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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2439 English [Readable]

“Who want to snatch from you, it’s obviously you who are tempted and took liking to the Star Source of this place. After being rejected, you become angry and want to us force. Fortunately, I have long been prepared, otherwise you will surely succeed.” Yu Ying yelled aggrievedly, and she tightened her clothes tightly, as if she was wronged by Guan Qi.

Guan Qi stared at Yu Ying, wondering: “Do you still want to put the blame on others, shameless women?”

Yu Ying’s pretty face sank and became extremely gloomy, and she yelled: “You dare to say that I am shameless?”

Guan Qi said angrily: “I discovered the Star Source of this place first, so I just need to grab it, so why should i snatch it?”

Suddenly the two quarreled endlessly, saying that the Star Source here was first discovered by themselves, and the other party wanted to snatch. They both held the same word, and there was no evidence, so they could not prove that what they said was true.

Yang Kai stood beside them indifferently, sneered in his heart.

If he guessed right, Guan Qi should have discovered the Star Source here first, and Yu Ying had come to snatch it.

The reason is simple. Since Guan Qi can come to Star Fragments Sea, it means that his aptitude is very good in Asking Passion Sect, and he can be regarded as an elite disciple. If he is an elite, then he must have cultivated Asking Passion Supreme Art.

Asking Passion Sect cultivation is based on love. Although it has caused the elite disciples to have a lot of affection, each has countless wives and concubines, but it is precisely because of the nature of Asking Passion Supreme Art that they will never use a strong force on a woman. When they want to get a woman, they will inevitably make themselves emotional and the other person emotional.

Yu Ying said that Guan Qi was tempted and want to use force, which was obviously nonsense.

If Yang Kai hadn’t dealt with people from the Asking Passion Sect in the North Territory. He would not know these.

But then again. The two of them are not good things, the dog bites the dog.

The two quarreled for a while, and Yu Ying suddenly shook Yang Kai’s arm and whispered: “Senior Brother Feng, this person is bullying me, you have to be my justice!”

Looking at her. She really wanted to take advantage of Yang Kai’s strength to use his power.

Yang Kai didn’t want to go on watching the show anymore, so he could only snorted and looked at Guan Qi and said, “Boy, you offend Junior Sister, you can’t just leave it like that.”

Guan Qi gritted his teeth and glared at Yang Kai, and shouted in a low voice: “What do you want? I have no grudges with you in the past and in the near future. Don’t go too far, friend.”

His appearance of neither humble nor arrogant made Yang Kai a little surprised. After pondering for a while, Yang Kai sneered and said: “Fortunately, the junior sister did not suffer any injuries. Otherwise, you will kill you!”

Guan Qi felt relieved when he heard Yang Kai’s words. He didn’t seem to intend to embarrass him too much. This made him very surprised. He didn’t know what Yang Kai was doing.

In this ghost place. If he is a 3rd-order Dao Source Stage, and he really wants to kill him. He definitely have nothing to fight back, and he will die in vain.

“Who said that I am not hurt? I feel so distressed. If you don’t believe me, please touch it.” Yu Ying said softly from the side, while she was talking, she put her breasts in front of Yang Kai.

Yang Kai had a black line on his face and said, “There are outsiders…”

Yu Ying giggled and said, “Senior Brother Feng, you are really interesting.”

She thought Yang Kai was shy, and he was embarrassed to have any excessive contact with her in front of others.

Yang Kai immediately turned the subject away, looking at Guan Qi and shouting: “Let’s do it. You leave something and I will let you go!”

“What!” Guan Qi’s expression changed, and he asked in surprise. If Yang Kai’s request is not excessive, he may be able to agree, but if it is too excessive, he will definitely not let Yang Kai get his wish even if he has to fight hard

“Just leave your space ring, it’s the right thing to compensate my Junior Sister Yu,” Yang Kai said coldly.

Yu Ying was originally a little unhappy because Yang Kai said that he would release Guan Qi, but when she heard this, she immediately raised her brows and looked at Yang Kai gratefully.

Guan Qi was silent for a moment, and he seemed to know that right now, he is in the chopping board, and he can’t resist at all, so he can only reluctantly remove the space ring from his hand and throw it at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai took it casually, and swept his Divine Sense inward slightly, making sure that there was nothing in it that made him particularly concerned, and then passed it to Yu Ying.

“Guan can go now, right?” Guan Qi asked a little worried.

“Get out!” Yang Kai shouted sharply.

Guan Qi stared at Yang Kai and Yu Ying bitterly, as if he was trying to imprint the appearance of the two dog men and women into the depths of his mind, and then he suddenly activated the secret technique and fled into the distance at an extremely fast speed.

“Senior Brother Feng, if you make a move now, you can definitely take him by surprise!” Yu Ying suddenly whispered in Yang Kai’s ear, while secretly urging Source Qi, as if ready to do it at any time.

This woman is really vicious! Yang Kai was secretly surprised. At this time, she didn’t even plan to let Guan Qi go. She had to take the other party’s life. It is estimated that if she wasn’t unsure of being successful, she would have done it long ago.

