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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2436 English [Readable]

Thinking of this, Yang Kai was not ready to stop it. Perhaps let Hua Qingsi act alone, she would have unexpected gains.

Moreover, Hua Qingsi is strong, and there is a five-color spear Emperor Artifact in her hand. This Emperor Artifact is a treasure possessed by powerful men like Yao Changjun. It has long been refined by her and has infinite power.

The general martial artist should not be her opponent.

What Hua Qingsi lacks now is just a star seal! Without the star seal, she would not be able to sense where the star source was, and could only search aimlessly.

“Take this.” Yang Kai stretched out his hand and handed her a space ring.

Hua Qingsi took it, swept her Divine Sense inward, and suddenly exclaimed, “So many source crystals!”

Everything in this space ring is basically source crystals. Although there is no detailed count, at least there are two to three hundred million. Among them, there are many high-grade source crystals. In addition to source crystals, there are some Spirit Pill Yang Kai refined himself.

“If you can really break through the shackles here and advance to the emperor realm, the source crystal is indispensable. The world’s spiritual energy in star fragments sea is very thin, so you don’t have to refuse these.” Yang Kai said solemnly.

Hua Qingsi held the space ring, nodded lightly, and said moved: “Young Master Yang, thank you, you are the best person to me in this world.”

Although at first she was forced to follow Yang Kai, and she was even locked in the Mysterious Small Boundary by Yang Kai, but in the past few years, Yang Kai has not done anything disadvantageous to her. Not only that, She also got Extremely Wonderful Pill from Yang Kai that others had dreamed of but couldn’t ask for, laying a solid foundation for the possibility of being promoted to the emperor realm in the future, and also obtained a five-color spear Emperor Artifact from Yang Kai.

Now Yang Kai gave her two or three hundred million Source Crystals at once, who in this world can treat her so well and give her so many good things. Whether it is the extremely wonderful pill or the five-color spear, it is a treasure that can cause countless powerful people to snatch it, and even her master in the Star Soul Palace can’t do this.

Hua Qingsi is really moved.

If she can really be promoted to the emperor realm in the future, she needs to thank Yang Kai most. She mentioned chance before, thinking in her heart that meeting Yang Kai was not a great opporturnity in her life?

“Elder Sister Hua is polite.” Yang Kai smiled slightly, and suddenly remembered something, and said: “Don’t move!”

While speaking, suddenly stretched out a hand and point towards Hua Qingsi’s forehead.

Although Hua Qingsi didn’t know what he was going to do, she didn’t mean to be defensive at all, but stood there straight.

After a short while, Yang Kai pointed a finger on her forehead, and the next moment Hua Qingsi trembled. Suddenly, there was a feeling that the invisible shackles were lifted, and the whole body was extremely relaxed.

She instantly understood what Yang Kai had done, and he actually removed the Divine Soul Branding that had been burned in the Counsciousness Sea!

Back then, she was forced to open the Consciousness Sea by Yang Kai in the Mysterious Small Boundary, so that Yang Kai can burn his Divine Soul Brand on her. Since then, she could no longer resist Yang Kai any more and had to obey him.

But now. Yang Kai took the initiative to lift the brand!

In other words, she is now free. No longer bound by Yang Kai.

“Young Master Yang…” Hua Qingsi’s beautiful eyes trembled and looked at him in disbelief.

Yang Kai smiled and said, “If you want to break through the Emperor Realm, naturally there should be no interference.”

Hua Qingsi pursed her red lips, and suddenly stretched out her hand, pointing to the sky and said: “Don’t worry, Young Master Yang, Elder Sister Hua will not reveal any secrets about you in this life. If I violate this oath, Elder Sister Hua will [Become Devil] and die! ”

She knew too many secrets about Yang Kai, whether it was the Mysterious Boundary Bead or the various trump cards that Yang Kai possessed, or the Eternal Tree and Cangshu (from the gold-silver seed) planted in the medicine garden. Once leaked out, Yang Kai will definitely not be able to gain a foothold in the star boundary in the future. No matter where he go, he will be besieged.

She took the initiative to make this [Heart Demon] oath to let Yang Kai not worry about her leaking secrets.

Yang Kai smiled and said, “If I don’t believe you, I won’t remove the divine soul brand. Elder Sister Hua, go and be careful all the way!”

Hua Qingsi nodded and asked, “If Star Fragments Sea is closed, where should I find you?”

“If you want to find me, go to Thousand Leaves Sect, I will go to Thousand Leaves Sect one day.”

Chi Yue, Ai Ou and others are in the Thousand Leaves Sect, so Yang Kai will go there again anyway.

“Okay, then I’ll go there and wait for you.” Hua Qingsi nodded, walked forward, and said a few words with Liu Yan and Zhang Ruoxi, and then she slid and galloped towards the stars, and soon disappeared.

Looking at the direction she left, Yang Kai breathed out slightly.

In the past few years, Hua Qingsi has helped him a lot. He didn’t have any malice when he imprisoned Hua Qingsi, it’s just because Hua Qingsi saw some of his secrets. He had planned to let her be free when he was promoted to the emperor realm, but now it was only a little earlier.

After getting along for so long, Yang Kai felt that Hua Qingsi’s character was still trustworthy, so even if Hua Qingsi did not make the [heart demon] oath, he would not worry about anything.

