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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2434 English [Readable]

Yang Kai sneered, stepped down from the void, and sarcastically said: “Two trashes can die under the divine ability of the Passing of Time Great Emperor, you can die without regret.”

“Passing of Time… Great Emperor!” The senior brother had obviously heard of the name of the Passing of Time Great Emperor. He rolled his eyes in horror, his throat was hobbing, and he breathed quickly, but only took a deep breath, and he quickly passed away. His head crooked and he died.

Although the junior brother didn’t die immediately, it was undoubtedly not much better. The whole person was about to die, and his aura was weakened to the extreme. At this time, unless there is a strong rejuvenating treasure for him, such as the Undrying Source Liquid on the Eternal Tree, nothing can save him.

A deep sense of regret flashed through his eyes. If they had known that Yang Kai was so powerful, how could the two of them provoke this evil star?

Soon, the junior brother lost his breath, his eyes widened, and he looked like he couldn’t believe his end.

Two swish sounds came out, and the two brilliances suddenly burst out. Yang Kai could see clearly that the two brilliances were exactly the five-pointed star marks on the backs of the dead two people.

He had seen such a scene before. In the land of the four seasons, he killed a person with a star seal. After that person died, the star seal he had also flew out like this.

After the two five-pointed star seals flew out, they did not leave too far. Instead, they flew around Yang Kai a few times as if they were being pulled, and then rushed into the back of his hand.

Yang Kai only felt a slight heat on the back of his hand, and when he looked at it again, the original five-pointed star seal on the back of his hand seemed to have changed a bit and became more obvious.

He was slightly surprised. He don’t know why the star seals of the dead two merged with his own.

Just when he was in doubt. The five-pointed star print on the back of the hand suddenly burst out with a dazzling light, and then, it burst open all at once, turning into a little bit of starlight.

Yang Kai was stunned!

Previously, the two brothers wanted to steal his star seal. He thought that there would be great benefits to stealing someone else’s star seal, but now this situation caught him a bit by surprise.

His own star seal fused with someone else’s star seal and unexpectedly exploded!

How can this be good? Although he has entered the Star Fragments Sea, the meaning of the star seal ticket no longer exists. But it can sense where the power of the star source exists. Without the star seal, how can one find the power of the star source in this vast star fragments sea?

If he know this earlier, he would never let the star seal of others merge with his own star seal, Yang Kai’s heart dripped blood in pain.

And the next moment, the abnormal change emerged.

The burst of starlight was branded on the back of Yang Kai’s hand again, and after a scorching pain, another brand new star seal appeared in Yang Kai’s eyes.

“Six-pointed star?” Yang Kai couldn’t help but whispered.

He couldn’t believe his eyes. After the five-pointed star seal on the back of his hand exploded, the starlight reunited and produced a six-pointed star seal!

The great ups and downs of mood in this short period of time made Yang Kai stunned.

He felt for a moment in silence, and discovered that after the appearance of the six-pointed star seal, the connection with the star source of the broken star became stronger, more obvious than the previous five-pointed star seal.

“Could it be that the higher the grade of Star Seal. The easier it is to sense the power of the star source?” A bold guess suddenly broke out of Yang Kai’s mind. Although this conjecture cannot be confirmed by anyone, it is absolutely credible from his own experience.

Yang Kai recalled the seven star seals he had obtained in the Land of Four Seasons. Among those star seals, there were triangle star seals, prismatic star seals, and five-pointed star seals.

At the time in the Land of Four Seasons, he heard Princess Lan Xun from the Star Soul Palace said that the higher the grade of the star seal, the easier it would be to benefit from the Star Fragments Sea.

The senior officials of Azure Sun Temple seemed to have mentioned this.

It’s just that no one explained to him carefully.

Now thinking about it, the easier it will be to benefit. Probably it is the induction with the power of the star source. The higher the grade of the star seal, the easier it is to sense the star source in the farther place, indicating the direction and location for the martial artist.

Now his star seal has been sublimated into a six-pointed star seal, which is definitely better than the five-pointed star seal.

Lan Xun also said that on top of the six-pointed star seal, there are seven-pointed star seal, eight-pointed star seal, and even the most advanced nine-pointed star seal!

Only as far as Yang Kai knows, the star seals obtained by those martial artist in the Land of Four Seasons are only the five-pointed star seal. He was still wondering how there would be more advanced star seals, and now it seems that those higher star seals were not obtained naturally, but were upgraded step by step.

Kill the enemy and get the star seal from others to merge with their star seal. Once it reaches a certain critical point, the star seal will burst and regroup and upgrade to the next level.

His six-pointed star seal is the best proof.

The two men killed by him just now were all five-pointed star seals owner, and he also had five-pointed star seals, and the three five-pointed star seals merged together to become a six-pointed star seal.

