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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2433 English [Readable]

The power of the star source here is so thin, Yang Kai is actually not too pretentious, after all, he already has the full power of the star source of the shadowed star, but the two of them yelled like this when they came up. Yang Kai was a little annoyed.

After thinking about it, he didn’t attack. Instead, he clasped his fists and said, “Two friends, I want to ask about something. I wonder if you two can answer it?”

The person who spoke first squinted at Yang Kai and snorted coldly, “What’s the matter?”

Yang Kai said, “You are attracted to this place because of the star seal?”

The man looked at Yang Kai in surprise, and sneered: “Aren’t you?”

Yang Kai grinned and said, “Naturally.”

It turns out that star seal can really sense the power of the star source. Although he had guessed before, he was not too sure because no one confirmed it with him. Now after hearing this person’s answer, Yang Kai suddenly understood. The star seal on the back of his hand is not only a ticket to enter the Star Fragments Sea, it seems that there are other magical functions in it.

The man said angrily: “If it is, why ask knowingly, it’s really baffling!”

Yang Kai laughed and said, “Just ask, what is the friend doing being so angry, be careful not to injure yourself. Does that friend know the time limit for the star fragments sea from opening to closing?”

As soon as these words came out, both of them looked at Yang Kai with weird expressions, as if they had noticed something. One of them said: “It looks like you don’t know anything about the situation here.”

Yang Kai scowled, clasped his fist and said, “Please advise!”

He really didn’t know anything about star fragments sea, and there was nothing to conceal about it. Although he could find some information by fumbling on his own, it was never faster than finding out from others.

Although these two people didn’t seem to be good at a glance, it didn’t prevent Yang Kai from exploring news from them.

The other person laughed. Said: “Brother, someone came to star fragments sea without knowing anything. Could it be this guy is not taught by the Master Sect Elder?”

He looked happy and cheerful, as if he had heard some big joke.

Yang Kai said with a cold face: “What’s wrong without the Master Sect Elder? It’s funny?”

The man smiled and said, “It’s not very funny, it’s just that a person who has no Master Sect Elder can come here. It’s really surprising.”

“My friend hasn’t answered my question yet?” Yang Kai urged.

“What is the benefit of answering you?” The other party snorted coldly.

Yang Kai said, “How about giving the star source of this place to the two friends?” After a pause, he continued: “I came here first. As long as the two of you can answer my question, I will leave immediately. The star source of this place is also arbitrary. The two can take it, I will never interfere!”

The junior brother said angrily: “Who dares to grab the star source that we are interested in? Why do you need to do such a favor?”

The senior brother waved his hand and said, “Since my friend is so easy to talk, then I will not be disrespectful!”

The junior brother curled his lips when he heard this, with an unhappy expression on his face.

The senior brother continued: “After sea fragments sea is opened. No one knows the ending time, and it is not fixed. According to ancient records, the shortest time after Broken Star Sea is opened is two years and the longest ten years! There is no sign at the end. Once this secret realm is closed, all martial artist here will be rejected. No matter where you are! Is this answer satisfied my friend?”

“It’s not a fixed time?” Yang Kai was a little surprised, but it was not the first time he encountered such a thing.

However, according to this person, the shortest period of time for star fragments sea to open is two years. In other words, it is not bad, he have at least one year of work to be able to experience here.

After being silent for a while, Yang Kai clasped his fist and said, “Thank you! Goodbye!”

Although he still has many things he doesn’t understand to ask. But these two are not good talkers. If he continue to ask, they may not tell the truth. Instead of being misled, it is better to explore on his own or wait for an acquaintance to inquire.

After talking. Yang Kai turned and flew into the air.

And at the moment he turned around, the senior man who answered his question before suddenly showed a bright light, his wrist flicked, and a dark light flew out in response, and the light hit Yang Kai behind him.

Seeing that Yang Kai was about to be pierced by the black light, at the critical moment, he suddenly twisted his body, barely avoiding the black light’s sneak attack.

At the next moment, Yang Kai stood in the air, looking down from the bottom with cold eyes, and said lightly, “What does this mean?”

The senior man was taken aback and couldn’t help but whispered, “I was hiding it, How could it be possible?”

There was no sign when he shot before, and he didn’t show the slightest murderous intent before he shot. According to reason, Yang Kai could not be aware of it, but in fact, Yang Kai had the same foresight, and avoid the attack.

This person is not a soft persimmon! The senior brother thought to himself.

