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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2430 English [Readable]

Looking around, it was as if a Star Field that had shrunk countless times appeared above everyone’s head, which looked extremely mysterious.

An unpredictable aura came out from the door of starlight, and everyone was shocked when they felt this aura.

Immediately, the starlight gate suddenly shrouded, directly wrapping up a dozen people present.

The dazzling light bloomed, and everyone couldn’t open their eyes. When the light dissipated, the dozens of people who were originally shrouded in starlight disappeared.

This kind of scene also happened at this moment in various places in the star realm. In the four big regions, thousands of Dao Source stage martial artist entered the star fragments sea.

Moon City, above the stands, Feng Xuan glanced at Bingyun coldly, stood up and left.

There was no nonsense before leaving.

It is meaningless to say anything at this moment. The young people have already entered the Star Fragments sea. The marriage between asking passion sect and ice heart valley disciple can only wait until Fengxi and Ziyu return safely. As long as one person falls inside, the marriage will be over.

Bing Yun has no meaning to block him. Although she wasn’t afraid of Feng Xuan, but to the extent of their strength and identity, it has nothing to do with words and deeds.

In the cold and empty void, the stars are broken and depressed, without spiritual energy, starry sky storms are devastating, roaring, and whizzing away, the broad sea of ​​meteorites, like a river that never sees an end, traverses this world.

The surroundings are all quiet, as if the world is not divided, the heaven and the earth are not opened, everything is still in the beginning of chaos.

Suddenly. Somewhere in the void. The light shone out, and after the light dissipated, Yang Kai appeared strangely.

Before he was surrounded by the starlight on the ring, he immediately noticed a wave of space force lingering beside him. This feeling made him very familiar, knowing that this was a sign of long-distance teleportation.

It seems that the reason why the star seal has become a ticket to enter the star fragments sea is because it is the point of contact for this kind of long-distance teleportation. Without the star seal, you cannot enter the star fragments sea.

The first time he appeared, he raised his eyes.

All the scenes in his eyes made him stunned, and a look of reminisce suddenly appeared in his eyes.

Because everything he saw was so familiar, it gave him the illusion of returning to the HengLuo Star Field.

Back then, he had traveled to many cultivation star in the Hengluo Star Field. He shuttled back and forth in the Star Field many times, and he often saw this scene before him.

The only difference is that. The scene in front of him seemed more bleak and lifeless than some parts of the Heng Luo Star Field. What he could see was a broken place. Yang Kai even saw a broken cultivation star.

This cultivation star is at least a month away from his current position, no smaller than his shadowed star, but the left half of this cultivation star is shattered by an inexplicable amount of violence, and there is nothing left.

This kind of broken stars are all around. There are many more.

Yang Kai’s heart shook wildly!

He didn’t know how powerful it was to do this. But the person doing this is definitely a powerful great emperor level.

The battlefield of the Heaven Devourer Great Emperor that was surrounded by many great emperor at that time. Should not be in the Star Field, right? Suddenly Yang Kai had such a thought. Otherwise, why would there be a broken cultivation star in the Star Fragments Sea?

If this is the case, then the battle will definitely be a disaster for this star field. Perhaps it was precisely because of that battle that this Star Field was so depressed that it was swallowed by the gap in space and could only be opened at a special time.

Thinking of this, Yang Kai’s face suddenly sank, hard for him to imagine. What would be the consequences of that battle if it happened in the Heng Luo Star Field? If this is the case, the scene in front of him is the future of the Hengluo Star Field. There is no Tongxuan Continent, no Moon Water Star, and no Shadowed Star. Just some broken stars and broken battlefields, and they will never be able to regain vitality.

While he was thinking, a strange wave of power suddenly came not far behind him.

Yang Kai turned his head and looked around, only to see a person suddenly showing up at a position about a hundred feet away from him, and he looked around blankly like him.

After seeing this person’s face, Yang Kai grinned and said, “Young Sect Master, we are really destined!”

Don’t know if it was because they were standing together on the ring when Star Fragments Sea opened. At this moment, Feng Xi actually appeared near him, but the other rising stars of the North Territory were missing, and don’t know where they were teleported to.

Previously, because of the Star Seal vision, his attacking power fell short. Seeing him now, Yang Kai is naturally overjoyed.

As he spoke, Yang Kai was already leaping towards Fengxi.

This is the Star Fragments Sea, there are not so many spectators, there are no Feng Xuan and Yao Zhuo, even if Feng Xi is killed here, others will not know, let alone cause a battle between Ice Heart Valley and Asking Passion Sect.

How could Yang Kai miss such a good opportunity? Therefore, in this shot, Yang Kai had done his best, only preparing to kill Fengxi with one blow.

Feng Xi also returned to his senses at this moment. Seeing Yang Kai rushing towards him, he didn’t seem to panic at all, and he didn’t mean to avoid. Instead, he stood in place and looked at Yang Kai coldly, with a sneer and said: “There is a way to heaven, you don’t go, instead choose the road to hell, go and die.”

