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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2422 English [Readable]

“Since Asking Passion Sect won’t give up easily, in other words, it was Ice Heart Valley one-sided words?”

“I heard that the Vice Sect Master and Young Sect Master of Asking Passion Sect are both in Ice Heart Valley. Why are there no figures of them in sight at this moment?”

“Mountain rain is about to come and wind is all over the building, this North Territory…I’m afraid the sky will change.”

“Brother Zhou is joking. Although Ice Heart Valley is strong, how can it compete with the Asking Passion Sect? The entire North Territory knows that the Ice Heart Valley is not worthy of the name Top Sect. If the Asking Passion really want them to held accountable, Ice Heart Valley will not be able to stop them!”

“I heard that on the day of rejoicing the marriage, Lord Feng Xuan, Sect Master Asking Passion Sect, will personally come to Ice Heart Valley, counting the time, it will be tomorrow! If he knew that Ice Heart Valley had rejected the marriage…”

Seven or eight emperor realm babbled and talked, all of them were a little confused, and everyone only knew a little bit. Ice Heart Valley was in serious trouble this time. They don’t know where these women have the courage to regret the marriage at this juncture. Isn’t this hitting the face of Asking Passion Sect in the entire North Territory? How could Feng Xuan give up?

“Brother Hu Yuan, should we persuade Valley Master An and the others? I remember that your wife is from Ice Heart Valley. If Ice Heart Valley is really in trouble, you can’t stay out of it.”

Hearing this, Hu Yuan’s complexion changed slightly, and he groaned for a while, and hurried to the direction where An Ruoyun and others had left, looking at his expressions, he seems to want and try to persuade them.

The other emperor realms looked at each other and hurriedly followed.

Although they were only here to congratulate, but things have developed to this point, they also want to know what happened in Ice Heart Valley, making them have the courage to cancel the marriage aggreement with Asking Passion Sect.

A short while later. A group of people came to the front of an inn in Moon City. Seeing An Ruoyun and others standing there quietly in front of the inn, a dozen emperor realms with solemn expressions, without saying a word, just looking in a certain direction, their expressions pious and excited.

There was no one in the radius of one hundred meters. All irrelevant people stepped back and looked at this side.

Hu Yuan flew over, hurriedly stepped forward, and was about to speak, but when he saw An Ruoyun, she suddenly knelt down.

Following her movements, many Ice Heart Valley emperor realm knelt to the ground.

Hu Yuan’s eyes were about to bulge out, and he froze in place, staring dumbly. He don’t know what An Ruoyun and others are doing.

The other powerhouses who rushed here one after another were also stunned, and their hearts were shocked.

“Hu…Brother Hu, what’s going on…?” Someone leaned over to Hu Yuan and asked in a low voice.

Hu Yuan was also confused, and he kept shaking his head when he heard the words: “I don’t know, when I came here. They were like this.”

“Who is living in that inn? How could Valley Master An and Great Elder Sun do such ceremony?”

Among the group of people in Ice Heart Valley An Ruoyun and Sun Yunxiu are both at the 2nd-order Emperor Realm, except for a disciple at the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage, the others are also in the 1st-order Emperor Realm, such a force can be called terrifying.

But they just kneeled on this street, in front of the inn, in broad daylight, and they didn’t feel the slightest burden under the eyes of the public, as if its a matter of course.

An Ruoyun is the Valley Master of Ice Heart Valley. Sun Yunxiu is the great elder of Ice Heart Valley, and their words and deeds represent Ice Heart Valley’s face. At this moment, they are kneeling here indifferently without saying a word, indicating that there are people in this inn who can make them surrender so much.

Hu Yuan’s face changed, as if thinking of something, he whispered: “Could it be that…”

He didn’t finish his words, but his expression was beyond excitement.

“Brother Hu, what do you mean?” Someone asked anxiously because of the unknown.

One of them thoughtfully said: “In this world, even if the ten great emperors are here, it is not enough for Valley Master An and the others to perform such a big ceremony. Only one person can make them willing to do such a thing!”

“Ice Heart Valley Founder/Martial Ancestor, Senior Bingyun?” An exclamation came.

“Could it be said that Senior Bingyun lives in this inn?”

“Wasn’t Senior Bingyun already fallen? There has been no news of her for three thousand years.”

“If there is no news, it does not mean that she have fallen. Maybe Senior Bingyun has been living in seclusion, or maybe she has been trapped somewhere. When Senior Bingyun disappeared, she was in the 3rd-order Emperor Realm, a person with cultivation level like her, How can she die easily?”

As the founder of Ice Heart Valley, Bingyun, even though she has disappeared for three thousand years, this huge name is still thunderous. Suddenly guessing that Bingyun was living in that inn, everyone couldn’t help but look different. Among this group of people, some are close to Ice Heart Valley, and some are close to Asking Passion Sect, and naturally they have different moods at the moment.

“At this juncture, Senior Bingyun suddenly appeared, and Sect Master Feng Xuan will also come here tomorrow. If these two powerhouses meet…” Someone said, shuddering all over and did not dare to continue.

If it is normal time, it would be fine for Bingyun and Feng Xuan to meet each other. Both of them are the heads of the top sects in the North Territory. They have no idea how many encounters they have fought, but An Ruoyun just said that the marriage between the two sect’s disciple is over. Once Feng Xuan came over, he would definitely seek justice for his son.

