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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2435 English [Readable]

In other words, the owner of the high-level star seal can detect the hiding place of the low-level star seal owner from a long distance.

If the level of the star seal is not as good as others, no matter how mysterious the secret technique is used, they will be found out. This characteristic of the star seal makes Star Fragments Sea a bloodbath every time it opens. In order to upgrade their star seal, many martial artist are not hesitant to kill.

The characteristic of the Star Seal is more against the sky, making Yang Kai look solemn when he hears it.

He hadn’t paid much attention to the level of his star seal before. In his opinion, if the star seal was enough for him to enter, there was no need to pursue too much. But now listening to what Hua Qingsi said, Yang Kai realized that in order to ensure his own safety, the level of the star seal must be high enough, otherwise it is very likely that his whereabouts will be found by others.

This characteristic promoted the killing and looting among the martial artist in disguise! Let all the martial artist in the Star Fragments Sea, whether willing or unwilling, have to find ways to upgrade the star seal level.

“Star Seal’s purpose is roughly these, but I have heard of another legend…” Hua Qingsi said, her face suddenly became serious.

Zhang Ruoxi asked nervously, “What?”

Hua Qingsi looked at Yang Kai and said, “It is said that if you can get the most advanced nine-pointed star seal, it can guide you to the place where the Heaven Devourer Great Emperor inheritance is!”

“Really?” Yang Kai looked astonished.

Hua Qingsi pursed her lips and said with a smile: “Since the existence of Star Fragments Sea, this legend has been circulating, and no one can confirm whether it is true or false, because no one has ever been able to upgrade his star seal to the highest level. Naturally, there is no way to verify this point.” There was a pause, and she continued: “But this should not be very attractive to Young Master Yang.”

The cultivation technique of the Embodiment was the Heavens Devourer Battle Law, which was the inheritance of the Heaven Devourer Great Emperor, and Yang Kai naturally didn’t need to pursue this.

“It’s not very attractive to me, it’s different to others.” Yang Kai’s expression was slightly condensed. He suddenly discovered that in this star fragments sea, star seal was simply a double-edge sword, and the source of all evil blood. It help the martial artist here. But because of its various characteristics, it also led to bloody killings among martial artist.

If there is no such thing as Star Seal, the chance of martial artist in conflict here will be much smaller.

“Of course, not everyone wants to look for the inheritance of the Heaven Devourer Great Emperor. In this star fragments sea, there are some good things left by other Great Emperors. These are the things my generation of martial artist yearn for. I heard thousands of years ago, at Star Fragments Sea, a person found the Indestructible Cyan Lotus of Cyan Lotus Great Emperor, and thus inherited the legacy of Cyan Lotus Great Emperor.”

“How is that person now?” Liu Yan asked lightly.

Hua Qingsi said: “The Cyan Lotus Sect, a top sect that resounds in the East Territory, was created by that person, and that person is also the Palace Lord of Cyan Lotus Palace.”

“This person is lucky.” Yang Kai raised his brows slightly.

“Luck is chance, which people don’t need to rely on chance to cultivate?” Hua Qingsi said faintly.

Yang Kai deeply agreed. Any martial artist can cultivate to the level of the Dao Source Stage, it needs a great opportunity, if the opportunity is deep enough, then it can go one step further and explore the mystery of the Emperor Realm, if the opportunity is not enough. Then he can only wander in Dao Source Stage for a lifetime.

“Okay. Let’s not talk about this. There is some broken star source here. Let’s refine it together.” Yang Kai said.

Originally, the star source should be hidden somewhere inside the cultivation star. It would take a lot of effort to find it alone, but now this cultivation star has long been shattered, and the power of the star source has also escaped, so there is no need to look for it at all, just absorb and refine it.

When Hua Qingsi and others heard the words, they nodded and found a place to sit cross-legged. Silently cultivating.

The same is true for Yang Kai. Although he wasn’t really impressed with the power of the star source here, what the person said earlier is correct, accumulating sands into tower, and a certain amount of change will always cause qualitative changes.

The power of the Star Source is a very special power, refining and absorption it will not improve the strength of the martial artist, but it can bring great benefits to any martial artist. Especially for Hua Qingsi and others, they have never refined the star source before, this time if they can gain something in the star fragments sea, it will definitely help in the promotion to the emperor realm.

Time passed slowly, and the four of them were scattered not far away, each meditating, complementing each other.

After half a day, Yang Kai couldn’t help frowning.

He found that the efficiency of such refining and absorption was simply too low.

The four of them worked hard together for half a day, and the star source power here has not been absorbed much. If you want to go on like this, if you want to completely refine the star source of this place, it is impossible to complete without ten days or half a months.

It takes so long for four people. If one person refining, wouldn’t it take one or two months? This is too much trouble.

He quietly observed Hua Qingsi and others, and found that they were the same as him.

Only Zhang Ruoxi, seems to be absorbing and refining faster, don’t know if it is related to her bloodline, but the speed is also extremely limited.

