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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2441 English [Readable]

Yu Ying bit her red lips, and said pitifully, “Why do the two seniors want to say such sarcastic words as soon as we meet? What offend does this junior sister have? I and this senior brother Feng are innocent, the two senior brother can’t ruin my reputation.”

While she was speaking, she looked at Yang Kai with some worry, as if she was afraid that he would know her past.

“Innocent?” Zhang Xian’s eyes popped, and he was stunned on the spot. The other four people from Buddhist Heaven Holy Land also had expressions of shock.

After a while, the five people suddenly laughed out loud in unison. The laughter was arrogant and full of sarcasm.

Leisurely, as soon as the laughter subsided, Zhang Hao said with a cold face: “This is the funniest joke I have ever heard.”

Zhang Xian also said: “The innocent man who can live with you alone, i’m afraid he has not been born yet?”

Yu Ying’s face was blushing. Even if she was naturally lewd, such things were said in front of her face, it was a bit unbearable. She glanced at Yang Kai and argued: “Senior Brother Feng, don’t listen to their nonsense, Junior Sister is not that kind of person.”

Yang Kai nodded and said, “I know.”

He also sneered in his heart. He had already figured out the nature of this woman during this period of time. At this time, she was still pretending to be innocent to explain this to him, and he didn’t know what she was thinking.

Seeing that Yang Kai’s performance was neither salty nor indifferent, Yu Ying was also a little annoyed in her heart. She secretly blamed the people in Buddhist Heaven Holy Land for being too nosy, but now she is not as strong as the other party, she does not dare to get angry at will, she can only look pitifully and said: “The few senior brothers came here to stop the junior sister, is it just to humiliate the junior sister? If that is the case. Then you have succeeded. This junior sister… leave.”

“Want to leave? Have you ever asked me?” Zhang Hao exclaimed.

“What are the senior brothers going to do?” Yu Ying’s heart beat a drum, and saw that Zhang Hao and the others was not good, obviously they were not here to chat.

Zhang Xian looked at Yu Ying coldly, and hummed: “Lowly maid, I ask you, where is my Junior Brother Deng Yong now?”

Yu Ying’s complexion changed slightly as soon as he said this. However, she soon hid it and said with a strong smile: “Senior Brother Zhang Xian asked this question. Don’t you know where Deng Yong is? Why did you come to ask Junior Sister? I haven’t seen him.”

“Dare to lie!” Chang Hao’s eyes showed a cold color, and he shouted, “Junior Brother Deng Yong is clearly dead in your hands.”

Yu Ying said with trepidation: “Why does Senior Brother Zhang Hao think that? Deng Yong and I have no grudges in the past and in the near future. Even if I really encounter him, I won’t kill him. Moreover, Deng Yong’s strength is higher than mine. Even if the junior sister has the intention, she is powerless, Senior Brother Zhang Hao, don’t slander me.”

“Also quibble!” Chang Hao gritted his teeth. Looking at Yu Ying with fire-breathing eyes, he coldly snorted: “Since you are stubborn, then i will let you know it! Junior Brother Deng Yong’s soul-scattering seal is clearly printed on you, and I also sensed this soul-scattering, and has tracked down here, what else do you have to say now!”

Yu Ying’s face suddenly paled.

Zhang Xian said: “At first, we were still thinking about who killed Deng Yong. But we didn’t expect it to be you, a lowly maid. Deng Yong is stronger than you. It is not surprising that he will die in your hands. After all, he is lecherous!”

Zhang Hao continued, “Even though Deng Yong is lecherous, and he is dead, but he is a disciple of the Holy Land, Yu Ying, either we kill you or you kill yourself, you decide yourself!”

The two of them directly pronounced Yu Ying’s death, leaving Yu Ying’s pretty face without blood, and her body trembling.

At this time. Yang Kai had already noticed an extremely concealed divine soul mark somewhere on her body, which was left by Deng Yong before he died. It’s ridiculous that Yu Ying has never noticed it, causing it to be caught by the people of the Buddhist Heaven Holy Land. Now she can’t justify it.

He was still wondering why the five people from Buddhist Heaven Holy Land would come straight to block their road, but now it seems that it is the credit of the Soul Scattering Seal.

He don’t know when Yu Ying killed Deng Yong, but she definitely did it within a year.

Yang Kai was secretly annoyed, and he followed Yu Ying’s side, just wanting her to take him to find Yin Lesheng, but he didn’t expect such a thing to happen. However, he couldn’t ignore it. If he didn’t pay attention, then Yu Ying would undoubtedly die, and his endurance and efforts during this period of time would be ruined.

So whether he wants it or not, he have to save Yu Ying.

“Don’t do it yet!” Seeing Yu Ying’s delay in deciding on herself, Zhang Hao couldn’t help shouting: “Think of it for yourself, if I do it myself, you can’t die even if you want to!”

Yu Ying’s face was whiter, she gritted her teeth, took a step back, and yelled, “This is Senior Brother Feng of my Sect. If you have anything to say, tell him!”

When this woman saw that the momentum was not good, she directly pushed Yang Kai out. She wanted to use him as a shield, and she didn’t mean to hide it at all.

“Feng De?” Chang Hao narrowed his eyes, glanced at Yang Kai lightly, and said indifferently: “Where is the rubbish coming out from, I haven’t heard of it!”