His junior brother still didn’t put Yang Kai in his eyes, and sneered: “What do you mean? Why do you like to ask knowingly?”

“The two are going to kill me?” Yang Kai raised his brows and said sorrowfully: “I met the two people. I have no complaints in the past and no enmity in the past. I also put both my hands up, and talk easily with the two, but the two secretly want to kill me? You make me so sad that the most basic trust between people is gone!”

The senior brother’s mouth twitched and said, “You don’t want to die, you can roll by leaving your right hand.”

The junior brother also nodded in agreement: “Yes, if you want to survive, cut off your right hand! We can spare you and let you live, otherwise today will be your death anniversary!”

Yang Kai frowned and said, “What do you two want my right hand for? Don’t you have your own hands.”

The junior brother sneered and said, “Do you think your right hand is very good? What we want is not your right hand, but the star seal on the back of your hand!”

“All have entered the Star Fragments Sea, what’s the point of stealing my star seal?” Yang Kai still looked puzzled.

“You really don’t understand anything!” The junior brother laughed, “We will be good to the end today, and then I will send you a message for free. In this sea fragments sea, stealing other people’s star seal is commonplace. As for the reasons and benefits…hehe, you will understand later.”

The senior brother said with a calm face: “My friend can avoid my blow, and he seems to be extraordinary, but do you think you can beat us together? If you don’t want to die, just cooperate, otherwise after killing you, I can also take away your star seal!”

Yang Kai touched his chin, and said lightly: “Your words are really making me wonder, what are the benefits of grabbing someone else’s star seal? Curiously, I want to kill you two!”

“Kill us?” After hearing this, the junior brother’s eyes widened, and then he burst into laughter, pointed Yang Kai and said to the other person: “Senior brother, did you hear what he said just now? He actually said he wanted to kill us, Is this kid still awake?”

The senior brother snorted coldly: “Since this friend refuse a toast only to be forced a drink of forfeit, then you don’t have to be polite with him, go together!”

When the words fell, the junior brother’s laughter disappeared suddenly, his face became sullen, and the two of them started to run their Source Qi.

However, Yang Kai suddenly got a seal on his hands, and a strange and inexplicable force of the law suddenly went up and down, and suddenly enveloped the two fellow disciples.

The two people who were about to make a move were inexplicably anxious, and an instinctive sense of crisis grew from their hearts. They seemed to hear the call of death in their ears, and their clothes were instantly wet with sweat.

They wanted to look up to see what magical secret technique Yang Kai had performed. What shocked the two of them was that their thoughts had stopped at this moment, and their bodies could not move. Everything around them became extremely silent, even the time stopped flowing, everything was frozen at this moment.

A low murmur sounded in the ears of the two of them, extremely cold, making their hands and feet cold.

“Years Ups And Downs, Such as Flying Such as Dreaming, Time Flies Seal!”

When the words fell, Yang Kai shot the two with a single palm, and the mysterious seal burst out suddenly, and before the two fellow disciples had a reaction, it printed directly on them.

Two muffled hums sounded at the same time, and the power of the years crazily eroded into the bodies of the two fellow disciples, allowing their vitality to pass away in a very short time.

Visible to the naked eye, the black hair of these two people turned gray at an extremely fast speed, and then fell off, and even their skin began to wrinkle, and the originally healthy and strong body became a slum within ten breaths. Like an old man who was stumbling and unsteady.

Hundreds of thousands of years of time seemed to run over them all at once, leaving only deep burn marks.

The strangest thing is that the two of them have maintained that kind of sluggish posture, seemingly unaware of their own changes, and their eyes are hollow.

Until a certain moment, the two men suddenly recovered and fell to the ground together.

“Master…Senior Brother…” The junior fellow who originally looked handsome, is no different from an old man with a half-neck buried at this moment. His eyes are deep and he looks at the one beside him who he can still distinguish a trace of outline in horror. Senior Brother, he used his mouth without his teeth and said vaguely: “How did you become like this?”

“Junior brother…” The senior brother also looked horrified and looked at his junior brother with the same look.

The junior brother then touched his face in hindsight, put his withered hands in front of his eyes, looked at him blankly for a while, and screamed loudly.

“You…what did you do to us?” The senior brother raised his head hard and looked into the sky, his cloudy eyes full of horror and despair.

He had never seen anything so weird, and he hadn’t even heard of it. Under one move, he and his junior brother were beaten like this without the ability to resist. The young man in front of him was so powerful, simply the only one he saw in his entire life.


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