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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2431 English [Readable]

Just being wiped by the power of the Emperor Absolute Pill, Yang Kai felt that his back was torn, and his internal organs had shifted. There was no need to investigate with Divine Sense. Yang Kai knew that his back must be dripping with fresh blood at this moment.

If it weren’t for being proficient in the Space Force and running decisively, there will be nothing left of him at this moment.

He was breathing heavily, his face was as pale as paper, and he struggled through the sea of ​​meteorites for a while, looking for a larger meteorite to hide in it, then sacrificed the Mysterious Boundary Bead, shook his figure, and got into the Mysterious Small Boundary.

This sea of ​​meteorites is in a moving state. Under the inexplicable power, it drives in one direction to the depths of this endless star field, not knowing where to go, but at this moment Yang Kai can’t care too much, so he can only heal his injuries first.

Near the medicinal garden, Yang Kai sat cross-legged, grabbed a handful of healing spirit pill from the space ring, and then silently moved the profound arts to dissolve the effects of the medicine, and at the same time gathered the breath of life from the Eternal Tree for his own use.

This time, he was badly injured by Fengxi, but Yang Kai did not worry too much. His physique is extremely tough, not to mention that he has Eternal Tree planted in the medicine garden. As long as he didn’t die on the spot, he would one day completely recovered.

In order to escape the power of Emperor Absolute Pill before, Yang Kai burned a lot of blood essense and made his body extremely weak. It would take a long time to recuperate.

In the star fragments sea, the wind is surging, thousands of star boundary’s Dao Source stage elites are pouring into this place, looking for opportunities, pursuing higher heavenly martial dao, in order to be promoted to the emperor realm here.

In the sea of ​​meteorites, Yang Kai couldn’t get out of the closed door, focusing on healing.

One month passed in a flash. One month later, Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes and let out a breath. A complex look flashed in his eyes.

He didn’t expect that it took him so long to heal his injury. This was something that had never happened before.

It is indeed worthy to be called the emperor absolute pill condensed by the 3rd-order emperor realm. While the power of the asking passion one finger brought wounds to him, there are also some peculiar powers that have penetrated into his body.

It was precisely in order to get rid of this force that Yang Kai had spent a month of time, if not so. With his physique and the effects of the eternal tree, he can fully recover within a few days.

The injury has healed without any sequelae, and his strength has returned to its peak state. Yang Kai was not in a hurry to leave the mysterious boundary bead. He first swept it with his Divine Sense, and checked the outside world, and found that there was no human figure in the surroundings.

After confirming that it was safe, he reached out and turned over, the next moment. Four beads of different colors appeared on the palm of his hand.

These four beads are exactly the four beads of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and they are the legacy of the passing of time great emperor.

A long time ago, Yang Kai had speculated that there would be unexpected gains by gathering the Four beads of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, but unfortunately the bead of winter was never been seen, but he did not expect to get it in the ice heart valley.

Fengxi’s Emperor Absolute Pill made him aware of some crises. He don’t have to worry about martial artist in the same realm as him with his strength, but he has to guard against the trump card possessed by these martial artist.

There is an emperor absolute pill in Fengxi’s hand. Who is sure that there will be no enemies having such trump card? Even if there is no Emperor Absolute Pill, is there no other trump card?

After all, the martial artist who can come to star fragments sea are all elites in the star boundary. Many people are the heirs of those powerful emperor realms, elite disciples of the top sects.

Many of these people can’t be underestimated. Underestimating them may cost his life.

So Yang Kai urgently wanted to improve his strength. He is now in the 3rd-order Dao Source stage, and then it will be the emperor realm next. But how easy is it to be promoted to the emperor realm, Yang Kai didn’t know when he could get a glimpse of the mystery of the Emperor Realm.

Since it is impossible to break through the realm. Then he can only start from the secret technique.

The Four Beads of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter are undoubtedly the best choice. If he comprehend them, he may be able to get the inheritance of the Passing of Time Great Emperor.

The Passing of Time Great Emperor is proficient in the power of Time, and he was also a top powerhouse in his lifetime. If he can get his inheritance, it will definitely help the improvement of strength.

Therefore, Yang Kai did not hesitate too much. After taking out the Four Seasons Beads, he began to comprehend it, hoping to gain something.

It’s strange to say that when the Bead of Winter met Bead of Summer in the forbidden area of ​​Ice Heart Valley, there was some resonance between the two, but when the four beads gathered together, they only reacted slightly.

Yang Kai didn’t know how to stimulate the power of these Four Seasons beads, so he could only put them together in the palm of his hand and run the profound arts, quietly feeling it.

He is not too impatient, but calm.

Gradually, his whole person entered an ethereal state, with nothing in his mind, his body and mind relaxed, as if he was in the clouds, his mind was up and down. He completely forgot where this place was, and forgot what he was going to do here, and the whole person was completely immersed in this inextricable feeling.

