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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2423 English [Readable]

Yang Kai has always cared about Zhang Ruoxi’s bloodline. He has a piece of space spirit jade in his hand, which only resonates with Zhang Ruoxi. When it resonates, some strange and beautiful scenes flashed on the space spirit jade. Up until now, Yang Kai didn’t know what the purpose of the space spirit jade was.

And in the Land of Four Seasons, Zhang Ruoxi also said that she had encountered the ancient holy spirit Winged Tiger. Not only did the Winged Tiger not hurt her, but he also gave her a Phoenix Pink Clouds Dress, which is an Emperor Artifact, and It is an extremely advanced defensive Emperor Artifact!

This matter made Yang Kai particularly concerned, faintly guessing that it was related to Zhang Ruoxi’s bloodline, but could not find the answer.

Maybe after Zhang Ruoxi becomes stronger, she can figure out what is going on with her bloodline herself.

Time flies, Yang Kai has counted two Space Rings, and then went to the Mysterious Small Boundary to distribute some cultivation resources to Hua Qingsi, Liu Yan and Zhang Ruoxi and others before returning to the room.

Before he could make any more movements, a feeling of suffocation suddenly fell from the sky, and it was fleeting.

Yang Kai’s expression changed, and he suddenly became alert.

The feeling just now was definitely because a powerhouse swept away the surrounding with Divine Sense. Although it disappeared quickly, Yang Kai still felt the strength of the other party. It is impossible for the powerhouse of the 2nd-order Emperor Realm to bring him this pressure. The only person who can achieve this level of pressure is the 3rd-order Emperor Realm!

Sect Master of Asking Passion Sect, Feng Xuan is here!

This thought flashed through Yang Kai’s mind and rushed out of the room.

Outside the inn, An Ruoyun and the others were all pretty dignified, apparently noticed something.

Those 1st-order Emperor Realm powerhouses who came to congratulate them not far away also had a solemn expression, even though they knew yesterday that Feng Xuan would be coming today, once he met Bingyun, there would be a battle between dragons and tigers. But when this moment is really reached, everyone still feels that the atmosphere is depressed and makes people unable to breathe.

Boom boom boom…

In the extremely distant sky, the sound of explosions continued to be heard, and each sound was closer than the other, and with the explosion. A figure over there rushed towards this side like a ghost. It was still unclear at first, but after the three breaths of time, it suddenly came over Moon City and came to the front of the inn.

Suddenly, a coercion like a king over the world suddenly spread, and the entire Moon City buzzed. Space trembles, as if even this world must be surrendered.

Hu Yuan and the others looked up, and hurriedly bowed to salute: “I’ve seen Sect Master Feng!”

In the sky, one person stood proudly and raised his hand and said: “You don’t have to be polite!”

His every move. It seems that there is a deep mystery, which is in harmony with the world. The power of the law is lingering on the body. Hu Yuan and others feel a subtle force holding up themselves and others. They are extremely shocked, knowing that the gap between them and Feng Xuan is a world of differences.

Yang Kai looked up and saw a middle-aged man dressed as a scholar standing in the sky. This middle-aged man looked three points similar to Feng Xi. But he was more style and demeanor than Feng Xi, and this person was actually extremely handsome, even more heroic than Feng Xi.

This is undoubtedly Feng Xuan, the sect master of Asking Passion Sect. Don’t know if he was born like this, or the credit of Asking Passion Supreme Art, coupled with the gentle smile on his face, made everyone who saw him feel like a spring breeze.

Yang Kai felt extremely uncomfortable, Feng Xi and Yao Zhuo were standing behind Feng Xuan at this moment. Both of them stared at Yang Kai gnashing their teeth, as if to eat people.

The night before. Both of them had their Space Rings taken away by Yang Kai, when they were outnumbered. Having to make a compromise, Feng Xi lost his face all his life. Now that Feng Xuan is here, he will naturally have a backing, and his confidence has also hardened, secretly expressing that he will be shameful, so that Yang Kai knows the fate of offending him.

Feng Xuan just glanced at Yang Kai indifferently, and didn’t pay much attention to him. After all, a martial artist in the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage looked like an ant in his eyes. His eyes were deep, as if he could pierce the void and stare at somewhere. He smiled slightly and said, “Bingyun, I haven’t seen you for three thousand years, and we can finally meet again today. This king is so pleased!”

With this words, the world shook.

Whether it was the dozen or so emperor realms in Ice Heart Valley, or the big sect experts who came to congratulate them, they had only guessed that Bingyun lived in that inn before, and no one dared to let out their Divine Sense to see the situation inside.

An Ruoyun and others have been kneeling at the entrance of this inn for a day and a night, but there is still no trace of Bingyun’s appearance, and Hu Yuan and others are even wondering whether Bingyun is still in the inn.

If so, why didn’t she show up yet, instead letting her disciples to kneel here and let people watch?

But Feng Xuan’s words let everyone dispel the doubt in their hearts.

Bingyun is definitely in the inn! Otherwise Feng Xuan would not be able to say such a thing.

At this moment Feng Xuan had already personally visited Moon City, and Bing Yun would show up to meet him anyway, and it would be rude not to come out again.

