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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2443 English [Readable]

“Senior Brother Zhong, what are you… doing?” Yu Ying didn’t realize until this moment, and looked at Zhong Zhenyong with a look of astonishment, wondering why he suddenly attacked Yang Kai.

After all, along the way, Zhong Zhenyong’s attitude towards Yang Kai is not bad, and he is also talking and laughing. Why did Zhong Zhenyong turn his face when he got here? This made Yu Ying puzzled.

“Yeah, Senior Brother Zhong, what are you doing?” Yang Kai looked at Zhong Zhenyong coldly, his expression gloomy and grim: “Did Feng offended you in any way, so you want to kill him in secret!”

“Feng?” Zhong Zhenyong raised his brows, laughed, and yelled: “Feng brother, Zhongmou only asked you one question. You answered well. Zhongmou will apologize for what happened just now. If he can’t answer it…Hehe…”

Yang Kai slowly narrowed his eyes and said, “Senior Brother Zhong, please ask.”

Zhong Zhenyong looked down and shouted: “Brother Feng, you are in the Great Desolate Star Field, which sect did you come from? How did you meet Junior Brother Yin?”

When Yang Kai heard this, he fell into deep thought.

Zhong Zhenyong paid close attention to the changes in Yang Kai’s expression, not willing to miss a single trace. Yu Ying stood by and looked at this and that, even if she was stupid, she realized that something was wrong, she couldn’t help but frown and quietly urge her Source Qi, and she stared at Yang Kai vigilantly.

After a while, Yang Kai raised his eyes to look at Zhong Zhenyong and said, “Senior Brother Zhong, these are… two questions, right? You don’t speak well.”

Zhong Zhenyong was startled for a moment, and then angrily said, “Whether it is one or two, you just answer it.”

Yang Kai grinned, and looked at Zhong Zhenyong thoughtfully: “Senior Brother Zhong seems to know something.”

This person suddenly attacked him, apparently he had obtained some information about him, knowing that he was a fake.

“Senior Brother Zhong, what is going on?” Yu Ying asked with an ugly expression.

Zhong Zhenyong snorted coldly and pointed at Yang Kai: “Junior Sister Yu. This guy who has been following you called Feng De is fake.”

“Fake?” Yu Ying was startled and looked at Yang Kai in amazement.

“The real Feng De is already dead!”

“Dead?” Yu Ying couldn’t help feeling lost, and muttered, “How come?”

If Feng De was dead, how could this person know so much information about Senior Brother Yin? What is the relationship between this person and Senior Brother Yin? Why did he pretend to be Feng De to approach Senior Brother Yin? She remembered that she had spent a long time together with Yang Kai unguardedly but didn’t discover his true colors. Yu Ying couldn’t help but shudder.

“The real Feng De died in the starlight channel. This incident was witnessed by Junior Brother Yin, and there is absolutely no falsehood, and the person in front of you has some grudges with Junior Brother Yin.” Zhong Zhenyong sneered and looked sarcastically at Yang Kai: “Am i right, Brother Yang!”

He said the word Brother Yang extremely hard.

Yang Kai raised his brows and said in surprise: “Oh? You know everything about my last name. It seems that Yin Lesheng should be the one who sent you the message?”

While talking. His eyes lit up slightly, looking at the weird dark red star.

Although Zhong Zhenyong did not mention where Yin Lesheng is now, Yang Kai is 90% sure that Yin Lesheng is in that star. Otherwise, Zhong Zhenyong could not contact him at all, and then asked for his own information.

“Yes.” Zhong Zhenyong didn’t mean to deny, “Senior Brother Yin really told me these things. No matter what kind of grievances between you and Junior Brother Yin, you have no chance to seek revenge from him.”

While talking. A look of hideousness and greed appeared on Zhong Zhenyong’s face, looking at Yang Kai’s expression like a hungry wolf looking at a piece of fat meat.

“Who on earth are you? Why lie to me!” Yu Ying angrily added. Beautiful eyes burst into flames, gritted her teeth and glared at Yang Kai with a murderous look.

Yang Kai glanced at her and said coldly: “What a ruthless and unrighteous woman, this young master saved your life before, but now you dare to show murderous intentions to this young master. It’s really sad!”

Yu Ying shouted: “So what, you dare to lie to me, then go die!” She turned her head and said to Zhong Zhenyong: “Senior Brother Zhong, this person has a complete Star Source. If you can get it, you can get a great advantage.”

Zhong Zhenyong licked his lips, and said excitedly: “I know this kind of thing naturally.”

In Underworld Sect, although he thinks that his current strength is not much worse than Yin Lesheng’s, but from the perspective of Yin Lesheng’s terrifying speed of progress, it will be sooner or later for him to surpass his strength, and the biggest source of such rapid progress is because he is a Star Master, with the complete Star Source.

This is an opportunity that no martial artist can pray for.

But now, another martial artist with a complete star source is in front of him. This star source is different from the broken star source of Star Fragments Sea. If he get it, the benefits to him is simply unimaginable. He doesn’t need to worry about being surpassed by Yin Lesheng in the future. Everyone has a complete Star Source. The competition is hard work and persistence in cultivation. At this point, Zhong Zhenyong is confident that he will not lose to anyone.

