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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2427 English [Readable]

“Father, the Jade Blood Qilin cannot be destroyed!” Feng Xi said in shock.

“Shut up!” Feng Xuan yelled angrily, staring at Feng Xi with a look of hatred for iron and steel. He suddenly discovered that compared with this young man, his son has a huge gap.

Is it because he was too spoiled in the past? Feng Xuan secretly reflected.

Yang Kai over there said again: “It seems that Senior Feng can’t afford this billion middle-grade source crystals. Hey, what did you say just now? The family has big business and rich wealth. This young master is a country bumpkin who has never seen the market. I was hoping you can open my eyes, but I didn’t expect this…Tsk tusk, Senior Bingyun, since they can’t afford the price, then cut it!”

Bing Yun nodded slightly and raised her long sword high.

Feng Xuan timidly said, “Okay, one billion it is.”

It’s just one billion middle-grade source crystal. It’s not that he is unable to take it out. He has been reluctant to agree before, mainly because he doesn’t want Yang Kai to lead his nose. At any rate, he is in the 3rd-order Emperor Realm, and he is controlled by Yang Kai in front of so many people, it is too shameful. But now he has nothing to do, he has to agree even if he doesn’t.

“Senior Feng is really a neat person, and I appreciate your character!” Yang Kai laughed.

As soon as this remark came out, even someone as indifferent as Bingyun, there is some sweat on her forehead, thinking to herself, this kid really dare to speak like this.

Feng Xuan said with a cold face, “This one billion middle-grade source crystal can be given to you, but this king still has one condition.”

Yang Kai hummed: “Senior Feng hasn’t woken up yet? Do you think you still have the qualifications to bargain with this Young Master? Hand over the source crystal first before speaking of other things.”

Feng Xuan looked at him sarcastically, and said, “You don’t listen to what the conditions of this king are, and then flatly refuse?”

Yang Kai disdainfully said: “The dog can’t spit out ivory. I don’t like to listen.” While speaking, he rushed to Feng Xuan to stretch out a hand and cried out: “Pay the money with one hand, and deliver the goods with the other. Don’t speak nonsense.”

Feng Xuan held back his anger and said lightly: “My son suffered a bit from your hands the night before, young man, he must get up from wherever he falls. The kid wants to challenge you today. I wonder if the little brother has the courage to agree!”

As if to cooperate with his words, Feng Xi took a step forward, looking down at Yang Kai condescendingly, with a look of disdain in his eyes, without the trembling of the previous night.

Feng Xi didn’t think Yang Kai was so good, the reason why he suffered so much the night before. The main reason was that Yang Kai had taken advantage of a group of emperor realm in Ice Heart Valley. He and Yang Kai had never fought head-on.

As the young master of Asking Passion Sect, he has learned the most powerful cultivation technique and secret techniques in the world, and he has even more powerful artifacts in his hands, among the martial artist of the same realm. Basically no one is his opponent.

One-on-one alone, Fengxi asked himself that he would not lose to anyone.

Today, Asking Passion Sect is consiered to lose its face, and if he wanted to regain face, he could only start with Yang Kai, the instigator.

It is impossible for Feng Xuan and Yao Zhuo to directly attack Yang Kai. Once they do, the emperor realm in Ice Heart Valley will definitely not sit back and watch, which is equivalent to directly detonating big battle.

The only possibility is to let Feng Xi challenge Yang Kai, and then kill him in full view. To save the face of Asking Passion Sect.

Feng Xi obviously knew what idea his father was making, so even though the father and son had not discussed it in advance. At this moment, he also quickly stood up with a provocative look on his face.

Yang Kai glanced at him, grinned and said, “Young Sect Master, i’m afraid you’re not his biological son.”

Feng Xi was stunned for a moment, and then reacted, furiously saying: “This kid has sharp tongue!”

Yang Kai disdainfully said: “If you are his biological son, how could Senior Feng be so impatient to ask you to come out and die!”

Feng Xi said with a stern face: “Do you dare to look down on this young master? If you have the ability, we will have a showdown on the ring. The person who wins will marry Ziyu, and the person who loses will get out of the North Territory!”

Zi Yu frowned slightly and said dissatisfied: “What does it have to with me!”

This Fengxi is also interesting. Actually want to drag her into this for no reason. But when she remembered what Yang Kai said the night before, saying in front of many people that he and her had cook the rice. Zi Yu suddenly understood this.

But that was just an excuse by Yang Kai. Afterwards, more than a dozen Master Aunt did not ask about it again. Obviously they all knew the whole story, but Fengxi took it seriously. This kid IQ is really worrying.

Based on this, Zi Yu couldn’t have liked him Fengxi either.

“First hand over Source Crystal, Senior Feng doesn’t want to deny, right?” Yang Kai ignored Feng Xi’s provocation, but turned his head and shouted at Feng Xuan.

Feng Xuan sneered, took out a prepared space ring, and said: “The source crystals are all here, but why did the little brother divert the topic? Is it because you are afraid of the kid? If you are afraid, you apologize, he may be able to forgive you.”

“You give me the source crystal first, and I’ll talk to you again!” Yang Kai urged impatiently.

