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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2429 English [Readable]

On the arena, Yang Kai was like a tiger, his momentum was like a rainbow, and the power of his two punches had destroyed Fengxi’s defensive treasure. On the other hand, Fengxi, staggered, spouting blood, terrified.

When his figure was not stable, Yang Kai hurried to catch up, hitting his third punch again.

Feng Xi’s eyes were round, and he felt a breath of death rushing toward him, his face suddenly pale.

He found that he underestimated Yang Kai’s strength too much. As soon as the opponent made his move, he was unstoppable. He had no power to fight him. If he had known this, he would have offered trump card from the beginning. He thought that there was no big differences in their strength. Even if there is a gap, it is still him who is suppressing the opponent. Yang Kai cannot be his opponent, but now it seems that he is too naive.

Watching the fist hit, Feng Xi held his breath, and his pupils shrank to the size of a needle.

At this moment, the abnormal change protruded.

Yang Kai’s expression suddenly changed when he was attacking fiercely, as if he had suffered a sneak attack. The fist that came over was suddenly closed, followed by a vertical stature, fluttered back, and then looked solemnly at the back of his hand.

The breath of death suddenly dissipated, but Feng Xi screamed and moved his gaze to his arm. The next moment, he understood what had happened, and his face was ecstatic.

On the other side, Yang Kai’s eyes widened, his eyes fixed on the back of his hand.

When he was about to kill Feng Xi earlier, a hot feeling suddenly came from the back of his hand. He thought he was sneak attacked, so he didn’t care about killing Fengxi. Back off quickly, saving his life is more important.

The person who can sneak attack on him without him noticing is definitely an emperor realm powerhouse.

What made him strange was that Bing Yun didn’t seem to notice it either.

However, after retreating and investigating, Yang Kai found that things were not what he thought. The back of his hand was still extremely hot, but there was no trace of being attacked, and it was getting hotter. It was as if he had plunged his hand into the depths of the magma.

Just when he was suspicious and didn’t know what happened, Feng Xi suddenly yelled at the other side of the ring, which seemed unbearable pain.

Yang Kai looked up and saw Feng Xi covered his arm somewhere with one hand, gritted his teeth and growled.

Not only was he like this, even from the surrounding stands, there was a scream of exclamation.

what happened? Yang Kai looked solemn. With a dazed expression, he glanced in the direction where everyone in Ice Heart Valley was, and found that Zi Yu had also reached out her hand to cover her arm, sweating heavily on her forehead.

However, Yang Kai keenly discovered a problem, that is, all the people who had the situation were young people, not many. There are only a dozen or so. There are males and females, and they are all martial artists of Dao Source Stage.

Such a change occurred in the arena and stands, and it also surprised the emperor realm. They don’t know what happened to these rising stars. Bing Yun no longer meant to be entangled with Feng Xuan, and quickly looked at Yang Kai with concern.

An Ruoyun, Sun Yunxiu and others gathered around Ziyu and asked about the situation.

Before they could ask what was going on, suddenly a little bit of starlight escaped from the back of the dozen young people’s hands and arms, like countless fireflies gathered. Flying slowly in the sky, it looks beautiful.

“This is…” Bing Yun’s beautiful eyes condensed, as if she understood something at once.

Those strong men from the major sects of the North Territory also trembled with excitement, and their lips trembled while pointing at the starlight.

The burning sensation on the back of his hand suddenly disappeared at a certain moment. When Yang Kai looked again, he found a pentagonal mark on the back of his hand.

An inspiration flashed in his mind, and he muttered: “Star Seal!”

The mark of this five-pointed star is obviously the star seal of Star Fragment Sea, and it is the trophy he got from the Land of Four Seasons.

At the beginning, he received a place in the Azure Sun Temple to enter the Land of Four Seasons, and obtained a total of seven star seals. Later, he gave six of them to the Azure Sun Temple and left a five-pointed star seal for himself.

After such a long time, this star seal has remained silent, and Yang Kai almost forgotten it.

But he didn’t expect to suddenly have a vision at the critical moment of his life and death battle with Feng Xi.

The star seal is the ticket to enter the Star Fragments Sea. Only those who carry the star seal are qualified to enter the Star Fragments Sea. The Star Fragments Sea is rumored to be the place where the greatest power in the star boundary fell. Hidden there is the inheritance of the Heaven Devourer Great Emperor, which has attracted countless powerful people.

It’s a pity that every time the Star Fragments Sea is opened, the emperor realm powerhouse is not allowed to enter, and only the martial artist below the emperor realm can enter it.

It has been tens of thousands of years since Heaven Devourer Great Emperor Fall. Over the past tens of thousands of years, countless sects in the four regions of the star boundary have sent countless elite disciples into the Star Fragments Sea, hoping to find the mantle and inheritance of Heaven Devourer Great Emperor, and comprehend the mystery that could make him dominate the star boundary back then. To fight the rivals all over the world, but no one succeeded.

The secret of Heaven Devourer Great Emperor seems to have been buried somewhere in the Star Fragments Sea with his fall back then.

