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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2445 English [Readable]

In this Star Fragments Sea, the martial artist can break through to the Emperor Realm. Every time the Star Fragments Sea open, many people are here to pry into the mystery of the Emperor Realm, so as to climb the sky in one step and jump over the dragon gate.

So Yang Kai couldn’t help but have this guess.

However, he thought about it again and it was a bit wrong, because this was not like the movement made by someone when they were promoted. At least Yang Kai did not notice the baptism of heaven and earth that came when breaking through the great realm.

Since it is not a breakthrough, is it the birth of Emperor Artifact?

Realizing this, Yang Kai looked shocked, and quickly turned and flew over there.

He had heard that in this Star Fragments Sea, there would occasionally be some extremely high-level Emperor Artifact appearing, because the Great Emperor who died in Star Fragments Sea was not only the Heaven Devourer Great Devourer, but also several other Great Emperors.

The various treasures originally possessed by the great emperors who died here have also been left in the Star Fragments Sea. The years have changed, and the sea has been reborn, waiting for the arrival of the destined.

Therefore, any Emperor Artifact born in the Star Fragments Sea has extraordinary significance and extremely high value, and can cause countless people to rob it.

The Great Emperor’s Emperor Artifacts are completely different from ordinary Emperor Artifacts. If you really want to compare them, it is equivalent to the difference between the Emperor Artifact and the Dao Source Grade artifact, and it cannot be measured.

Such a good thing will naturally not be missed.

When Yang Kai was working hard to fly towards the place where the emperor prestige came, he suddenly felt the world tremble, and then, a dull sound like a bell in the morning came from the front, and the sound waves converged on the naked eye, like a violent gust of wind that swept all over the place, containing extremely terrifying power.

Yang Kai’s complexion changed drastically, and he hurriedly used his profound arts, and he kept his mind to the surrounding while falling down.


The ground around it was as if it had been plowed, all rolled up, giving people the illusion of the end of the world.

When the sound waves hit, Yang Kai suddenly became unstable and felt dizzy. His mind was muddled, only the huge bell sound was constantly echoing, making his mind almost lost.

In shock, he quickly urged the Mild Soul Lotus power. Nourishing his Consciousness Sea, only then recovered from the trance.

Looking around again, Yang Kai took a deep breath. The landforms around these areas had undergone tremendous changes, and several small mountain peaks had actually risen from the ground. However, the mountain peaks that originally existed were completely gone. There were countless abyss-like gullies on the earth, which was daunting. The whole world seemed to be hazy at once.

His expression was shocked.

Such terrifying power is definitely not something that the martial artist who have entered the Star Fragments Sea can do. The only explanation is the power of the Emperor Artifact!

It was definitely the treasure of the Great Emperor. Yang Kai’s head suddenly became hot, wiped the blood flowing from his nostrils, and hurried forward with a dash.

There are so many people around, obviously many martial artist are rushing there with the same plan as him.

Yang Kai cursed secretly in his heart. As expected, none of the guys who came to Star Fragments Sea were simple. Even if he had been slightly injured just now, none of these guys had been shocked to death by that sound!

After a while, he came not far from the source of the sound, stood up in the sky, looking around, his eyes dazzled.

A strangely-shaped mountain came into view in the distance ahead. This mountain is about thirty feet high and has a peculiar shape, which looks like a giant bell buckled on the ground.

Halfway up the mountain, the gravel kept rolling down. From the inside of the mountain, lasing brilliance appeared and the power of Emperor Charm was strong.

“Emperor Artifact!” Yang Kai narrowed his eyes, and immediately realized that the mountain was where the Emperor Artifact was.

The other martial artist who came here are obviously aware of this, but the Emperor Artifact power just now was too terrifying, so even though they all came here, no one dared to act rashly.

And in front of the mountain, at this moment, there are several broken corpses lying on the ground. All of them are bleeding from all over their body. It is very miserable. Don’t know which sect the unlucky guy came from. Looking at the appearance and location of their deaths, they should be the first group of people who discovered this Emperor Artifact and only encountered the backlash of the Emperor Artifact when they tried to take it away, and were directly killed.

The brilliance of the star seal shot out from the corpses of the few people. After the star seal belonging to the dead people hovered in mid-air for a while, suddenly seemed to be attracted by some kind of attraction, and turned towards the crowd in all directions.

One of the extremely bright star seal actually flew towards Yang Kai’s location.

How could Yang Kai miss such good things? Immediately his figure shook and he greeted the star seal.

At the same time, countless martial artist moved, fixed their gazes on the star seal, and took action.

Like Yang Kai, there are about seven or eight martial artists staring at this star seal, all of them have extraordinary cultivation level, and there are many people in the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage.

