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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2447 English [Readable]

Qi Hai said again: “The treasure of the Great Emperor, which does not have its own consciousness? The Mountains and Rivers Bell is the Emperor Artifact of Yuan Ding Great Emperor, and it has its own spiritual wisdom. If it is willing to choose you as the master, it will fall to your arms without even refining it, if it look down on you, even if you are in the Emperor Realm, you can’t refine it.”

The young man’s eyes lit up when he heard the words, and said anxiously: “From what Brother Qi said, doesn’t it mean that if we have a chance, we can become the master of this Mountains and River Bell?”

Qi Hai said with a cold face: “First of all, you need to have this opportunity!”

The young man laughed and said proudly: “Zhang has no other self-confidence, but he is quite confident in his own luck. Since this Mountains and Rivers Bell has consciousness, it might be possible for it to choose this Zhang as Yuan Ding Great Emperor heir, and inherit the legacy of the great emperor!”

He laughed frantically, and when he was talking, he turned around and walked towards the location of the Mountains and Rivers Bell.

When everyone saw this, they were all startled and realized that this young man surnamed Zhang was going to try to get the Mountains adn Rivers Bell to choose him as the master! For a moment, everyone looked at him curiously, wondering what the final result would be.

Several of them flickered, as if they wanted to do something, but they still suppressed it and watched the changes.

Qi Hai stared at the young man’s back and sneered constantly, seeming to mock this guy’s overestimaring himself.

Under the eyes of everyone, the young man, as if entering an uninhabited state, walked briskly to the bell-shaped mountain a hundred meters away. Perhaps the smoothness of the road has doubled his confidence, and he quickened his pace with ecstasy.

Soon, he was only fifty feet away from the mountain, and the distance was still getting closer.

At this time, all the martial artists onlookers could not help but feel a little worried. Worrying that this guy is really lucky and collect the Emperor Artifact of Yuan Ding Great Emperor, if this is the case, then this young man may not be able to become another Yuan Ding Great Emperor in the future.

After another ten breaths of time, the young man actually walked to the mountain peak without encountering any obstacles or danger along the way. The smoothness is a little unimaginable. Seeing this scene, even Qi Hai, who had been sneering all the time, suddenly looked gloomy.

Everyone is thinking, is this guy really destined to get it?

The young man couldn’t help but laughed: “After waiting for tens of thousands of years, you have been waiting for a long time. Zhang will come to take you away today, and smile with you in the Star Boundary in the future. The prestige of Lord Yuan Ding, will not be left in dust!”

With that said, he reached out and touched forward.

Among the mountain peaks, splendid light circulated, seeming to have some reaction to this young man’s words.

This greatly increased the confidence of the young man surnamed Zhang. Without thinking, he pressed his palm on the mountain peak, releasing his Divine Sense to connect with the Artifact Spirit of Mountains and Rivers Bell.

At this moment, the abnormal change emerged.

The bell-shaped peak suddenly shook slightly, humming loudly, and the mountain collapsed in an instant, and rubble splashed everywhere.

At the same time, a huge bell-shaped artifact appeared in the eyes of everyone, the huge bell was extremely simple. The aura of vicissitudes of life is flowing, as if it came from tens of thousands of years ago.

On the surface of the giant bell, runes flowed endlessly. Mysterious and impermanent.

Brilliance Light suddenly lit up, and when it was surging, a dull bell ring sounded suddenly.


The earth seemed to be torn apart, the universe seemed to be reversed, the mountains and rivers seemed to be suppressed, and the sound of bells suddenly spread to the surroundings. The sound waves visible to the naked eye converged into an invincible energy frenzy, making everyone’s complexion greatly changed. Hastily displayed means of defense.

And at the moment the bell rang, the young man surnamed Zhang, who was closest to the mountain and river bell, was hit by a mountain peak. The whole person flew up like a paper kite, bleeding in the air, and the blood was mixed with pieces of internal organs, and the aura of Dao Source Stage quickly wilted, and the vitality disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Before he fell to the ground, the young man was already dead.


The aftermath of the sound wave was still spreading around, and the force of the impact caused the earth’s surface to fly over, as if a doomsday was coming.

It wasn’t until ten breaths that all this gradually subsided.

There were dozens of Dao Source Stage martial artists, all in a panic, and some were even buried in the soil. Only then did they climb up with difficulty, and looked around, everyone looked shocked and speechless.

In shock, they don’t even have the intention to snatch the star seal after the martial artist surname Zhang died.

“Cough cough…” Qi Hai coughed a few times, patted the dust on his body, and looked at the dead young man surnamed Zhang lightly and said: “It looks like you don’t have this chance.”

Everyone is silent.

It is indeed a treasure of the great emperor. The power of this Mountains and Rivers Bell is simply unreasonable. The young man surnamed Zhang just touched it and it caused such a big shock. If it is really refined, how powerful can it be?

And this is definitely not the true power of the Mountains and Rivers Bell. After all, it has been left here for tens of thousands of years. The power will definitely be damaged. Just now, it is very possible that even half of the power of the Mountain and Rivers Bell has not been exerted.

