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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2437 English [Readable]

Embodiment laughed and said, “How easy is it for me to move alone?”

Yang Kai hummed: “At least you are self-aware.”

The Embodiment said: “It’s because you are lonely, and I will chat with you.”

Yang Kai’s mouth twitched: “How is this any different from me talking to myself?”

Having said that, Yang Kai quickly cleared up his mood, and the slightest sorrow that had been there was gone.

“I haven’t told you one thing.” The Embodiment suddenly said with a solemn voice.

“What’s the matter?” Yang Kai asked.

The Embodiment said: “I feel that my cultivation seems to have reached a bottleneck.”

Yang Kai said: “In the path of cultivation, bottlenecks are often encountered. This is not your first day in cultivating. This is common sense…”

Before he finished speaking, Yang Kai suddenly realized that something was wrong.

The Embodiment also said: “But the Heavens Devourer Battle Law, which is a heaven-defying cultivation technique, in theory, there should be no bottleneck. You have studied this set of cultivation technique, and you should understand.”

Yang Kai nodded. He did study it carefully when he got the Heavens Devourer Battle Law from Wu Mengchuan. At that time, he felt that this technique was so heaven-defying. All things in the worlds with spiritual energy can be devoured. There won’t be any bottlenecks, but he didn’t dare to cultivate it.

But now, the Embodiment actually encountered a bottleneck, which is undoubtedly extremely abnormal.

“I have a feeling that this bottleneck cannot be broken through cultivation and chance. Could it be the cultivation technique that Wu Mengchuan taught you was not complete?”

When Yang Kai heard this, he couldn’t help but be suspicious.

If the Heavens Devourer Battle Law taught to him by Wu Mengchuan back then were not complete, then the situation encountered by the Embodiment is reasonable.

It’s just that Yang Kai couldn’t figure out why Wu Mengchuan had to teach him this technique. If it was to repay Yang Kai’s life-saving grace, then the price would be too great. This cultivation technique is known as the number one cultivation technique in the Star Boundary. It is precisely on this technique that the Heaven Devourer Great Emperor has reached the throne of the strongest in the Star Boundary. It is also the reason the emperor realm strong covets this cultivation technique very much.

Looking back now, what happened back then can be considered suspicious.

“After this Star Fragments Sea is closed, we will go to Blue Feather Sect and ask Wu Mengchuan to find out.” Yang Kai pondered for a while, and made a decision.

In the past, he was afraid of Wu Mengchuan. Firstly, the opponent origin is not small, he was the real descendant of the Heaven Devourer Great Emperor, and he always had some trump cards in his hand. Secondly, it was because Yang Kai was not as strong as the other party.

But now the situation is not what it used to be. Among the martial artist of the same level, Yang Kai doesn’t need to be afraid of anyone. Even if after these years, Wu Mengchuan has really broken through to the emperor realm. Yang Kai also has the confidence to fight with him.

In the starry sky, Yang Kai cruised around, separated from Hua Qingsi and others for nearly a month. During this time, his harvest was so-so.

Relying on the six-pointed star seal, Yang Kai could sense some fluctuations in the star source power every few days, and the star source power he encountered was refined by him and the Embodiment.

Embodiment also have his own Star Source. The reason why its body is so huge is because it has merged with the floating continent. The star source had already been born in the floating continent, and it was naturally integrated by it.

There is not much gain from the star source. Rather, he met a dozen people who were provoking trouble. Because of the special role of the star seal, the martial artist in this star fragments sea often fight out as soon as they meet.

Yang Kai naturally did not show mercy to these people and killed them all.

However, the six-pointed star seal showed no signs of upgrading, but the color was slightly brighter.

On this day, Yang Kai once again sensed a trace of star source fluctuations, echoing the six-pointed star print on the back of his hand. He immediately changed his direction and galloped towards the location of the star source fluctuation.

Before reaching the place, Yang Kai sensed two slightly different power fluctuations.

This kind of fluctuation is familiar to him, it is obviously the induction between the star seal, in other words. Where the star source is, two people should have arrived first.

Yang Kai hesitated for a moment, and did not change his direction. He speeded up and galloped forward. Soon, he came to a huge meteorite.

This meteorite has a radius of several thousand feet, lying in the starry sky, motionless, and its surface is flat.

This meteorite was obviously the part after some cultivation star was broken. Things like this are everywhere in the Star Fragments Sea, and there are too many to count.

What surprised Yang Kai was that the star source he had sensed before radiated from this meteorite, that is to say, there are broken star source in this meteorite, and it is not too thin.

This is strange. The broken star source he encountered before were all found from some broken cultivation stars. This kind of meteorite with star source was the first time he encountered.

At this moment, there are already two people on this meteorite, a man and a woman, both with the cultivation level of 2nd-order Dao Source Stage. The man and the woman seemed to be fighting each other in order to compete for the Star Source here. He don’t know how long they have been fighting. When Yang Kai came here, both of them were panting and breathless, and they were undoubtedly at the end of the battle.