In the entire Underworld Sect, the Principle Souce Stage powerhouses who can contend with several of their Holy Child are all well-known, and he has never heard of this name. Since he haven’t heard of it, it means that it’s just an ordinary disciple, and ordinary disciples simply can’t enter the eyes of the two Holy Child.

“Boy, are you going to stand up for that lowly maid? You can think about it clearly!” Zhang Xian looked at Yang Kai, but also sneered.

Yang Kai made a calm face, unhappy, and broke out: “Since Junior Sister Yu called me senior brother, then Feng naturally can’t sit back and watch the matter. If you want to kill her, you have to pass Feng first!”

Yu Ying, who was hiding behind him, brightened her beautiful eyes leisurely. She didn’t seem to expect that Yang Kai was so sturdy and responsible. After all, he was not a disciple of Underworld Sect at all, and only met her for a while. Even if he escaped at this time, it was understandable, but he did not do so.

This guy is really stupid! Yu Ying secretly said in her heart.

However, if there is a renunciation involved for a while, she may not be able to take the opportunity to escape. As for whether the Feng De is alive or not, she couldn’t care about it. Her own life was the most important thing.

It’s just a pity. She was expecting to be able to introduce him to the Underworld Sect, but didn’t expect him to have this blessing at all.

In Yu Ying’s heart, while secretly making plans, she had already assumed a posture ready to escape at any time. Although her posture was very hidden, it did not escaped Yang Kai’s observation.

He sneered in his heart, Yu Ying, this woman is really sinister and vicious, if he was really Feng De, maybe it will work. It’s a pity that she has calculations in her heart, but she is wrong.

“Okay, since you want to die, then I will fulfill it for you!” Zhang Hao looked rough and had a fiery temper. He was undoubtedly provoked by Yang Kai’s words. When he was talking, he flipped his hand and suddenly a sledgehammer appeared. On the palm of his hand, above the sledgehammer, the energy was surging, exuding an extremely fierce aura. He raised the sledgehammer high and slammed it in the direction where Yang Kai and Yu Ying were.

In an instant, the surrounding space was condensed, and it seemed that the void was about to collapse. A huge hammer shadow suddenly appeared, covering a large area, enclosing Yang Kai and Yu Ying.

Although this move was powerful, Yang Kai really didn’t take it seriously, and if he wanted to, the five people from Buddhist Heaven Holy Land could be killed.

But he was unwilling to expose his strength, especially in front of Yu Ying.

So he pretended that his face changed drastically, and he didn’t use the secret technique or sacrifice the artifact. He just waved his fists, and instantly the shadow of the fist filled the sky, frantically greeted the hammer shadow.

Boom boom boom…

The void oscillates, and the energy struggles.

Yang spurted blood and retreated ten feet, seemingly incapable.

Taking advantage of this trend of retreat, Yang Kai stood tall and fled to the depths of the void without looking back. Before leaving, he did not forget to shout, “Junior Sister Yu, run quickly!”

At this time, Yu Ying had already performed a secret technique, turning her whole body into a plume of smoke, fleeing into the distance like the wind. Looking at her, it seemed that she had already ran away the moment Yang Kai and Zhang Huo started their hands, and had no intention of helping Yang Kai at all.

Hearing Yang Kai shouting, she hurriedly said, “Senior Brother Feng, you should follow up. If you are caught, you will die.”

Her escape secret technique is very peculiar. It seems to be burning her own Source Qi. Although the consumption is terrifying, the speed is extremely fast.

When Yang Kai took a look, he also hurriedly bit the tip of his tongue, spewing out a spit of blood and burning his blood essense, and finally caught up with Yu Ying’s speed.

Zhang Hao and a group of people stood still and stared dumbfounded.

Just now Yang Kai showed a brave posture. They thought they had encountered a hard bone, but they didn’t expect after one fight, Yang Kai was vomiting blood by Zhang Hao attack, and now he burned his blood essence to escape.

“This guy… is also an embroidered pillow!” Zhang Xian said teasingly.

“Hmph, fortunately he runs fast, otherwise he will die without a burial place!” Zhang Hao replied uncomfortably, and took his sledgehammer artifact, waved his hand: “Chase them, kill them. Revenge for Junior Deng Yong!”

Others nodded one after another, following the two Holy Child, Zhang Hao and Zhang Xian, in pursuit.

Although Yu Ying and the guy named Feng De used secret techniques and the other burned the blood essence, they ran fast, but neither the use of secret techniques nor the burning of blood essence could last too long. Once the time limit passed, they will definitely weaken.

When they want to kill them, they don’t have to worry about it.

On the other side, Yang Kai and Yu Ying, who were flying in the void, did not dare to look back.

Yang Kai seemed to be embarrassed while burning his blood essence, but in fact everything was under his control, and that little blood essence was nothing to him.

After flying for a while, Yang Kai shouted, “Junior Sister Yu, you have a soul-scattering seal on your body, quickly find a way to get rid of it, otherwise we can’t escape.”

This woman is really stupid to the extreme. The two holy child mentioned this before, but at this time she hadn’t even thought about getting rid of the mark. If it weren’t for being involved in it, Yang Kai wouldn’t bother to remind her.


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