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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2426 English [Readable]

Bing Yun narrowed his eyes and said, “Is her life lamp still there?”

An Ruoyun said: “Yes, the third junior sister is still alive, but I don’t know where she is.”

“That’s fine.” Bing Yun breathed a sigh of relief.

An Ruoyun said again: “Fifth Junior Sister… she failed to be promoted to the emperor realm and fell.”

Bing Yun’s delicate body trembled slightly when she heard the words, but quickly recovered her calmness, and sighed: “This is also fate, her personality is too radical, I also knew her future would not be too smooth.”

An Ruoyun said with a red eye: “I didn’t take good care of her as the Senior Sister.”

Bing Yun shook her head and said, “It has nothing to do with you. What about little nine? Is she…alive or dead?”

An Ruoyun replied: “Junior Sister Nine has been retreating in the middle of the valley. It has been ten years since she said that she would never leave the customs if she did not advance to the emperor realm.”

“Very good.” Bingyun smiled slightly. She has been away for three thousand years, and among the nine disciples she has received, seven have already been promoted to the emperor realm. Among them, An Ruoyun and Sun Yunxiu have lived up to her expectations and reached the 2nd-order Emperor Realm, one person fell from the baptism of heaven and earth, leaving only the last little nine, the youngest, in secluded retreat.

Such a result is still acceptable to her. Being a Master and achieve her level is also unique in Star Boundary. Who can accept so many disciples who have been promoted all the way to Emperor Realm? Don’t know if it is she who teaches well, or the fostering of Ice Heart Valley.

“Bingyun, talk about the usual things in the future.” Over there, Feng Xuan urged loudly, appearing extremely impatient.

Bing Yun snorted coldly, then turned to look at him and said, “This palace master has been away for three thousand years. Sect Master Feng has taken good care of my Ice Heart Valley.”

There is a strong sarcasm in her tone, obviously because she was angry, Asking Passion Sect actually bullied her own sect while she was away, forcing them to marry off their best disciple.

Feng Xuan said indifferently: “You and I are the top sects of the North Territory, and if we join forces! I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. Why don’t you see it Bingyun?”

“Is this palace master unable to see it, or the sect master is bullying people too much?” Bing Yun yelled, “You can be regarded as an older generation. Does it give you a sense of accomplishment to rely on old men to bully a few little girls?”

Feng Xuan frowned and said, “Bingyun, you still have such sharp tongue. This king is not going to bother to have the general knowledge as you! Today I am here, there are only two things, one is to make my son and Miss Ziyu get married. The second is to get back that Jade Blood Qilin! Bingyun, if you still remember the old feelings between you and me, please fulfill one or two!”

Bing Yun smiled coldly, raised her jade finger, and said solemnly: “This palace master will also made it clear to you. First, Ziyu is my Ice Heart Valley disciple, and she will never marry your trash son. Second, i don’t care about the Jade Blood Qilin. If you have the ability, you can grab it. If you don’t have the ability, get out of Moon City as soon as possible, so as not to lose face in front of these north territory heroes, and making it difficult to go out in the future!”

Bing Yun’s attitude was so strong, it also surprised Feng Xuan.

Hu Yuan and the others over there were even more horrified, faintly feeling a very depressing aura covering them, making them feel stressed.

The two powerhouses seem to have a big disagreement and they will fight. Once they really fight, the Moon City will definitely be gone, and it is unknown whether oneself and others can retreat. They are already considering whether they should leave now, lest they become the fish in the pond.

Feng Xuan was silent for a long time before he grinned and sarcastically said: “This kid shouldn’t be your illegitimate child, making you protect him so much!”

With a word, An Ruoyun and others changed their faces. Feng Xuan, such a powerful person with status and identity, would ruin Bingyun’s reputation in front of so many people. It was simply unpredictable.

In an instant, all the girls in Ice Heart Valley were emotionally angry, gritting their white teeth, glaring at Feng Xuan, as if they wanted to go up and kill him.

To everyone’s expectation, Bingyun didn’t mean to be angry at all when she heard this. Instead, she glanced at Yang Kai with profound meaning and said lightly: “If this palace master has such an heir, then this life will have no regrets.”

Feng Xuan was immediately dumbfounded.

An Ruoyun and others also opened their mouths wide, looking at their Master in surprise.

What does it mean? Is this young man really Bing Yun illegitimate child? Otherwise, why not only she didn’t mean to be angry, but also said this kind of thing.

For a while, everyone looked at Yang Kai differently, as if they were looking at a person who was branded with Ice Heart Valley.

Yang Kai couldn’t help wiping the sweat from his forehead, and said bitterly to Bingyun: “Senior, you can’t avoid misunderstanding if you say this.”

Bing Yun pursed her mouth and said, “Just talk about it casually, don’t take it to heart.”

She didn’t deliberately want to take advantage of Yang Kai, but she knew that Feng Xuan deliberately want to disgrace her that way, because he wanted to mess up her mood, so she was not salty about it.

“It seems that this kid really has a deep connection with you!” Feng Xuan immediately realized that Yang Kai’s relationship with Bing Yun was a bit unusual, otherwise Bing Yun would definitely not care about her reputation and say something like that.