But to everyone’s expectation, after Feng Xuan shouted that, there was still no movement in the inn, and even An Ruoyun and others, who were kneeling at the entrance of the inn, did not say anything.

Hu Yuan and the others waited quietly for a while, feeling that the atmosphere gradually became more subtle, and cold sweat broke out on their foreheads, and they became inexplicably uneasy.

As expected, Feng Xuan’s face gradually darkened. He could feel that Bingyun was in the inn, and he took the initiative to greet the other party but there is no response. Isn’t this meant she is not giving him a face? In the presence of so many powerful sects in the North Territory, how could Feng Xuan step down?

“Bing Yun, I haven’t seen it for such a long time, your shelf are getting bigger?” Feng Xuan smiled coldly, obviously extremely unhappy.

Over there, An Ruoyun frowned, and said loudly: “Sect Master Feng, the Honored Master has something important to do now, it is inconvenient to reply, please wait a moment.”

“Is it important?” Feng Xuan raised his brows, not knowing what he thought of, and nodded slightly: “Well, this king is waiting here.”

At this moment, Feng Xi, who had been staring at Yang Kai bitterly, suddenly leaned into Feng Xuan’s ear, whispered a few words, and then pointed to the direction of Yang Kai.

The next moment, Feng Xuan’s eyes burst into light, his eyes fixed behind Yang Kai, and he suddenly shouted: “The kid over there!”

This burst of shouts seemed to be mixed with a subtle divine soul power. Yang Kai only felt a buzzing in his head, and his whole person suddenly became dizzy, so panic that he quickly urged the power of divine sense to resist, in the consciousness sea, The colorful Mild Soul Lotus also spun around gradually, and the colorful rays of light were released.

Gentle power bred out of the Consciousness Sea, Yang Kai felt better now, but blood oozes from his mouth and nose. Not only that, but the whole person seemed to collapse, his calves softened and he almost fell to his knees on the ground.

Fortunately, there was mild soul lotus as the foundation, which let him hold it forcibly, but he staggered slightly.

After standing firm, Yang Kai’s heart swelled up with wicked flame.

This Feng Xuan attacked him secretly without saying a word, not only was so concealed that other people were unaware, he even wanted to suppress him on the ground. This shows clearly that he want to show his prestige to him.

If in front of so many people, being shocked to kneel on the ground with a word from Feng Xuan, I’m afraid that everyone would laugh at his incompetence, this unbearable experience is bound to become his [heart demon] on the road of martial dao, if this [heart demon] can’t be eliminated, his martial dao path may end here.

This Feng Xuan is simply too sinister and despicable! Yang Kai’s teeth rattled and he was furious.

Feng Xuan raised his brows over there, showing a look of surprise.

Yang Kai did not kneel to the ground as he expected, which surprised him a bit. He didn’t use much power just now to hide it, but that is not something a 3rd-order Dao Source Stage can bear. Even if it is the 1st-order Emperor Realm, if he doesn’t check it for a while, he will definitely be taken away by his own shout, looking ugly in public.

But this young man just staggered, which is really strange.

However, Feng Xuan didn’t care too much. The huge gap in strength made it difficult for Yang Kai to gain his attention.

While he was thinking about it, Yang Kai stretched out his hand and wiped the blood oozing out of his mouth and nose, and sneered: “Very well, the people from Asking Passion Sect are really a group of people who only know how to bully the weak and bully the little ones. This is the case of the vice sect master, even the sect master is like this. This young master will considered this a long-term experience today. What is the name of the Asking Passion Sect? I think you can change your name to Bully The Weak Sect!”

With this word, Feng Xuan’s face changed slightly.

He didn’t expect Yang Kai to be so courageous. After suffering a loss, he would not forgive anyone at all, and he dared to ridicule him in front of his face.

Hu Yuan and the others also opened their mouths wide and sweated on their foreheads. Although they hadn’t noticed what happened just now, Yang Kai’s nose and mouth bleeds and everyone saw it. Everyone saw it with their own eyes. Everyone guessed that this young man should have suffered a lot from Feng Xuan’s shout.

But even if he suffer, he can’t yell like that.

He don’t know how the dead words are written?

An Ruoyun and the others also realized that when they saw Yang Kai’s pale face, they suddenly asked in shock: “Little Young Master, are you okay?”

Yang Kai sneered: “This young master was attacked by a despicable villain, and his heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys were all seriously injured. How could it be okay? The matter is big!”

When An Ruoyun heard it, she knew that it must be nothing serious, but he deliberately said it so miserably that she couldn’t help but glance at him in daze.

Hu Yuan and the others were also dizzy. If the heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys were seriously injured, how could he speak so full of breath. This kid, didn’t know where he came from. He was so ignorant and didn’t know how high the sky was how thick the earth is. A 3rd-order Dao Source Stage who dared to challenge Sect Master Feng Xuan, he was really young and energetic, and eager to fight.

It is not easy for this guy to live till now.

The tense atmosphere was made so by him, and suddenly it became funny.

“The kid is talking nonsense!” Feng Xuan was secretly annoyed when he saw Yang Kai’s exaggeration. His shout was mixed with the divine soul power. Even if Yang Kai was injured, it is only the Consciousness Sea, and it has nothing to do with his heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys.


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