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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2438 English [Readable]

From Guan Qi’s point of view, Yang Kai is definitely the kind of lecherous guy who has soft calves when he sees a beautiful woman. He is so pleased with the woman, he is definitely in love with her beauty, and that woman is nothing good, when he met her here before, she scratched her head and tried to make him give the star source here to her. She only started fighting after being rejected by him. Now she turned her face and flirted with Yang Kai again, it was shameless. At the extreme, there is no integrity or shame at all.

Yu Ying smiled and said, “Does this senior brother have any connection with my Underworld Sect?”

Although she seemed to ask casually, it showed the meticulousness of her mind. Because she knew that she couldn’t trust anyone in this Star Fragments Sea. Yang Kai was just saying something like hearing the thunderous name, how could she believe that this person was not malicious to her?

She needs to inquire a little bit more clearly before she can be sure that the other party really won’t act disadvantageous to her, she is not an opponent against the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage.

“Naturally there is some connection with Underworld Sect.” Yang Kai smiled slightly, and he saw through Yu Ying’s careful thoughts, and groaned for a while: “I come from the Great Desolate Star Field, I don’t know if you’ve heard of it!”

When Yu Ying heard this, her beautiful eyes couldn’t help but light up, and she exclaimed, “Great Desolate Star Field?”

Yang Kai laughed and said, “Since this junior sister has heard of the Great Desolate Star Field, she should be familiar with Senior Brother Yin Lesheng, right?”

That Yin Lesheng came from the Great Desolate Star Field, and like Liu Xianyun, both of them were the overlords of the Great Desolate Star Field at the beginning.

Yang Kai didn’t expect that he would encounter people from the East Territory’s Underworld Sect in this Star Fragments Sea, or that he had thought about it, but he didn’t expect it to be that simple.

Before he set off from Thousand Leaves Sect, he was thinking of going to the Underworld Sect of the East Territory to find that Yin Lesheng to find out his little whereabouts. It’s a pity that life is not as good as he wants. He was drawn into the solitary void secret realm before he arrived in the East Territory, and was later teleported to the North Territory, causing his plan to fail for a while.

At this time, He suddenly met someone from the Underworld Sect. Yang Kai was naturally surprised.

He don’t know if the guy Yin Lesheng came to the Star Fragments Sea. If he were here, Yang Kai felt that he could get a feel for Yin Lesheng’s whereabouts from Yu Ying’s mouth.

If he want to find Xiaoxiao, he can only start from Yin Lesheng.

For a time. The look in Yang Kai’s eyes looking at Yu Ying changed, full of fiery expressions.

Yu Ying was obviously aware of this, showing a shy look at the right time, and whispered: “Senior Brother Yin, he is very good to me.”

“Senior Brother?” Yang Kai raised his brows. Asked with some surprise.

It has only been six or seven years since Yin Lesheng came from the Great Desolate Star Field. Even if he joined the Underworld Sect of the East Territory, he wouldn’t be promoted to be Senior Brother.

This Yu Ying has 2nd-order Dao Source Stage. She calls Yin Lesheng senior brother, doesn’t it mean that Yin Lesheng’s cultivation is higher than Yu Ying?

“Naturally it is Senior Brother!” Yu Ying pursed her lips. “Even though Senior Brother Yin joined the sect not long ago, his aptitude is outstanding. The Sect Master himself submit him to the sect. Shortly before the opening of Star Fragments Sea, he was promoted to the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage!”

Yang Kai heard this. Take a deep breath.

Has Yin Lesheng actually been promoted to the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage? How long has it been? He thought his cultivation speed was fast enough, but this Yin Lesheng was not bad, basically keeping pace with him.

Comparing the current cultivation level of Ai Ou, Chi Yue and others, his progress is simply terrifying. [MSN: well, he is under the big tree from the beginning.]

Yu Ying smiled and said: “Senior Brother Yin is a Star Master, and he is also a person from the lower plane Star Field. He is also accepted under the Sect Master. He has a lot of cultivation resources, but even so, he can be promoted to the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage, it is a miracle. When he first joined the Sect, junior sister was also the 1st-order Dao Source Stage, but now…hehe.”

As she spoke, her expression was slightly sad, as if compared with Yin Lesheng’s progress. She was a little ashamed.

“Senior Brother Yin has an extraordinary aptitude, and he is also the person I admire most in my life. Now I know that he has been promoted to the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage. It is really gratifying!” Yang Kai endured the nausea in his heart and praised him.

Yu Ying seemed to have eliminated the suspicion and vigilance in her heart, because he could name the Great Desolate Star Field and Yin Lesheng. It has already shown that the relationship between Yang Kai and Yin Lesheng is not shallow, otherwise he would never know these secret information.

“Isn’t this senior brother also in the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage? Junior sister sees that you are not worse than Senior Brother Yin.” Yu Ying smiled.

“I dare not compare with Senior Brother Yin. I was able to cultivate to this stage. I also had an extraordinary opportunity. If I practice down-to-earth, how can I compare to Senior Brother Yin’s aptitude? When i was in the Great Desolate Star Field back then. After receiving his many guidance and favors, it was with him that I came to this star realm. I planned to join your noble sect with him. Unfortunately, the starlight channel collapsed and I was teleported to the South Territory. I never had a chance to pay tribute to the prestige of your noble sect.”