Half a month has passed, a month has passed, two months have passed…

Four Seasons Beads still had no response, but Yang Kai was madly absorbing the world’s spiritual energy in the mysterious small boundary, making his Source Qi more vigorous and pure, and the realm of the 3rd-order Dao Source stage was steadily rising, and it was about to reach a peak state.

One day three months later, Yang Kai’s heart suddenly shook. A shock from the depths of his heart shocked him. Then, a scorching feeling filled the palm of his hand, and he opened his eyes suddenly, and saw four lights suddenly escaped from the palm of his hand, slowly flying up, enveloping him.

Among the four colors light, each kind of glow has conceived a very special domain and the power of the law. The four laws echo each other and complement each other, and have the characteristicts of five elements’s mutual restrain and mutual growth.

The power of the four seasons!

Yang Kai’s hear jumped, realizing that he had accidentally urged the power of the Four Seasons Bead, and then felt that the Four Seasons Bead that he had held in the palm of his hand had disappeared at this moment, and only the four-color glow was flying on his side.

Yang Kai immediately understood that this was his chance, he didn’t dare to neglect, he closed his eyes once again, immersed in his mind, and desperately comprehend it.

Unlike the ethereal meditation state of the previous few months, this time he had a purposeful understanding.

As soon as he let go of his mind, he noticed the four extremely special laws of power beside him: pleasant spring breeze, hot summer, bleak autumn, and snow-covered winter. They seem to form a peculiar cycle, the power of the four seasons is constantly overlapping, and the changing years are endless and continuous.

Yang Kai suddenly fell into it, forgetting the concept of time.

He is already a stranger exiled by time. The skin on his face is slowly getting old. In just one stick of incense, he can become an elderly man. His hair is gray, but he is radiant at a certain critical point. Going back to the good time of youth, it seems so weird.

The laws of the four seasons are surging, and even the environment beside Yang Kai is constantly changing.

The elixir planted in the medicine garden seems to have experienced the cycle of years in a very short period of time, growing crazily. Except for the eternal tree and the Cangshu, which are not affected by the power of the law, the other spirit herbs is growing well.

Yang Kai felt like he had a dream. In that peculiar dream, he was constantly wandering in the two stages of life, the young and the old, using his body to remember the feeling of the passage of time, using his body and mind. To experience the concept of glaring at that time.

Gradually, some vague thoughts appeared in his mind.

He wanted to see these thoughts clearly, but there seemed to be a thin film blocking him, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t penetrate the thin films.

And every reincarnation of the body made him clearer about this vague idea.

For a moment, this vague idea turned into a kind of enlightenment.

Yang Kai suddenly woke up from the sinking nightmare, his expression bright, his eyes radiant as stars.

The four-color glow still lingers beside him, flying continuously, like four colored ribbons.

Yang Kai didn’t move at all, his expression was extremely solemn, his hands quickly formed a mysterious seal, and he whispered in a low voice: “Years Ups And Downs, Such as Flying Such as Dreaming!”

His voice is slow, and his movements are slower.

But when his voice fell, a mysterious mark happened to be formed.

In the next moment, the four-color glow that had been flying around him seemed to have received some instructions, suddenly turned into a little bit of fluorescence, and drilled towards the key points around him.


The invisible aura centered on Yang Kai, suddenly spreading to the surroundings, with a shocking momentum.

After everything was stable, Yang Kai showed a strange color in his eyes, and said in surprise: “It’s the power of the Time Law! Passing of Time Great Emperor, sure enough worthy of the name.”

Only the power of the Time Law can go hand in hand with the power of the Space Law in this world. Regardless of the power of these two laws, they are extremely partial, difficult to get started, and even more difficult to cultivate.

It is also a coincidence that Yang Kai is proficient in the Space Force.

He cultivated along the way, but he also encountered some martial artists who had gained knowledge in space force, but apart from him, there was probably only the Li Wuyi that Mo Xiaoqi had said.

Li Wuyi is proficient in Space Force, which is well-known in the entire star boundary, but he is a powerhouse in the 3rd-order Emperor Realm, and basically no one dares to trouble him.

There are still people who can get started with Space Force, but Yang Kai has never encounter someone whou cultivate the power of Time.

In this comparison, the Time Law seems more difficult to master than the Space Law.

But the Passing of Time Great Emperor has cultivated it to a very high level!

Yang Kai originally thought that the power of the four seasons is the overlap of the four seasons and the change of the years, but this time he realized that the Passing of Time Great Emperor has sublimated the power of the four seasons to the level of the Time Law, and has a high accomplishment in it.

Thanks to the blessing of the Passing of Time Great Emperor and the power of the Four Seasons Bead, Yang Kai is now a beginner in the Time Law.

Throughout the ages, he is the only person who can practice the Space Law and Time Law at the same time.


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