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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2440 English [Readable]

The inexplicable look of Yu Ying made Yang Kai surprised, “What’s the problem with this?”

Yu Ying said excitedly: “I heard that the Star Master has great convenience in this Star Fragments Sea. The speed of refining the Star Source is faster than others. Before, I thought it was just a rumor, but now it seems to be real, the speed of refining the staar source is much faster than in the legend!”

Yang Kai said, “Is there such convenience in the body of the star master?”

“Senior Brother Feng, don’t you know?”

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “I have been alone since I came in. I have been refining the star source in this way. I think everyone is the same.”

“How could it be the same?” Yu Ying cried, “If the star source here is refined by junior sister alone, it will take at least two months!”

“So long!” Yang Kai looked surprised.

Yu Ying stared at Yang Kai with scorching eyes: “Senior Brother Feng, do you know how good you are? It seems that Senior Brother Yin should be the same.”

Yang Kai nodded and said, “Senior Brother Yin is stronger than me, not weaker, so he is naturally better.”

Saying this, Yang Kai sneered. Even though Yin Lesheng is also a star master, he may have that special convenience, but without Star Refining Art, he could not refine it at fast speed, at most a little faster than others.

Star Refining Art is the greatest convenience of Star Fragments Sea.

“Senior Brother Feng really has a bright future.” Yu Ying looked at Yang Kai with fiery eyes. Although she knew that Yang Kai and Yin Lesheng were both from the Great Desolate Star Field, his aptitude must not be bad, and he will have great achievements in the future. But now that she learned that he was actually a Star Master, Yu Ying immediately understood that the Feng De in front of her was the second Yin Lesheng.

If such a person is recruited into the Underworld Sect by her, her status will also rise. Must be greatly appreciated by the senior member of the sect. When this Senior Brother Feng is successful in his cultivation, who would dare to provoke her?

In an instant, Yu Ying made a decision, secretly made up her mind, must find a chance to capture the body and mind of this senior brother, so that she can use him for herself.

“Junior Sister Yu praised. Since the star source here is gone, let’s set off.” Yang Kai remembered Yin Lesheng, so there is no time to chat with her.

Yu Ying nodded and said: “Okay.” While she was speaking, she suddenly reached out and tossed, a small flying shuttle appeared in front of her. This artifact looks extremely delicate, and the energy fluctuations it emits are not weak. It is actually a Dao Source Grade high-rank flying artifact, the same grade as the wooden ship that Yang Kai has in his hands.

Yang Kai looked secretly surprised, thinking that she was indeed an elite disciple from a big sect. It was obviously uncommon for Yu Ying to come up with such a good thing in the 2nd-order Dao Source Stage.

“Senior Brother Feng wants to come in together.” Yu Ying cast a wink at Yang Kai, showing a shy look at the right time, and whispered: “The star road is long, and we won’t be lonely if we are together.”

Yang Kai started to feel numb and shivered all over his body. He didn’t want to be in the same room with this woman in his heart, but at this time, it seemed too unsuitable to refuse, so he could only bite the bullet and said, “That’s the best.”

Yu Ying smiled and said, “Senior Brother Feng, please come in.”

While speaking, a door of this shuttle was opened.

The two entered one by one.

Yang Kai found out that the space inside this flying shuttle artifact was not too big. Except for the place to control the flight, there is only one bedroom. But the interior was extremely luxuriously decorated by Yu Ying, and he stepped into it. There was an extravagant fragrance lingering on the tip of Yang Kai’s nose.

He don’t know how many people this woman has invited into this shuttle, anyway, Yang Kai dislikes such an environment.

Yu Ying looked ashamed, her eyes filled with spring, as if she was expecting something good.

Yang Kai didn’t wait for her to say something, so he said: “Junior Sister Yu, I have been fighting with people a lot recently, and it consumes a lot of energy, so I have to use the secret room of Junior Sister. I will restore it for the time being. I will come back in a few days!”

After speaking, Yang Kai immediately walked into the only bedroom, closed the door, and sat down cross-legged.

Yu Ying stood there blankly, not knowing what she was thinking, and groaned for a long time before turning around to control the artifact.

For the next period of time, Yang Kai lived very carefully and extremely hard.

Yu Ying always thought of ways to tease him, harass him, and make him uncomfortable. If he didn’t want to use Yu Ying to find Yin Lesheng, he would have slapped this shameless woman to death.

Judging from the back and forth contact, Yu Ying is not a good thing anyway.

Yang Kai spends most of his time cultivating in that secret room. Except for replacing Yu Ying to control the shuttle to fly, Yu Ying has never found a chance to do too much to him.

Some broken stars or meteorites containing the power of Star Source can occasionally be found along the road, and the two will naturally not miss it.

Whenever refining the star source, Yang Kai always runs the Star Refining Art with all his strength, resulting in little benefit for Yu Ying. Because of this, Yu Ying can’t help but have some opinions on Yang Kai, and always feels that this man is not generous enough. Some good things have to be cleaned up, and he don’t want to keep a little for her.