To kill Guan Qi, she must use Yang Kai’s power.

But what disappointed her was that until Guan Qi was nowhere to be seen, Yang Kai had no intention to make a move. This made her feel a little dissatisfied. Her eyebrows frowned, and she secretly felt that this senior fellow named Feng De was a bit too kind.

There is a five-pointed star seal in Guan Qi’s hand. If she can kill him and steal his star seal, then her star seal can be upgraded. If she missed such a great opportunity for nothing, even the joy from getting his Space Ring was reduced a lot.

“The person from Asking Passion Sect is not easy to provoke. He may have some trump card in his hand. If he is in a hurry, once he uses the trump card, we may not be able to get back all the way.” Yang Kai explained lightly.

In fact, he just didn’t want to be used by Yu Ying. If he ran into Guan Qi alone, this might not be the result.

“That’s right!” Yu Ying nodded approvingly and smiled: “Senior Brother Feng, you still think well.”

After a pause, she said again: “Senior Brother Feng, that space ring…”

Although Yang Kai mentioned just now that this space ring was meant to compensate her for her loss, after all, Yang Kai grabbed the space ring. At this time, she should also ask Yang Kai what his intention was.

“Junior Sister put it away, it’s just as my gift to you.” Yang Kai smiled slightly.

Yu Ying was overjoyed, put the space ring away, and said: “Senior Brother Feng is so good.”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “Senior brother is just borrowing flowers to present the Buddha, so don’t worry.” He turned around and said, “By the way, I haven’t seen Senior Brother Yin for several years. Why don’t we go find him now!”

Deep down in his heart, he couldn’t wait to find Yin Lesheng, and then to inquire about xiao xiao whereabouts. If it were not for this reason, how would he deliberately please Yu Ying, and even more tolerate her temper.

“It’s not that simple to find Senior Brother Yin. Although our Underworld Sect disciples have practiced a set of secret techniques before coming in, we can sense each other from far away, but we might not be able to see each other in this vast star fragments sea. But Senior Brother Feng can rest assured, even if you can’t find Senior Brother Yin here, when you come to my Underworld Sect in the future, you only need to report the name of the junior sister, and the junior sister will definitely welcome you in.”

Yang Kai felt a chill when he heard this. If Yin Lesheng has not been found, what is he doing with Yu Ying here?

Yu Ying said again: “But it’s not without a chance. This is still the periphery of Star Fragments Sea. Senior Brother Yin and the others must go inside, so we only need to go deep inside to have a chance to sense their position.”

“What are you waiting for, let’s go now!” Yang Kai hurriedly said.

Yu Ying glanced at him and said, “Oh, Senior Brother Feng, you are really anxious. It is important to find Senior Brother Yin, but the Star Source here cannot be missed.”

Yang Kai slapped his head and said, “Yes, I almost forgot, thanks to the reminder from the junior sister.”

Yu Ying pursed her lips and smiled: “Senior Brother Feng is really cute…”

Yang Kai said, “Well, you and I will find a place to refine the Star Source of this place, and then go to Senior Brother Yin when the refinement is over.”


At the moment, the two moved separately, each looking for a safe location, sat cross-legged and start refining.

The power of the Star Source here is not bad, if two ordinary Dao Source stage are refining it, it will take at least one month to absorb it. If there is only one person, it will take two months.

This is also the reason why Star Fragments Sea lasts a long time each time it is opened. Because refining the power of the Star Source is too time consuming, if the duration is too short, people who come in will basically not get any benefits.

Yang Kai was anxious to find Yin Lesheng, so he directly spurred the Star Refining Art. In a short time, the Star Source on the meteorite continuously gathered towards him, turning into a little bit of starlight around his body, blending into it through the limbs and hundreds of skeletons.

After two days of work, the Star Source on this meteorite has been refined.

This is the result of Yang Kai’s restraint. If he does his best, it will not take half a day to absorb the power of the star source.

Ninety-nine percent of the Star Source of this place were refined by Yang Kai, and Yu Ying was naturally pitiful.

Two days later, the two reunited, and Yu Ying looked at Yang Kai with a weird expression: “Senior Brother Feng, why did the Star Source here disappear so quickly?”

“I don’t know!” Yang Kai pretended to be silly, and Yu Ying didn’t see it anyway when he was running the Star Refining Art.

Yu Ying said: “Before, I could feel that the power of the star source was all converging towards Senior Brother Feng where you were. Senior Brother Feng, your refining speed is much faster than mine…” At this point, she seemed to have thougt of something, her complexion changed, and she whispered: “Senior Brother Feng, are you also a Star Master?”

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment, but still nodded and said: “Yes, I am also a star master in the Great Desolate Star Region.”

When Yu Ying heard the words, she couldn’t help covering her red lips with her little hand, and looked at Yang Kai excitedly, as if she saw something shocking, she whispered: “Senior Brother Feng is actually a Star Master?”


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