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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2442 English [Readable]

After being reminded by Yang Kai, Yu Ying looks like she just awakened from a dream. She just started undressing. After a while, she stripped herself completely and only wore a set of close-fitting clothes. It happened to be as thin as a cicada’s wings and completely transparent.

Yang Kai saw this with a black line on his face and couldn’t help but said: “Junior Sister Yu, what are you doing?”

Yu Ying said: “I can’t even notice where the mark is, I hope it’s on the clothes.”

Yang Kai was speechless for a while and said, “On your shoulders, gather your Divine Sense to sense it!”

This soul-scattering seal is indeed sufficiently concealed, if it weren’t for Yang Kai’s divine soul power, it would not be easy to detect. Now with Yang Kai’s guidance, Yu Ying hurriedly gathered the power of divine sense to search her shoulder.

After a while, she looked happy, apparently she had discovered something.

Don’t know what secret technique she used. As the two of them fled, Yang Kai could feel that the soul mark gradually faded, and eventually disappeared.

It wasn’t until this time that Yu Ying exhaled and took out a set of clothing from the space ring again and put it on.

Now that there is no trace of the soul-scattering seal, the two of them only need to run faster and get rid of those Buddhist Heaven Holy Land behind to be safe.

After being relieved, Yu Ying said, “I have to thank Senior Brother Feng for what happened just now.”

Yang Kai said lightly: “You don’t need to be polite.”

As if feeling his indifference, Yu Ying couldn’t help but look a little sad. In her heart, she wondered if this Senior Brother Feng would be angry because of what happened just now. After all, what she did just now was indeed a bit too much.

After escaping for half an hour like this. Yu Ying was already pale. She couldn’t catch her breath. Although her secret technique was easy to use, it consumed a lot of energy, and it was not easy to persist until now.

Seeing that her speed had slowed down, Yang Kai had to sacrifice his ship and said, “Come up, I will take you along!”

Yu Ying nodded after hearing the words. She jumped directly onto the wooden ship and sat down cross-legged. While stuffing the recovery spirit pill in her mouth, she took out a communication compass and kept sending messages inside, seeming to want to contact the disciples of Underworld Sect.

Seeing her like this, Yang Kai secretly looked forward to it, wishing that Yu Ying would contact Yin Lesheng at once.

The people of Buddhist Heaven Holy Land seemed to have been dumped and disappeared, and Yang Kai let go of his Divine Sense. I didn’t notice their aura either.

One day later, Yu Ying suddenly brightened her eyes and whispered, “Senior Brother Feng, I have found someone from the sect.”

Yang Kai was overjoyed and said, “Who?”

Yu Ying said, “It’s Senior Brother Zhong Zhenyong, I don’t know if you have heard of it.”

It wasn’t Yin Lesheng. Yang Kai was a little disappointed. But he still replied: “I don’t know anything about your East Territory, and I have never been to East Territory, so I haven’t heard of the name of Senior Brother Zhong.”

Yu Ying smiled and said: “Senior Brother Zhong ranks among the top three in strength in the Dao Source Stage in the sect. If we have his shelter, we don’t need to be afraid of the people from Buddhist Heaven Holy Land. We will look for him now.”

“Okay, point out the direction!” Yang Kai nodded.

Although Yu Ying was not in contact with Yin Lesheng, Yang Kai felt that it might not be impossible to inquire about Yin Lesheng from the mouth of Zhong Zhenyong. Maybe this Zhong Zhenyong knew something.

Now, under Yu Ying’s instructions. Yang Kai changed direction and galloped towards a certain place.

An hour later, a figure standing in the void was printed in Yang Kai’s eyes. Yang Kai drive the ship to this person. Before it stopped, Yu Ying rushed over with joy, and said, “Senior Brother Zhong!”

“Junior Sister Yu.” Zhong Zhenyong smiled at Yu Ying slightly, raised his gaze, glanced at Yang Kai faintly, and said: “Is this the Feng brother Junior Sister Yu mentioned?”

He said Yang Kai’s fake name, and it seemed that Yu Ying had already told him about Yang Kai before coming here.

Yu Ying nodded and said, “Yes, Senior Brother Zhong, it is also the blessing of Senior Brother Feng to be able to get here safely.”

Zhong Zhenyong was also considered handsome and unrestrained, and his demeanor seemed to be considered friendly, and he didn’t have too much air. Hearing this, he glanced up and down Yang Kai and said, “I heard that Junior Sister Yu said that you and Junior Brother Yin were both from Great Desolate Star Field, and also a star master?”

Yang Kai politely clasped his fists and said: “Feng is indeed from the Great Desolate Star Field like Senior Brother Yin, and is also the Star Master, thank you senior brother for coming here.”

Zhong Zhenyong laughed and said: “It’s okay, it’s okay. If you intend to join our Underworld Sect, you might be a fellow disciple in the future, so you don’t have to be so polite.”

Yu Ying said, “Senior Brother Zhong, this is not the place to talk. Brother Feng and I were chased by Zhang Hao and Zhang Xian from the Buddhhist Heaven Holy Land. I don’t know if they are still chasing us now. Let’s talk while walking. ”

“Zhang Hao, Zhang Xian!” Zhong Zhenyong said with cold eyes when he heard the words, “They dare to chase you? What do they want to do?”

