait for the big day to go to the Ice Heart Valley to congratulate them. At this time, it should have been heard that An Ruoyun and others had come to Moon City, so he took the initiative to say hello.

An Ruoyun paused, before she had time to answer, one after another emperor realm suddenly emerged from all directions, just like this man surnamed Hu, and all of them is congratulating.

An Ruoyun undoubtedly recognized these people and exchanged a few simple greetings.

The first man named Hu waited for her to greet him, and then said suspiciously, “How come Valley Master An has a leisurely and elegant mood, coming to the Moon City?”

Although Moon City is the industry of Ice Heart Valley, it is also a transfer station for Ice Heart Valley to communicate with the outside world, but the top level of Ice Heart Valley generally does not show up here, let alone a dozen or so.

Everyone faintly felt that something was not right, and there was an illusion that something was about to happen, as if something big was about to happen.

“We have something to do, please help yourself!” Sun Yunxiu replied with a cold face, “In addition, the marriage between my Ice Heart Valley disciple Zi Yu and Asking Passion Sect’s young master Feng Xi is over. Don’t stay here, go back wherever you come from.”

“Junior Sister Sun’s words are a bit more straightforward, everyone, forgive me, you have come here from a long way and wait for a long time, it was was Ice Heart Valley who failed to entertain you!” An Ruoyun smiled gently, and then led everyone to the city.

A group of emperor realm was left behind in this place dumbfounded.

After a long time, An Ruoyun and others disappeared, someone wiped the sweat from his forehead and swallowed his saliva and said, “Brother Hu Yuan, did I heard that right? Valley Master An and Great Elder Sun said… the marriage is over?”

“I heard it too.”

“It’s broken, it’s broken now, what the hell are these women in Ice Heart Valley doing?” The man named Hu Yuan also had a cold sweat on his face and was nervous.

One person said: “I wonder if Ice Heart Valley’s dismissal of the marriage meant unilaterally, or reached a consensus with Asking Passion Sect. If it is unilateral…”

Everyone’s expressions sank, and they suddenly realized something was wrong.

If Ice Heart Valley meant it unilaterally, Asking Passion Sect would definitely not give up.

“Asking Passion Sect disciple practice Asking Passion Supreme Art, and use affection to enter the martial dao. The women they admire will never be given up easily, not to mention that this time it is related to Fengxi, the young master of Asking Passion Sect, they would not give up this marriage.”


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