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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2425 English [Readable]

Feng Xi paled suddenly and his throat became blocked. When Yang Kai said this last time, he and Yao Zhuo lost their space ring. This time he said this again. He really don’t know how he will open his mouth. He suddenly understood what was going on with the previous anxiety.

Feng Xuan also looked at Yang Kai with a weird expression, and said lightly: “Are you discussing terms with this king?”

Yang Kai glanced at him carelessly, and said, “Since the senior want to take back the Jade Blood Qilin, they he have to pay a price. You are not young anymore, don’t you know that there is no free lunch in this world?”

Feng Xuanqiang held back the anger in his heart, his face was extremely ugly, and he hummed, “How much?”

Yang Kai laughed loudly: “The senior are quick to talk, much better than your son. For your refreshing personality, this much is good enough.”

He stretched out a finger and shook it lightly in front of him.

Feng Xuan nodded slightly: “Ten million is not too much.”

Yang Kai’s expression was dazed, and he laughed: “Ten million, is the senior joking? This Jade Blood Qilin is also something that has been passed down from the ancestors of your noble sect. Although it is not a treasure, it has great symbolic significance. In the eyes of the senior, This thing is only worth ten million?”

“Do you want a hundred million?” Feng Xuan’s eyes burst into cold light, and he shouted angrily: “The kid appetite is too big, be careful not to break your belly!”

“One hundred million?” Yang Kai sneered, “Asking Passion Sect has a big business and rich wealth. Are you not embarrassed to take out one hundred million? If this young master accept it, are you not afraid of losing face?”

“Could it be…you want a billion?” Feng Xuan buzzed his head, almost vomiting blood.

“One billion middle-grade source crystal is nothing to Qin Asking Passion Sect, right?” Yang Kai grinned.

“Middle-grade Source Crystal?” Feng Xuan’s mouth twitched. He thought that Yang Kai’s demand for one billion was only a low-grade source crystal, but he didn’t expect it to be a middle-grade source crystal. The difference between the two was a hundred times. Even if it were converted into a high-grade source crystal, that would be ten million. He angrily said: “Little beast, it turns out that you are just using this king for your big appetite, and you have no intention to return it sincerely. This king will teach you a lesson as a grown-up today. Let you know who in this world you can’t offend. ”

Previously, he was unwilling to take action against Yang Kai personally, mainly because of his identity. After all, so many people here were watching, it would really look ugly, if he, a powerhouse of the 3rd-order Emperor Realm, shot a 3rd-order Dao Source Stage.

But now that Yang Kai was arrogantly entangled with him, Feng Xuan was also mad. No matter how much he has taken care of, even if he kills Yang Kai now, others will not think that he is bullying the small. After all, this young man’s appearance just now is a bit too disgusting.

As he spoke, he slapped a palm towards Yang Kai, and the world changed color in a moment. The law surged.

The entire Moon City seemed to be shrouded by the power of this palm, and everyone felt that they were not breathing well.

Hu Yuan and the others all changed color in amazement. They all backed away, secretly feeling sorry for Yang Kai. This kid is too ignorant of the heights and depths of the world. He repeatedly provokes the 3rd-order Emperor Realm. As if he really hates his own life.

Everyone can almost foresee his next scene of being a corpse on the spot.

Feng Xuan’s move was without warning, and it was too late when the girls in Ice Heart Valley realized that and wanted rescue him.

Yang Kai was also directly suppressed in place by that Emperor Prestige. Unable to move, his face pale. But he didn’t mean to be scared at all. Instead, he looked at Feng Xuan with a leisure look, and his eyes were full of teasing.

Chi Chi Chi……

With a crackling sound, a white sword light suddenly shot out from somewhere in the inn and greeted Feng Xuan’s palm prints, with an aura like a rainbow.

Immediately afterwards, the sound of explosion sounded, and the huge shock wave spread in all directions, and the houses swayed within a radius of thousands of meters.

The palm print disappeared without a trace in an instant, but the sword light went straight into the sky, disappearing in a flash.

After everyone recovered, they found that there was a young girl beside Yang Kai. This young girl looked young, about seventeen or eighteen years old, but her aura was extremely pure and not stained with dust.

Feng Xuan’s eyes shrank, his eyes instantly fixed on the girl.

An Ruoyun and the others also opened their beautiful eyes, looked at her in surprise and excitement, and said with a trembled voice, “Honored Master!”

Honored Master?

Hu Yuan and others who was watching this, how could they not know who this young girl is? This is clearly the founding ancestor of Ice Heart Valley, the 3rd-order Emperor Realm expert who has been missing for three thousand years, Bingyun!

“The disciple pays homage to the Honored Master!” An Ruoyun and the others fell to the ground simultaneously.

Bing Yun glanced at them faintly, and didn’t know what she was thinking. She didn’t pay attention to what they meant. Instead, she turned her beautiful eyes to Yang Kai, snorted, and said softly: “You are too courageous.”

She was obviously talking about Yang Kai’s constant provocation to Feng Xuan just now.

Bing Yun has also lived for tens of thousands of years, but after these tens of thousands of years, she has never seen a person as bold as Yang Kai, a 3rd-order Dao Source Stage, dare to shout and keep bargaining at the 3rd-order Emperor Realm.