Although they are fast, Yang Kai’s speed is definitely not slow.

He slightly mobilized the Space Force, before everyone else, grabbed the star seal.

But the moment he started with the star seal, a figure suddenly shot at him, stretched out his hand and grabbed it forward, grabbing it directly on his hand. However, because the other party did not urge the Source Qi, nor did it have any malicious intent, Yang Kai did not react much.

But this person is so fast! Yang Kai was slightly surprised, because he hadn’t noticed any threat to him from stealing this star seal before, but now it seems that if he is slower, the star seal will be taken away by others.

The speed of this martial artist who can grab the star seal in just one step behind is considered fast. If Yang Kai doesn’t have the Space Force, he can’t compare to this person.

Yang Kai looked at this person in surprise, and after seeing the person’s face, he couldn’t help grinning and said, “I’m seeing you again.”

He discovered that the martial artist who made him a little concerned was not someone else, but the people he had seen before, who was hard to tell whether its a she or a he.

“It’s you again!” The woman also saw Yang Kai, frowning, annoyed on her face, and said disgustedly: “Why is it always you ghost, you steal my things everywhere!”

Just now Yang Kai snatched the Fire Cloud Mushroom, and now Yang Kai has snatched the star seal. Could this man be sent by God to snatch something from her?

Yang Kai smiled and said: “The girl said this, as if I have been chasing you, don’t worry, I am not very interested in women with small breasts!” [MSN: HAHAHAHA]

When the woman heard the words, her face immediately became cold, her white teeth rattled, her chest was small, and her ass was not plum. This was the biggest regret in her life. Yang Kai now said this on her face. It would be strange if her expression was normal.

“If you dare to talk nonsense, I will tear your mouth!” the woman said bitterly.

Yang Kai smiled and said, “Then you should let go of my hand first. If you do this, it’s too indecent.”

The woman snorted when she heard the words, retracted her hand, turned and fell downward.

The other martial artist who rushed over but couldn’t grab the star seal all looked at Yang Kai in amazement at the moment, with an extremely strange expression.

Seeing Yang Kai’s gaze swept over, all of them shuddered, their faces pale and moved back a few steps, and distanced themselves from him.

Yang Kai frowned, not knowing why these people had such a reaction, but the next moment, he suddenly realized, and said with a calm face: “That is a woman, do you think I treat men…”

When these people heard the words, their faces became paler, and they all dispersed at once, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Yang Kai had a black line on his face, thinking that he has fell to the mud.

He swept around with an uncomfortable expression, but the next moment, he had no intention of worrying about these trivial matters. Instead, he looked excitedly in one direction. Over there, a familiar figure was competing with people in mid-air for the star seal, the shot is unmatched, and the cultivation level is superb. Although the opponent he competes with is also the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage, it is obviously not the opponent of this guy, and he has been beaten repeatedly.

Yin Lesheng!

Yang Kai never expected that he would meet Yin Lesheng so easily, even though he inferred that Yin Lesheng was above this star through clues revealed by Zhong Zhenyong, but he didn’t know exactly where he was.

At this moment, he actually saw Yin Lesheng!

This guy was obviously attracted by the movement here.

Yang Kai’s heart couldn’t help but feel a little ups and downs, then he thought about it, and quickly flew down, then took out an object from his own space ring, put it on his face, and then urge the source force.

In the blink of an eye, he turned into the appearance of a rough man, not half similar to his previous appearance.

This mask that can change his appearance was something he got from Sang De. At that time in the solitary void secret realm, Sang De relied on this artifact to change his appearance. Leaving Tongtian City without being noticed, otherwise with his identity and popularity, there is no way to go to the sea quietly.

Although Sang De strength is not that good, his Item Refining level is extremely high. The artifact he refines is very effective. Even people who are acquainted face-to-face will not be able to find Yang Kai, unless there is a strong emperor realm scanning with their Divine Sense.

The reason why Yang Kai wanted to change his appearance was not because he was afraid of Yin Lesheng, but because he didn’t want him to be alert. If he wants to inquire about xiao xiao informations, he must capture Yin Lesheng alive, which is much more difficult than defeating and killing him, and judging from the current situation of Yin Lesheng’s shots, this guy is also one of the few strong people in Dao Source Stage, he may have some trump cards in hand.

Yang Kai just finished his disguise, and he noticed a strange look towards him.

Yang Kai turned his head and found that it was the person whose gender is hard to tell.

She undoubtedly saw all his actions just now.

Yang Kai didn’t care too much, he just grinned, flew up to her, clasped his fist politely, and said, “I haven’t asked the girl’s name yet!”

The woman frowned and looked a little impatient, but she still replied, “Lan He!”

“It turned out to be Miss Lan He, I’m Yang Kai!”


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