When the words fell, he raised his hand and he threw a bead over.

Its terrifying power suddenly spread, and the strong emperor prestige swept all around, and the starry sky was shaking.

“Emperor Absolute Pill!” Yang Kai’s expression changed drastically, and he screamed in surprise.

Although Bing Yun had previously reminded him that and he had always been wary of Feng Xi’s Emperor Absolute Pill Trump Card, but before Feng Xi had sacrificed it, Yang Kai was not sure whether he had it.

But at this moment the facts were in front of him, and Yang Kai couldn’t help but accept it.

Fengxi really has Emperor Absolute Pill! He don’t know if he was scared of being beaten by him in the ring just now, so when he met again this time, he was actually extremely decisive and sacrificed the Emperor Absolute Pill.

How can Yang Kai dare to shake the Emperor Absolute Pill condensed by the 3rd-order Emperor Realm powerhouse? After realizing that the situation was not good, he quickly turned around, and under the ups and downs of the Space Law, his figure suddenly retreated several hundred feet.


Shocking throbbing enveloped the soul, in the empty void, Feng Xuan’s phantom suddenly appeared, huge and incomparable, head above the sky, feet on the ground, gaze towards Yang Kai, and then slowly point towards him with a finger.

A low groan resounded within a hundred miles of radius: “Asking Passion One Finger!”

The low groaning voice fell, and Yang Kai felt a breath of death chasing behind him.

He burst out in shock: “Dragon Transformation!”

Pieces of dragon scales suddenly covered his whole body, and Yang Kai’s hands suddenly became like dragon claws. Not only that, Yang Kai also urged the Five Elements Indestructible Sword Qi to condense on his back for protection.

“Since the ant is bound to die, why bother to struggle, hahahaha!” Feng Xi stood proudly in the void, looking at the figure of Yang Kai fleeing in embarrassment, couldn’t help laughing smugly.

Although he sacrificed one Emperor Absolute Pill, losing one trump card, and almost drained the Source Qi of his body, as long as he could kill Yang Kai, everything was worth it.

Yang Kai dared to steal a woman from him, and he lost such a big face on the ring of Moon City. His hatred to Yang Kai had already been buried to his bones, and he was about to kill him soon. He never thought that he just came across the Star Fragments Sea and he would meet this guy, this is simply a godsend opportunity, why would Fengxi miss it.

He didn’t believe that Yang Kai could save his life under his father’s 3rd-order Emperor Realm’s Emperor Absolute Pill.

Yang Kai had just performed the two secret techniques of Dragon Transformation and the Five Elements Indestructible Sword Qi, and his back was hit by a huge force. He only felt his head stunned, his back seemed to be torn, the pain was unbearable, and his bones were covered. There was a creaking sound, and blood mist sprayed out from the mouth.

He didn’t even bother to check his injuries, and once again used space force to teleport forward.

Life and death are only between this line. At this moment, the power of the Emperor Absolute Pill has not fully exploded and has given him such a great pressure. If all of them erupted, Yang Kai estimated that even if he was proficient in the Space Force, he would never be able to escape.

The thick Emperor Prestige followed him closely, constantly shrouding around, blocking the space, Yang Kai knew that once he was shrouded by it, it would really be difficult to fly by then.


The violent and continuous sound from behind continued to spread into the ears, the power of the one finger that erupted from the Emperor Absolute Pill still followed like a shadow like a tarsal maggot, Yang Kai bit his tongue and burned his own blood essense madly. The speed suddenly became a lot faster, and he was thousands of feet away in the blink of an eye.

Another thunderous sound came out, and it seemed that the power of Emperor Absolute Pill had not suddenly burst out until this moment.

In the direction of Yang Kai’s escape, a huge black hole suddenly appeared. In the black hole, there was nothingness and chaos, which made people palpitating.

Feng Xuan’s phantom still stood in the void, watching the direction of Yang Kai’s escape from a distance. After a long time, the phantom gradually dissipated.

“Hahahaha, now there are no more dead people left, fight with this young master, you are still a little tender!” Feng Xi thought that Yang Kai would definitely die, and couldn’t help but laugh out loud, and cough after feeling weak a little.

After finally calming down, Feng Xi glanced bitterly at the direction of the black hole, then turned and galloped towards the other side.

In order to sacrifice the Emperor Absolute Pill, his Source Qi was almost drained. At this moment, he must quickly find a place to recover, otherwise he would be unable to fight back if he encountered any danger here.

Star Fragments Sea is not a stable place. In this ghost place, in order to find the inheritance of Heaven Devourer Great Emperor, anyone is an enemy, and they will fight without any reason when they meet.

On the other side, Yang Kai, who Feng Xi thought was bound to die, finally rushed into the sea of ​​meteorites with a heavy wounded body. At this time, Yang Kai’s eyes were blurred, and it seemed that he might pass out at any time.

Since cultivating, he feels that he has never suffered such a serious injury.


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