“You also wanted to join my sect?” Yu Ying looked at Yang Kai in surprise, and said, “Why didn’t I hear Senior Brother Yin say this?”

Listening to her tone, she seemed to be very familiar with Yin Lesheng.

Yang Kai smiled and said, “I’m afraid, Senior Brother Yin must have thought that i was already dead. After all, I was seriously injured at the time, but after a blessing in disguise, not only did I not die, but also get a great fortune.”

“That’s it!” Yu Ying didn’t doubt anything, and nodded.

Yang Kai turned around and said, “By the way, is Senior Brother Yin also in Star Fragments Sea now?”

“Yes. There are twelve people from this sect. Brother Yin naturally has a quota.” Yu Ying replied.

“Great.” Yang Kai shouted with excitement, “I have always wanted to go to the East Territory to find Senior Brother Yin, but the journey is too far away, but I don’t expect to meet Junior Sister Yin in this Star Fragments Sea. Do you think this is fate! ”

Yu Ying giggled and said, “It’s the junior sister who is blessed to be able to meet senior brother here. By the way, I don’t know how senior brother is called!”

“Feng De, my name is Feng De!” Yang Kai replied.

Feng De is indeed a man. He was originally a bald man. He was with Yin Lesheng just like Liu Xianyun in the Starlight Channel, but was later killed by Yang Kai. But since Yang Kai wanted to pretend to be a member of the Great Desolate Star Field, he would use his name.

He don’t know what kind of expression Yin Lesheng would have when he heard that Feng De was resurrected from the dead.

“I have seen Senior Brother Feng!” After Yu Ying and Yang Kai had a chat, they were no longer so cautious. Instead, she got acquainted, and her eyes turned slightly, “Is Senior Brother Feng still interested in joining the sect now? Does Senior Brother already have a Sect?”

Yang Kai said, “Where is there any Sect? I have joined a small sect before, but it was destroyed by someone later, and since then I have been alone.” While speaking, he looked at Yu Ying with expectation: ” I really want to join the Guizong, but it’s a pity that I didn’t see Senior Brother Yin, and no one introduced me. I didn’t dare to take the liberty.”

Yu Ying smiled and said, “This matter is easy to handle. After the matter is over here, I will take you to Senior Brother Yin and the others. When you see Senior Brother Yin, you can tell him and I believe that he will not refuse you.”

“Really?” Yang Kai asked overjoyed.

“Why would Junior Sister lie to you.” Yu Ying smiled slightly, and leaned against Yang Kai slightly, bringing a strong fragrance, and said with deep meaning: “When Senior Brother Feng join the sect in the future. Please take care of the Junior Sister.”

Yang Kai immediately showed a look of lust, and nodded repeatedly: “If i can really join your noble sect, then Junior Sister Yu should be my great benefactor, and Feng will not treat you as an outsider.”

Yu Ying chuckled, “Then thank Senior Brother Feng first.”

The two of them talked very hotly, and Guan Qi’s expression over there was almost dripping with gloomy expression.

When Yang Kai said that he came from Great Desolate Star Field, he had already realized that it as not good. Later, the more the two men and women talked, the more vigorous they were. The look of the bastard looking at mung beans in the eyes made him feel a sense of crisis.

At this moment, the two of them were even more calling themselves Senior Brother and Junior Sister, and they were obviously going to be a family. Guan Qi felt flustered and confused.

With Yu Ying alone he might be fine, but with Yang Kai, he has absolutely no chance of winning, and judging from Yang Kai’s previous attitude, he doesn’t seem to have a good impression of Asking Pasion Sect. The disciple of Asking Passion Sect is here. What benefits can he get in front of him?

He had the intention to escape, but he did not dare to act rashly, lest he would cause the murderous intention of the two.

But what can he do if he doesn’t leave at this time?

Thinking of this, he gritted his teeth, clasped his fists and said: “The two talk slowly, and Guan will leave first.”

As he spoke, his figure flickered, and he was about to retreat.

Yu Ying, who was talking with Yang Kai with a smile on her face, suddenly turned cold, changing her face faster than flipping a book, and screamed: “Where do you want to go!”

When the words fell, her bare hand raised, and a gloomy ghost claw blasted towards Guan Qi, and the ghost claw exuded an extremely evil aura, extremely cold.

Guan Qi’s expression changed, and countless shadows of fists rose into the sky between his hands.

There was a rumble, and the two played against each other, but they were evenly divided.

But Guan Qi was blocked by Yu Ying, and couldn’t get away even if he wanted to.

“Senior Brother Feng…” Yu Ying suddenly yelled to Yang Kai in a charming voice, stomping her feet while shaking her arm: “This person bullies me, don’t you care!”

Yang Kai got goosebumps all over, sweating on his forehead, resisting the nausea in his heart, coldly snorted: “Boy, dare to bully the junior sister, you are really impatient to die.”

Although he didn’t like the people from Asking Passion Sect very much, after all, he has no grievances with this Guan Qi, and killing him as soon as he see him does not make sense. What’s more, he didn’t like being used. Yu Ying obviously needs to use his power to act against him, which makes Yang Kai’s heart a little uncomfortable, so although he looks vicious, he doesn’t have the slightest murderous intention.

Guan Qi gritted his teeth and said: “This brother, I discovered the star source here first, but this girl wanted to snatch it later. I didn’t agree with her and we start fighting. Now she is not injured. I just want to leave here and ask my friend to let me go.”


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