The man on the left was wearing clothes that made Yang Kai a little familiar, about thirty years old or so, with a fierce expression on his face.

The woman on the right has a graceful figure, has a thin face, giving a sense of acrimony, and her whole aura feels extremely uncomfortable and looks very cold.

This kind of coldness is different from the coldness brought about by the Ice Attribute cultivation technique cultivated by the disciples of Ice Heart Valley.

The two were fighting hard, Yang Kai suddenly appeared, and they were shocked. They all jumped back, staring at Yang Kai vigilantly.

Divine Sense swept over Yang Kai, and after realizing that he was a martial artist in the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage, the expressions of this man and woman suddenly became serious. They both only have the 2nd-order realm, and they can be regarded as equal to each other, but if they are against Yang Kai, they definitely have no chance of winning in their current state.

Yang Kai glanced at the two faintly, turning his eyes on the backs of their hands, and found that they both had five-pointed star seals, and didn’t know whether they were upgraded by killing people or they originally existed.

However, based on Yang Kai’s understanding of star seals, there are not many five-pointed star seals that are naturally generated, most of them are triangular and prismatic star seals. These two people can have five-pointed star seals, and they must have killed many people in the Star Fragments Sea.

Nothing good! Yang Kai’s heart gave a cold snort.

Seeing Yang Kai standing there without a word, both of them felt a little stressed. The woman seemed to be unable to bear the silence, suddenly forced a smile and nodded friendly at Yang Kai.

But before she could say anything, the man interrupted her with a cupped fist, and said, “This friemd. Im North Territory Asking Passion Sect’s disciple, Guan Qi. I wonder how i should call this friend?”

“Asking Passion Sect?” Yang Kai raised his brows, revealing a look of surprise.

He was still wondering how the other party’s clothes looked familiar, it turned out to be a disciple of Asking Passion Sect.

Thinking of Asking Passion Sect, he thought of Feng Xi and Feng Xuan, both the old and the young are shameless guys. The old likes to bully with the big fist and the younger likes to bully the weak. When he first entered the Star Fragments Sea, Yang Kai suffered a big loss in Feng Xi’s hands, and that Emperor Absolute Pill almost cost him half of his life, so naturally he had no good opinion of Asking Passion Sect.

Seeing Yang Kai’s reaction, Guan Qi raised his brows and said, “Is my friend also from the North Territory?”

Yang Kai snorted coldly: “Whether i’m from the North Territory or not, Mind your own business!”

His words were unceremonious, making Guan Qi’s face a bit uncomfortable. Although he only had the cultivation level of the 2nd-order Dao Source Stage, which was lower than Yang Kai, he was an elite disciple of the Asking Passion Sect who could enter the Star Fragments Sea. It has already shown that his aptitude is unusual. If he is outside, he really doesn’t need to pay attention to the idle 3rd-order Dao Source Stage. All he needs to do is to report his name, and the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage will kneel.

But now he has just fought a battle, and his strength is less than half of his peak. Yang Kai doesn’t look like he is easy to talk to. How can he dare to touch any mold, he can only swallow his breath and hold back his stomach.

On the other side, seeing that Yang Kai didn’t give Guan Qi any face, the woman suddenly relaxed.

She was really afraid that Yang Kai knew Guan Qi, or had any connection with this North Territory Asking Passion Sect, if that was the case, then she could only escape immediately.

Now this situation is undoubtedly what she likes to hear, so she laughed at once, let out a pleasing laugh, and said: “What is the Asking Passion Sect? Dare to report the name in Star Fragments Sea, how shameless.”

First choked by Yang Kai, and now ridiculed by the woman again, Guan Qi’s face suddenly became ugly.

The woman didn’t pay attention to him anymore. Instead, she greeted Yang Kai with a bow, her eyes were silky, and she looked at Yang Kai watery, and said softly: “Junior Sister Yu Ying, East Territory Underworld Sect’s disciple, I have seen this senior brother! ”

Yang Kai narrowed his eyes and shouted, “Underworlds Sect!”

Yu Ying was stunned for a moment, wondering why Yang Kai had such a big reaction, and asked cautiously: “This senior brother seems to have heard of my Underworld Sect?”

Yang Kai took a breath and tried to calm his excitement. He smiled and nodded: “I have heard it, I have naturally heard it. Underworld Sect name is almost thunderous. I have heard of it. How could I have not heard it?”

When Guan Qi heard Yang Kai say this, his nose was almost crooked.

Earlier, he reported his origin, saying that he was a disciple of the Asking Passion Sect, but in exchange, Yang Kai said, “Mind your own business.” After this woman reported the name of Underworld Sect, he actually said something like the name is thunderous. The gap is too big.

Looking at the entire Star Boundary, Underworld Sect and Asking Passion Sect are actually top sects, and the leadership in their respective domains should be equal.

But Yang Kai’s completely different reactions before and after made Guan Qi feel deeply insulted. He became angry for a while and wanted to rush forward and kill the shameless couple.


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