If it was just this temptation, it might not make so many martial artist tempted. After all, there is only one Heaven Devourer Great Emperor, and there is only one inheritance. How could it be so easy to find.

The key point is that there are countless remaining Star Source in the Star Fragments Sea. As long as any martial artist can obtain those Star Source, he can better understand the laws of heaven and earth, and promote to the emperor realm faster.

Someone has said that seven out of ten people in the emperor realm of the star boundary have entered the Star Fragments Sea, which shows how great this secret realm has improved the martial artist.

For Dao Source stage martial artist, entering star fragments sea is equivalent to one foot stepping into the door of Emperor Realm. This temptation cannot be resisted by any martial artist.

There are also many powerful martial artist who have been working hard to find the entrance to Star Fragments Sea, hoping to get a glimpse of it.

But when the great emperors encircled and suppressed the Heaven Devourer Great Emperor, the world shattered, the world shook, the universe turned upside down, and the star fragments sea was formed and always hidden in a certain gap between the spaces, so that the strong would not be able to enter.

In that battle, the Heaven Devourer Great Emperor fell, but before he died, he took several Great Emperors with him.

In other words, there may not only be the mantle of the Heaven Devourer Great Emperor, but also the inheritance of other great emperors! Even if you can’t find the inheritance of these great emperors, it is good to find the artifacts and space rings that were discarded during the war, if you can find these things, you will no longer have to worry about cultivation resources from now on.

For various reasons, the attention of Star Fragments Sea in the star boundary far exceeds that of any other secret realm. It is a grand event in which elite martial artist from the four major regions of the star boundary will participate.

Compared with the Land of Four Seasons, it is simply weak.

Star Seat suddenly emitted a little starlight at this moment, and Yang Kai immediately understood what was going on.

“Star Fragments Sea is open!” From the stands, there was a sudden exclaim, and many emperor realm stood up together with excitement.

Yang Kai gritted his teeth and glared at Feng Xi who was standing not far away, then sneered: “You’re lucky to have your life!”

If it wasn’t for Star Seal’s sudden movement, Feng Xi must have been severely injured by him at this moment. Don’t know if this guy is destined to have good luck, and he escaped at that critical moment.

Star Seal had already reacted, and Yang Kai didn’t dare to act rashly, lest he could not enter Star Fragments Sea if something went wrong.

Fengxi also has a star seal, and obviously will enter the Star Fragments Sea.

On this arena, he can only cripple Fengxi, but he can’t kill, so as not to cause a battle between Ice Heart Valley and Asking Passion Sect. However, if he enters the Star Fragments Sea, he is completely free from future troubles, so he does not have the thought of going to Fengxi at the moment, just standing quietly in place.

Hearing what he said, Feng Xi opened his mouth to refute something, but as soon as he touched Yang Kai’s cold eyes, he couldn’t help but shrank his head, and swallowed his words.

In the few short breaths of fighting with Yang Kai before, he was suppressed and had no chance to breathe, and a shadow was cast in his heart. How could he dare to provoke him at this time?

On the arena, Yang Kai turned his eyes and saw that there were a dozen people in the stands like him, with starlight shining from their arms, and most of these a dozen people were standing next to an emperor realm, and they were teaching them in earnest.

They are undoubtedly following the Emperor Realm here to celebrate the happy day before, and they are all rising stars of the major sects in the North Territory.

Zi Yu was also among them. An Ruoyun, Sun Yunxiu and others surrounded her. Sun Yunxiu was telling her something very quickly. Zi Yu kept nodding her head and glanced at Yang Kai from time to time.

As they looked at each other, Yang Kai nodded lightly.

Zi Yu is undoubtedly a person with a star seal, and will naturally go to Star Fragments Sea like him. If they see each other in there, they can cooperate.

Yang Kai doesn’t know much about Star Fragments Sea. Although he can be regarded as a registered disciple of the Azure Sun Temple, he even has the highest level of Azure Sun Gold Token, but he has not received too many teachings from Azure Sun Temple’s Emperor Realm. He did not deliberately ask Wen Zishan and Gao Xueting about Star Fragments Sea. In this regard, he is not as good as those disciples who came from a large sect.

After entering Star Fragments Sea, if he meet someone he know, he can ask for information a little bit, or he can explore it himself.

Speaking of which, he knows a lot of people. He knows most of the elite disciples of the Azure Sun Temple, as well as the rising stars of the South Territory, who he have basically dealt with in the Land of Four Seasons. This time, those people will definitely be there, in the star fragments sea.

While Yang Kai was pondering, Bingyun’s voice transmission suddenly came to his ears: “Star Fragments Sea is a great opportunity, your life is important, and coming back alive is victory!”

Yang Kai nodded sternly.

Bing Yun obviously wanted to tell him something, but there was no chance. The next moment, the dots of starlight escaping from the backs of everyone’s hands suddenly became rich, and gathered at the top of everyone’s heads. In the blink of an eye, the starlight directly converged into a door of starlight.


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