He don’t know what the effect will be if the Embodiment are thrown out and allowed to use the Heaven Devourer Battle Law to refine them? The characteristic of the Heaven Devourer Battle Law is that there is nothing in the world with spiritual energy it can’t absorb, and the power of the Star Source here is definitely no exception.

Thinking about it, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly lit up.

The Embodiment has Heaven Devourer Battle Law, and he also has another set of secret technique, which are used to refine the Star Source.

Star Refining Art!

This secret technique was obtained when the Emperor Garden of the Shadowed Star was opened. According to the truth, it is regarded as the secret technique of Yang Yan. Yang Kai can refine the star source of the Shadowed Star and become the star master, is by relying on this star refining art.

Later, he imparted the Star Refining Art to his little senior sister Xia Ning Chang, who also smoothly refined the star source in Tongxuan Continent.

This shows that the Star Refining Art is definitely a secret technique specifically used to refine the Star Source! Isn’t it just the right medicine for this situation?

Yang Kai’s mood suddenly became excited, no longer hesitating, and immediately displayed the Star Refining Art.

At the beginning, it was still useless around him, but as time went on, the broken star source around him was like cats that smelled a fishy smell, rushing towards him, for him to absorb and refine.

After a while, a little bit of starlight appeared around his body, as if surrounded by large swaths of fireflies. In those starlights, there is a strong Source Qi, which is manifested by the power of the star source.

Yang Kai’s body has also become a bottomless pit, and those who come will not be refused, opening his body and mind to accept the countless starlight.

For a time, the scene was spectacular and extremely dazzling.

Hua Qingsi and the others were all startled, opened their eyes and looked at Yang Kai, their faces full of shock.

Because of Yang Kai, even Zhang Ruoxi couldn’t absorb any more of the power of the Star Source. All the star source was attracted by Yang Kai, and everyone could not get the slightest benefit.

Don’t know how long it took, the starlight around Yang Kai gradually thinned, and then disappeared.

Realizing that there is no longer any star source in this place, Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes with a satisfied expression.

The three pairs of beautiful eyes on the opposite side all looked at him sadly, as if Yang Kai had abandoned them.

Yang Kai wiped the sweat from his forehead, and said in a low voice, “I did an experiment, but I didn’t expect the effect to be so good!”

Although he had been refining the star source before, he knew a little bit about the things around him, and he also knew why Hua Qingsi and others looked at him with weird eyes.

Hua Qingsi said, “Young Master Yang, what kind of profound art is this? It took only half a day to absorb the star source here.”

“Star Refining Art.” Yang Kai beckoned: “Come on, I will teach you, this secret technique is simply tailor-made for this place.”

When the three women heard this, their eyes lit up, and they quickly came to him, sat down cross-legged, and looked at him seriously.

Yang Kai immediately began to teach, without hiding anything.

The three women listened with great concentration, and had a good understanding. Two days later, they had thoroughly understood this set of Star Refining Art. After they had mastered the Star Refining Art completely, Yang Kai set off again and galloped towards the cold, empty starry sky.

With Star Refining Art, he felt that he could make up for the time of the previous year.

After all, the time it takes for others to refine the Star Source is not comparable to the time he consumes, and his efficiency is much higher than others.

Five days later, Yang Kai found another cultivation star with broken Star Source through the star seal.

Flying down with Hua Qingsi and others, within half a day, the power of the star source here was absorbed cleanly. It was the first time that Hua Qingsi and the others had absorbed the star source so efficiently, so they all had some interest.

In the next month, Yang Kai continued to search and explore the starry sky, and he also found the star source several times.

This month of turmoil, Yang Kai deeply experienced the magical effect of the star seal. Often at a very far distance, Yang Kai can sense the existence of other people, thinking that those people are those with lower level star seal than him, so there is no way to hide their aura.

He didn’t look for trouble with these people, but focused on searching for the star source.

After a month, all four of them had a good harvest.

On this day, after absorbing the star source of a cultivation star, Hua Qingsi suddenly walked to Yang Kai, as if hesitated to speak.

Yang Kai looked at her strangely and said, “What’s the matter with Elder Sister Hua?”

Hua Qingsi said, “Young Master Yang, I want to act alone.”

Yang Kai was taken aback, frowned and said, “Is it because the four people have to divide the star source, and it is too little?”

Hua Qingsi shook her head and said: “Why would i think that? It’s just…” She turned her head and looked at the dark void, her beautiful eyes gleaming with strange light: “I can feel that this star fragments sea is a place for me to shed the body and be reborn. Somewhere, there is a chance waiting for me! I want to see it.”

Yang Kai frowned upon hearing this.

Hua Qingsi is now considered to be a powerhouse at the peak of Dao Source stage, only one step away from being promoted to the Emperor Realm. There is such a feeling at this critical point, it is very likely that there is a real chance waiting for her.

A sudden flash of spiritual light in the martial artist’s heart is often more effective than ten or twenty years of secluded retreat.


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