In other words, if he can get two more six-pointed star seal, it can be upgraded to seven-pointed star seal, and so on, one day he can get the most advanced nine-pointed star seal.

Once he has the nine-pointed star seal, he can sense the star source at a far distance without having to search aimlessly.

This experience suddenly made Yang Kai understand many mysteries about star fragments sea and Star Seal.

It’s no wonder that the two people wanted to snatch his star seal, it turned out that there was a reason for this, and Yang Kai suddenly realized.

However, it is definitely not an easy task to upgrade one’s star seal to a nine-pointed star seal. Just the object that needs to be snatched is unknown. Yang Kai is not a person who likes trouble and murder, so he does not have too much demand in mind.

The six-pointed star seal can also be used, so why bother to pursue the most advanced nine-pointed star seal?

Standing in the same place pondering for a long time, Yang Kai put away his thoughts, bent over and picked up the space ring of the two. It seems that because of his touch, the corpses of these two people suddenly broke apart, turned into powder and scattered on the ground.

Yang Kai was secretly surprised when he saw it. Some time ago, he had just comprehended the divine ability of Time Flies. Although he knew that this divine ability was definitely not small, because he had not used it, he don’t know his bottom line. Today is just a small test.

Unexpectedly, under one move, two martial artist of the same level would be corrupted by the power of time without the power to fight back.

It seems that the power of this divine ability is still above what he expected. It is worthy of the divine ability of the Passing of Time Great Emperor. It is not surprising to have such power, and as Yang Kai’s future strength improves and his understanding of this divine ability deepens. The power will continue to increase, and it will definitely become his trump card like his Space divine ability in the future.

Divine Sense swept slightly in the space rings of the two people, Yang Kai couldn’t help but snorted, because he found that there were many things in the space rings of the two people that did not belong to them at first sight, including some women’s things.

These two guys have obviously done a lot of murder and looting.

Maybe in the one year that Star Fragments Sea was opened, they had always been doing this together to kill enemies and snatch other people’s things and star seal.

No wonder they both have five-pointed star seals. It is estimated that their star seals have also been upgraded, and he don’t know how many people have been killed by them.

Yang Kai threw the two space rings into the Mysterious Boundary Bead casually, and had Embodiment sort out the contents for him.

He is the only one left here. Although the star source on this broken star is relatively broken, it is also the star source, and Yang Kai naturally has no reason to let it go.

After thinking about it, he waved his hand, and the next moment, Hua Qingsi suddenly appeared in front of him.

As soon as Hua Qingsi appeared, she looked around, her beautiful eyes flashed in surprise, and then she exclaimed excitedly, “Young Master Yang, isn’t this the Star Fragments Sea?”

“Elder Sister Hua is indeed very knowledgeable, this is Star Fragments Sea!” Yang Kai smiled slightly, paying close attention to Hua Qingsi’s movements while speaking.

Hua Qingsi trembled: “It’s really Star Fragments Sea! This is the place where most Dao Source Stage martial artist yearn for. If you can get a chance here, it’s definitely not a problem to be promoted to the emperor realm…” While she was talking. He glanced at Yang Kai and said, “What are you staring at me so nervously for?”

Yang Kai said: “You don’t have any discomfort? Do you feel like being rejected?”

Hua Qingsi stunned, but soon understood what Yang Kai meant, and smiled slightly: “Since you brought me in, i can continue to stay here regardless of whether I have a star seal or not. You are Afraid that I will be sent out because there is no star seal?”

“En!” Yang Kai nodded.

Hua Qingsi waved her hand and said: “No, don’t worry about that. Many martial artist who have experienced in Star Fragments Sea have been robbed of their star seal, and they can still stay here.”

Hearing what she said, Yang Kai suddenly patted his head and cursed himself for being stupid.

If he wants to find out the information of Star Fragments Sea, he can just find Hua Qingsi? Anyway, she is a disciple of the Star Soul Palace, and she certainly knows no less than others. She hasn’t been released during this period of time, and he has forgotten about her.

But after confirming that she could stay in the Star Fragments Sea even without Star Seal, Yang Kai waved his hand and released Liu Yan and Zhang Ruoxi.

Zhang Ruoxi seldom leaves the Mysterious Boundary Bead. Apart from breaking through the great realm, this time seeing Yang Kai summoning herself out, she couldn’t help but look at him curiously, wondering what Yang Kai was going to do.

“This is the Star Fragments Sea. It is a grand event that the elite martial artist of the entire star boundary will participate in. It is also a great opportunity. Elder Sister Hua, tell us, what needs to be paid attention to here!”

Hua Qingsi nodded, and after finishing her thoughts, she confided in the information she knew.

Yang Kai had already guessed most of the information she said, including the upgrade and specific use of Star Seal. But Hua Qingsi information is more complete. According to her, when the level of the star seal is higher, not only can sense the location of the power of the star source at a longer distance, but can even sense the location of other low-level star seals.


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