“Hehe!” Yang Kai replied with a smile on his face, “Senior is behind me, what am I afraid of.” After a pause, he asked nervously, “Senior, how are your recovery?”

Bing Yun whispered: “It’s almost done.”

Listening to her saying this, Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel relieved. Since Bing Yun said it was almost done, it must have been fully restored. In other words, there is no problem to take action now. As long as she could take action, Feng Xuan is not someone he has to be afraid of.

“Bing Yun, what do you mean by this?” Feng Xuan looked at Bing Yun coldly, and sternly shouted: “If this king remember correctly, Ice Heart Valley does not accept male disciples? Why stop this king from teaching this kid?”

Bing Yun glanced at him, and said, “Wait a minute, I will deal with these little girls first, and then come to reason with you!”

Feng Xuan’s expression was stagnant, but he couldn’t refute anything. Looking at the entire star boundary, there are not many people who are qualified to talk to him like this, but Bingyun is definitely one. Don’t know how many times the two have fought, but every time it is not equal. Feng Xuan is still quite fearful of Bingyun, so even if his heart is blocked at this moment, he has to give her face.

Bing Yun turned around, looked at An Ruoyun and others, and said lightly: “Get up all of you, what are you doing on your knees?”

An Ruoyun and others lowered their heads, but no one got up.

Bing Yun snorted coldly: “This Palace Master has been away for 3000 years, there is no need to listen to me, right? No wonder you dare to marry off the best disciple in the valley. Since when is the Ice Heart Valley reduced to the level of watching other people’s faces, you little girls are really amazing!”

Listening to the tone of her speech, obviously she know the ins and outs. It should be that Bingyun heard some information when everyone was chatting outside.

An Ruoyun’s body trembled slightly, knowing that the Honored Master was really angry, and said in fear: “The disciples and others are under the guidance of the Honored Master, please ask the Honored Master to give the punishment!”

Sun Yunxiu said anxiously: “Honored Master, this matter has nothing to do with the other sisters. I agreed to the marriage with the Asking Passion Sect. If the Honored Master want to punish, I alone should be fine.”

“You treat me as if I dare not punish you!” Bing Yun looked at Sun Yunxiu coldly. Sun Yunxiu, a 2nd-order Emperor Realm powerhouse, was looked at by Bing Yun’s gaze. She turned out to be like a mouse seeing a cat, shaking her body and gritting her teeth. Without saying a word.

At this moment, Zi Yu said: “The Founder Ancestor please calmed down. The Great Elder did it for the sake of the sect and please forgive her.”

She would plead for Sun Yunxiu, which is really surprising. Even Sun Yunxiu herself seemed to be a little unexpected, and her beautiful eyes suddenly became complicated.

Bing Yun turned to Zi Yu, softened a lot, and said faintly: “You girl is also soft-hearted, and I don’t expect you would speak on behalf of the person who push you into the fire pit.”

Zi Yu shook her head and said: “The Great Elder is really helpless. If she don’t do this, the other sisters in the valley will have no way of survival. If she can sacrifice Zi Yu’s happiness to keep the sisters safe, Zi Yu is also willing, but I don’t know why. I just thought about running out, the farther I went, the better… It’s because Ziyu is ignorant, Founder Ancestor please don’t blame other people.” As she spoke, tears were streaming down her face, obviously very bitter.

Bing Yun opened her mouth, but in the end she couldn’t say anything. She sighed heavily and said, “Don’t worry, no one will do anything to you if I am here!”

Zi Yu broke her tears into a smile, and said, “Thank you, Founder Ancestor!”

Bing Yun’s words seemed to give her a reassurance, which made her feel peaceful all at once, and she no longer felt the sense of fear and panic she had before.

Bing Yun looked at Sun Yunxiu again and said, “Your fault, I will make a decision after I return to the valley. Get up first!”

“Thank you, Master!” The girls all responded together, and then stood up.

Bing Yun’s eyes swept across their faces one by one, and found that among the dozen or so Emperor Realm, nearly half of them were the disciples she had accepted in those years, and now they have all been promoted to the Emperor Realm, and some of them are familiar to her, and should be an outstanding talent in the sect. Although they are not her direct disciples, they are also the first batch of disciples in Ice Heart Valley. There are only two or three emperor realms, which she is unfamiliar with and has never seen before.

These two or three emperor reallm should be recruited into Ice Heart Valley by An Ruoyun and others.

There are some martial artists who cultivate alone without a backing. The chances are against the sky, and they can cultivate to a very high level of martial Dao. Such martial artists are all of outstanding talents and welcomed by major sects because they have no background and no huge training resources. With support, they can cultivate to a very high level. If you give them a little support, there is a great possibility of being promoted to the emperor realm.

For example, Yang Kai.

If these people want to take refuge in those big sects, they only need to pass some simple tests and inspections to get started. Of course, even after getting started, there is a long period of investigation to make sure that this person has no conspiracy against the sect.

Bing Yun looked at the two or three unfamiliar emperor realms, they should have been recruited into Ice Heart Valley in this way. Since they are standing here at this moment, it means that there is no problem with their loyalty.

“Where are little third, little fifth, and little nine?” Bing Yun suddenly asked, as if she had a premonition, her expression was slightly sad.

An Ruoyun hurriedly replied: “Shortly after Master left the Ice Heart Valley, Third Junior Sister went out to find Master, her whereabouts are still unknown.”


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