Yu Ying was embarrassed and said, “Junior sister accidentally killed Deng Yong…”

Zhong Zhenyong looked at her angrily and said, “He died from your technique, right? How many times have I told you not to improve your strength like this. It is easy to get unstable, and big things will happen sooner or later…”

“Alright, alright.” When Yu Ying saw Zhong Zhenyong expose her own scandal in front of Yang Kai, she interrupted him and said coquettishly: “Let’s go quickly. Thanks to Senior Brother Feng, I was safe. He is my savior.”

“Then you will be better to others in the future.” Zhong Zhenyong smiled slightly.

It seemed that it was because Yu Ying had said many things about Yang Kai, so Zhong Zhenyong’s attitude towards Yang Kai was not bad, obviously he wanted to make friends with him.

Under Yu Ying’s urging, the three immediately set off.

Zhong Zhenyong seemed to have a goal long ago, leading the way without saying a word, Yang Kai and Yu Ying could only follow behind.

After flying for a while, Yu Ying couldn’t help asking: “Senior Brother Zhong, where are we going?”

“Go to other people, they seem to have found a very interesting place.”

“Very interesting?” Yu Ying’s beautiful eyes lit up when she heard the words, and asked: “Where is it interesting?”

“You’ll know when you get there.” Zhong Zhenyong cut it off without explaining.

Yang Kai’s expression moved and said, “Is Senior Brother Yin over there?”

Zhong Zhenyong said: “I’m still not sure about this. I also received a call from other colleagues and I was going to rush over, but I didn’t expect to receive another call from Junior Sister Yu halfway through, so I stopped and waited for you.” He glanced at Yang Kai and said with a smile: “The relationship between Brother Feng and Junior Brother Yin is very good, he is always in his mind.”

Yang Kai suddenly realized that he had acted too eagerly, but he didn’t change his face and said: “I received a lot of favor from Senior Brother Yin in the Great Desolate Star Field in the early years. I have never had the opportunity to repay, so I am naturally worried.”

“Brother Feng is also a person of friendship. My Underworld Sect welcome people like you.” Zhong Zhenyong laughed.

Yang Kai said: “It is an honor for Feng to be able to join Uncerworld Sect, but I don’t know how high the threshold of your noble sect is.”

Zhong Zhenyong patted Yang Kai on the shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, you will be fine.”

“Then thank you for Senior Brother Zhong good words.”

The three of them talked all the way forward.

After two full days, a huge dark red star suddenly came into view.

When they saw this star, whether it was Zhong Zhenyong, Yu Ying, or Yang Kai, they were all shocked.

Since everyone entered this Star Fragments Sea, the cultivation stars they have encountered have been shattered, and they have never encountered a complete star, but at this moment, there is such a thing in their field of vision.

The star is huge, lying in the starry sky, for tens of thousands of years, looking at it, it is like a giant eye indifferently watching the movement around it, making people shudder at the sight, and there is an inexplicable pressure.

Not only that, this cultivation star still seems to be radiating terrifying heat, and the void around it is distorted. Around the stars, there are countless large and small black holes. The line of sight falls in these black holes, it seems to be completely swallowed.

“Senior Brother Zhong…” Yu Ying’s face turned pale, and she leaned a little closer to Zhong Zhenyong, and asked; “Is this the interesting thing you said before?”

Zhong Zhenyong grinned and said, “Exactly!”

Yang Kai moved and said, “It has strong Star Source power, and… it seems a little different from the general star source.”

Zhong Zhenyong nodded and said: “Because it is the Star Source of Fire Attribute, not the Star Source, if a martial artist who cultivate fire attribute cultivation technique or secret technique obtains the origin here, it will surely soar into the sky!”

“Fire Attribute Star Source!” Yang Kai’s expression moved, and suddenly thought about Liu Yan.

This thing is very useful for Liu Yan! It’s just that he hadn’t seen Liu Yan since they separated a few days ago, and he didn’t know if she had noticed the Fire Attribute Star Source here.

But she also brought Zhang Ruoxi. This cultivation star seemed to dangerous. Even if Liu Yan sensed the Fire Attribute Star Source here, she and Zhang Ruoxi might not have entered it, after all, Zhang Ruoxi’s strength was still a bit too low.

On the contrary, he can find the Fire Attribute Star Source and leave it to Liu Yan.

Yang Kai secretly made up his mind and became interested in this strange star.

But at the moment he lost his senses, a sense of crisis suddenly appeared, and then, a tyrannical force rushed toward him.

His complexion changed slightly, and he saw a huge ghost claw dig into his heart.

He had seen this ghost claw once, and it was the secret technique Yu Ying had used when she fight Guan Qi, and it was a sign of Underworld Sect.

In an instant, Yang Kai understood who was attacking him.

The distance is too close, and there is no sign of the other party’s sneak attack. If it was ordinary people they would be helpless, but Yang Kai has Space Force.

At the critical moment, he directly performed the Secret Technique Nihility, and his body suddenly became illusory.

The ghost claws directly penetrated Yang Kai’s body, hit the depths of the void, and quickly disappeared.

Yang Kai’s body was solidified again, and he looked at Zhong Zhenyong coldly, his eyes were cold.


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