But Yu Ying didn’t dare to say anything to Yang Kai. Firstly, Yang Kai’s cultivation level was higher than hers. Secondly, she also hoped that Yang Kai could be introduced to Underworld Sect in the future, so that she could receive Yang Kai’s care and protection. So even though she was extremely dissatisfied in her heart, she still didn’t say anything in front of Yang Kai, only cursing privately.

She didn’t know that even though Yang Kai was cultivating in retreat, his Divine Sense had been paying attention to her movement, so he knew everything about her and he also understood the evil nature of this woman more and more.

On this day, Yang Kai was in retreat, and suddenly opened his eyes. He sensed the fluctuations of some star seal, and was quickly approaching here. The fluctuations of star seal indicate that a martial artisst is approaching, but he doesn’t know the specific number, because he can only sense the existence of martial artist whose star seal level is lower than him, if the star seal level is the same as or higher than him, then he can’t sense it.

After thinking about it, Yang Kai still gave Yu Ying a voice message: “Junior Sister Yu, someone is coming by.”

Yu Ying was bored and controlled the shuttle to move forward. When she heard this, she immediately asked, “Where are there, how many people are there?”

Seeing that she didn’t know anything, she obviously didn’t notice it, which meant that the star seal of the visitor should be the same as hers. They were all five-pointed star marks, so she couldn’t detect it.

“Its not clear how many people, the direction if from the east, at least three!” Because Yang Kai can only sense the fluctuations of three star seal, it is certain that they are three people. When he said that, he paused and then said: “The opponent’s speed has become faster, it should be directed at us.”

Yu Ying was shocked when she heard the words. Just as she was about to accelerate away from this place, a bright light appeared in her field of vision. The light was like lightning. In a very short time, it rushed to the shuttle and stopped quietly.

Then, five figures suddenly appeared over there.

Yang Kai was surprised secretly, because he could only sense the fluctuation of three star seals, but now there were five people. In other words, two of them had at least the six-pointed star seal.

After Yu Ying saw the five people, her pretty face suddenly turned pale, and she swallowed nervously, as if she was very afraid of those people.

At this time, it’s too late to run. A little bit of rashness may cause a chain reaction. And looking at the five-person posture of the other party, it seems that they have come to their side, and she don’t know whether it is a blessing or a curse. Yu Ying feels uneasy.

“Who are these people?” Yang Kai suddenly appeared beside her and asked.

Yu Ying’s face turned pale, and said, “It is person from the Buddhist Heaven Holy Land. The Buddhist Heaven Holy Land is also a large sect in the East Territory, and its strength is the same as my sect.”

Yang Kai said, “The relationship between your two sects is not very good?”

Yu Ying smiled bitterly and replied: “It’s not too bad, anyway, it’s a little bit of friction, it’s the same among the disciples of every major sect.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, pointed at two of them and said, “Those two should be amazing!”

Yu Ying glanced at him in surprise, and said: “The two are the Holy Child of Buddhist Heaven Holy Land. They are naturally extremely powerful. In my sect, only a few seniors can compete with them.”

“Holy Child!” Yang Kai raised his brows.

“I don’t know what they are doing here. Senior Brother Feng, don’t talk, I will deal with them.” Yu Ying exhorted a little uneasy, she was afraid that Yang Kai would offend them without knowing how serious it was. Then this time, it would be really hard to escape.

“I see.” Yang Kai nodded.

At this moment, one of the five people on the opposite side suddenly shouted: “Get out of here!”

The bitterness in Yu Ying’s mouth was as if she at eaten flies, full of reluctance, but she had to open the door of the shuttle and walked out of it.

Yang Kai followed closely. At this time, hiding is no longer meaningful. The other party’s Divine Sense is constantly sweeping here, and he must have already discovered him.

After stepping out of the shuttle, Yu Ying cupped her fist politely, and said softly: “Yu Ying has met Zhang Hao, and Zhang Xian two Senior Brother!”

These two people named Zhang Hao and Zhang Xian should be the two Holy Child of Buddhist Heaven Holy Land, and they are also people who Yu Ying is afraid of. They both have the cultivation level of peak Dao Source Stage, and their strength looks extremely strong. As for the remaining three, There are only 2nd-order Dao Source Stage, Yu Ying is not too afraid.

Zhang Hao, who was a bit mad, narrowed his eyes and stared at Yu Ying coldly, and said, “I was wondering who it was? It turns out to be you slut!”

He didn’t say anything polite in his words, and he called her a slut in front of Yu Ying’s face, obviously he knew something about Yu Ying.

After all, everyone is a disciple of the top sect of the East Territory, and they have some understanding of each other’s informations, and Yu Ying’s debauchery is extremely famous throughout the East Territory.

Zhang Xian stared at Yang Kai profoundly, and said sarcastically: “How long has it been since i last see you, but you have changed another man, Yu Ying, you are really eye-opening!”


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