Feng Xuan snorted coldly, and threw the space ring over with a painful expression on his face.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand to take it, his Divine Sense swept inward, and his eyebrows were instantly overjoyed.

The source crystals in this ring don’t have a billion, but there are five million top-grade source crystals and 500 million middle-grade source crystals, which is exactly one billion when converted.

Apparently Asking Passion Sect is really rich, the billion source crystals could be taken out just like that. Yang Kai suddenly regretted that he didn’t charge a higher price before. Looking at Feng Xuan’s appearance, he should be able to take out more.

Confirming that the number of source crystals was correct, Yang Kai also threw back the Jade Blood Qilin.

Feng Xuan didn’t even look at it, and threw it directly to Feng Xi, saying indifferently: “If you lose it again, you don’t need to be the Young Sect Master.”

Feng Xi’s expression changed, and he quickly said, “My father, don’t worry, the child will take good care of it and will never lose it again.”

Feng Xuan nodded slightly, looked at Yang Kai again, and said, “How did you consider the previous proposal?”

Yang Kai sneered: “Is the senior really in such a hurry to send his son to the underworld? It seems that he is not his real son. It is no wonder, there are countless wives and concubines, and energy is limited, so it is inevitable that you can’t take care of it. It is normal for ladies to go out to steal some wild food.”

Hu Yuan and others all had extremely weird expressions, each of them wanted to laugh, but didn’t dare to laugh, and they were working hard.

In this world, who would dare to talk to Feng Xuan like this? Isn’t it clear that Feng Xuan’s head is green? Everyone’s awareness of Yang Kai’s boldness was refreshed once again, and they were shocked while admiring them.

Because they were really afraid that Yang Kai would completely anger Feng Xuan, an angry 3rd-order Emperor Realm is simply a disaster.

“Boy, you are presumptuous!” Feng Xuan was really furious, and anyone who was said such words would not be calm.

Yang Kai shouted sternly: “Why, Senior Feng Xuan used to slander Senior Bing Yun’s face before, but now he is about to turn his face when he is slandered? Your sir, conpare to Senior Bingyun, its a world of differences.”

Feng Xuan was actually taken aback when he heard this, but he quickly recovered his calmness, and instead of the irritable and angry expression he had before, it was a peaceful expression, which was obviously adjusted.

After being indifferent for a while, he said indifferently: “Leave aside other things beforehand, today’s battle between you and Xi’er must be carried out!”

Yang Kai snorted coldly: “Since the senior is so unreasonable and bullying, then this young master… had to reluctantly agree.”

For Fengxi, and he really didn’t care about it. Even if Feng Xi really had some trump card in his hands, he was confident that he could escape.

Thinking of this, Yang Kai asked Bingyun in a low voice, “will there be any problem if i kill him?”

Bing Yun frowned her eyebrows, and didn’t have the slightest doubt about Yang Kai’s words. She knew how powerful Yang Kai was. Even Emperor Realm was killed by him. Where could Feng Xi be more powerful? She pondered slightly, and said, “It’s best not to kill. If Feng Xi is killed by you in full view, Feng Xuan will definitely not give up. Although I am not afraid of him, if the two forces go to war, countless disciple will definitely be killed or injured, the gain is not worth the loss.”

“Understood.” Yang Kai nodded, a wicked smile came up at the corner of his mouth, and said: “Then i will cripple him.”

Hearing this, Bingyun glanced at Feng Xi, who was triumphantly gearing his hands, and a hint of sympathy appeared in her heart.

On the other side, everyone saw that Yang Kai really agreed to Feng Xi’s invitation to fight. They all had different expressions. The women of Ice Heart Valley were worried. Although they didn’t know what Yang Kai was good at, Feng Xi was Asking Passion Sect’s Young Sect Master, how can he not have a unique technique in hand?

Even if Zi Yu fights alone with him, she may not be able to retreat completely. Is this Yang Kai really good?

On the contrary, Hu Yuan and the others were all excited. They were not excited because the two 3rd-order Dao Source Stage were competing against each other. They were all in the Emperor Realm. What is so good about the two Dao Source Stage martial artists competing against each other. But because of this, the conflict between the two major forces of Ice Heart Valley and Asking Passion Sect can be resolved through this battle, and there is no need to worry about causing turbulence in the entire North Territory. This was what they expected to see, so they were a little grateful to Yang Kai for agreeing to this battle.

Anyone could see that Yang Kai can’t ignore it, and Feng Xuan was also too unreasonable and used his power to suppress others.

At this point, Hu Yuan hurriedly said: “I remember there is a ready-made ring in the city. If you don’t mind, you might as well move over?”

Feng Xuan nodded slightly and said: “If this is the case, then let’s go.”

As he spoke, his body shook, and Emperor Yuan was surging, and he disappeared in place with Feng Xi. Yao Zhuo gave Yang Kai a cold look and followed him with a mocking expression on his face.

“Master, if it doesn’t work, let Ziyu go up, right? When facing Ziyu, Feng Xi would never dare to kill her, Ziyu and him is also almost on par. He may not be their opponent.” Sun Yunxiu has a direct personality, she will say what she has in mind, and didn’t care about Yang Kai’s feelings, just barely said clearly that Yang Kai was definitely not Fengxi’s opponent, and he was dead when he went up.


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