“Sir…” A weak cry came from the side, Yang Kai felt that someone was pulling down his sleeves, turning his head and looking at it, he was seeing Zhang Ruoxi looking at him with expectation.

He suspiciously said: “What’s the matter?”

“Sir. I… I…” Zhang Ruoxi hesitated, saying “I’ for a long time and didn’t continue.

Yang Kai frowned and said, “It can’t be you want to act alone too, do you?”

He saw Zhang Ruoxi look eager to try, so he suddenly had this guess. What he didn’t expect was that Zhang Ruoxi nodded.

Yang Kai was shocked: “Are you sure?”

Zhang Ruoxi bit her red lips and took a deep breath. She seemed to have plucked up the courage, and said: “Since leaving the Zhang family, Ruoxi has been cultivating under the protection of Sir’s wings. My family Old Ancestor once said that flowers that do not experience wind and rain will not grow up. If I do not want to keep dragging Sir down, I also want to become stronger… so… I want to try.”

Yang Kai said with a serious face: “Do you know how dangerous this place is?”

Zhang Ruoxi hesitated and nodded gently.

Yang Kai said again: “Then you know, who are the people who entered here? You are naturally kind, with a simple personality, and you have never seen any intrigues in the world. Are you sure you can survive here?”

“Ruoxi will work hard!”

Yang Kai stared at her blankly, seeming to recognize Zhang Ruoxi’s other side for the first time. This weak-looking girl seemed to have a time to be stronger.

“Master, let me go with her.” Liu Yan suddenly interrupted, “If I and Ruoxi are together, we will have mutual care for each other, and I still have Xiaobai, so there shouldn’t be any danger here.”

Yang Kai turned his head and glanced at Liu Yan, and saw that she nodded at him, then he said, “If Liu Yan is with you, is there any problem?”

Zhang Ruoxi happily said: “It’s best to have sister Liu Yan with me!”

Yang Kai looked sentimental and said: “Since the wings are hard, then fly.”

When he brought Zhang Ruoxi by his side, this little girl was only a 1st-order Saint King, but over the years, she has grown to the Dao Source Stage.

If someone from the Zhang family knew about this, they might be delighted. The Zhang Family hasn’t have a powerhouse at the Dao Source Stage level for many years, and now the most powerful Zhang Family old ancestor is no more than the 2nd-order Origin King Realm. This strength is fundamentally insignificant.

If Zhang Ruoxi was allowed to act alone, Yang Kai would be really worried. She was probably want to be stronger, so she wanted to be like Hua Qingsi, but after all, she only has the 1st-order Dao Source Stage. Even if she has some special bloodline power, she has no experience in fighting and being in real danger. He’s afraid she cant resolved it at all.

But if Liu Yan is with her, there is no problem.

Not to mention that Liu Yan has a Heaven Grade puppet like Xiao Bai in her hands, it is said that Liu Yan’s own strength is also in the peak Dao Source Stage, not to mention that she also has a Nirvana Thunder Bead in her hand, and although Zhang Ruoxi strength is lower, but she has Phoenix Pink Clouds Dress.

As long as the two are more cautious, there shouldn’t be any danger.

Hearing what Yang Kai said, Zhang Ruoxi waved her hand in horror: “Sir, you have misunderstood, Ruoxi didn’t mean that.”

Liu Yan said: “Don’t mind, the Master just said it casually.”

Yang Kai handed a Space Ring to Liu Yan and said, “You bring these things, they are the same as those of Elder Sister Hua. If the Star Fragments Sea closes and we can’t be together in the future, you will go to Thousand Leaves Sect and wait.”

Liu Yan took the space ring and nodded: “I remember it.”

“Go.” Yang Kai waved his hand.

Zhang Ruoxi pursed her red lips, suddenly walked to Yang Kai and knelt down, and fell on the ground and said: “Sir great kindness, Ruoxi will always keep it in her heart, and never forget it, Sir, you must be safe and peaceful by yourself, Ruoxi will honor you well in the future.”

“Get up, it’s not a farewell to life and death, I will see you again in the future.” Yang Kai bent over to help her up.

“Let’s go.” Liu Yan said, grabbing Zhang Ruoxi’s little hand, and surge her Source Qi, took her and fly to the starry sky.

After a while, the two women disappeared.

“Everyone’s gone.” Yang Kai murmured while standing still, inexplicably melancholy.

Although he has been alone for so many years, he did not appear too lonely because there is still movement in the Mysterious Small Boundary. This time, Hua Qingsi, Liu Yan and Zhang Ruoxi all left, which made him feel a little uncomfortable, like something is missing.

However, he also knows that although it is safe for everyone to gather together, the gain is small.

Now that the Star Refining Art has been taught to them, if they disperse their actions in this way, they will definitely gain more and more. Perhaps there is a part of the reason why they want to leave. They don’t want to drag him down and share his benefits.

Just as Yang Kai was at a loss, he suddenly noticed that the Embodiment were calling him.

He quickly broke through the barrier of the Mysterious Boundary Bead and connected with the Embodiment: “Don’t tell me you want to act alone too, do you?”

Although the spiritual wisdom of the Embodiment is transformed by his Spirit Clone, with the continuous improvement of the strength of the Embodiment and the fusion between the Spirit Clone and Embodiment, the Embodiment is now another special existence. It can’t be regarded as Yang Kai’s clone. It has its own thoughts and ideas. Of course, if the two are willing, they can still communicate with each other, and they can know what the other party is thinking without communicating.


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