No wonder An Ruoyun and others dared to cancel the marriage aggreement at this time, it turned out that Bingyun had returned.

Just don’t know why, An Ruoyun and the others knelt in front of the inn, but Bingyun was nowhere to be seen. Everyone didn’t dare to release their Divine Sense at will, and they all stood there waiting anxiously.

For a time, in front of this small inn, nearly twenty powerful emperor realm gathered together, which was a spectacle.

Standing in front of the inn, Yang Kai also looked helpless.

He also didn’t expect that the Ice Heart Valley group of emperor realm came here, and it suddenly turned to such situations, under the gazes of the public.

After hearing the news, Fanxin and others walked out of the inn, took a look at An Ruoyun and others, and then leaned in front of Yang Kai, suspiciously: “Senior Brother Yang, who are they, why are they kneeling here?”

Yang Kai twitched his mouth and said, “These are your senior sisters.”

“Senior Sister?” Fanxin was taken aback, then she covered her red lips with her little hand, and exclaimed, “They are from Ice Heart Valley…”

Yang Kai nodded.

Only then did Fanxin rush forward with a few juniors. Salute and said politely: “Fanxin has seen all the senior sisters!”

“You are…” An Ruoyun looked at her in surprise.

“Junior Sister Fanxin. Accepted as disciple by Honored Master in solitary void secret realm, and they are all the same.” As Fanxin spoke, she pointed to the several women behind her.

Those women’s cultivation level were worse than hers. When they saw so many emperor realm kneeling in front of them, all of them were cramped and speechless. After all, to them, the emperor realm is almost like a legend, but now. They would actually be worthy of being the Emperor Realm’s sisters. They were shocked by the huge surprise, and their heads were at a loss, not knowing what to do.

“Are you the disciples accepted by the Honored Master?” An Ruoyun’s eyes lit up.

Fanxin smiled slightly, urging her own profound arts, and her temperament suddenly became extremely cold.

Sun Yunxiu nodded and said: “It is indeed the orthodox technique of Ice Heart Valley!”

Hearing what she said, the eyes of the women looking at Fanxin and others softened.

“Good, good.” An Ruoyun smiled softly, “Honored Master finally accepts disciples again. Thank you for taking care of the Honored Master on behalf of us senior sisters.”

Fanxin shook her head and said: “It was Honored Master who took us in. We were not able to help Honored Master in any way, but senior sisters, why are you kneeling here, get up quickly.”

Zhangsun Ying smiled slightly and said: “We did something wrong. This is the punishment we deserve. Junior sister, don’t have to care.”

An Ruoyun said: “Junior Sister, you just mentioned the solitary void secret realm. Could it be that Honored Master, she has been staying in the solitary void secret boundary all these years?”

Listening to her tone, one shouldn’t know the existence of the solitary void secret realm. It’s no wonder that anyone trapped in it has never escaped. For the entire star boundary, the solitary void secret realm is too strange.

“Yes, we are all trapped in the solitary void secret realm, and we managed to get out of the trap a few days ago.” Fanxin nodded.

“Honored Master was injured. It is also related to the solitary void secret realm?” An Ruoyun asked nervously.

Fanxin said: “There is a fellow in solitary void secret realm called Chiri, whose cultivation level is equivalent to the Honored Master. Honored Master was going to leave at the time, but Chiri didn’t allow it, so the two fought a battle…”

A group of emperor realm from ice heart valley kneeled in front of this inn and listened to Fanxin’s narration. When they heard the thrills, they were even more immersed in the scene. They looked nervous. Yang Kai knew at first sight that they would have a lot to say. An Ruoyun and the others would definitely want to know how Bing Yun had gone over the years, and how she is now.

So he went straight back to his room and began to investigate the space rings of Feng Xi and Yao Zhuo.

This time he had to use the Emperor Absolute Pill, but he got two Space Rings, which is not a loss. Moreover, there were countless good things in the space rings of these two people. After some clearing, Yang Kai found that not only he had not suffered a loss, But also made a lot of money.

The only thing that made him feel sorry was that without the Emperor Absolute Pill, he would lose a trump card in the future.

Yao Zhuo and Fengxi had too many things. Yang Kai had counted a full day’s time before the count was completed. The source crystals alone was as much as 100 million. Among them, there are many middle-grade and high-grade source crystals. When converted into low-grade source crystals, at least there are three to four billion, which is not even the value of those other treasures.

Asking Passion Sect’s wealth opened his eyes.

Even if Yang Kai was wealthy, now he has acquired such a large amount of wealth, his personal financial resources are terrifying. Recalling that when he first came to the Star Boundary, he and Liu Xianyun were worried about Source Crystals, and those days seemed like a world away.

In a good mood, Yang Kai threw some rare minerals into the mysterious small boundary, allowing the Embodiment to swallow and refine it.

Since the last time the Embodiment used the Heavens Devourer Battle Law to refine an emperor realm, its aura faintly reached a peak level, and it seemed that it was only a step away from breaking through to the emperor realm.

Not only embodiment, the same is true for Hua Qingsi, and even Liu Yan, when cultivating in the Mysterious Small Boundary, they have achieved rapid progress.

Zhang Ruoxi, the only one lacking in her cultivation, is now at the level of 1st-order Dao Source Stage. With her special physique, as long as she has enough world’s spiritual energy, her cultivation will sooner or later catch up.


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