So despite the lessons learned from the young man surnamed Zhang, the enthusiasm in everyone’s hearts has not been extinguished, but has grown stronger.

And because of the shock just now, the Mountain and Rivers Bell hidden in the mountain peaks has completely revealed its figure. Looking around, the Emperor Artifact is as high as more than ten meters, sitting on the ground, like a real mountain peak, the flowing emperor charm and runes are so dizzying to see, everyone is staring at that mysterious thing, wanting to get a glimpse of it!

But now no one dared to touch it, so even though everyone’s hearts were extremely hot, the scene was strangely deadlocked, and they seemed to pray secretly that the Artifact Spirit of the Mountains and Rivers Bell could choose themselves as the master.

At this moment, suddenly there was another buzzing sound.

Everyone’s complexion changed drastically, and all their expressions were puzzled, because no one touched the mountain and rivers bell at this time, why did it release its power again?

After one experience, everyone unanimously urged the Source Qi body protection and sacrifice the body protection artifact.

But the shock they thought were coming did not came, and the next moment, something astonishing happened.

The mountain and river bells swayed slightly, and suddenly flew up on the spot, turning into a stream of light, and shooting out towards the starry sky.

For a moment, everyone was dumbfounded.

Don’t know who reacted first and shouted: “Hurry up!”

When the voice fell, this person had already chased it out first.

After finally discovering the treasures left by the great emperor, how can they miss it so easily? So after this person left, dozens of martial artist flew up and turned into colorful brilliance, chasing in the direction where the Mountains and Rivers Bell flew.

Yang Kai is no exception.

Although he has many Emperor Artifact in his hand, even Liu Yan, Elder Sister Hua, and Embodiment were given each, but the Emperor Artifact is too great, and he has seen the great power of the Mountains and Rivers Bell, so he was more interested in this Emperor Artifact, the power of this bell seems to be stronger than the Nirvana Thunder Bead.

He believed that Qi Hai was right. The Emperor Artifact could not be taken away without a chance, especially since the Mountains and River Bell already has its consciousness. If you want to take it, you must first get the approval of the Artifact Spirit.

As long as you can get the approval of the Artifact Spirit, it will be much easier to collect the Mountains and Rivers Bell.

He has cultivated this way and has countless opportunities. Comparing the Luck, he is confident that he will not lose to anyone, so he still has a little expectation for collecting the Mountains and Rivers Bell.

What’s more, the Yin Lesheng he was looking for also ran after the Mountain and Rivers Bell, so he naturally couldn’t let it go.

But at the moment he shot out, a strange feeling suddenly appeared deep in his heart. This feeling was unclear and made him feel a little uneasy.

This strange feeling made him a little unpredictable, but when he felt it carefully, it disappeared.

And as Yang Kai flies faster, this feeling becomes stronger!

It’s as if… as if he would have a huge regret if he left this place like this!

Yang Kai frowned and stopped abruptly.

Mountains and Rivers Bell certainly made his eyes hot, but if he didn’t figure out this feeling, he wouldn’t have the mind to fight for anything.

A figure shot from behind, apparently also going to chase the Mountain and Rivers Bell. Yang Kai glanced at it and found that it was Lan He.

Seeing him stop, Lan He glanced at him strangely, but from her appearance, it was obvious that she didn’t intend to pay attention to Yang Kai, and after a glance, she wanted to make a detour.

Just as the two passed by, Yang Kai suddenly changed his expression and stretched out his hand to pat Lan He’s shoulder.

Lan He’s face changed drastically, her figure twisted strangely, and she burst back to the side, but although she moved fast, Yang Kai still swept her clothes.

“What are you doing!” Lan He yelled with a sullen face, while Divine Sense carefully scanned the place Yang Kai had just touched, trying to figure out what Yang Kai did to her.

But what disappointed her was that no matter how she probed, she didn’t find it at all.

Yang Kai smiled and said: “It’s nothing, don’t be nervous, just want to persuade you not to chase, so many people chase it, you will definitely not get it.”

“I can’t grab it, what does it have to do with you!” Lan He looked unhappy. She thought that this person was really interesting. She just met him, but he was busy with a lot of things, and she didn’t know what he was thinking.

Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders and said, “Just to persuade you, Miss Lan He will decide what to do on her own.”

Lan He stared at him deeply before saying: “There is something wrong with you!”

After speaking, she turned around and flew towards the starry sky.

If it weren’t for the urgency of time, she would definitely teach Yang Kai a lesson. This guy had been a bit sloppy since the first meeting, and now he dared to reach out to her casually, which is simply unreasonable.

It’s a pity that she was thinking about the Mountains and Rivers Bell, and she was not in the mood to argue with Yang Kai.

However, after doing so, her perception of Yang Kai is almost poor to the extreme.

Seeing her gradually moving away, Yang Kai reached out and touched his nose helplessly. He didn’t intend to attack Lan He specifically just now. It just happened that this woman was right behind him. If she was replaced by anyone else, Yang Kai would still do it.


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