“But even if he is really your illegitimate child, that Jade Blood Qiling must be handed over today, otherwise, don’t blame this king for being cruel!” Feng Xuan screamed, and suddenly took a step forward.

This whole world was shocked under his step, as if to surrender.

For no reason, the sky above Moon City seemed to press down a big mountain, making people feel tight and panting.

Yang Kai’s face turned pale, holding up the Jade Blood Qilin, and snorted coldly: “This young master is as timid as a mouse, Senior Feng Xuan, don’t scare me, otherwise, when this young master is nervous, he lose control on his hand and this thing will be destroyed. That’s not good.”

When everyone heard this, they were all speechless, thinking that this kid really talking nonsense with his eyes opened. If he is really as timid as a mouse, then there is no brave person in this world.

While Yang Kai was talking, Source Qi was secretly urged, a slight clicking sound came from the Jade Blood Qilin.

Seeing this situation, Feng Xi’s eyes popped and exclaimed: “Father, he is really going to destroy the Jade Blood Qilin!”

“Stop it!” Feng Xuan also shouted sharply, “If you dare to destroy it, I will let you die without a place to be buried!”

Yang Kai yelled, “Oh My God!, this young master just said that he is as timid as a mouse. Why does the senior scares me so much? I’m so afraid!”

While talking, the strength in his hand increased again, and the clicking sound suddenly became denser.

Feng Xuan’s breathing was stagnant, and his face was extremely blue.

This Jade Blood Qiling is actually not a precious treasure, and it is indeed a status symbol of the Young Sect Master’s wife, because every generation of the young sect master of Asking Passion Sect will have many wives and concubines, and only the person holding the Jade Blood Qilin is the real young sect master’s wife. To manage the harem for the Young Sect Master, so that the Young Sect Master can cultivate with peace of mind, and will not be affected by the jealousy of women.

If such a symbolic thing were destroyed in public, it would be nothing more than a slap in the face of Asking Passion Sect.

Seeing that the hard way were not working, Feng Xuan could only take a deep breath, reducing his aura, his face was ugly and said, “Boy, what do you want?”

Yang Kai coldly snorted: “I have already made the conditions, so why should Senior Feng Xuan ask knowingly?”

“You dare to ask for a billion middle-grade source crystals!” Feng Xuan said angrily. Although a billion source crystals are nothing to Asking Passion Sect, it still makes Feng Xuan feel uncomfortable to give it to Yang Kai for no reason.

Yang Kai squinted his eyes and said, “How much do you think you can pay?”

“At most one hundred million!” Feng Xuan hummed.

“Okay, one hundred million is also fine. This young master is also a good talker.” Yang Kai grinned.

This reaction made everyone stunned, they did not expect that Yang Kai would really agree to it. After all, he spoke with a big mouth and looked like a lawless lion. Everyone thought he would blackmail the Asking Passion Sect for a billion source crystal. Inferring from Feng Xuan’s importance to that Jade Blood Qilin, as long as Yang Kai insisted, one billion source crystals would definitely be available, but they didn’t expect him to compromise like this without even bargaining.

He should be afraid, right? Young people are always eager to do things, and when they calm down, they will become scared.

However, a 3rd-order Dao Source Stage dared to blackmail 100 million source crystals from the Sect Master of Asking Passion Sect. Don’t know if it is a newcomer, but it is definitely unprecedented.

“Senior Bingyun, i have to bother you.” Yang Kai suddenly turned his head and looked at Bingyun.

Bing Yun didn’t know what moth he was going to produce again, and said suspiciously, “What is it!”

Yang Kai took the Jade Blood Qiling in his hand, gestured to it, and said, “Senior Feng Xuan is only willing to pay one-tenth of the price, so of course I can only trade with him for one-tenth. Senior, you cut this thing down by a tenth. Our business has always been fair and honest, and won’t take advantage of others, and won’t let others take advantage of us!”

Bing Yun was amused secretly. This wicked idea was hard for Yang Kai to come up with. She glared at him quietly, flipped her wrist, and a long sword as white as snow appeared on the palm of her hand. She was really about to cut a tenth of it.

Yang Kai looked up at Feng Xuan, smiled coldly, and said, “Senior, I don’t know if you are satisfied with this result!”

Feng Xuan almost vomited blood. Before he could say anything, Yang Kai said again: “If the senior can take out 500 million, I will let Senior Bingyun cut it in half. How many source crystal the senior have can decide how many the goods you can get, I am fair, how much do you want now…?”

Feng Xuan’s chest was tumbling with blood, and he almost didn’t catch his breath.

He felt that he had never suffered so much anger in his life, and all of this was given by that young man!

Hu Yuan and the others were also secretly stunned. In their heart, this young man was really ruthless. He insisted on that one billion source crystal and won’t let go. If it is really to be cut into one-tenth or half of it, would the Jade Blood Qilin still have a meaning?

It’s just…Offending the Asking Passion Sect to death like this, will there be a way to survive in the future? Unless he is really Bingyun’s illegitimate child!


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