Yang Kai suddenly said, “Yin Lesheng is really above the star now?”

Zhong Zhenyong snorted coldly: “People who are about to die, what’s the point of asking these?”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “Since I found Yin Lesheng, there is no need to let you live!”

Zhong Zhenyong was startled when he heard the words, and said angrily: “The kid is crazy enough, you are still the first to say this in front of this Zhong! Underworld Purgatory flag, quickly die!”

When the words fell, he suddenly stretched out his hand to offer a black flag. Among the black flag, a burst of ghost crying and wolf howling sounded, and gusts of dark wind were set off, bringing endless cold meaning, which seemed to be able to freeze people’s divine soul.

And when the Underworld Purgatory Flag unfolded, the billowing yin aura condensed into substance, as if someone from Underworld came to Yang Kai.

Seeing that Zhong Zhenyong showed off his trump card as soon as he shot, Yu Ying also changed her pretty face and quickly stepped back to avoid being affected.

“Good thing! It should be good to give it to Guizu.” Yang Kai looked at the Underworld Purgatory Flag, and his eyes lit up. This weird artifact is somewhat different from Guizu’s Ten Thousand Soul Banners, and should be of the same origin, but the grade of this Underworld Purgatory Flag is much higher than Guizu’s Ten Thousand Soul Banner.

Yang Kai even felt a weak Emperor Prestige from it.

In other words, this secret treasure should have been personally sacrificed and refined by the powerful emperor realm, and there are some embryonic forms of the Emperor Artifact, but it has not been fully formed. But as long as Zhong Zhenyong is promoted to the emperor realm, he can use the Emperor Charm to warm up this Underworld Purgatory Flag, which will be promoted to the Emperor Artifact sooner or later.

It’s worthy of being the top three disciples of the Underworld Sect, and he looks very extraordinary when he shot.

The noises of howling ghosts and howling wolves are like the magic sound of the ears, full of magical power, enough to affect the mind of any enemy martial artist. Zhong Zhenyong was so aggressive, he obviously planned to defeat Yang Kai as soon as he shot, and he didn’t give him any chance to fight back.

The complete Star Source is simply too attractive to him!

Yang Kai waited eagerly, raised his hand slightly, and quickly form a seal with his hands.

After a few complicated movements, an inexplicable force suddenly spread to the surroundings, and the magical power of the Law escaped in the void, rushing to the four directions.

Zhong Zhenyong’s eyeballs bulged, and suddenly felt something was wrong, because at this moment he suddenly felt that his thinking and all his movements had been slowed down, and even everything around him seemed to be still.

The only thing that didn’t stand still was the guy who pretended to be Feng De.

What magical power is this! Zhong Zhenyong’s face changed drastically, and a chill suddenly appeared in his heart.

Although Yang Kai’s seal has not yet been fully formed, Zhong Zhenyong has already felt that something is wrong, and this guy surnamed Yang doesn’t seem to be easy to provoke.

In the darkness, a whisper came into his ears, shaking his soul.

“Years Ups And Downs, Such as Flying Such as Dreaming!”

An unprecedented sense of crisis was born suddenly. At the critical moment, Zhong Zhenyong bit his tongue and spewed out his blood essence.

As the blood essence spurted out, the strange stillness around was finally broken, and all of them came to life at once. But he raised his eyes and saw that a huge seal art had been photographed in front of him, making him unable to avoid at all.


There was a thunderous noise, and Zhong Zhenyong was immediately stunned.

He didn’t feel the shock in his imagination, nor did he notice any traces of injury, but he was surprised to find that a strange force had penetrated into his body, and his vitality and lifespan was passing by at an incredible speed. In the meantime, it is as if hundreds of thousands of years have flowed from him.

“Senior Brother Zhong!” Yu Ying screamed, her eyes widened, and she looked at Zhong Zhenyong incredulously, as if she had seen a terrifying scene.

Zhong Zhenyong seemed to have realized something too. He slightly raised a hand that was as old as wood, put it in front of him, and then asked tremblingly: “What did you…what have you done to me…?” ”

Yang Kai stared at him coldly, and when he raised his hand, a moon blade was slashed towards him.

If it were Zhong Zhenyong in his peak period, he might be able to avoid this blow, but at this moment he was old, like a dying old man, 90% of his vitality had flowed away, and there was no way to react.

The pitch-black moon blade slashed through Zhong Zhenyong’s body like a huge sword light, directly breaking him in half.

Yu Ying’s face suddenly paled.

Dead, Senior Brother Zhong Zhenyong died unexpectedly, while being confused.

This Senior Brother Zhong, who was ranked among the top three in strength in the sect, and regarded as a handsome young hero in the East Territory and even the entire Star Boundary, was killed by a martial artist of the same level in the blink of an eye.

If this kind of thing hadn’t happened under her nose, Yu Ying would not believe it anyway.

But the facts are right before her eyes, and she can’t help but accept the truth.

Until this time, she didn’t know that Yang Kai had hidden his strength in their journey. He even spit out fresh blood when he was fighting against the Buddhist Heaven Holy Land’s Zhang Hao before. That was undoubtedly just a trick! It is ridiculous that she naively thought that Yang Kai was really not Zhang Hao’s opponent.


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